God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 488

Chapter 488-Immigration!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The moment Hawkeye was established, Yue Zhong arranged for a large number of experts and resources assigned to this department.

An intelligence department was necessary in all countries. Yue Zhong had decided to establish one after this incident.

After Hawkeye was established, Yue Zhong deployed other men to investigate the origins of those Vietnamese assassins. However, they were faced with cold treatment instead of retaliation from the Vietnamese survivors. In other words, they were not using force, but still showing their resistance through silence and lack of cooperation.

Of course, for the sake of a decent meal, those Vietnamese survivors worked extremely hard at the factories, manufacturing all sorts of items. Although they hated the Chinese, in the face of cannons and blades, no one dared to act. They kept their dissent in their hearts.

The firepower and weapons could annihilate them, but the little pimples of dissent were hard to eradicate.

Currently, on top of a bed, Yue Zhong, Xin Jia Rou, Mu Xiang Ling, Ming Jia Jia and Ning Yu Xin were lying on the bed. They were half laying on that huge bed, watching a Plasma HD TV hanging on the wall. There was a video from prior to the apocalypse being played.

Inside this room, the heater was functioning, providing warmth to those who had retreated from the elements. In contrast to the cold weather outside, there was no better luxury than being in the room right now.

Yue Zhong placed his hands under the blanket cover, massaging Ning Yu Xin’s beautiful legs absentmindedly, as he sighed: “If we’re not a single country, it’s truly hard to win over the hearts of the people.” *1

In Guilin City, there were dissatisfied people as well, but they were not as worrisome as the situation in Lang Son City and Thai Nguyen City. If the 200,000 survivors were to revolt in these 2 cities, the consequences would be dire. Furthermore, Yue Zhong was not willing to put down every single one of these 200,000 Vietnamese survivors.

As Yue Zhong continued to massage, Ning Yu Xin began to blush, she was already extremely sensitive to physical contact before, after being taken by Yue Zhong, she became even more sensitive.

Mu Xiang Ling was currently laying in Yue Zhong’s lap like a little kitten, as she heard Yue Zhong’s sigh, she chuckled: “How is this hard? I’ve got a solution.”

Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened as he asked: “What’s your plan?”

Now, many of the youngsters were extremely mature for their age, even though Mu Xiang Ling was a loli, she was extremely smart.

Mu Xiang Ling replied lazily: “The Americans conquered America in the past by killing most of the aborigines they found at the time. Once all the natives are wiped out, then won’t the people left be your own?”

Although her words seemed lazy, it revealed a strong killing intent. She had grown up in the alleys, and experienced all sorts of warmth and coldness, the various emotions and indifferences. Other than the people that she valued, she didn’t really care about the deaths of anyone.

Ming Jia Jia stared at Mu Xiang Ling and shot back: “What kind of idea is this? If we go according to your suggestion, then wouldn’t Yue-gege have to raze the entire Lang Son City and Thai Nguyen City to the ground? Then what did we fight so hard to conquer them for?”

Yue Zhong pinched Mu Xiang Ling’s cheek and rejected the idea: “This idea is no good.”

Wiping out the Vietnamese survivors in Lang Son City and Thai Nguyen was the worst idea. Not only would Yue Zhong lose a sizeable amount of human resources, Chen Sheng Yong’s troops would retaliate, at the same time, he had plenty of Vietnamese experts as well as Chinese subordinates on good terms with the Vietnamese. It would cause unrest amongst them as well.

If Yue Zhong held all of China in his hands, then it wouldn’t be an issue. However, he was just a small warlord in the grand scheme, still seeking to gain control over China. If he executed such a diabolical plan, he would then have to retreat back to within China.

Mu Xiang Ling eyed Ming Jia Jia, before putting her whole head on Yue Zhong’s thighs and closed her eyes, speaking comfortably: “Then change it. We can convert the majority of the Vietnamese to slaves, then reappointing a selected few as ordinary citizens. Throw a few bones out, make them fight amongst themselves. Let them have some internal friction. We’ll stand to gain anyway. They can only rely on us, and whoever we lean on will win, how will they dare to criticize us? Furthermore, we can make use of the ordinary status as an incentive for the rest to work hard to escape slavery.”

When Yue Zhong heard this, his mind raced. This idea was not too bad. Splitting them and setting them against each other, it was a tactic that the westerners did in the past. It was simple, yet effective. As long as there was a carrot on the stick, one would betray even relatives and friends. *2

As for who to designate as slaves, Yue Zhong had thought of choosing those he had defeated. He had no desire to touch the ordinary survivors yet.

He pinched Mu Xiang Ling’s cheeks and continued to ask: “What else?”

