God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 507

Chapter 507-Purple Scorpion Xue Ning!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

The Violent Scorpions were the strongest armed force aside from the 3 main powers. They were located near Bin Qi City, and while they might only have about three to four hundred members, every one of them were strong Enhancers. At the same time, they were cruel and every time they went on a raid, they would not leave any survivors.

Hearing the name, Zhang En, Ma Jun and the rest turned pale and retreated a few steps. They wanted to turn and run, as Enhancers with enhanced bodies, they could definitely make a run for it.

Yue Zhong eyed those inhumane acts of the Violent Scorpions and frowned, as he waved his hand and a heavy machine gun appeared. He aimed at those gang members currently in the midst of killing and pillaging and pressed the trigger.

At the next moment, a fearsome line of fire spat out and 5 or 6 of the Violent Scorpions were directly punched full of holes, causing blood to spill everywhere.

With that sudden assault, the members of the Violent Scorpions began to curse out of shock and fear, as they hurried to dodge for cover.

Yue Zhong made use of his heavy machine gun to take down another 3 soldiers. By that time,  the hundred others had found cover.

Zhang En and the rest saw how Yue Zhong magically pulled out his heavy machine gun and proceeded to fire at the Violent Scorpions without batting an eyelid, and were stunned speechless.

It was especially shocking due to the nature of those heavy caliber bullets. A single round could blast a head apart, or tear a person’s body in two if it struck the waist. Its ability to sweep across its enemies was fearsome and a testament to its might.

Yue Zhong saw that the soldiers had managed to find cover, and he frowned slightly. It was going to be harder to deal with them.

Yue Zhong then shot forwards towards the hiding places of the soldiers.

“Go to hell!!” Right in the middle of his charge, 6 Violent Scorpions Enhancers leaped out of an alley and made to attack Yue Zhong with their daggers and Replica Tang Swords.

Yue Zhong whipped out his dual .05 submachine guns and with lightning speed, he aimed at their heads and fired off mercilessly.

With a short clean burst of gunfire, the 6 Violent Scorpions Enhancers were turned into sieves.

‘Kuang lang!” Following the sounds of glass shattering, 2 Agility-based Enhancers broke through a window and charged at Yue Zhong. However, they had just emerged from the windows, when the holes of the guns were pointed at their heads, before spraying a line of fire. In that moment, bullets pierced their brain, turning them into lifeless corpses that slumped to the floor.

At a hidden corner, a dozen young men and women were dressed in tattered clothes and they huddled together. They were dressed simply, and it could be seen that their constitution was stronger than most, otherwise they would not be able to tolerate the cold.

The stronger the body, the stronger the resistance towards extreme temperatures. With Yue Zhong’s current body, as long as he wasn’t blanketed by that violent snowstorm, he wouldn’t be affected by the cold at all.

One of the young males, who looked about 16 or 17 and had a blond mohawk hairstyle, as well as piercings, eyed Yue Zhong who was going around killing the members of the Violent Scorpions. His eyes flashed with fear, and immediately spoke urgently to a young woman with purple hair beside him: “Big Sis!! What do we do? That guy is a freak! He’s too terrifying! Why don’t… why don’t we retreat first?”

Beside the mohawk boy, the young woman was dressed in black leather, her head full of purple hair. Her figure was explosively stunning, and her skin fair. Her legs were slender and seemed more taut with her choice of high heels. Her lips were thick and full, her features exquisite. The gaze in her eyes was sharp for her age, and she had an imposing aura as well as a charm, giving her the feel as though she was a sexy female leopard.

The various young men and women were gathered around her, awaiting her orders. It was obvious she was the ringleader.

The purple-hair beauty cursed out without regard for her image, as a string of profanities came out with her Dark Magic Blade pointed at Yue Zhong before she charged over: “Mountain Chicken! To hell with retreating! Fuck that fellow, let’s fucking do him in!”

“Attack!!” With her lead, the rest of the young men and women began to rush over.

Yue Zhong eyed them approaching and immediately pulled out his QJZ8 heavy machine gun, aiming at them.

“Don’t shoot! I have something to say!” The beauty with purple hair eyed the heavy machine gun and her expression changed before she came to a stop. She raised her hands and got the rest of her subordinates to stop in their tracks as well.

Yue Zhong frowned and lifted the heavy machine gun slightly as he spoke coldly: “Surrender now, and become my subordinates. Otherwise, you can all die here. Choose.”

Yue Zhong had never had the habit of going easy on his enemies. Since this bunch of jokers had decided to attack his town, he didn’t mind killing them all.

