God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 494

Chapter 494- A Falling Out

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong eyed the cocky Qian Yi and told Xin Jia Rou, “Break one arm.”

She received the order, a cold look on her beautiful features, and pulled out a Black Wind Blade, shooting towards Qian Yi.

“I finally forced your hand!” Qian Yi chuckled coldly in his heart and was about to dodge to one side, when suddenly his entire arm was sliced off, blood spraying everywhere.

“Ah!!!!! Yue Zhong!!!! You animal! Kill me if you have the guts!! If you don’t, today’s enmity, I will definitely repay it a hundred fold!!” Qian Yi screamed out in agony and fury, as he ran towards the door.

Qian Yi was an Agility-based Evolver of Level 27, and he had placed all his attribute points to Agility. His speed was considered terrifying but he never expected that the lady standing quietly by Yue Zhong’s side was so much faster than him. Her strike had been ruthless as well, slicing off his arm in just one slash with no hesitation.

At this time, the other middle-aged man stepped forward, his eyes glinting dangerously, and activated his Second Order Werewolf Transformation. He instantly shifted into a 2.5m tall monster with sharp claws.

This man was in charge of protecting Qian Yi, at the same time, his other responsibility was to kill Yue Zhong if negotiations fell through. In close quarter combat, the werewolf truly had a huge advantage.

After turning into a Second Order werewolf, the man disappeared from his spot in a flash, and lunged for Yue Zhong.

The pretty young lady by Qian Yi’s side also pulled out a dagger, rushing forwards for Yue Zhong in a flash.

Han Wang watched the situation spiral out of control with a dismayed expression and shouted out loudly: “Stop fighting!! Stop fighting!!”

A diplomatic trip actually turning into an assassination attempt, it was the first time Han Wang came across something like this in his life.

In truth, there were 2 camps in the VPDC, with differing attitudes towards Yue Zhong. The dove side wanted to negotiate with Yue Zhong and obtain resources to solve the problem peacefully, while the eagle side had proposed using force to eradicate this potential source of trouble.

After an intense debate, the VPDC had decided to send an envoy to negotiate with Yue Zhong. Other than Han Wang, the rest were given a special mission, which was to kill Yue Zhong the moment they got a chance to.

Yue Zhong’s pupils narrowed as he shot back explosively, at the same time, activating the [Art of Fear] on her. A sudden Spirit blast enveloped the female assassin, causing her to faint instantly.

Yue Zhong’s Spirit was incredibly high, if one didn’t possess enough Spirit defences or treasures, Agility and Strength Enhancers would find it hard to defend against his [Art of Fear].

At the same moment when Yue Zhong was casting the [Art of Fear], the werewolf assassin had already appeared by his side, both claws streaking towards Yue Zhong with a faint after-image trailing behind.

Yue Zhong activated his [Shadow Steps] and shot to one side.

The werewolf’s strike met air, but the sharp claws caused long gashes in the ground.

The eyes of the werewolf Enhancer flashed viciously, seizing the chance that Yue Zhong was retreating, and lashed out with a violent kick.

The speed of the kick was swift, and Yue Zhong was forced to raise his left arm to block. A huge force resulted from the clash, causing him to be sent knocking into a wall.

With the [Shadow Steps], Yue Zhong’s speed had long since surpassed a Type 2 Lightning, even then he didn’t manage to block the blow from the werewolf. This was because the Second Order werewolf could lash out explosively, and that speed was something that exceeded even Yue Zhong’s expectations.

Without losing momentum, the werewolf tapped the ground lightly and shot towards Yue Zhong again.

As the werewolf reached Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong raised his Stinger and fired 6 times consecutively.

While the werewolf was quick, Yue Zhong’s speed wasn’t to be underestimated as well. Coupled with his marksmanship, which through much practice was equally swift and lethal. The werewolf strived to dodge all of them, but was still shot in the shoulder by one of the bullets, causing a 3mm hole.

His recovery ability was frightening though, as right after it was wounded, the bullet hole stopped bleeding fairly promptly!
The werewolf then leaped forwards about 5 or 6 metres, tolerating the pain and slashed at Yue Zhong viciously.

Yue Zhong instantly retaliated by casting the [Gravity Manipulation], as a two-fold gravitational force pressed down on the werewolf, causing his movements to slip. Yue Zhong then pulled out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade and swung it at the werewolf’s body.

If the strike connected, the werewolf would be immediately sliced in half.

Knowing that, the werewolf’s eyes flashed with a mad light, as he swung out with a claw, attacking Yue Zhong’s body. Suddenly a bright shield appeared in front of Yue Zhong with flash of light, blocking that hit.

