God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 496

Chapter 496- The VPDC Attacks!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Hearing the explanation from Anreit, the leaders present got an understanding.

They had known about Yue Zhong viciously backstabbing the Kingdom of God, causing them to suffer greatly, hence the hatred was understandable. They also thought that the free trade was the true goal of the Kingdom of God.

However, the VPDC did require free trade as well, if they engage in trades with the Kingdom of God, then they could quickly expand in this world.

Hearing Anreit’s explanation, the leaders began arguing over the distribution of the resources again. In this world, strength was everything. Qian Ming Sheng could be the president was precisely because he commanded the strongest troops in the VPDC.

Yao Li Hua’s eyes brows arched before he frowned and sunk back into silence. He couldn’t help feeling that something felt off.

Anreit’s face was wearing a smile, but he chuckled coldly in his heart: “Bunch of fools, please die for us first!”

The Kingdom of God kept their word and quickly delivered the promised firepower to the VPDC.

After obtaining the military resources, and distributing them to their respective units, they began to deploy their troops towards Thai Nguyen City.

The VPDC were anxious as the pressure to feed 280,000 was weighing on them. Even supporting their own troops was starting to cause strain. It would at most last for another month. They had 2 choices, one of which was to obtain some form of ration trade with Yue Zhong, the other, to defeat him entirely, and obtain everything of his. Otherwise, Yue Zhong didn’t need to act, and they would already start to collapse because of the shortage of food.

On the road from Hanoi to Thai Nguyen City, 3 soldiers were currently concealed within a forest while observing the road.

One of the soldiers continued watching, pulled out a can of meet and handed it to ferocious-looking soldier: “Captain, do you want some?”

When the captain saw the can of meat, his eyes lit up. He immediately received it and took a piece of meat which stuffed it in his mouth: “Type 2 Mutant Beast Meat! Old Wang, you sure have your ways! So much good stuff!”

The Type 2 Beast Meat cans were manufactured out of the various Type 2 Mutant Beasts. Ordinary survivors seldom get the chance to savour it. The Type 2 Mutant Beast meat could replenish energy, and most ordinary soldiers would find themselves in tiptop condition after eating it.

The captain relished the entire can of meat, and wiped his mouth: “That hit the spot! Look at you! This can of meat is mine! But I’ll help you find a lady. Follow the leader in his ways, what will we be short of? I already have 3 Vietnamese women. If you want, I can gift you one, as long as you can take care of her.”

Old Wang was instantly interested: “Really?”

The captain replied smugly: “But of course!! In the whole of Lang Son, your father, I, had personally killed 3 Vietnamese bastards! As a reward, the higher-ups have given me 3 Vietnamese women. However, if my salary wasn’t high, I really would not be able to take care of them.”

In this apocalyptic world, due to conflicts breaking out often, there was an imbalance of men and women. Furthermore, Yue Zhong did not follow any monogamous practices, and allowed men to have many wives.

Old Wang looked at his captain with a look of envy, he also wished to have a woman to warm his bed.

Another soldier called out in a solemn voice: “Captain, there’s a development!!”

“What?” The captain immediately withdrew his joking manner and smug look, becoming tense as he instantly went into alert-mode, surveying the scene.

He saw that a huge army was currently marching towards Thai Nguyen, and he sucked in a breath of cold air: “What an army!”

From the numbers, the army was about 70,000 strong, and to a zombie horde, it wasn’t much, but to a human enemy, this was an army to be feared.

The captain retreated from the forest stealthily and reported his findings with a walkie-talkie.

“They actually deployed in such weather, their guts are big!” Yue Zhong sighed upon receiving this news, and immediately began his preparations for retaliation.

The survivors within Thai Nguyen were ushered into their own homes, and simple fortifications were constructed. A number of soldiers stationed at various defence points, and the cannon teams also went on standby, awaiting orders from Yue Zhong.

The entire Thai Nguyen City was riled up in preparation for war, awaiting to bare it’s fangs.

The march of the VPDC was extremely slow, only after travelling for an entire day did they finally reached the frontier of Thai Nguyen.

After arriving, Qian Ming Sheng and the other 6 leaders of the VPDC observed Thai Nguyen silently from their command centre.

Mu Xiong’s eyes lit up with a burning gaze as he spoke: “President! Let me be the vanguard!!”

