God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 499

Chapter 499-Turmoil!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Mu Xiong’s expression was savage, as he bellowed in rage: “Let’s bring our men and fight it out with Yue Zhong!”

Mu Xiong was a high-level Evolver and his strength was overbearing. However, he had muscles for brains, and only knew how to fight.

Ming Wei He frowned and rejected: “No way! Without enough firepower, even if we bring more men, we would not be a match for that devil.”

It was not like in ancient times, tactics to do with overwhelming numbers were useless in the face of modern weaponry. Today’s battle had opened the VPDC’s eyes to the true might of Yue Zhong. Without sufficient firepower, they would only die if they continued to clash against Yue Zhong with their current strength.

Gui Jing’s eyes flashed coldly as he spoke slowly: “We have been defeated this time! Right now, the best thing we can do is to retreat quickly and split up!”

Gui Jing’s suggestion was to disband the VPDC. Right now, they had lost their troops, and were still facing a problem of food shortage. If they each went their own way, there might be a higher chance of survival.

Of course, this choice was the cruelest choice as well. It was not easy to find sufficient rations to feed over a hundred thousand people. Furthermore, the Mutant Beasts in the forests are not targets to be casually provoked. They knew very well that should the VPDC really disband and went their own way, out of those hundred thousand survivors, only a handful would survive.

It must be made clear that even hiding in the city, a single snowstorm could already claim the lives of over thousands of people. By hiding in the forests, things might become much worse. Unless they were fortunate enough to discover a hiding place that can shelter them from the adverse weather conditions as well.

Chen Shu mulled over silently, before raising his head and spoke resolutely: “No way, that option will cause many of our countrymen to die! These are our comrades! We can’t give up on them so easily.”

Fan Shan had been silent all this while, as he observed the rest of the leaders, his eyes flashing with a strange glint.

Gui Jing countered: “Then what do we do about the rations issue? Are you going to find rations for them? Do you have the capability to find that much rations? As long as you can give a solution, I’ll support you!”

“You!” Chen Shu glared at Gui Jing, before he snorted and kept quiet.

The ration issue was truly vexing, if it wasn’t for it, the VPDC wouldn’t have rashly launched an assault against Yue Zhong. They were truly in shortage of food.

This time, Fan Shan, who had been keeping quiet, suggested: “Let’s negotiate with Yue Zhong, what do you guys think?”

When Mu Xiong heard Yue Zhong’s name, his face instantly contorted in fury and he yelled out: “No! Not a chance! Yue Zhong is a butcher that had slaughtered our fellow countrymen, he’s the devil. We can cooperate with anyone but him! Fan Shan, are you intending to betray our country and its citizens?!”

Gui Jing spoke up with a strange face: “I was just wondering how was it that our VPDC was defeated so tragically, seems like there was a traitor within our midst.”

Ming Wei He’s face turned steely as he barked: “Fan Shan, are you able to face our comrades who died? How can we bow to that invader? Are you really intending to betray your country?”

Chen Shu seemed as though he wanted to speak, but seeing the tense atmosphere from Mu Xiong and the other 2, he decided to keep quiet.

The 6 leaders of the VPDC were all powerful Evolvers, even if they hide in the forest, as long as they didn’t meet any overpowered Type 3 Mutant Beasts or those with special abilities, they would not die. Of course, the woods were still less safe than the city.

Fan Shan’s face didn’t change, but he replied woodenly: “Since you guys are not in favour, forget it.”

Yao Li Hua tried to mediate: “Leave it guys! Everyone’s just thinking for our country and people.”

Right at this time, 5 Vietnamese soldiers rushed in to the meeting hall with urgent expressions: “Leader! We have something to report!”

Gui Jing and 4 other leaders were momentarily distracted by the entrance of those 5 soldiers.

At that instant, Yao Li Hua’s pupils constricted, as he pulled out a handgun and fired at Mu Xiong, not before casting his ability [Strengthen Bullet].

A bullet carrying a terrifying force blasted Mu Xiong’s head apart, killing this high-level Evolver instantly.

At the other side, a sharp dagger suddenly appeared in Fan Shan’s right hand, and he activated his Second Order [High Speed Movement], his entire person flashing like a shadow. He appeared in front of Ming Wei He, and slashed at his throat instantly.

