God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 504

Chapter 504- Fracture!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“You guys go on ahead… I’ll handle the rest.” Yue Zhong pulled out his 2m-long Black-Tooth Blade and hollered to the rest. With a casual wave, he sliced the incoming tree trunks apart.

Chen Yao had been a leader before, and she wiped the blood from the side of her mouth and started the jeep: “Go!!”

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps, as he charged alongside the jeep to its front, slashing out once in awhile to deal with the tree trunks. Every step he took felt extremely tedious. The harsh cold wind sliced his skin. If it wasn’t for his toughened body, his blood would have long since frozen over. His Stamina was slowly being depleted in this weather.

Ning Yu Xin looked at the man braving the dangers in front of the jeep, and a look of warmth passed in her eyes. She knew that this man was lacking in many ways, but when the situation called for it, he was willing to shoulder every and any problem. Such a man was already extremely rare in this apocalyptic world. Her heart was already moved by Yue Zhong, and as she watched the back of her man, her legs twisted slightly, she was obviously wet.

Under his protection, the jeep managed to enter the town with difficulty. The moment it reached the town, the effects of the hailstorm would be slightly bearable, due to the structures around dispersing the winds.

Right as Yue Zhong prepared to enter the town, a dozen landscape trees by the entrance were uprooted by the strong winds and flung towards the jeep.

If it were just Yue Zhong himself, he would be able to dodge those incoming projectiles easily. However, at this time, he couldn’t afford to do so, and used his body to shield the jeep, the Black-Tooth blade in his hands slashing out towards the trees.

With the sword shadows shooting out in a fury, the trees were all chopped up in pieces. However, because he had expended much of his stamina earlier in braving the storm, he was struck by a stray tree trunk, knocking him to the ground.

The next instant, a strong gale blew and brought Yue Zhong along with the pieces of debris into the sky.

“No!!!!” As Ning Yu Xin watched Yue Zhong being swept into the sky, she screamed out in a wail. She had just truly felt herself falling hard for him, and felt so secure, and the next moment, he was taken by the storm. It was too cruel.

Chen Yao glanced at Yue Zhong with a complicated gleam, and gritted her teeth as she continued to manoeuvre the jeep towards the town. She might have been naive and innocent when she first left school, but through her various experiences, especially in Vietnam, she had matured and grown. She was not rash anymore.

Yue Zhong on the other hand was brought up towards higher altitudes, reaching a 100m height. In the skies, the temperature was freezing, and even with an Endurance 10 times that of a normal person, Yue Zhong felt the chill.

Forced by the freezing temperatures, Yue Zhong had no choice but to activate his Devil Flames, as a layer shrouded him, providing him with warmth.

It was just that amidst the harsh and merciless weather, the usage of his Devil Flame caused his Stamina to be depleted fast and its effect little. Barely 5 seconds, it was snuffed out from the violent winds.

Like Chen Yao and her Plant Manipulation, Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame suffered greatly in the snow.

Within the storm, Yue Zhong had equipped himself with the Kabuki Mask, covering himself from head to toe. Even so, the cold seeped in from the gaps in his clothings, chipping away at his body temperature. His hands were almost frozen solid.

Left without a choice, he could only cast his Devil Flame for another 5 seconds, warming himself up. Otherwise,he would be frozen rock solid.

Yue Zhong was blown for quite a distance, before the winds started to slow down.

“Chance!!” Yue Zhong felt the winds subsiding and immediately activated his Gravity Manipulation. A strong gravitational force weighed down on him, increasing his weight by two-folds.

He then descended like a falling boulder.

After a certain height, he activated his Gravity Manipulation again, changing his weight to half its original. His descent began to slow down. When the winds brought him up, he would double his weight again, ensuring that he kept on descending.

Yue Zhong had truly expended much of his Stamina and Spirit, having utilized the Gravity Manipulation 8 times, before exhausting himself. He then dropped straight from a height of 30m.

