God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 490

Chapter 490- Green Town!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong frowned and replied: “I want to know your backgrounds.”

“Fine!” Nangong Bing Yun flashed a teasing smile at Yue Zhong, before revealing their story.

Nangong Bing Yun was the daughter of the leader of a medium-sized consortium. When the apocalypse happened, she had been together with her father, looking at a project.

After the apocalypse, Nangong Bing Yun’s father had been extremely able, quickly organizing survival tactics with the guards under his employment, to the point of establishing a small survivor camp of 200 people. There were a mix of Chinese and Vietnamese, and they stayed together, waiting for the disaster to pass over.

However, while Nangong Bing Yun’s father had the charisma and capability to lead, his personnel ability had been too weak. Amongst his troop, there were no Enhancers as well. Hence, recently, they had been eyed by some larger factions.

In this apocalyptic world, big fishes swallowing smaller fishes was a common occurrence. Yue Zhong himself had wiped out a few smaller factions, all because those smaller factions had the people and resources he needed.

Bai Yan and Wang Tong had been security guards that received the Nangong family’s favour. Bai Yan was also a retired soldier from the special forces. Wang Tong was an expert groomed specially by the Nangong family. The few of them had protected Nangong Bing Yun as they made their escape.

Ruan Wen Tong was a person of mixed Chinese and Vietnamese descent, and he had been groomed by Nangong Bing Yun’s father to lead the Vietnamese soldiers. However, Nangong Bing Yun’s father had never expected Ruan Wen Tong to stab him in the back, and not only did he turn over intel to the bigger faction, he had personally led the Vietnamese survivors to take the life of Nangong Bing Yun’s father.

Yue Zhong continued his line of questioning: “How many of them are there? How many are soldiers? How many Enhancers? What about weapons? Are there any heavy weapons, or armored vehicles? What about the specific combat strength?”

Nangong Bing Yun frowned, as she mulled in thought, before replying slowly: “They have a base, there should be about 2,000 of them. I think the actual number of soldiers are about 300. They don’t have many guns, and the equipment that Ruan Wen Tong has should be provided by them. They had some grenades and rockets, and one machine gun-mounted vehicle. The specific combat strength… I’m not too sure, but I know they have someone who is impervious to bullets and knives, any bullet that hits him would ricochet off. He has a strange strength as well, carrying a huge mace of over 2m in length. He could easily flatten a Hummer in a swing.”

When Yue Zhong heard her detailed explanation, he thought quietly: “So it’s like this, the armory must have been opened by them.”

The base was situated closely to the armory that Yue Zhong found, and it was most likely that they had obtained their weapons and equipment from the armory. Otherwise, there was no way a subpar soldier like Ruan Wen Tong would possess decent equipment.

“Set off!” Yue Zhong then gave the order.

Green Town was a relatively rural town, before the apocalypse, it had been more prosperous, due to its rich coal resource.

After the apocalypse, this town had ended up in the hands of Ceng Zhi. He was a miner in the past, who became an Enhancer. After that, he had the fortune to evolve into an Evolver, and after countless battles, he reached Level 41. He ruled over 2,000 survivors in the small town, and in the vicinity, whenever his name was mentioned, the other factions would be wary. After all, he had 300 armed subordinates, and he was strong personally.

“This is Green Town?” Yue Zhong came to Green Town, and a look of contempt flashed in his eyes.

The defences of Green Town was extremely simple. They had just erected a simple wooden fence around the town as a means to keep out the zombies. At the same time, near the entrance, there weren’t any mounted guns nor watchtowers, only 8 militants sat as they played cards.

It wasn’t even comparable to any base of Wuyan Hong.

Yue Zhong ordered indifferently: “Kill them!”

Ming Jia Jia pointed towards those militants, and 4 Shadow Wolves appeared noiselessly from their shadows, leaping out and lunging at their throats. After killing 4 of them, they pounced on the remaining 4, ripping their throats out.

In just 5 seconds, 8 militants laid dead on the floor.

“Strong!!” Bai Yan and Wang Tong saw how Ming Jia Jia had raised her hands and immediately wiped out 8 militants and were stunned. They had no idea that this little loli who looked spirited in her uniform was able to take out 8 grown men without batting an eyelid.

If Bai Yan were to utilize his methods as an ex-special forces, he would at most be able to take down 3, and the aftermath of dealing with the remaining 5 would have been troublesome.

