God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 501

Chapter 501- Vietnamese Princess

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

If it were in Gui Ning City, the common benchmark was a 100 sets of equipment for 10,000 tonnes of rations.

After negotiations had ended, Yao Li Hua heaved another sigh of relief, although his heart was bitter.

This time, Yao Li Hua knew he had suffered the short end of the stick. It was partly because Mu Xiang Ling was truly devious, as well as the VPDC’s urgent need of the 10,000 tonnes of rations.

Without the 10,000 tonnes of rations, the survivors under the VPDC would definitely not be able to survive the winter. Because of this, Yao Li Hua could only allow Mu Xiang Ling to take advantage bit by bit in the negotiations, until she reached his threshold.

Yao Li Hua then turned to Yue Zhong and introduced the 2 ladies with him: “Leader Yue Zhong, this is our Vietnam 1st Princess Ruan Lan and 2nd Princess Ruan Ju. Our VPDC hopes that you will be willing to take them in as wives.”

Mu Xiang Ling eyed the both of them and the corners of her mouth lifted in a smile as she spoke: “I remember that Vietnam was a communist regime, there wasn’t even a king, how can there be princesses?”

Yao Li Hua smiled lightly as he explained: “It’s true that we did not have a king. However, our princesses hailed from a bloodline of the late King Ruan Shi before his regime fell in the rise of communism. They truly possess the precious bloodline of royalty.”

Ruan Lan and Ruan Ju were truly beautiful women. Prior to the apocalypse, they had been leading pampered lives. After the apocalypse set in, they came to belong to Yao Li Hua, who had kept them as bargaining chips.

Yao Li Hua knew that this sort of precious women would easily attract the possessiveness of men. While he personally didn’t consider the bloodline to be anything, he knew that it could attract countless people from higher positions. At the same time, Ruan Lan and Ruan Ju had undergone many lessons in culture, etiquette, and with their looks, they were the most valuable resource in Yao Li Hua’s hands.

Hearing those words, pain flashed in the eyes of the young Vietnamese man who had followed Yao Li Hua. He looked somewhat blankly at the beautiful Ruan Lan, as though his heart had broken into countless pieces.

Yue Zhong eyed them and replied indifferently: “I just so happen to be in need of 2 serving girls. Let them come here!”

Hearing that indifferent tone of Yue Zhong, Ruan Lan gritted her teeth and clenched her fists. Before the apocalypse, countless youths had fallen at her feet trying to get her attention.

At that point in time, she would not have even spared Yue Zhong a second look with such ordinary features. However, in such a situation, where her status as the princess of the previous Vietnam kingdom wouldn’t matter for shit, she had to marry a guy in which she had no say in choice. She felt extremely sad.

Yao Li Hua’s eyes flashed with an amused light, but he firmly refused: “No way, they’re the pride of our Vietnam. If you were to marry them, I wouldn’t say anything. But if you want them as your serving maids, without any special reasons, I have no way of agreeing.”

Yue Zhong didn’t seem to mind and replied: “Then it’s fine.”

Yue Zhong had come across his fair share of beautiful women, and while Ruan Lan and Ruan Ju were truly top beauties, he had even more beautiful women amongst his harem, Zhuo Ya Tong, Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu, Guo Yu, and even Xin Jia Rou. They were all beautiful in their own right and had the charm to boot. Mu Xiang Ling was still young, and had not grown, but after a few years, she was sure to become a beauty that would not lose to Ruan Lan. Hence, Yue Zhong did not feel like he must obtain Ruan Lan or Ruan Ju.

Yao Li Hua hastily spoke: “Leader Yue Zhong, I just want a little bit of dowry! Say… 100 tonnes of rations? As long as you give me a 100 tonnes of rations, our Vietnam Princess is willing to become your most loyal serving maid.”

Yao Li Hua truly lacked rations now, and he had to rack his brains and find ways to obtain rations and weapons. Only then the VPDC could continue to develop and not crumble or collapse. Furthermore, he hoped that he can place some Vietnamese women by Yue Zhong’s side to help speak for the Vietnamese. Only then, would the treatment of the Vietnamese under Yue Zhong would be better.

Hearing those words, a huge sense of shame welled up in Ruan Lan’s heart. She was the Princess of Vietnam in the past, and she was the favoured daughter of the heavens! Now she was actually being used to bargain for 100 tonnes of rations.

Yue Zhong chuckled condescendingly: “Alright! I’ll issue you another 100 tonnes in rations. As an added bonus, you may use 5 ammo casings to exchange for a bullet.”

Yao Li Hua immediately thanked Yue Zhong in excitement: “Thank you Leader Yue Zhong!! Thank you!!”

In the war against zombies, humans lacked ammo the most. Now that Yue Zhong had promised such an exchange, Yao Li Hua was naturally beyond happy. He felt that he had not lost out on offering those 2 precious princesses. If Yue Zhong had given him such a deal in the first place, he wouldn’t have minded giving the 2 princesses right away.

