God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 495

Chapter 495- Viscous Undercurrents!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The VPDC was made up of 7 factions that came together as an alliance, and when they joined forces, they had a troop that was over 10,000-strong. In the Hanoi area, the VPDC was basically the strongest establishment.

It was because Qian Yi had such a backing behind him that he became arrogant. He was like this in front of many smaller factions.

However, the VPDC had their own issues as well. They had people but a lack of weapons. Even after joining forces, there were only a total of 2,000 rifles and a few other light weapons.

The VPDC had a total of 200,000 survivors, but they didn’t always have this number. It had grown slowly through countless battles and measures. Hanoi had huge armories and infantry camps, but there were over 3 million zombies there. Any troop that had gone to attempt to break in had been wiped out by the zombies.

Other than a lack of weapons, there was the problem of feeding 200,000 people. Hanoi had a huge granary as well, but likewise the problem of zombies was still present. Almost any expert that ventured deep into Hanoi had vanished. A rare few had managed to make it out alive by escaping the moment they saw things beginning to go awry.

Without gaining more resources, the resources of the VPDC were getting tighter, and other than the direct subordinates of the 7 main factions, the rest of the survivors were already in a state of starvation. There were even cases of cannibalism already.

Although many of the experts of the VPDC had been hunting Mutant Beasts in the forests, not all were simple hunting prey. In the process of the hunts, the VPDC had obtained a decent amount of Mutant Beast meat, but they had also lost a number of their elites. The VPDC had 10 experts for leaders initially, but 3 of them had met with mishap against a Type 3 Mutant Beast, and now they were left with 7 leaders.

Under such circumstances, the VPDC could only continue to expand outwards. Their current enemy was only Yue Zhong. They had no choice. Between Yue Zhong and 3 million zombies, without any proper equipment, the human enemy was easier to deal with.

Furthermore, Yue Zhong had clashed with Wuyan Hong a few times, the VPDC assumed that he must have suffered some setbacks. Therefore, they felt more assured of their advantage.

“Sooner or later, we’ll have to fight it out!” After obtaining such information from Chen Luo’s mouth, Yue Zhong mulled things over. He immediately transferred another 2 battalions of elite soldiers to be stationed at Thai Nguyen City.

In this winter, a huge deployment had its risk, but guarding a base had its pros. Yue Zhong decided to take things slow, having been always on the move to expand.

Collapsing a small establishment of a few hundred people was easy for Yue Zhong to handle single-handedly. However, it was not possible for him to do so against 200,000.

There was a meeting room in a county called Yuan Feng County, and the atmosphere within the room was extremely tense. There was a smell of gunpowder as well.

A burly man with huge coarse hands stood up to snarl: “I think that we should launch our assault. Wipe out that damned Chinese menace, kill his subordinates, and then chop off his head to be used as our toilet bowl!”

This man with a the crude demeanor was Ming Wei He, and he was the leader of a small triad prior to the apocalypse. His methods were extremely vicious. After the apocalypse set in, he had quickly gathered a number of subordinates and became a small-time warlord.

Chen Shu became silent before rejecting the suggestion: “No way! The fact that Yue Zhong could swallow Thai Nguyen City and Lang Son City means that his power is not to be underestimated. If we want to take down Thai Nguyen, we will need to deploy a huge number of troops. It would be too risky. We don’t even know what he’s capable of, or what his trump cards are. If we just charge ahead, the chances of success are obviously too low.”

Yao Li Hua’s eyes flashed with a cold glint: “Then we’re just going to let this slide? Yue Zhong that bastard killed our envoy, if we don’t do anything, our subordinates are going to walk! Mu Xiong, what do you make of it?”

Mu Xiong’s face revealed a savage expression as he growled: “Yue Zhong has to die! He killed so many of our countrymen, we cannot let such a bastard roam free.”

Yue Zhong had unleashed his fury on a number of Vietnamese and the news had spread far and wide. Every single one of the 7 leaders of the VPDC did not see Yue Zhong in a favourable light, there were even a few that were filled with intense hatred.

Gui Jing chipped in coldly: “Yue Zhong dares to kill our VPDC people, he must die! If we’re to eliminate him, I’m willing to be the vanguard!”

Mu Xiong also joined in loudly: “If it’s fighting Yue Zhong, I’m also willing to be the vanguard!”

Yue Zhong had his reasons for killing those Vietnamese, however, the fact that over 10,000 Vietnamese had died at his hands held true. These Vietnamese hated him to the core, and the moment there was a chance to kill him, they leapt at it.

Qian Ming Sheng eyed everyone coolly, before asking Yao Li Hua: “Yao Li Hua, your thoughts?”