Mu Xiang Ling put on a smug grin as she replied: “Immigration!! Move the Vietnamese survivors in both cities to Guilin City. Then move the majority of Guilin City’s people to Lang Son City and Thai Nguyen City. Like this, the Vietnamese people will be the minority regardless of where they are, and we can better assimilate them. This method would be good if the number of people is not too high. If it were prior to the apocalypse, it would have been impossible. I guess it’s only in such a situation where this might actually work.”

When Yue Zhong heard that, he immediately sunk into his thoughts. It was as what she had said, the pressure of moving a number of people was a lot easier now.

In this apocalyptic world, as long as there was the promise of food and a living, most survivors were willing to throw away their identities and belongings to move to someplace else. After all, there was also the threat of weapons.

If it had been before the world’s end, using such military force to threaten people might have incurred the wrath of the people or even set off a mass panic.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a hint of admiration, as he hugged Mu Xiang Ling, and kissed her forehead, praising: “Xiang Ling, you’re really smart! This is your present!”

“Lolicon! Pervert!” Mu Xiang Ling struggled while chuckling.

Yue Zhong immediately glared at her and pressed her down, hitting her bottom playfully: “You little rascal, if I don’t hit you, you think you can climb over me.”

“Keke!! Alright alright!! I won’t do it anymore!! Ha ha!! I won’t dare to anymore!! Please stop!! Keke!!” Mu Xiang Ling giggled uncontrollably as she was being pressed down.

Yue Zhong followed her suggestion and began moving the Vietnamese survivors batch by batch into China. At the same time, the Chinese survivors from within China were assigned to Thai Nguyen City and Lang Son City.

With the influx of Chinese survivors, the Vietnamese became the minority in both cities and the situation gradually became stable.

Yue Zhong saw that the situation had become better and brought Xin Jia Rou and 30 other experts with over Level 40 in enhancement as they left Thai Nguyen and made for Hanoi.

Towards Hanoi, Yue Zhong obtained 2 armories, and he had to bring men to check it out. Although he had a number of soldiers, it was not easy to deploy troops in the current weather. He had to make sure of the location before he could mobilize troops.

“The snow is so pretty!” At a huge wide open area, Mu Xiang Ling was running about, dressed in red cotton, her hair in ponytails. It was like a scene of a fairy playing on earth.

Mu Xiang Ling had stayed in Guang Xi for most of her life, and had never seen so much snow before. She was extremely excited about the vast area of soft, white snow.

Ming Jia Jia looked at the fairy-like Mu Xiang Ling and muttered under her breath: “Childish!”

As a loli herself, Ming Jia Jia was constantly on guard against Mu Xiang Ling stealing Yue Zhong’s affection and trust from her.

Yue Zhong also stepped out of the vehicle and watched Mu Xiang Ling, chuckling.

Xin Jia Rou and Ning Yu Xin both came out to stand beside Yue Zhong.

The 30 experts surrounded the area to protect Yue Zhong and the rest.

Peng! Peng!!

Right at this time, there was a sudden burst of gunfire. From the sounds of it, the gunfight was coming closer towards them, obviously a sign that there were people running towards their location.

Yue Zhong frowned and barked: “All of you stand guard properly here! I’ll go take a look! Xin Jia Rou, come with me!”

After which, Yue Zhong immediately made for the direction of the gunfight.

Xin Jia Rou followed closely behind. By now, she was a Level 33 Evolver, and was the only Agility-based Evolver under Yue Zhong’s command that possessed 2 Second Order skills. One of them was the [Divine Speed] that awoke innately, the other was the Second Order [Agility Solidification] that was enhanced by Ou Ming Ver. 1. If it wasn’t for the fact that her Level was low, she would easily be the fastest expert under Yue Zhong.

The 30 experts exchanged looks, one of them chuckling bitterly: “Leader always steals our jobs!”

Another replied while laughing: “Hehe! Well, we can’t help it. Our main task is still to protect the mayor and the rest.”

Yue Zhong’s ability was the strongest, and he was recognized as number one amongst his subordinates. At the same time, they knew that he loved to be on the frontlines.

In a forested area, a few armed militants were chasing 6 men and 2 women.

The leader who was skinny and dressed in military garb shouted out: “Bai Yan! Hand me the Miss! If you give her to me, I’ll let the rest of you leave here safely!”


*1 [Ulamog] This is DEFINITELY Yue Zhong planning to annex Vietnam. Definitely.

*2 [Ulamog] I couldn’t help it. I’m almost certain the author mention to write Twinkies NOT carrot. The Stick and Twinkie method….

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