“What the fuck are you guys doing?” Gui Jing was after all forged through countless battles, and was a Endurance and Strength dual-attribute Evolver. He was in shock and fury, immediately activating his Second Order [Turtle Shell Body], turning his skin into a thick, hardened layer that looked like a turtle’s shell.

With its protection, Gui Jing’s body could withstand even the impact from a 25mm cannon round. At the same time, his immense Strength could allow him to blow apart a head with just his fist. Amongst the 7 leaders of the VPDC, he was the strongest in physical damage.

At this time, the 5 soldiers that had rushed in turned on Gui Jing.

Gui Jing’s fist exploded on one of the soldier’s body, causing that soldier to instantly suffer a huge hole in his body. Gui Jing then flung his hand, tossing the corpse of the soldier towards the other 4.

Yao Li Hua prepared an Enhanced bullet as he spoke to Chen Shu:” Chen Shu! Our targets are Gui Jing, Mu Xiong and Ming Wei He!! For the sake of our VPDC and the lives of our hundred thousand countrymen, please lend us a hand!”

A number of Enhanced bullets blasted on Gui Jing’s toughened body, causing a number of bloody holes. Even with his Second Order [Turtle Shell Body], it could not fully withstand the might of the Enhanced bullets.

At the same time, Fan Shan was flitting without stop, the dagger in his hands slashing towards Gui Jing in unpredictable movements. So far he managed to cause sone white scars, but not actually injuring him.

To Agility-based experts, those with high Defences were their bane. They had to maintain a high level of vigilance towards them. The moment they were not careful, they would be caught in their grasps, and might be easily taken down in a single move.

Gui Jing surveyed his surroundings for a moment before making a dash for the exit. He wanted to leave the place and escape from this massacre.

The 4 Vietnamese soldiers charged at him, intending to impede him.

Gui Jing’s fist landed on one of them, causing his head to be smashed like a watermelon. He then grabbed another soldier and ripped him apart casually. Blood and inner organs splattered onto the floor. He then lashed out with a kick at one more soldier, sending the soldier flying like a cannonball into a wall.

While Gui Jing was slaughtering those ordinary soldiers, Yao Li Hua continued to fire his Enhanced bullets without stop, causing a number of wounds. He eyed Gui Jing about to run out of the hall and shouted: “Chen Shu! Are you not going to act?”

Hearing that enraged shout, Chen Shu sighed, and a cold light flashed in his eyes, as he activated his Second Order [Gravity Manipulation]. Instantly, a gravity of 8-fold enveloped Gui Jing, causing him to sink.

Yao Li Hua immediately seized the opportunity, his eyes narrowing and he expended a huge amount of Spirit and Stamina to cast [Enhance Bullets], firing once at Gui Jing.

With a flash, a terrifying bullet shot towards Gui Jing’s heart.

Gui Jing tried his best to shift his body, but under that 8-fold gravity, his movements were impeded. In the end, the powerful bullet penetrated his heart, tearing a huge blood wound in his chest. His entire body knocked into the wall behind. The corners of his mouth twitched slightly, before his eyes turned dim.

Seeing Gui Jing dead, Yao Li Hua finally heaved a sigh of relief. He had a complicated look in his eyes as he gazed at the corpses.

Early the next morning, a jeep came to the entrance of Thai Nguyen city.

“Halt!! Get out of your vehicle!” A soldier stationed at the entrance stepped forward to block the jeep.

6 people stepped out of the jeep, 2 men and 4 women. The leader was Yao Li Hua. The other male was a young bodyguard. 2 of the women stood beside Yao Li Hua, One was about 18 or 19, her skin was fair and flawless, her hair thick and lush. Her figure was extremely sexy, while it might not be explosively voluptuous, she was curvy in the right places. She had a demeanor that would cause most men to go crazy. The other young lady was about 11 or 12, and she had snow-white skin, and looks that were extremely adorable.

Yao Li Hua spoke kindly towards the soldier: “I am one of the leaders of the VPDC, Yao Li Hua. Today, I’m here to seek an audience with Leader Yue Zhong! Please relay the message!”

“Wait here!” The soldier reluctantly withdrew his gaze from the beautiful young woman and walked towards Thai Nguyen City.

Soon, Bai Xiao Sheng came out from Thai Nguyen, he had a look of greed as he saw the alluring woman, before speaking indifferently to Yao Li Hua: “Come with me!”

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