Nangong Bing Yun stared fixedly at Ming Jia Jia, her eyes gleaming with a strange light. She had faced the reality of having her perfect lifestyle torn apart, and was hungry for power. If it weren’t for her father being weak, they would not have been taken advantage of,

After dealing with those 8 militants at the town entrance, Yue Zhong walked brazenly into the town.

The rest of the experts followed closely behind.

Even with Yue Zhong causing such a commotion and sauntering in, the soldiers took a long while to gather and face him.

In such situations, Bai Xiao Sheng and Xin Jia Rou were able to display their strengths as Agility-Type Evolvers. The militants in the town had just gathered, and with the flash of blades, those soldiers had their heads lopped off.

The soldiers in this Green Town could not compare with Wuyan Hong’s forces at all, and to Bai Xiao Sheng and Xin Jia Rou, it was no challenge at all.

“Strong!! These people are all strong!!” Ruan Wen Tong watched how miserably the militants were wiped out by Yue Zhong’s subordinates, and immediately snuffed out all other ideas, and led Yue Zhong on docilely.

Yue Zhong and his men proceeded like nobody’s business, all the way till they reached the place where the current leader, Ceng Zhi, stayed.

Following a furious bellow, a 1.73m tall man took huge strides as he exited his compound. He had tanned skin, his bulging muscles rippling with strength, his expression savage. He had shaved his head bald, and wore an expensive branded set of clothes that did not match his size, while he was decked in countless gold chains. He roared: “Who dares to come and cause trouble here?! Are you tired of living?”

Ceng Zhi had been extremely poor prior to the apocalypse, and after that, he had amassed all sorts of gold to wear on himself. It gave him a comfortable and secure feeling.

Yue Zhong directly pulled out his Desert Eagle and shot at Ceng Zhi with a lightning-quick motion.

The Desert Eagle round landed right between Ceng Zhi’s brows, but instantly, his body was covered with a gold aura. After emitting a loud sound, the bullet ricocheted away.

This was the passive ability [Steel Body] that was enhanced thrice. It gave the person a layer of steel, become extremely tough. The stronger the Endurance, the stronger the skill, the more effective the defence. This skill was similar to White Bones’ Strengthen Bones, and with this sort of passive skill, it helped to alleviate the body to an inhumane level.

“Truly capable of blocking bullets.” Yue Zhong eyed Ceng Zhi and muttered mildly.

“Attacking me? You’re courting death!!” Ceng Zhi was enraged that Yue Zhong had not even spoken once before firing, and he swung his mace up, charging forwards.

“Kneel!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and activated his [Art of Fear], as a strong Spirit attack enveloped Ceng Zhi’s mind.

Ceng Zhi had never enhanced his Spirit at all, and under the pressure from Yue Zhong, he was immediately cast into a hallucination.

Under the waves of Spirit attack, Ceng Zhi started bleeding from his orifices, as he crumpled to the floor dead. It marked yet another well-known Evolver that had died at the hands of Yue Zhong.

“It’s over!! Boss is dead!!”

“Quick, run!!”

When the soldiers of Green Town clamoured over only to see Ceng Zhi dying of fright in one second, all of them lost all sense of fighting will, and tried to escape.

Bai Xiao Sheng and Xin Jia Rou both led their own teams to chase down the remaining militants.

“Surrender and you’ll be spared!! Surrender and you’ll be spared!! Everyone is to stay within your own rooms! If we see you out here, we’ll judge you and execute you on the spot!” Ming Jia Jia led a team of her own as they systematically went about to shout at the rest of the town.

After 3 hours, the entire town came under control, and Yue Zhong gained a total of 180 captives, as well as the rest of the survivors within their own homes that dare not step out of line.

Ceng Zhi really opened up the armory. While he didn’t have anything like a tank, nor an assault helicopter, he had an infantry company’s worth of ammunition, rockets and the like.

After bringing the town under control, Yue Zhong went into the villa Ceng Zhi was staying in.

Nangong Bing Yun followed closely behind, watching his back with a complicated gaze: “Just like this? He just took control so simply.”

Not long ago, Nangong Bing Yun’s father had his establishment swallowed up by Green Town. At that time, she had felt that Green Town was a fearsome power that they would stand no chance of winning. However, that fearsome power was so easily annihilated by Yue Zhong and a few of his men. They didn’t even suffer any casualties. This opened her eyes to Yue Zhong’s true might and power.

*[Dedition]: I wonder when everything will change again.

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