Yue Zhong’s strike managed to connect with the werewolf’s body.

The reaction of the werewolf was truly top-notch, and it immediately retreated backwards, dodging that fatal blow.

However, that slash from Yue Zhong managed to cause a deep gash on the werewolf’s body, as a huge amount of blood began to pour from the wound.

Just as the werewolf wanted to escape, a nether hole appeared in mid-air, and White Bones shot out its maximum of 10 sharp bones spikes at the werewolf.

The werewolf quickly lashed out and blocked the majority of the incoming projectiles. However, one managed to slip past his defences, and pierced his body, nailing him to the ground.

Yue Zhong then directly pulled out the Stinger and calmly aimed at the werewolf.

A huge sense of danger rose in the werewolf’s heart and he immediately shouted out without care for his pride: “I surrender!! Don’t kill me!! I surrender, I’m willing to submit! Spare me!!”

“This guy sure is something else.” Yue Zhong gazed at the werewolf nailed to the ground and his eyebrows raised. He never expected someone this shameless could become a Second Order expert.

He ordered coldly: “Cancel your transformation! Otherwise you can go to hell!”

The werewolf quickly deactivated the transformation, turning back to his middle-aged appearance. He had a look of fear and apprehension towards Yue Zhong.

For those transformation types of abilities, the moment they were canceled, their actual strength would decrease as well. In a short span of time, even if they transformed again, they wouldn’t be able to gain the same attribute boosts like the first time. For this man who had canceled his transformation, Yue Zhong could find any expert over Level 30 to play with him to death.

Xin Jia Rou brought Qian Yi over, who had both his arms removed, and asked: “Master! How do you want to deal with this person?”

Qian Yi stared at Yue Zhong with a venomous look, and threatened: “Yue Zhong! If you have the guts, kill me! The VPDC would definitely not let you off!”

Qian Yi’s main motive had been to incite trouble between them and the VPDC. However, he had been too arrogant, and wrongly estimated Yue Zhong’s reaction as well as actual strength. Hence, he had ended up in such a situation.

Han Wang’s face was pale as he came up to Yue Zhong and pleaded: “Leader Yue Zhong, please, you can’t kill him. If you do, the relationship between you and us would be irreparable!! Please, don’t kill him!!”

Han Wang was the most diplomatic person within the VPDC, and he didn’t wish to see the VPDC and Yue Zhong’s faction to have a irreconcilable enmity. If both parties were to fight, the death count would be high.

Yue Zhong eyed the man who can transform into a werewolf and asked: “What’s your name?”

The werewolf Enhancer replied honestly: “I’m called Chen Luo!”

Yue Zhong pointed at Qian Yi and spoke coldly: “Chen Luo! Kill him! From now on, you’re my man.” “Otherwise….”

Chen Luo’s eyes flashed coldly, and he hesitated a while, before gritting his teeth and walked towards Qian Yi: “I’m sorry, Young Master Qian. I need to live as well.”

Qian Yi looked at him with a look of contempt and spat: “Pei! You damned ingrate! One day, you’ll be killed by this Chinese dog, I’ll go first, and wait for you in hell!”

Chen Luo did not dodge and allowed the spit to land on his body, before he reached out with his huge hands and grabbed Qian Yi’s neck. He then quickly twisted.

With a loud ‘kacha’ sound, Qian Yi’s neck was broken, and the light in his eyes dimmed.

“It’s over!!” Han Wang looked at the dead Qian Yi and his heart fell, knowing that there was no point of return. He looked at Yue Zhong, his face pale, unsure of what was next. Yue Zhong had killed Qian Yi, and naturally would not care if he killed Han Wang as well. Han Wang wanted to live.

Yue Zhong turned to look at Han Wang, saying indifferently: “Han Wang, go home and tell Qian Ming Sheng! I don’t want the VPDC as my enemy, but if they want to provoke me, don’t blame me for whatever happens then. Go back!”

“I will definitely convey your words!” Han Wang heaved a sigh of relief and turned to leave.

After Han Wang left, Yue Zhong immediately ordered Chen Luo: “Chen Luo! Tell me everything you know about the VPDC.”

“Yes! Leader!”

Chen Luo had already betrayed the VPDC, and had no burdens on his heart. He began to reveal all the information he knew about the VPDC to Yue Zhong, allowing him to understand the situation.

There were a total of 7 leaders within the VPDC, the president being Qian Ming Sheng. Other than the president, there were 6 vice-presidents. They were Chen Shu, Yao Li Hua, Fan Shan, Ming Wei He, Mu Xiong and Gui Jing.

Every one of these 7 leaders had at least a 1000 subordinates each under them, and they were all powerful Evolvers in their own right.

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