God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 65

Chapter 65: Da Gouzi

Yue Zhong waved his hand. He threw a type 54 gun containing six bullets to Chen Si: “My meaning wasn’t to interfere with your Always Bright Village matters. I only want to do a business transaction with you. I’ll buy her. Is this enough?”

Chen Si grabbed the 54 type pistol happily. He waved his hand: “Yes! Yes! Release her!”

The power of tiger wasn’t lacking, but there were few guns and ammunition. Their entire amount of guns they had didn’t even number to fifty. A type 54 pistol was worth a substantial amount. Trading it for a useless woman was a rare opportunity.

Possessing this 54 pistol, Chen Si had enough to hand over to Tiger, and it was enough to attain some material rewards.

The two gunmen soon after relaxed their hands and let go of that pitiful woman.

“Yingzi!! Yingzi!!” Da Gouzi ran over to that woman named Yingzi crying out tears.

Chen Si walked over in front of Yue Zhong and smiled saying: “Yue Zhong, Our Henhouse still has dozens of women. Do you want?! I’ll give two women to you for a 54 pistol, four women for a 79 submachine gun. I’ll trade a woman for twenty 54 pistol bullets, or forty submachine gun bullets. What do you think?”

In Always bright village, beautiful women had a little bit of worth, but ordinary women didn’t carry much value.

Yue Zhong directly refused saying: “No!”

From this situation Yue Zhong ascertained ammunition was limited. He couldn’t give that precious military force and use for other related people.

Chen Xi smiled and walked towards the Henhouse: “Go stroll around the village, I’m going to relax.”

“This isn’t a government assembled place. Please control your impulses, otherwise many people could get killed. The people close to you also could get killed because of your impulses.” Yue Zhong walked over to Ji Qingwu’s side, dropped his head and whispered into her ear. A whiff of Ji Qingwu’s scent entered into his nose.

Yao looked at Yue Zhong and grinded her teeth: “I KNOW!”

Da Gouzi grabbed his wife and kneeled down in front of Yue Zhong: “Yingzi, come bow down before this man. He saved you!”

Da Gouzi’s age although about a generation older than Yue Zhong, in this time whoever has ability is the Big Brother. Da Gouzi called all the gunmen in Always bright village older brother, as not to offend anyone.

Yingzi kneeled before Yue Zhong eagerly bowing her head: “Thank you big brother Yue!”

The Henhouse was the hell of Always Bright village. Almost every day a woman couldn’t bear the torment and died. That wasn’t a place people could stay. Yingzi sincerely appreciated Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong casted an eye at Yingzi. She was approximately 30+ years old. Her body was ordinary with an average appearance. Her complexion was somewhat yellow, just an ordinary village woman.

Yue Zhong said: “Get up!”

Da Gouzi helped Yingzi stand up.

Yue Zhong withdrew a biscuit from his pocket and gave it to Da Gouzi: “How about you take me around the village!”

Da Gouzi received the biscuit; his face smiled from end to end, continuously expressing thanks: “Thank you big brother! Thank you big brother! I’m familiar with always bright village, I’ll certainly take you around.”

Taking that biscuit and adding a little water to make a paste, then mixing in some vegetables, would be enough for Da Gouzi to feed his family for two days.

At this time Lu Wen came by, grabbed Yue Zhong’s clothes and said: “Big Brother Yue Zhong, my tummy is hungry! We should eat then walk around!”

That maize gruel of wild herbs isn’t something people eat. Lu Wen and the women hadn’t eaten anything. They were already hungry enough for two whole meals.

Yue Zhong said: “Okay! Da Gouzi, wait a moment, meet me at the public square later!”

Da Gouzi repeatedly nodded, and helped his wife go home: “Understood, big brother Yue!”

On the Always Bright village streets, everyone was watching Yue Zhong’s party. They were measuring up these new residents to Always Bright village.

Zhang Xin and the women generously gave their food to the children of Always Bright village yesterday. Quickly a crowd of children crowded behind the women and yelled: “Beautiful big sisters, I’m begging you give us something to eat! We’re hungry!”

Zhang Xin courteously said: “I have none! I don’t have anything to eat on me! I really have nothing!”

How could these village children believe that. They surrounded Zhang Xin and Lu Wen begging without end: “Beautiful big sisters, please give us something to eat! We’re Hungry!”

Seeing these children, Yue Zhong’s eyebrows wrinkled.

Chi Yang standing by Yue Zhong’s side pulled out his 54 pistol and pointed it at the children, coldly saying: “scram!”

Seeing Chi Yang being fierce like this, pulling out his pistol, these Always Bright village children scattered with fear. They weren’t afraid of the generous women, but they were afraid of these ruthless gunmen without limit.

Seeing these children disperse, Zhang Xin’s heart relaxed. She looked at Chi Yang and raised an eyebrow: “Chi Yang, why did you do that? They are all little children. Frightening them is okay, but why did you have to bring out the gun?”

Yue Zhong’s eyebrows wrinkled, he walked forward and slapped Zhang Xin across the face.

Zhang Xin felt cheated by Yue Zhong’s attack. She scrunched up her pretty face and said in disbelief: “You hit me! You unexpectedly hit me.”

“Correct! I hit you! If not for your kindness bullshit, we wouldn’t be bothered by those children. You generously gave our things to other people just like that. I didn’t tell you to do that. But Chi Yang helped you out of this situation, and you said things to him you shouldn’t say. Please watch your mouth! Next time I hear you speak like this to my brother, I’ll ask you to leave our group!” Yue Zhong stared at Zhang Xin, rattling off his words. Chi Yang helped with good intentions. Zhang Xing still spoke indiscriminate remarks. He couldn’t stand by.

Words can also hurt people, and sometimes words can cut deeper than a knife. Yue Zhong’s was committed to complete his promise of escorting these girls to Long Hai city’s survivor camp. He could’ve gone earlier with Chi Yang, Lu wen, and Wang Shuang to rush to Nanning to seek his family. Out of the goodness of his heart he was helping, yet still getting scolded. Yue Zhong didn’t have that kind of holy disposition.

Zhang Xin’s eyes turned red. She bowed her head and tears flowed out. Although she couldn’t compare with the beautiful Yuan Ying and Chen Yao. She still had a better than average face. In college quite a few men pursued her, but this was the first time she had ever endured being hit by a man.

Without paying attention to the crying Zhang Xin, yue Zhong walked over to the Dong Feng truck.

Wang Shuang, Chi Yang, Lu Wen, Guo Yu, and Wang Lan followed closely behind Yue Zhong.

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