God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 505

Chapter 505- The Glory of Humanity!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Hearing that voice outside, the expressions of everyone in the room immediately changed, even the young girl who let Yue Zhong in looked towards the housewife.

Teacher Wei’s face turned dark, before saying helplessly: “Go open it!”

The young woman hesitated before going.

Following a gust of cold wind, a 1.74m tall and muscled man stepped in. His features were somewhat twisted, and his facial hair disheveled.

“It so fricking cold! Why did you guys take in another cripple? Shit! You guys can’t even take care of yourselves and you want to help these useless shits!” The middle-aged man swore when he saw Yue Zhong in the corner, cursing Teacher Wei.

Teacher Wei kept silent, accepting his tirade of insults without replying.

The middle-aged man then said impatiently: “Forget it! If you want to be crazy, it’s not my problem. Come, let’s fuck.” He then proceeded to take off Teacher Wei’s clothes without caring for the people around.

Seeing this, there were various expressions on the children’s faces, some fear, some hurt, some were excited, and some were curious.

Little Blondie’s face was exceptionally ugly, as he gritted his teeth, and a look of pain and helplessness flash in his eyes. He turned away.

Teacher Wei did not struggle nor resist, and allowed the man to brazenly feel her up and remove her clothes. All she did was ask mildly: “Where’s the ration?”

“Here!!” The middle-aged man was impatient and threw out a bag, before licking her exposed neck, turning aroused.

The young woman who had let Yue Zhong in immediately took the bag to check its contents, before hugging it carefully. Her eyes were filled with sadness and helplessness as she watched the middle-aged man sprawled atop Teacher Wei’s body and doing all sorts of things.

Right as the man was about to remove his trousers, his ‘gun’ erect and prepared to ‘fire’, an actual bullet penetrated his leg, resulting in a small hole.

The man slumped down to the floor in fright, looking towards Yue Zhong in the corner with fear.

In the room, everyone’s attention was drawn to Yue Zhong, their gazes fixed on the gun in his hands.

Yue Zhong stared at the man with a rising killing intent. That Teacher Wei was truly a decent person that was hard to find in this world. He had guessed that because of her, the children were able to survive in this cruel world. And the price that the teacher had to pay was to offer her own body in exchange for food.

Yue Zhong did not think that he was any decent person, but he hoped that the good people truly deserves better lives. As long as they didn’t hamper his way, he was willing to do all he could within his power to protect those kind-hearted souls.

“Don’t kill him!” Right at this time, Teacher Wei, who was under the man, stood in front to shield him, her body topless and arms stretched out wide.

Yue Zhong’s Spirit was extremely powerful, and the killing intent that was emitted from him could be felt by everybody in the room.

Yue Zhong eyed the teacher with a complicated gaze as he spoke slowly: “Seeing that he has treated you like so, yet you want to protect him. Give me a reason not to kill him.”

Teacher Wei looked straight back without fear in her eyes, and smiled sadly: “Yes, I use my body to exchange for food. It is not the best solution, but I’m the willing party. Without his help, everyone here would have starved long ago. Furthermore, for the sake of survival, I have given myself to a number of people. Compared to the rest, I can’t really complain about how he treats me.”

Yue Zhong sank into his thoughts, and kept his gun, before looking at the man and barked out coldly: “You’re getting off easy! Get lost!”

“Yes! Yes! I’ll scram! I’ll scram!!” The man wiped his perspirations off and mumbled to Yue Zhong before scurrying out the door.

The moment the man left the room, Yue Zhong’s gaze swept over the fair and voluptuous bosom of Teacher Wei, and a strange feeling arose in his heart. He had not been with any of his women for nearly a week, and due to his work, he had not managed to take a rest. Now that things have settled down, his body began to react. It was nothing to do with love, it was just purely a sexual need.

The charming Teacher Wei felt the passionate gaze from Yue Zhong and felt the looks from the children, and quickly wore her clothes.

After she was dressed, Yue Zhong asked: “What’s your name? What’s this place? I want the specific province, city or county.”

Teacher Wei collected her thoughts before replying: “I’m called Wei Jie, and I was a primary school teacher before the apocalypse. This is Ding Town, within the province of Bin Xi City in Guang Xi Province. The leader is called Zhang Liu He.”

“Fortunately, I wasn’t blown too far away!” Hearing her words, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief.

