God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 503

Chapter 503- Terrifying Hailstorm!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“I surrender!!” The baldy did not hesitate to scream out his choice, as he knew he had no way of standing up against these fearsome experts. He still wanted to live.

The moment the baldy surrendered, the rest of the militants began to throw their weapons down. They were already collapsing from the rate at which Bai Xiao Sheng had almost eliminated them.

Yue Zhong eyed those militants as they were marched out of the forest towards them, before he turned to look at the middle-aged man coldly.

Being looked at by that piercing gaze, the middle-aged survivor began to shake uncontrollably, as he kowtowed: “Sir!! Sir!! Please!! I was forced!! I was forced by them!! Please spare my dog life!! Please!!”

Chen Yao eyed the middle-aged survivor and spoke coldly: “Tell me your background!”

“Yes!!” The middle-aged man kowtowed profusely before he proceeded to explain.

It turned out that this middle-aged survivor was called Zhang Xiao, and he was an ordinary mechanical engineer prior to the apocalypse. After the apocalypse happened, his profession was not as popular, since farming and other sort of manual labour was sought after. Hence, his circumstances had been dire ever since, until he met this bunch of bandits, and became their bait, to lure kind-hearted souls to fall into the trap set by these bandits.

However, they never imagined for a huge shark like Yue Zhong to bite, causing them to suffer, on top of not being able to get anything.

The bald leader was called Hu Fei, and he was a Level 23 Enhancer. However, he had never learnt any skills, and relied on enhancements to improve his body attributes.

Since the apocalypse, a year had passed, and the chances of drops from killing zombies and monsters were decreasing rapidly. In fact, to gain any skill book, one had to hunt at least a high level Mutant Beast or high level zombie. However, these were not easy existences to deal with. Plus, since Hu Fei had missed the best time to become stronger, without any backing, it became even harder for him to get strong.

Zhang Xiao pleaded sincerely with Yue Zhong: “This lowly servant knows the area well. Please spare this lowly servant’s life, and this lowly servant is willing to lead the way.”

At the initial stages of the apocalypse, Zhang Xiao had still maintained an aura of a know-it-all. However, when he accidentally offended the leader of a small faction, he had been thrown into a pit to wallow for one day. Ever since, he had lost his arrogance and was willing to stoop to any level, foregoing any backbone or self-pride just to survive.

Yue Zhong then asked: “Are you clear on what factions are there around here?”

Zhang Xiao began to ramble on: “Yes! Yes! I know them all. At about 50 miles from here, Mao County is the territory of the Greater China Alliance. West of here, about 40 miles, there’s the all-female Snow Palace. And about 60 miles north of here, there’s the Thousand Hero Alliance. There are also a few other mid-sized factions like the Green Wolves Triad, Tiger Head Triad, Huge Blade Triad, Small Blade Association…:”

Yue Zhong’s thoughts grew when he heard: “So many factions!”

With the huge Greater China Alliance, the Snow Palace, and the Thousand Hero Alliance, all the other factions would at least have 500 or 600 survivors per faction. This meant a whole resource out there for him.

There were many in China who had the habit of pulling together scattered groups to form gangs. The moment things went to shit, there would be all sorts of random factions appearing. Such ambitious little warlords would also jump out at the chance.

When Yue Zhong heard about the Greater China Alliance again, he sank into his own thoughts: “The Greater China Alliance eh? Seems like we have some old ‘friends’!”

The Greater China Alliance had left a deep impression with Yue Zhong back during his Gui Ning period. At that time, their power was decent, but they were led by bumbling fools and thrashes. That was why it was easy for Yue Zhong to have defeated them. However, while he had crushed half of their strength, the remaining half was not a faction Yue Zhong and his hundred-plus soldiers could deal with at this point.

Yue Zhong looked out at the snow-covered plains and sighed: “What a pity! Damn this weather!”

If it wasn’t for the weird weather, Yue Zhong would be able to lead his entire army to just steamroll their way across the country. With the 800,000 people at Guang Xi, Yue Zhong was definitely the strongest in this area.

Right at this time, the weather suddenly turned dark. A cold and harsh wind began to blow, as snowflakes began to fall.

Yue Zhong’s face fell as he shouted: “No good!! Everyone, heed my command! Immediately head to the town to wait out this snowstorm!!”

