God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 498

Chapter 498- Crushing Defeat of the VPDC!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong eyed the sea of soldiers charging towards Thai Nguyen and he laughed coldly: “The hasty dogs have leapt!”

This sort of swarm tactic during a critical juncture usually spelled the end of that army’s position in history.

In the face of the fiery net created by the mass firing of bullets, whoever came would be shot dead. Humans were different from zombies. As long as any part of their bodies were hit, they would lose a huge part of their combat strength.


With the assault of the 70,000 Vietnamese, Yue Zhong ordered coldly.

At almost the same instant, the numerous defence points began spewing out lines of fire. The barrage of bullets rained onto the battlefield, drawing blood from a massive number of soldiers, who fell like wheat being reaped.

Seeing their comrades die, the originally low morale of the soldiers who were charging began to crumble, and some turned around to retreat.

Mu Xiong’s eyes were bloodshot, as he immediately executed his fellow countrymen who retreated: “No escaping!! Charge!! You guys better charge!!! Whoever tries to escape, I’ll execute you!! For Vietnam, we must charge!!”

The direct subordinates of the 7 leaders had become some form of enforcement, forcing the newly recruited soldiers to continue their assault towards Thai Nguyen. The newly recruited soldiers were just fulfilling the roles of cannon fodder, drawing away the massive firepower.

Following the cruel sounds of gunfire, some of the soldiers who tried to retreat were killed on the spot.

In front was death, behind was also death. Trapped between two extremes, these Vietnamese were helpless, in the end, driven by desperation, they could only continue forward.

Yue Zhong eyed the last ditch attempt by these Vietnamese soldiers and praised silently: “Fierce!”

The moment the Vietnamese were forced to a breaking point, they would become extremely violent and aggressive. In the past, even though they had the support of China and the Soviet Union in fighting the war in the North, if they didn’t have the ability, they would not have been able to survive against the more advanced and powerful American troops. When those Vietnamese had become fierce, even the women and children were fearsome warriors.

However, regardless of courage or bloodlust, flesh and blood were not a match against metal bullets. With the dense barrage of bullets, a large number of the soldiers fell in their own pools of blood.

Although they were brave, these were just ordinary people who had not even received any form of training. With the bullets raining upon them, they could only muster a form of courage to face their death.

“Yi! Are those the elite troops of the VPDC?” Yue Zhong stood atop a vantage point, observing the entire battlefield, when he suddenly saw a group of soldiers charging towards Thai Nguyen, forcefully blocking the lines of fire.

A huge number of bullets fired towards them, only to be forcefully redirected to a side. The troop continued its charge without stopping, not a single one of them suffering an injury.

“Fools! You’re too flashy!” Yue Zhong eyed the troops and immediately gave an order to the cannon team that were on standby.

“Open fire!”

The self-propelled rocket launchers that were waiting for orders immediately fired upon command, as a volley of rockets rained towards the group of elites.

“Shit!!” As the rocket fired into the region, Qian Ming Sheng felt a bad premonition arise, and he immediately activated his Second Order Ice Manipulation ability, causing a thick layer of ice to cover his body.

The various experts in the group began to display their abilities, as all sorts of tree walls, barriers, stone slates, wind shields, etc began to appear.

At the next moment, a huge volley of cannons rained down on the group of elites, causing a deafening explosion. The terrifying impact roared out and enveloped the entire space the group was in, destroying everything around it, turning the huge stones that laid about into dust.

There were 4 volleys of rocket fire that rained down, and with the constant roars and impacts, everything in that area was decimated, as the resulting shockwaves rushed outwards, dusts of clouds covering everything.

By the time the dust cloud settled, there was not a single person alive to be seen in that region. Everyone was either dismembered or blasted to unrecognizable pieces.

This group of Enhancers that were above Level 30 were eliminated just like that under the ruthless and merciless volley of rockets, leaving not a single one alive. Before Qian Ming Sheng even had the opportunity to reveal his power, he had already perished.

“Qian Ming Sheng is dead?”

“The president is dead?!”

“The president is dead!!”

When they saw that the Qian Ming Sheng and his troop enveloped by the constant rocket fire, the hearts of the other 6 leaders stopped for a moment. Their subordinates were thrown into chaos.