When he landed on both legs, a terrifying force traveled up from below, instantly shattering both of them. The excruciating pain and impact caused him to crumple onto the ground.

“I’ve become a cripple again!” He chuckled bitterly, swallowing a Life-Saving Grass and began to crawl with his hands towards the distance.

Most ordinary people would require at least a 100 days to recover from something like this. For Yue Zhong, due to his Regeneration ability, coupled with his high Vitality, it would take at most a single day to return to his tiptop condition.

The area he had landed was still experiencing some strong winds,but fortunately, it was not too violent or dangerous. However, Yue Zhong didn’t dare to be careless, and continued to drag himself. He had expended all his strength, staying at one location was dangerous.

The summoning of White Bones through the Nether Hole also had a cooldown, and Yue Zhong had no means of summoning it out yet.

In the snowstorm, Yue Zhong’s fingers were like hooks, as they dug into the ground, dragging himself forwards without stop. He definitely did not want to die out in the snow.

After some time, goodness knows how long, he finally came across an unknown town, and his eyes lit up. Mustering the remainder of his stamina, he dragged himself there.

The various houses were all closed, their windows and doors shut tight. A number of cool and indifferent faces peered out the windows, looking at Yue Zhong without a hint of pity. No one wanted to let him in. They just wanted to see if this cripple was a zombie or not.

In this apocalyptic world, where ration was precious, the various families were naturally less willing to hand out any.

Yue Zhong did not beg as well. He just wanted to look for a place to hide from the storm. As long as he could rest properly for one night, he wouldn’t be afraid of anything.

Within a such a town, there would usually be some run down buildings, and those were Yue Zhong’s targets.

Right at this time, a door suddenly swung open, as a young woman stuck her head out and looked at Yue Zhong, pity flashing in her eyes: “Do you want to come in?”

Yue Zhong eyed the young woman warily. In this apocalypse, most humans were selfish, and with the problem of scarce food, some people were even forced to resort to cannibalism. Yue Zhong had come across numerous factories processing human meat. He did not want to become someone else’s dinner.

However, Yue Zhong did not discover hunger nor greed in her eyes, and he nodded silently, before crawling into the house.

The moment he went in, she closed and locked the door.

A slight warm current was circulating within the room, allowing Yue Zhong’s body to recover from its cold state. It was practically heaven compared to outside. Although the room was still cold to normal people, to Yue Zhong and his insane body constitution, it was good enough.

After he entered, he silently crawled to a corner and eyed everywhere else with a guarded look.

He discovered about 8 children of different ages, and the young woman who let him in and another housewife of about 35 or 36.

The young woman had a slightly oval-shaped face, wheat-coloured skin, and a skinny figure. Her looks were ordinary, and nothing could be said about her figure. She was even incomparable to the slightly older housewife.

10 of them squeezed in that small house, and they looked at Yue Zhong with curiosity.

In truth, anybody with broken legs were considered to be having both legs amputated. In such an apocalypse, doctors were a rarity, even if one was found, if it didn’t happen to be an orthopedist, it was hard to treat such a case.

“This is for you!” A 13 year old boy with blond hair handed Yue Zhong a bowl, his expression slightly unkind.

Yue Zhong eyed the small bowl and noticed a pitiful amount of water and gruel, and there was even a slight rancid smell.

“Thank you! But it’s ok!” Yue Zhong shook his head, and replied in a raspy voice.

That little blondy coldly snorted, and drank everything up before laughing: “Pei! You don’t know how to appreciate. Teacher Wei, you shouldn’t have cared about this cripple. Look at how big his head is, he looks down on gruel.”

The housewife shot a look at little blondie and scolded: “Du Qiang, come here. How did I teach you, you can’t laugh at others. It’s rude.”

Du Qiang’s eyebrows arched as he smiled coldly: “Rude?”

“Open the door!! Open the door!! You better open the door for this daddy!!” Right at this time, an enraged voice resounded, together with urgent pounding on the door.

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