He maintained a deadpan expression: “I feel that we should negotiate properly with him. He managed to win against a prickly foe like Wuyan Hong, just this alone shows that he’s not simple. If we forcefully launch an assault, we might not win. There’s one more factor, which is the weather. If we were to deploy our troops, and they were to meet a snowstorm, there’s the possibility of our entire army being wiped.”

Hearing his assessment, the rest of the leaders sunk into their own thoughts. The thing they were most afraid of was for their army to face treacherous elements of nature. It would be a catastrophic blow to the morale.

Because of the strange weather, there had been a number of hailstorms over Vietnam. Each time, there would be numerous Vietnamese survivors that succumbed. The most serious was when a snowstorm during a hunting expedition, causing 300 experts to freeze. Half of them had died. If such a situation were to occur again in the event of their deployment, then before even taking down Yue Zhong, they would be the one to die first.

Qian Ming Sheng revealed a good-natured laugh: “I’ve solved the issue of the weather. Mr. Anreit, please come in!”

The doors to the meeting room opened, and the diplomatic envoy from the Kingdom of God, Anreit, came walking in with a warm smile, speaking in Vietnamese: “How do you do everyone! I’m the diplomatic relations officer from the Kingdom of God, and I am pleased to meet you.”

Seeing the appearance of this envoy from the Kingdom of God, the gazes of the other 6 fell upon Qian Ming Sheng.

He chuckled lightly and said: “The Kingdom of God has given us accurate data about the weather, through their satellites. Furthermore, they have decided to assist us with 2,000 rifles, 30,000 rounds of ammunition, 50 heavy machine guns, 50 cannons, 100 RPGs, and a 1,000 RPG rounds.”

“For real?!”

Hearing those words, the other leaders became excited. If the Kingdom of God were to really provide them with the aforementioned equipment, then their combat ability would increase dramatically!

Mu Xiong immediately responded passionately: “President! I want 500 rifles, 10,000 rounds of ammunition, 10 heavy machine guns, 10 cannons, 20 RPGs. My Chang Sheng army will take the vanguard role!”

Gui Jing snorted coldly: “Hmph! Mu Xiong, just you alone and you want 25% of the equipment, your appetite is too big eh!!”

Mu Xiong scolded: “Fuck! If you’re willing to be the vanguard, I will definitely not have any issues with you taking those equipment!”

Gui Jing immediately replied: “Fine! My Wan Sheng Army is willing to take on this responsibility! We want 25% of the resources!”

In this world, military might and ration were the most sought after. With regards to men, as long as one had enough rations, it would be easy to recruit a number of people. Gui Jing was not afraid of losing men, as long as his core brothers did not die, he could easily regain the same amount of help.

Ming Wei He’s eyes also flashed with an intense glint: “I’m willing to be the vanguard! Give the 25% to me!”

For the sake of the allocation of resources, the leaders of the VPDC soon got embroiled in a heated discussion.

Anreit’s face was still wearing a smile as he watched the commotion, although he laughed coldly in his heart: “A bunch of ignorant monkeys. Just a little amount of firepower and it’s enough for you to squabble like that. You guys are at most fit to be a pawn of our Kingdom of God.”

Yao Li Hua did not participate in the argument, instead he kept silent before asking Anreit: “Mr. Anreit, since the Kingdom of God is actively providing us with aid, what’re your conditions?”

Within this meeting hall, only Qian Ming Sheng and Yao Li Hua did not participate in the bid for resources.

Hearing his words, the rest who were still arguing immediately quietened down and looked towards Anreit.

Having undergone many years of development, the Vietnamese had seen their fair share of things. They also knew that the foreigners could not be trusted, and not a single foreign establishment was foolish.

In a world where rations and military resources were treasured items, the Kingdom of God had actually taken the initiative to provide aid. There was definitely a catch.

“Seems like there’s a monkey that can think.” Anreit gazed at Yao Li Hua and chuckled lightly: “General Yao. Yue Zhong has gone back on his agreement with the Kingdom of God, and has breached our trust, even attacked our people. The enmity between us is deep, and the Kingdom of God shares the same enemy as you.”

Anreit continued: “In order to respect the sovereignty of Vietnam, it’s not right for the Kingdom of God to deploy our troops just like that. Hence, we can only offer to work together with you guys to wipe out Yue Zhong, who is an invader, and a butcher who has killed thousands of innocent people. Of course, our Kingdom of God has a little request, that is that we seek the protection of the VPDC with regards to our fellow people here in Vietnam. At the same time, we hope to establish a partnership with you guys, where both sides get to trade on equal footing.”

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