God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 497

Chapter 497- Probing Attack!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The 5,000 strong Vietnamese troop lacked firearms, most were just equipped with hacking knives. There were even some wielding vegetable knives. However, they were already forced by the harsh circumstances, and they could only forge on ahead.

These soldiers wanted training but lacked training, wanted weapons, but lack weapons as well. All they had was their fiery passion and a brutal killing intent towards their enemies.

Yue Zhong watched these incoming Vietnamese troops and ordered coldly: “Open fire!”

The moment those 5,000 soldiers entered the range of Thai Nguyen, countless bullets began firing, and in the rain of bullets, many of them were immediately killed and fell to the ground.

Seeing their comrades dropping like dumplings, many of the warriors instantly lost their composure and fled, wailing in misery and fear.

With the retreat of those soldiers, what left as a 5,000-strong troop returned as a 3,000-odd group, with over a 1,000 casualties lying on the battlefield,

In front of Thai Nguyen, there were Vietnamese soldiers lying on the ground with various degrees of injuries, screaming or moaning.

Mu Xiong came up to Qian Ming Sheng with a look of regret, saying: “President!! I’ve failed! That Yue Zhong is truly capable!”

In truth, Mu Xiong’s actual troops had not been activated yet, those who had died were soldiers he had just recruited. Seeing the strong firepower of Thai Nguyen, Mu Xiong had felt his balls shrink, and did not dare deploy his core strength.

The direct subordinates of the 7 leaders were the core strength. They would not casually send them out. If their troops were wiped out, then their position would instantly plummet.

Gui Jing remarked sarcastically: “Mu Xiong! How come you didn’t send your direct troops? How is this considered a storm? Giving those supplies to you was truly a waste!”

Mu Xiong rolled his eyes and retorted: “Then you can have the resources. Go take your own troops and charge!!”

Qian Ming Sheng frowned and barked: “Stop quarrelling!”

Gui Jing and Mu Xiong immediately quietened down, but they still glared daggers at each other.

Qian Ming Sheng was faced with a headache. The total number of people he brought was 80,000. However, the number that could actually fight was only about 10,000. Those with guns numbered 4,000. It was the first time he was actually commanding such a huge operation. Facing Yue Zhong who had decided to sit defensively inside Thai Nguyen, he could not think of any better ideas.

He hesitated a while, before turning to the military advisor sent by the Kingdom of God, Roman, and asked: “Mr. Roman, do you have any suggestions?”

Roman immediately gave his recommendation: “General Qian, I think that with your combat strength, you should launch a frontal assault with all your troops. At the same time, assemble all the high level Enhancers and form a storm team as the core, which will focus on breaching Thai Nguyen and unleashing their abilities then. Only then, you guys will have a chance of success.”

Qian Ming Sheng wasn’t a military genius or tactician, after hearing the suggestion, he mulled a while before ordering Mu Xiong: “Mu Xiong! Go bring your direct troops to launch another assault. I will distribute 500 rifles, 70,000 rounds, 20 cannons and 20 RPGs to you.”

“Yes!” Mu Xiong gritted his teeth and replied after thinking.

500 rifle-wielding Vietnamese soldiers began edging towards Thai Nguyen carefully.

This time, as they engaged in a gunfight, the Vietnamese soldiers sought for cover before firing from afar. At the same time, a number of cannons began firing at Thai Nguyen.

These Vietnamese did not storm the front, and Yue Zhong’s troops were also behind cover in Thai Nguyen as they fired their own weapons.

On the field, there were sounds of explosions and bullets, but neither side had suffered heavy losses.

If it was a fistfight or physical clash, the results would be revealed extremely quickly. However, if they remained in a gunfight for so long, then they would just be expending their ammo wastefully, and the fight would come to a stalemate.

A Vietnamese soldier had just stuck his head out when his brains were instantly blasted apart by a bullet.

When the gunfight had reached a stalemate, Yue Zhong had deployed 15 snipers, and they were like grim reapers, collecting the lives of many unfortunate Vietnamese soldiers.

The moment the 15 snipers entered the fray, the Vietnamese soldiers were totally suppressed, and they didn’t dare stick their heads out, choosing instead to fire wildly.

“The efficiency is too low!” Yue Zhong eyed the Vietnam soldiers hiding and frowned, before ordering White Bones: “Go take them down.”