With the skies turning dark, and the roaring of winds, as well as snowflakes, these were all signs of a snowstorm or worse, a hailstorm.

Without a satellite, Yue Zhong had no way of predicting the weather in the next few days. However, he could rely on his experience to deal with it.

After the apocalypse, the weather had really turned unpredictable. Originally, Guang Xi was a region that would not snow, yet now, there were various hailstorms of different magnitudes. Even the smallest one could cause a number of trees to be uprooted. A huge one would be able to even destroy a building.

The moment they heard Yue Zhong’s words, everyone’s faces fell, and began to scramble onto their vehicles, driving towards the town.

The moment they just go on their vehicles, the entire sky had turned completely overcast, and the snowflakes were becoming bigger. Some hail began to fall on the vehicles, resulting in loud “plik plak” sounds.

As everyone rushed for the town, the might of the hailstorm began to increase exponentially, as a few trees were uprooted and began to soar through the air, threatening to crash into their vehicles.

“Shit!” Yue Zhong eyed the incoming trees, his expression turning ugly. If they were hit by that tree that was at least a dozen metres long, the jeep would be overturned.

With a thought, a huge nether hole appeared in mid air, as a sharp bone spike shot out from the hole, piercing the tree.

The moment White Bones stepped out from the nether hole, a violent gust blew, and swept it up to the sky.

White Bones shot out 2 sharp bone spikes with its hands towards the ground, but before they even hit the ground, it was blown at least a hundred metres up into the skies.

Witnessing this, Yue Zhong’s heart ran cold, if it was him, after falling from that height, even if he used all his skills, he would at the very least be heavily injured, if he wasn’t already dead.

Behind, the bus began to tremble, and Hu Fei brought his men to escape from the bus. This was the only chance they had, and since they didn’t know Yue Zhong and wasn’t clear on his personality, they weren’t willing to take chances. They would rather leave it up to fate.

The moment Hu Fei and 4 of his men just exited the bus, another violent gust blew past them, causing 6 tree trunks to knock into their bodies. With the sudden and tremendous impact, they were all knocked into the sky, spitting blood out of their mouths.

Seeing that, the rest were stunned and did not dare to get out, instead staying docilely inside the bus.

After White Bones was blown away, a huge tree struck the jeep that Yue Zhong was on.

At that moment, the jeep was sent flying slightly though the air, before tumbling a few rounds due to the winds.

“Leader!! Are you alright!!” From behind, Li Shi Min used the radio in the other vehicle to communicate after seeing the jeep tumble.

“Don’t mind me! Continue to rush forwards!! Quick into the town! This is an order!!” Yue Zhong roared back.

In the face of nature, humans were truly still so vulnerable. Even if Li Shi Min and the rest rushed over, they would not be able to help Yue Zhong.

“Continue!!” Bai Xiao Sheng gritted his teeth and passed the order, as the vehicle fleet continued their mad rush towards the town. Once they entered the town, and hid within the buildings, they would then be safer.

The huge violent gales of winds caused a large amount of snow to fall on the ground, and soon, a thick layer of snow had covered the entire area. At the same time, the speed of increase in the layer of snow could be seen with the naked eye.

Under those conditions, Yue Zhong and the rest in the jeep would be buried in the snow.

“I’ll have to go out!” Yue Zhong immediately leapt out the jeep.

“Be careful!!” From the car, the worried voices of Chen Yao, Xin Jia Rou and Ning Yu Xin sounded.

When Yue Zhong leapt out the vehicle, a cold and harsh gale blew towards him, causing his body to feel slightly cold. Due to his increased body attributes and constitution, the current cold was not threatening to him yet. He sucked in a deep breath and grabbed the jeep, before flipping it over with his 9-times Strength.

Just as he was about to board again, another violent gust swept through the area, bringing with it a number of uprooted tree trunks.

Chen Yao gritted her teeth and revealed a flash of green in her eyes, as a number of vines appeared instantly to defend against the incoming assault.

Backed by the power of the wind, the trees carried a mighty force and as they slammed into the shield formed by the tree vines, the impact caused her to spit out a mouth of fresh blood, her face turning slightly pale.

In such weather, Chen Yao’s ability suffered a huge decrease in efficiency. If they were in the forest, then it would be a different story.

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