God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 508

Chapter 508 – Hidden Concern!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

This Purple Scorpion Team was originally Xue Ning’s private troop, under her orders, they began to gather quickly.

Xue Ning pointed to Yue Zhong and ordered her subordinates: “This is your boss, quick, acknowledge him!”

The youths immediately called out loudly: “Greetings Boss!”

Yue Zhong carefully observed this group of hooligans, a bunch of teenagers ranging from age 15 to 19. Everyone of them had strange outfits, and their hair were dyed different colours. Adding on to the bits of gold they wore, it was even more strange.

Zhang En and the other Enhancers saw how easily Yue Zhong had subdued and controlled this faction of the Violent Scorpions and were speechless.

Yue Zhong proceeded to ask Xue Ning: “Why did you guys decide to attack Ding Town?”

Xue Ning’s eyes flashed with helplessness: “The crazy bitches from the Snow Palace had launched an attack out of nowhere on the surrounding powers. Our Violent Scorpions were not a match against those crazy women, and had no choice but to run in this direction. We had intended to shrug, say fuck it, and relocate here.”

Yue Zhong asked curiously: “Snow Palace, I heard that they were an all-female bunch, with your power, going there should be more beneficial for you, why didn’t you do so?” Xue Ning was not weak, with her Second Order Divine Speed, on top of her Agility-based Evolver status, she would be welcomed anywhere. That was why Yue Zhong was curious. Xue Ning’s voice turned solemn: “No can do. If I brought my people there, other than those of us who are women, the rest of my brothers would be sentenced to lead their lives as lowly slaves.” Xue Ning wasn’t a power hungry woman, nor was she an absolutely capable leader. However, she was caring enough to not abandon her subordinates nor condemn them to a life of suffering.

Through her explanation, Yue Zhong discovered what it was like to be in the all-women faction, Snow Palace. The leader was a powerful and terrifying female expert, and other than her, the rest of the upper echelons were also strong female experts.

There were a total of 3,000 women in Snow Palace, and they were all disciples of the faction. Other than them, there about 12,000 men who were slaves. They had to slog for the Snow Palace, and ate the worst food, did the most horrible jobs, and lived in the most uninhabitable places. Everyday, there would be men who died from the cold, but the Snow Palace basically ignored their plight.

Hearing that description, Yue Zhong was sullen: “The world has really changed. What kind of stupid hellhole did that leader of the Snow Palace crawl out from, to be so antagonistic to all men?” It was obvious that the head of the Snow Palace viewed men with disdain.

Yue Zhong continued to ask: “How many of your Violent Scorpions are left?”

Xue Ning did not hide anything and replied: “Of the original 3 factions of the Violent Scorpions, the Purple Scorpions, the Yellow Scorpions and the Scarlet Scorpions, the Yellow Scorpions have been wiped out. The Red Scorpions under Toilet and this group are all that’s left.”

Yue Zhong continued: “Is there any way to get in contact with Toilet?”

Xue Ning looked straight at Yue Zhong with her beautiful eyes and shook her head slowly: “Boss Yue, this Queen might be your girlfriend, but this Queen will not betray her brothers even if you got people to torture me. You can force me to do anything, but this Queen will definitely not betray her brothers.”

Yue Zhong could not take it anymore and rebuked her: “Can you stop using ‘this Queen’, and just speak normally?”

Looking at such a hot and beautiful little minx actually refer to herself as ‘Queen’ caused Yue Zhong to be uncomfortable. Xue Ning replied, albeit a little awkwardly: “Got it, from now on, this Queen…no, I will take note of it.”

Right at this moment, following the loud roars of motors, 2 assault helicopters flew overhead, passing this small town as they headed into the distance. Yue Zhong saw those assault helicopters and a strange glint flashed in his eyes: “Those are the Eurocopter Tigers, are they from the Kingdom of God?”

The Kingdom of God originated from Europe, Germany, and the Eurocopters were the most common form of weapons they had utilized when they were expanding in Vietnam. Yue Zhong pointed at the direction which those Eurocopters flew towards and asked Xue Ning: “What faction lies over there?”

Xue Ning took a look before replying: “It should be the territory of the Thousand Heroes Association. The boss, Dan Ba, is a lustful sex pervert, but his strength is genuine. I heard they are on equal footing with the Snow Palace, with over ten thousand survivors.”

Yue Zhong eyed that direction and a bad premonition arose in his heart.