Bin Xi City was not too far from Gui Ning City, as long as he could get to a road he recognized, he could reach Gui Ning in a few hours.

Yue Zhong continued asking: “Do you know the way to Gui Ning?”

Wei Jie directly shook her head: “No!”

She was just an ordinary teacher in the past, going to Gui Ning City or Nan Ning City would require the train or a car. If she had to go there by herself, she could not manage.

Yue Zhong was also an ordinary university student before, without even a license. Everywhere he went, he had a subordinate to lead him, but he himself was unable to locate the road to Gui Ning City.

“Oh!” He sunk back into his thoughts, and brought out 2 chocolate bars from his chest, and threw one to the girl who let him in, the other to Wei Jie. This was the repayment for letting him stay.

Even if she had not allowed him to enter, he would have ways to survive. However, her kindness and sympathy was rare in a world where humanity was almost eroded. To Yue Zhong, that was something precious.

Wei Jie’s eyes lit up as she received the chocolate and thanked him: “Thank you!”

Chocolate was a high calorie food and was also tasty, in times of trouble, it could be a life-saver.

“Thank you! I’m called Liu Xiao Hong!” The young lady who let Yue Zhong in thanked him as well.

Yue Zhong replied coolly: “No need for thanks! This is payment for borrowing your room.”

After which, Yue Zhong brought out more chocolate and drinks from his bag as he began to dig in.

These chocolates and drinks were all high-calorie food, and provided the necessary energy to him. With it, he could recover faster.

On the other side, the little rascals looked at Yue Zhong eating heartily all by himself, and began to salivate. However, they remembered the heavy killing intent that he had released earlier, and were afraid of him. Therefore, they didn’t dare approach him to ask.

Wei Jie opened up the chocolate bar that Yue Zhong threw to her, and begun splitting it, giving an equal portion to each kid, leaving none for herself.

Yue Zhong watched this silently, and felt a little appeased. Even in this cruel world, where order had crumbled, there were still people who kept their humanity and kindness. Furthermore, it was from a fellow Chinese, and it gave him some form of consolation, having witnessed and experienced countless dark and morbid events.

After looking, he then laid quietly and shut his eyes to rest. However, he maintained a half-asleep posture, the moment there was some killing intent, or the slight movement from a blade of grass, he would be ready.

Wei Jie looked at this young man in front of her, with a complicated gaze in her eyes as well. With her experience, she could tell that this man was still a little humane. However, even if he was an expert, with his legs broken, it would be hard to move around in this world. Otherwise, she would have offered herself, just so she can keep the kids alive.

Even as he laid quietly, everyone could still feel the pressure emitted by him, and they maintained their silence.

Only Du Qiang was staring at Yue Zhong fixedly like a hungry wolf with cold eyes, at the same time, his gaze would turn to Wei Jie from time to time, with hints of love, hate as well as jealousy and all sorts of complicated feelings.

Like this, the night passed quietly, early the next morning, the snow storm had subsided entirely. Du Qiang pushed open the door and began to walk out.

Wei Jie eyed the boy and could not help but call out: “Du Qiang, where are you going? You haven’t eaten your breakfast!”

Du Qiang retorted briskly without even turning his head: “None of your business!”

She watched him go, and sighed.

Liu Xiao Hong reached out to assure her: “Teacher Wei! Don’t bother about him. We’re different from him.”

Du Qiang’s personality was rebellious, and in this little group, it was hard for him to fit in. Other than Wei Jie, the rest hated him.

Wei Jie didn’t say much, and just replied: “Time for breakfast!”

Soon, some hot smoke rose from this small house.

Everyone obtained a small bowl of gruel.

The children took them carefully and savoured every single last drop, as though it was the most delicious meal they ever had. Before the apocalypse, many had been little tyrants and kings, wasting food after every few bites. They didn’t even like to eat proper food, they just like to munch on snacks. However, with the harsh reality of the apocalypse, they had begun to savour even the most meagre of meals.

Liu Xiao Hong also prepared a bowl to hand to Yue Zhong.

He shook his head and threw 2 cans of meat to Liu Xiao Hong and Wei Jie.

When the 2 women saw it, their eyes were filled with a strange glint. In this Ding Town, a can of meat could easily purchase a beautiful woman like Wei Jie for 4 nights. Yue Zhong had just thrown two out, his generosity and casual attitude caused them to be delighted, yet apprehensive at the same time.

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