God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 506

Chapter 506-Conquering the Town!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The little rascals within the room stared at the cans of meat in Wei Jie and Liu Xiao Hong’s hands.

Wei Jie hesitated a little, before gritting her teeth: “Let’s open one!”

Liu Xiao Hong gulped her saliva down and opened her can.

Wei Jie spoke: “One slice per person!!”


“That’s great! You’re the best!”

The children whooped in delight and surrounded them. Each one was given a slice, and they began to nibble bit by bit, savoring the taste for as long as possible. It was over half a year since they last had some meat.

In the apocalyptic world, there were many strong people in their factions that led better lives than even before the disaster. However, the people at the lower rungs of society were worse off, many starving and suffering.

Just as they were enjoying their meat, 10 burly men, led by a muscled man with buck tooth and a single eye, stormed into the small house.

Du Qiang pointed at Yue Zhong, before putting on a fawning expression towards the bucktoothed man and said: “Boss Xun, it’s that man, he has a gun! It was him who fired a shot last night!”

Boss Xun swept his gaze over Yue Zhong and threatened loudly: “Fuck!! Damn cripple, this is I, your father’s, territory! Hand over your gun! Otherwise, I’ll break your arms and turn you into a disabled person without his limbs!”

After barking out his threat, his gaze landed on Wei Jie, and a hint of perverse lust flashed past his eyes. He licked his lips and continued: “Shit!! There’s such a quality good over here. What a waste! Come and make yourself useful!”

After that, he didn’t even bother about the eyes in the room and reached out for Wei Jie’s hair.

In this region, this Boss Xun led a life like a king. Since the apocalypse, where morality and humanity was basically eroding away, he didn’t care how others viewed him. He was the close brother of Zhang Liu He, the boss of Ding Town, and as long as he was loyal to him, fucking a few women wasn’t a big deal.

“No!! Boss Xun!!” A huge sense of anger welled up in Du Qiang’s heart, and he lurched forward, trying to stop Boss Xun from grabbing Wei Jie.

“Fucking trash! Go to hell!” Boss Xun shot Du Qiang a ferocious glare and threw out a vicious punch. A Strength 3 times that of a normal person exploded out, causing Du Qiang to fly towards a wall, crashing into it heavily. He spat out a mouthful of blood, the light in his eyes disappearing, as he turned into a corpse and slumped slowly to the ground.

Seeing that bloody scene, the rest of the children, Wei Jie and Liu Xiao Hong trembled with fear. Killing a person with a single punch, it was the first time they had witnessed such a fearsome scene.

Boss Xun spat out a glob of saliva on the floor, eyeing Wei Jie and ordered venomously: “Pei! Trash! He dares disrupt this father’s matters. Crawl over here! You better lick my boots clean!”

Boss Xun was a lowly farmer prior to the apocalypse. Due to his looks, he had suffered plenty of disdain in the city, and many women had recoiled at the sight of him. This caused him to be filled with inferiority and anger. After the apocalypse, he gained some strength and started to retaliate against any beautiful women. He liked to watch them grovel at his feet like dogs.

Wei Jie’s face was pale as a sheet. Although she had sold herself out, she wasn’t willing to throw away her pride as well.

“Trash!” Yue Zhong snapped coldly.

When Boss Xun heard that, he pointed at Yue Zhong and bellowed: “Fuck! Damn cripple, what the fuck did you say? Men, go break his arms, then hang him outside to dry!”

“Piece of shit! Just die!!” 7 of the men rushed towards Yue Zhong with a hint of madness in their eyes.

With a flash of a blade, before they even reached Yue Zhong, their bodies were chopped into several pieces. Fresh blood and steaming innards splattered everywhere. The whole room was covered in a grotesque bloody color.

Yue Zhong stood up slowly, his Crocodile Saw Tooth Blade raised in his arms, as he looked at Boss Xun coldly.

“AH!!!” Seeing his 7 comrades sliced apart like tofu, one of the other subordinates was frightened and trembled as he tried to run out.

Boss Xun’s face had a huge change, and he knew at once that he wasn’t a match for Yue Zhong. He himself had no way of instantly slaughtering 7 men, and this man had just casually done so. He was obviously a dangerous and powerful opponent.

Boss Xun immediately came to a decision and made a mad dash for Wei Jie. As long as he had a hostage, he would have a sliver of chance.

Just as he was about to reach for her, a blade beam slashed past his neck, and his head fell off without any resistance. The headless corpse stumbled a few steps forward, before slumping to the ground as blood fountained in a falling arc through the air.