As for Yue Zhong, he was celebrating inwardly that there was still the use of this blockade of the VPDC in the way of the zombies in Hanoi. As for giving the bullets to Yao Li Hua, those would be reloaded bullets anyway, only his troops would be issued new bullets.

Yao Li Hua then gazed at Ruan lan and Ruan Ju with a solemn face: “Princess Ruan Lan, Princess Ruan Ju, from today on, you 2 are Leader Yue Zhong’s serving maids! Aren’t you going to greet your master?”

Yao Li Hua simply did not care about the royal bloodline in Ruan Lan and Ruan Ju’s veins. He just thought of them as more valuable bargaining chips.

Ruan Lan gritted her teeth as she heard those words, holding her sister’s hands and came in front of Yue Zhong. She then knelt and used some halting Chinese: “Ruan Lan greets master!”

The loli Ruan Ju beside Ruan Lan also used the same greeting: “Ruan Ju greets master!”

Yue Zhong eyed Yao Li Hua mildly and said: “You guys are dismissed!”

Yao Li Hua brought his bodyguard along with him in a satisfied manner, having achieved what he came here to do.

The moment Yao Li Hua left, Mu Xiang Ling bounded to his side and grabbed onto him like a koala bear: “Big Brother! You can’t look at them, if you want a woman, go find my mother. My mother is so much more beautiful than these 2.”

“Or if you like her type, I can satisfy you too~~!” Mu Xiang Ling looked at Ruan Ju, as she looked at Yue Zhong with an evil grin, blowing lightly into his ear.

“Idiot! What do you take me as?” Yue Zhong pried Mu Xiang Ling away from his body and stared at her gravely.

Mu Xiang Ling chuckled: “A huge pervert who does not have mercy on any woman, not even to a little loli like me, you huge lolicon!”

Yue Zhong was angry this time and he grabbed Mu Xiang Ling and placed her on his legs, hitting her buttocks: “You’re getting too audacious, see how I’ll teach you a lesson!”

“Ah~~! Ya~~~! No~~~! Ah~~~! No!!” Mu Xiang Ling began shrieking and moaning in sounds that would cause most people to turn red with embarrassment.

“Yue Zhong, how can you act against a child!!” At this time, the doors were pushed open as Chen Yao came rushing in with an anxious look. She could tolerate Yue Zhong having other women, but she would not allow him to prey on a child.

When she barged in and saw clearly that the matter was not what she imagined, she became lost and felt extremely awkward.

Yue Zhong also felt awkward as he shot Mu Xiang Ling a stare, gritting his teeth: “Stupid lass! What are you shouting for? My reputation is gone because of you.”

Mu Xiang Ling pried herself away and glared back at Yue Zhong in indignation, laughing shrilly: “Who ask you to bully me? You deserve it, stupid lolicon. Hehe!!”

Mu Xiang Ling then bounced away, passing by Chen Yao. At the same time, she flashed Chen Yao a provocative smile, saying: “Chen Yao-Jiejie! Don’t worry, he doesn’t dare to lay his hands on me. But be careful! Sooner or later, he’ll belong to my mother and I!” With that she bounded off.

Seeing that free-spirited girl coming and going as she pleased, with her antics, Yue Zhong was also at a loss. If he tried to, he was no match for her wily antics and cunning. However, he couldn’t bear to truly hurt her, nor did he want to affect her character. After all, he had plenty of women who held him in fear and awe. He didn’t need another one.

At this time, Nangong Bing Yun came into the room beside Chen Yao.

Ming Jia Jia was seated on Yue Zhong’s lap, and leaned back in his arms, looking like a bolster and some sort of mascot.

Yue Zhong turned to look at Chen Yao and directly asked: “Chen Yao, your timing was just nice. I want to ask you, are you interested in running Thai Nguyen and Lang Son City?”

Hearing those words, Nangong Bing Yun and Ruan Lan’s eyes burned with passion. Such a role of managing over 200,000 survivors was a huge responsibility, and was a huge attraction to anyone with ambition.

“If only that position was mine!!” Nangong Bing Yun’s ambitious heart was set ablaze. She had her taste of power before the apocalypse, and after losing it, she sought for it even more. She wanted to become a ruler of a faction badly.

Chen Yao thought for a while, before shaking her head: “I can’t do it!! I don’t have the ability to manage these 2 cities.”

Chen Yao had been a leader for a period of time as well, and with it, she came to recognize the huge burden of responsibility. She knew herself now, that she wasn’t a capable leader, because she lacked the viciousness and decisiveness of a leader. She could not make the decisions in a critical situation to save her faction, which could potentially destroy what Yue Zhong had built up.

Hearing Chen Yao’s refusal, Nangong Bing Yun could not resist anymore and stepped forward: “Let me! Please let me do it! I’m willing to run the cities well for you, Leader!”

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