The vivacious woman licked her alluring lips and pointed at Yue Zhong with her Dark Magic Blade. Her sharp eyes were fixed on Yue Zhong, as she spoke with an excited and passionate look: “My name is Xue Ning. The Big Sister of the Violent Scorpions, Purple Scorpion Xue Ning. What’s the point of using a gun! If you have the balls, come and take up your blade against this Queen! If you can win me, I’m willing to be your woman, even if you want this Queen to strip naked and be fucked by you, this Queen will do it. However, if you lose to me, you must join me, and become my man!”*

Xue Ning was extremely interested in Yue Zhong’s marksmanship and ability to conjure a gun out of nowhere. She lacked such a force in her team. If he joined her, her Purple Scorpion Team would then become the top force amongst the 3 factions of the Violent Scorpions.

“Let’s see if you have the ability!” Yue Zhong flipped his hand, and the heavy machine gun disappeared before he turned into a flash and charged towards Xue Ning.

“Little Handsome, your speed ain’t too bad!! What a pity, you’ve met me! Today, you’re destined to be mine!”

Xue Ning eyed Yue Zhong and licked her lips again. She activated her Second Order High-Speed Movement, and her entire body disappeared, rushing towards Yue Zhong with a spectre-like speed. She was a naturally awakened Agility-based Evolver, and at the point of her evolution, she had gained insight into the Second Order High-Speed Movement. It was precisely because of that she could rise to become one of the 3 leaders in the Violent Scorpions.

After activating her skill, Xue Ning’s speed exploded out with double her original speed. It exceeded a normal person by at least 13 times, as that slender leg of hers lashed out viciously towards Yue Zhong’s waist. She wanted to beat down this man thoroughly, to get him to submit to her totally.

“Too slow!” Yue Zhong’s hand easily grabbed her leg, as he took a casual step forwards, and his right hand locking onto Xue Ning’s throat like a venomous snake.

Xue Ning was over Level 30, and facing Yue Zhong who was over Level 60 and equipped with an entire set of equipment, she was simply powerless.

“You’ve lost!” Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a cold gaze as he strengthened his grip, resulting in his handprint to cause a deeper impression on her fair neck.

“Let go of Big Sis!!” A few of the young hooligans exploded out in rage and raised their weapons towards Yue Zhong.

The mohawk youth was the most devastated, as he had a long-time crush on Xue Ning, seeing another man grabbing his saintess like that, his heart was brimming with fury, and he pulled out a gun to aim at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong stood quietly, but a nether hole appeared in mid-air, with White Bones taking a step out, and immediately shooting out a bone spike to pierce mohawk boy’s head. With the flash of White Bones’ blades, the 7 or 8 other young hooligans that rushed forwards were instantly sliced into multiple parts, dropping onto the floor.

That ruthless and gory scene shocked everyone present, as they trembled. Their fear towards Yue Zhong had reached an apex, causing them to stay still.

When the other Violent Scorpions at the other locations saw this, they were also filled with fear. Their number one expert Purple Scorpion Xue Ning had been easily subdued but his man, and there was a freakish monster by his side that could slice out with bone blades. Every single one of them instantly stopped what they were doing, for fear of angering Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong grabbed Xue Ning’s snow-white neck for a while, sweeping his gaze around, before loosening his grip. He then eyed the coughing Xue Ning and asked coldly: “Are you going to make your decision now to follow me, or do you want everyone to accompany you in death?”

Xue Ning coughed a few times before she lifted her head and replied in a straightforward manner: “I’ve lost! Since this Queen has lost, I’m naturally your woman. I, Purple Scorpion Xue Ning, am your girlfriend now! My Purple Scorpion team is yours as well! Kids, get the hell out here. Come and greet your new boss. Oh yes, what’s your name? You can’t keep getting me to call you boss right?”

Yue Zhong eyed Xue Ning, with an appreciative look: “I’m called Yue Zhong.”

Although this Xue Ning was loud and obnoxious, calling herself ‘this Queen’, and spoke like a little gangster, it was undeniable that she was an incredibly sexy and beautiful girl. At the same time, she was strong in her own right, it was just that Yue Zhong was vastly overpowered.

Xue Ning eyed Yue Zhong, with a likewise strange glint in her eyes and she spoke directly: “Great! Boss Yue, from today onwards, you’re my man, I’m your woman.”

Xue Ning was not an idiot, she could tell in that instant during their exchange that the gap between them was truly too huge. If she insisted on being at loggerheads with him, the Purple Scorpions would be wiped from the earth on this day.


Note 1: Actual Chinese Raws put 老娘 which directly translates to the female version of “your daddy/your father/this laozi” I’ve decided to use queen as an arrogant way that she refers to herself.

Note 2: I’ve never seen anyone refer to Yue Zhong as little handsome. LOL

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