When Wei Jie, Liu Xiao Hong and the rest of the children witnessed this, they were truly frightened out of their wits. They have never come across such an inhumane sight before.

“Nice reaction! Too bad, it was too slow!” Yue Zhong eyed the corpse of Boss Xun, before suddenly disappearing from his position.

At the next instant, he appeared beside the remaining hooligan, his blade held at the neck as he barked coldly: “Bring me to Zhang Liu He!”

“Yes! Yes!” The burly man immediately stammered out, he didn’t dare disobey such a terrifying existence.

Led by the burly man, Yue Zhong came to a villa.

The man pointed to the villa and spoke: “Zhang Liu He is inside!”

At the same time, a middle-aged man stepped out, exuding an imposing aura. He had huge coarse hands, his face was slightly tanned, but his eyes were sharp. He was accompanied by 8 other Enhancers.

Zhang Liu He eyed Yue Zhong and his eyes narrowed: “Friend, I’m Zhang Liu He. Is there some sort of misunderstanding between us?”

Yue Zhong eyed him coldly and said: “Ding Town is now mine! I’ll only give you 3 seconds to consider, you can surrender or die.”

Ding Town was in between Bin Qi City and Gui Ning City and would be a place within Yue Zhong’s control in the future. Since he came here, he might as well set his plans in motion early.

A man with spiky hair and a gold leather jacket stepped out and cursed: “Damn you! Who the fuck are you! Are you looking to die?!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes turned icy, as the Stinger appeared in his hands and he fired a single shot at the loudmouth.

The man with the spiky hair had his head directly blasted apart, as the sloppy red and white brain matter splattered onto the ground, beautifying the pavement.

Zhang Liu He’s heart turned cold as he barked out: “Move!! Kill him!!”

Zhang Liu He’s words had just come out his mouth when Yue Zhong had already activated his [Shadow Steps], shooting forwards like an arrow, nigh instantly appearing in front of Zhang Liu He like a spectre.

Yue Zhong waved his Crocodile Saw Tooth Blade, and a blade beam flashed past Zhang Liu He’s neck.

Zhang Liu He had no way of reacting in time when his head was sliced off cleanly. It rolled to the ground, fresh blood splattering everywhere.

Seeing how casually he had taken down their boss, the 4 experts felt their heart turn cold. They were drenched in fear and did not dare move.

The remaining 3 Enhancers who were Agility and Strength-based charged forth towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong eyed those 3 Enhancers and the Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade in his hands danced again.

In the blink of an eye, the 3 Enhancers were sliced apart, their dismembered bodies dropping to the floor. It was a gruesome sight.

“I surrender!! I surrender!!”

“I surrender!!”

“Don’t kill me! I surrender!”

The remaining 4 experts had their confidence shattered, and they immediately knelt on the ground, shivering as they took the initiative to surrender. It was the first time that they had come across such a terrifying expert, and while the 8 of them could join forces against Zhang Liu He, in front of this man, they had obviously been slaughtered like chickens. They knew they were absolutely nothing.

Yue Zhong eyed them coolly and asked: “Report your names!”

“Zhang En!”

“Tang Jun!”

“Ma Jian!”

“Lu Feng!”

Yue Zhong ordered: “Go gather the soldiers of Ding Town, await my orders.”

“Yes!” The 4 men immediately headed out.

Within Ding Town, there were 300 survivors, and of which, 80 were soldiers. The rest were just ordinary survivors.

Most of them did not have any good impression of Zhang Liu He, even if the leader was changed, they didn’t have any response. They were the lowest of society anyway.

Yue Zhong split the 80 soldiers into 4 teams led by each of the 4 experts.

“Boss Yue! Not good! There’s an enemy raid!!” Right as Yue Zhong was reorganizing them, Zhang En came running with a pale expression, flanked by 6 or 7 of his men as he reported loudly.

“What? Bring me there!!” Yue Zhong frowned and left with huge strides.

Ding Town was now considered an establishment under his control, and that meant its citizens were his people. If he had the means, he would protect them properly.

Tang Jun and the other 2 exchanged glances as they followed closely.

When Yue Zhong came to the town centre, he saw a group of 100 men and women carrying weapons, each of them sporting a scorpion tattoo. They were killing and raping the survivors of the Ding Town.

Tang Jun saw those tattoos and his face lost color: “Violent Scorpions!! It’s actually them!!”

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