God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 66

Chapter 66: Survivor Instinct

The other women also followed behind Yue Zhong, Ji Qingwu, and Chi Yang. Seeing Always Bright Village’s situation, these women started to really understand this world’s savageness, as well as the rarity of people like Yue Zhong.

Zhang Li was the only woman who stayed behind and walked over to Zhang Xin’s side saying: “Zhang Xin, Yue Zhong and them are already not bad! They have already been good to us. Don’t nitpick like this later on. I know what you said wasn’t wrong. But the present is different from the past, order has already collapsed. Zombies are everywhere. Look, no one here has enough to eat. They kill someone over a steamed bun. Yue Zhong and Chi Yang risk their lives searching for goods so that we won’t be hungry for a day. You aren’t satisfied and complain, saying it’s not enough. Think about it!”

Finished speaking, Zhang Li also headed towards Yue Zhong’s direction. She didn’t feel the least bit safe away from Yue Zhong’s side in this village.

“Wait for me!” Zhang Xin saw she was the only one left behind. Her heart became dreadful. Not daring to stay there and cry, she hastily chased them.

Yue Zhong’s goods were placed in the Dong Feng truck, no one dared mess with it. If anyone robbed the truck and Tiger discovered, it would be their end. They’d be fed to zombies! Tiger did things in a big way. On the sides of the Dong Feng truck he stationed two gunmen.

Seeing Yue Zhong’s people came to get supplies, these gunmen didn’t obstruct.

Entering the truck, all the women grabbed the bread and boxed milk and wolfed it down.

Guo Yu also grabbed bread and a box of milk and ate in small bites. This is the best breakfast she had eaten in Always Bright village.

On account of Tiger’s restrictions, Guo yu and Wang Lan could eat until they were full, but the majority of what they ate was steamed buns and wild vegetables. There wasn’t any of the things they wanted to eat. Only Tiger’s women were able to occasionally taste meat dishes. As far as milk, that was a luxury good. Only the four big chiefs and a few leaders could drink it. The women couldn’t partake.

Guo Yu in one bite ate bread, and another drank milk. Her heart brimmed with satisfaction.

“I never thought bread and a box of cancer causing milk could make me this satisfied!” Guo Yu thought with sorrow in her heart.

[TL: China has a reputation for bad milk products in general. There’s even a large market for foreign baby milk because they don’t trust local producers. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008_Chinese_milk_scandal]

Before the end of the world, Guo Yu wouldn’t even glance at this trash bread. She absolutely wouldn’t drink anything but imported organic milk. Right now bread and a box of milk made her feel extremely satisfied. She could only lament the environment was able to change mankind.

Guo Yu ate bread and drank milk and measured up Yue Zhong at the same time: “I need to take advantage of this man and put him firmly in my hands.”

Guo Yu was extremely afraid of once again falling back into the the hands of the four chiefs of Always Bright village. She needed to find a strong person to rely on and find shelter. Yue Zhong was able to grab Tiger’s attention, and he also had the skill to find so much food. Obviously Yue Zhong was her ideal strong man. As far as love, she saw a beautiful woman thrown to the zombies to die by tiger. When that beautiful woman’s husband was begging for shelter before Tiger, Guo Yu already gave up on expecting love.

The situation had changed mankind. The originally innocent, and only sometimes rebellious and bold Guo Yu started having schemes.

Yue Zhong took inventory of the goods on the Dong Feng truck. Shortly after finishing, he said to the women: “Starting today, We need to implement a food distribution system. You can’t eat as you please like in the past!”

On the road, due to the supplies being sufficient, Yue Zhong didn’t restrict the women’s food and drink supplies. This was the first time implementing rations.

The women’s hearts had some conflict and doubt, but Yue Zhong just finished reprimanding Zhang Xin. The other women didn’t dare disobey Yue Zhong and became silent.

Just at that time, Ji Qingwu opened her mouth and asked: “Why?”

Among the women, only Ji Qingwu, Lu Wen, and Chen Yao were able to speak equally with Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong explained: “We’ve used up a lot of supplies on the road, yet we haven’t searched for any supplies. Right now, we have to give Tiger half of our supplies. The shortest time we will stay at Always Bright Village is three days. After leaving Always Bright Village, we still have to reach Longhai City without knowing how it will take, and we also don’t know what will happen on the road. I want sufficient supplies to respond to events that could occur.”

Yue Zhong knew Ji Qingwu was also helping the other women ask, for that reason he answered extremely clearly.

Two Dong Feng trucks have a lot of supplies, and Tiger wanted to take one. Yue Zhong and the rest would be left with one. Their party had more than ten people. If they din’t have food rations, and still let everyone pig out, he was afraid the supplies wouldn’t last long.

Recieving Yue Zhong’s explanation, their hearts slowly relaxed.

Several supplies were also hiding in Yue Zhong’s storage ring, but that was his emergency stash. He would only use it as a last resort.

Yue Zhong Said: “From today, during our stay in Always Bright Village, we will cook food. The fighting force will receive three three bowls of rice each meal, two slices of lunch meat, and a piece of ham sausage. The labor force will receive two bowls of rice each meal and half a piece of ham sausage. The non-laborers will receive one bowl of rice each meal.”

On the Dong Feng truck, they arranged several pouches of rice and used the rice cooker to to measure out an amount that would be enough to eat similar to the packaged food.

This time Ji Qingwu didn’t speak again. She knew the current situation wasn’t very good. If there was no leftover food to respond to dire situations, as soon as a situation occurred there would be trouble. For instance if they had to stay in Always Bright Village without any supplies stored up, the consequences would be unbearable.

Ji Qingwu didn’t voice any opposition, and the other women didn’t dare say anything. That’s how this matter went down.

Quickly Da Gouzi came to the public square. Seeing the group eating bread and drinking milk, he choked down his saliva. He extremely respectfully said: “Brother Yue! I’m here!”

Yue Zhong casually threw his bread package and milk box into the trash can and said: “Okay. Let’s go!”

Da Gouzi tenaciously started at the black trash back at Yue Zhong’s side. He said to Yue Zhong: “Big Brother Yue, can you give this to me?”

“Okay! But what are you going to do with it?” Yue Zhong gave the trash bag to Da Gouzi, and asked him not understanding.

The other women also strangely looked over at Da Gouzi.

Da Gouzi’s face proudly showed his survival instinct: “Those packages still have some crumbs in them. The milk boxes can be cut open, and could still have milk remaining.”

Hearing Da Gouzi’s words, these women all had a burst of sadness.

Yue Zhong curiously asked: “Da Gouzi, aren’t you in a farm village? How are you lacking food?”

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