Seeing that this street-wise mouthy female leader knew the area well, he continued to ask: “I want to go to Gui Ning City. Do you know the way?” Xue Ning asked: “I know, but to get there, we need to pass through any of the 3 major powers. Which road will you prefer?”

“Which road is the fastest?”

“The road that passes through the territory of the Greater China Alliance.” He immediately brought an end to the discussion: “Then let’s head to the Greater China Alliance.”

Xue Ning looked at her subordinates within the town, her face turning slightly downcast: “But Boss Yue, what about about my brothers, sisters and the people of Ding Town?”

Through the experiences of the apocalypse, Xue Ning had grown accustomed and distant to the loss of lives, but she was extremely loyal to her people. Since this band of rogue teenagers had followed her, she was determined to be responsible for them. That was why even though she was an Evolver that possessed a Second Order skill, she was only Level 30, because she focused on empowering the rest. Due to her tireless efforts to support and protect them, they were all loyal to her.

“There’s enough food to support everyone here for a week. Wei Jie, come over.” Yue Zhong eyed Wei Jie who was standing a distance away and called for her.

Wei Jie came to his side and asked with a little apprehension: “Boss Yue, what’s the matter?”

Yue Zhong’s measures were decisive and vicious, and his merciless attitude to his enemies had thoroughly shocked this kind-hearted teacher who only had the best interest of her children in mind. She found it hard to breathe just by standing beside him.

Yue Zhong swept his gaze over the people present, before pointing to White Bones and said coldly: “Everyone listen up, from now on, Wei Jie is the temporary leader of the town. Zhang En, you and the rest will assist her in the running of the town. White Bones will be aiding you as well. Whoever does not listen, it will directly kill the offender. The whole lot of you, better run the town properly. Wait for my return, is that understood?”

Zhang En and the rest felt a chill down their spine as they replied respectfully: “Yes, Leader.”

Although they were not wholeheartedly submissive to Yue Zhong yet, they had been frightened by his fearsome methods. As long as he was not dead, or without the assistance of any other larger power, they would not dare to entertain any strange thoughts.

Xue Ning also lectured a few of her little leaders, before deciding to bring along a 13 or 14 year old, whose hair was dyed tea-green. She had thick makeup on, and her figure was just beginning to blossom.

Xue Ning pointed to this girl with tea-green hair and introduced: “This is Liu Xiao Cha, you can call her Little Tea. She has the ability to forecast the weather up to a day in advance, and she’s extremely accurate. She can even predict how long before the next rain fall, and how long the rain will take.”

Liu Xiao Cha looked at Yue Zhong and shot him a provocative smile: “Boss Yue, you’re really cool. I’m all wet from watching you. If you want to fuck, just find me hehe.”

“Get on.” He eyed them impassively, and pointed to the Swift Shadow Bike that he retrieved from his Storage Ring.

The girls in the current society were truly audacious and open, there were many young females who were not closed to experimenting with their bodies, and when the topic came to sex, they were even more daring than most guys. Yue Zhong did not view such people with contempt, after all, it was their choice. However, it did not mean that he liked them.

However, her nature-predicting ability was important to Yue Zhong who did not control a satellite. If he had someone like her earlier, he wouldn’t have been blown away by that monstrous snowstorm.

Liu Xiao Cha took one look at the sleek and powerful looking motorcycle and her eyes shone with anticipation: “Wa! What a cool motorcycle!”

Xue Ning slapped Liu Xiao Cha’s perky butt and said: “Get on, you havoc vixen.”

“Yes, Big Sis!” She exclaimed and leapt on.

Xue Ning chuckled seductively at Yue Zhong and got on as well: “Boss Yue, Little Tea is not a bad girl, she’s one of the two virgins I have in my troop, and she’s relatively clean. There are no problems if you wanna fuck her.”

“Am I some lustful sex maniac in your eyes?” Yue Zhong was speechless as he got on the bike. The moment he climbed behind Xue Ning, he could smell the bewitching scent of the young girl in front of him, and felt her perky and bouncy figure in front of him. He instantly got aroused, and his rod pressed against her bottom. Xue Ning nestled deeper into his arms and teased: “Hehe, you’re hard, ain’tcha?”

“Shut up and sit tight.” He was a little embarrassed and irritated, barking out before flooring the accelerator, causing the motorbike to roar to life and charged into the horizon. Before the apocalypse, this Yang County had over 100,000 residents, now, the entire place had become the territory of the Greater China Alliance.

Yue Zhong brought Xue Ning and Liu Xiao Cha to the outskirts of Yang County, observing and making their preparations.

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