Although the Vietnamese soldiers were suppressed and forced to hide, by remaining behind their covers, there was no chance for Yue Zhong’s superior firepower to be effective.

Upon receiving that order, White Bones’ demonic eyes flashed, and it leapt down the wall, charging towards the soldiers like a tank.

Seeing it approach, many Vietnamese took the risk to stick their heads out and fire at it.

White Bones danced about in the rain of bullets, reaching their location in barely 10 seconds. Its bone blades shot out constantly, piercing numerous soldiers and pinning them to the ground.

As it lunged into the midst of the more than 400 soldiers, it was like a tiger slaughtering lambs.

It leapt up a huge stone, and instantly fired 5 bone spikes out to pierce the heads of the Vietnamese soldiers entrenched behind it.

“Go to hell! Go to hell!”

6 Agility-based Enhancers appeared, as they charged at White Bones while firing wildly. A dense barrage of bullets enveloped it, leaving no way to retreat.

White Bones did not bother to dodge, in fact, as the bullets struck it, they just created loud sparks, ricocheting off. It raised its hand, and another 6 bone spikes shot out, piercing the heads of the Agility-based Enhancers. Fresh blood splattered everywhere.

It then swung forcefully, throwing the corpses of the 6 Enhancers to one side.

After casually taking down 11 Vietnamese soldiers, White Bones disappeared from its location and appeared beside a particular soldier, slicing his throat!

With White Bones rampaging about the Vietnamese soldiers’ location, blood sprayed everywhere, not a single soldier was a match against it. Each time its bone blade flashed, a corpse would be left behind.

After killing over a hundred Vietnamese soldiers, they had begun to collapse, and ran away from their cover towards the back.

Yue Zhong’s snipers took the chance to gun them down one by one.

White Bones maintained its assault and pursuit for a long time, before retreating.

The VPDC had many experts after all, and even if White Bones was stronger than most of them, it would fall under a joint attack. It already possessed intelligence and could judge the situation for itself.

“Shit!! Shit!! Damn bastard!” Mu Xiong watched his subordinates running back in terror, his eyes bloodshot. He had sent out 500 soldiers, and now, only 278 returned, the rest having perished on the battlefield. This loss was a huge blow to him, and he was filled with fury and regret.

Mu Xiong didn’t really care if he lost a thousand or even two thousand ordinary survivors. However those 222 soldiers were elites that he had trained up. With their deaths, his power was diminished by about ⅙.

The rest of the leaders watched the retreat of Mu Xiong’s subordinates quietly, their hearts overwhelmed with a pressure. These soldiers were the elites among the VPDC, but they had barely held out for 2 hours and were sent into collapse. A bad feeling arose in their hearts. Many began to regret, feeling that they should have gone for proper negotiations.

However, after having finally gotten a taste of Yue Zhong’s might, while many were feeling regret, not a single one mentioned retreating. They knew that this battle concerned the life and death of the VPDC. The moment they lost, they would collapse on the spot.

Gui Jing frowned and came up to Qian Ming Sheng: “What now President?”

All the leaders of the VPDC looked towards Qian Ming Sheng, awaiting this leader of theirs to give the next order. They might have some form of conflicts amongst one another, but in such a critical juncture, they could only rely on Qian Ming Sheng.

Qian Ming Sheng saluted everywhere, as he ordered solemnly: “Convey my order! Everyone is to make their preparations! The whole army will launch an assault on Thai Nguyen. We can only press forwards, no retreat. They might have strong firepower, but we have powerful Enhancers as well. As long as we get close, it will all be ours! Everyone of you will pass me 30 experts that are over Level 30, I will lead them to breach from the right. This will be our final stand! For the sake of our Vietnam, I’m pleading everybody here!!”


“Got it!”

“I’ll settle it now!”

All the leaders were riled up by his impassioned speech, and responded resoundingly.

Roman’s face wore an emotional smile, but he was laughing at them inwardly, “Bunch of ignorant bumpkins. They’re not even going to leave any reserve forces. If this charge were to fail, they’ll really lose everything. Forget it, they’re not military men after all. Having done up to this point, guess I’ll give it to them. They do have some capable experts, maybe they can help wear down part of Yue Zhong’s strength.”

Under Qian Ming Sheng’s orders, the 70,000 strong army began to move, and they charged towards Thai Nguyen like a river that broke through a dam, looking extremely desperate to escape its bonds.

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