“No! Let the foreign battalion go first!!” Qian Ming Sheng shook his head immediately.

Soon, a soldier began rushing towards Thai Nguyen.

“Don’t fire!! I’m Chinese!!”

“Save me!! Don’t shoot! Don’t shoot!!”

“Please!! Don’t shoot! I’m Chinese!!”

The foreign battalion was made up of many Chinese who were dressed raggedly, and had people of different age and gender. They wielded huge knives as they ran, and have been forced on this path of desperation. Behind them, there was the Vietnamese troop that threatened to kill them if they dared to stop.

At the same time, there were many VPDC experts mixed in with the foreign battalion. As long as these experts made it into Yue Zhong’s base, they would be able to unleash carnage and kill Yue Zhong’ soldiers.

Although the VPDC had lack of firepower, they had truly cultivated a few experts under extreme circumstances during hunting, and the number of these experts was not little.

Qian Ming Sheng eyed Thai Nguyen coldly: “I’ll watch how you handle this!”

Forcing the people of his enemy’s country to attack their own people. This was a common tactic used by Genghis Khan in the past, and it was extremely cruel, yet effective. The moment the kingdom was unwilling to kill these citizens, then those Mongols who were hiding within the crowd would seize the chance to attack the city. Many a stronghold had been brought down like that.

After the apocalypse, society had collapsed, there were no more relationships between countries, so the earth was no more a global society. Instead, it had fractured, and everything was as though it was before the era of navigation. At each corner, for the sake of living space and resources, humans would do anything, and employ any means to get what they want.

Seeing the Chinese charging over, the Chinese soldiers felt their resolve starting to crumble. These were their countrymen.

Yue Zhong immediately barked out loud: “Those who are Chinese, get down and don’t move!”

Beisde him, an Enhancer made use of the [Soundwave Transmission] ability to send his words across the battlefield.

“Get down!!”

“Get down!”

“Quick get down!!”

The Chinese soldiers in Thai Nguyen city began hollering out, they knew the next order from their leader.

After hearing those words, some Chinese chose to immediately dive to the ground, some seemed to hesitate, while some continued to run towards Thai Nguyen. The Vietnamese behind them were simply too terrifying.

“Open fire!” Yue Zhong eyed the 2,000 people still running towards the city and barked coldly.

He had already achieved a huge standing amongst his military, and even though many Chinese soldiers could not agree with his orders, they still obeyed, and began firing out lines of fire.

Faced with that devastating line of fire, many of the Chinese survivors that were still running, as well as the Vietnamese experts hidden amongst them were instantly torn in shreds by the rain of bullets.

With the sweeping fire, many of the Chinese survivors began to wake up and quickly dove to the ground, not daring to move at all.

After just a single volley of fire, there was no one alive left standing. The remaining Vietnamese experts had also laid on the ground together with the Chinese survivors, not daring to move.

“What a vicious fellow! He truly is deserves his moniker as ‘The Tyrant’!” Qian Ming Sheng watched how easily the foreign battalion had collapsed and had a bad premonition. However, the arrow had left the bow, and if the army were to just retreat like that, within 10 days, their own VPDC would be the one to collapse.

“Mu Xiong! Go and launch an assault!” Qian Ming Sheng turned to Mu Xiong and ordered.

“Yes! President!” Mu Xiong replied, a hint of excitement in his eyes.

Soon, a force of over 6,000 people came marching out from the VPDC’s camp. They were subordinates of Mu Xiong. He had initially started off with about 1,300 subordinates. However, through his glib tongue and attractive words, he had easily gained another 4,700 men. If it wasn’t for the insufficient food, he could even recruit 10,000 without an issue.

He shouted loudly to raise the morale: “Brothers!! That Yue Zhong hiding in Thai Nguyen has killed over 10,000 of our brethren! He’s a butcher, and a demon! Now’s the time to avenge them! I hereby announce, whoever is the first to breach Thai Nguyen, I will present to him a full set of equipment! Not only that, I will raise that person till Level 30, as well as award 1,000 jin of rice and 5 beauties! His rank will also increase by 3 ranks! On top of all this, he will get 3 days off!”




Under Mu Xiong’s encouragement, the 5,000 soldiers became feverish and they charged headlong towards Thai Nguyen!!!

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