Yue Zhong grabbed the walkie-talkie and ordered: “1st Armored Battalion, roll out! 2nd Infantry Battalion, attack!”

The huge gates of Thai Nguyen opened, and instantly, an armored force consisting of 20 tanks, 15 IFVs, 40 machine-gun mounted vehicles came roaring out, covered by an army of infantry soldiers as they charged into the battlefield.

The armored force was like a hot knife slicing through butter, as any resistance they met from the Vietnamese soldiers was instantly crushed. They were the kings of the battlefield, as long as it was on a large plain, nothing could withstand their assault.

With the pressure from the armored vehicles, the VPDC soldiers that were already suffering from the low morale began to crumble under the pressure. Many threw away their armor and weapons, as they tried to run away. Even more threw down their weapons and raised their hands to surrender.

Mu Xiong watched the situation unfold, his face ashen as he muttered: “How did it come to this? How did it come to this? We’re 70,000 people!! How come we lost?!”

Gui Jing’s face was steely: “Quick, let’s escape!!! Otherwise, we’re all going to become Yue Zhong’s captives!”

Yao Li Hua had already brought his troops and ran at the first moment of trouble.

The moment they lost, they crumbled, and the original strong killing intent was replaced by an urgent fear and scramble for life.

Under that chaotic scenario, even though there were a number of Enhancers that had some fight left in them were affected, as they begun to escape pathetically, leaving only a handful of ordinary soldiers.

Yue Zhong was at first unaware of the magnitude of the situation, hoping to use only one armored battalion and an infantry battalion to charge out, attacking their morale. He never expected that with just a single blow, the entire VPDC fell apart, and he immediately sent out another 2 infantry battalions to round up the captives.

After they chased for almost 10km, Yue Zhong recalled the troops back to Thai Nguyen. In this battle, he had decimated over 10,000 Vietnamese, and captured over 40,000 Vietnamese soldiers. He had suffered about 45 casualties on his own side, and these were a result of the counterattack from the Vietnamese that were being chased.

The training, experience and equipment of the VPDC were vastly outclassed by Yue Zhong’s. If Yue Zhong had been the one to attack the VPDC, they might have been able to cause him some damage. However, the moment they decided to launch the assault, it spelled their downfall.

After destroying the VPDC, Yue Zhong’s troops began to clean up the battlefield. On the battlefield, all the injured Vietnamese soldiers would be killed by a strike. Even the corpses were not spared, just to be sure.

In this apocalyptic world, rations and medicine were rare resources, Yue Zhong could not afford to waste such precious resources on the enemy. He would only spare his stock for his own people.

The corpses of Yue Zhong’s soldiers were then collected together and set on fire, before their ashes were kept. If the situation called for it, they would not be abandoned, otherwise, they had to be treated this way as a form of respect.

As for their enemies, the corpses were given to Lightning and its little brothers as food. The Mutant Beasts had to eat as well after all.

The 40,000 VPDC soldiers were directly sentenced to become slaves, and had to slog for the city.

After destroying the main force of the VPDC, Yue Zhong began entertaining a thought: “Shall I launch an assault on their main base?”

Yue Zhong pondered awhile before ultimately abandoning that line of thought.

First: Although the VPDC had fallen, he had not fully eliminated them. There was still some remnant force somewhere.

Second: If he wanted to eradicate the entire group, he would have to deploy his troops. The moment the weather turned for the worse, his forces might be wiped by nature.

Third: With the current predicament of the VPDC, there was no need for him to act and they would still collapse on their own.

Fourth: His intention was still to expand towards Guangxi, not Vietnam. With the VPDC acting as a barrier for the 4 million zombies over at Hanoi, it was slightly less of a pressure for him.

On the other side, the remaining 6 leaders had managed to escape to a small town of about 50 li out of Thai Nguyen, before heaving a sigh of relief.

However, the current VPDC had only about 4,000 soldiers left, and they were the direct subordinates of the 6 leaders. The rest of the riff-raff had already disappeared.

Yao Li Hua turned to the rest of the 5 leaders and spoke: “The president is already dead! What shall we do now? Let’s hear it from everybody!”

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