God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 509

Chapter 509 – Evil Youth!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Outside Yang County, there was a river of about 6m width that flowed around it. Prior to the apocalypse, the moat didn’t exist. It was apparent that the Greater China Alliance had gotten manual labor to be carried out, digging such a moat and redirecting water to flow in it.

Furthermore, there was a city wall of about 5m surrounding the city within the moat. There were all sorts of defence fortifications on top of the wall. There were also numerous heavy machine guns pointed outwards, prepared to tear any enemy into shreds.

With the combination of the 6m-wide moat and the 5m-high city wall, even if 100,000 zombies attacked, Yang County could defend itself comfortably. Even Mutant Beasts hordes and other human factions would have to think twice before launching an assault.

The fortifications and structures were built impressively, and the huge moat having been erected at the expense of a huge amount of manual labour was also a stroke of genius. It was also partly because the county was near a water source, that was why it was possible. If it was a city, the moat would be too huge, and the amount of manpower required would be overwhelming. It would not have been possible to do it in a short time. If it was a small town, then the number of survivors would be too little to dig an effective moat.

With such defences in place, even if Yue Zhong activated his elite troops, he would have to pay quite a price to be able to take it down.

Yue Zhong scrutinized every available detail before saying: “Let’s go.”

Xue Ning and Liu Xiao Cha followed behind as the trio made their way towards Yang County.

For the sake of preventing unwanted attention, both the girls had ruffled their hair, and wore distasteful clothes, hiding their looks and figures.

When the sentries saw this small group approaching harmlessly, they waved them in with disgust.

Yue Zhong then led the 2 of them silently as they walked towards the other side of the county.

The current atmosphere in the county was bleak, as most of the survivors were hiding in their own homes, avoiding the cold. The homeless were huddled together at various corners, their eyes blinking soullessly awaiting their deaths. There wasn’t a sign of life on the streets, and it felt as though the inhabitants were already zombies.

At this time, there was a loud commotion resounding from a distance away: “Get the hell out of the way! Get the hell away! Young Master Jin is coming out to walk the dogs!”

Yue Zhong followed the source of the sound, only to see a young man with fox fur and a wretched look holding a rope of sorts. At the end of the rope, there were 8 young beauties crawling on the ground, their eyes lacking the radiance of life, crawling around naked.

There were 10 men in black suits and sunglasses around the young man, acting like bodyguards. One of them was currently shouting at the homeless people on the streets.

“Beast.” Yue Zhong saw the wretched young man ‘walking’ the young girls like dogs and his fury billowed. He clenched his fists tightly, his eyes flashing with an intensity.

After the apocalypse, the human race was deteriorating, and there were zombies and Mutant Beasts everywhere. Yet there were some people who gave in to their inner devils, and indulged in depravity, humiliating and killing their own people. They would stepped on others to ensure their own enjoyment and pleasures. Yue Zhong hated these type of people to the core.

When Xue Ning and Liu Xiao Cha saw the scene, their eyes were filled with pain and hatred as well. They were after all women, and seeing how their fellow women were being treated by this Young Master Jin, they looked as though they were about to explode with their wrath.

The bodyguard who was shouting at the homeless on the streets saw Yue Zhong’s group, and his expression turned ugly: “What the fuck are you guys staring at, aren’t you shitheads supposed to get down and kneel, welcoming our Young Master Jin? His dogs are not meant to be looked upon by the likes of you shits!”

Regardless of period, and era, all rich playboys would have lapdogs by their sides. They were the fiercest bunch, as long as they encountered any other people whose status was lower, they would not hesitate to step up and lash out harshly to demonstrate their power.

“Eeee, Zhang Fang, stand down.”

The Young Master Jin’s attention was attracted, and his gaze landed on Xue Ning’s purple hair, as well as her curvaceous body. His pupils shone with a lustful gleam, and he began to walk over.

He looked at them from head to toe, and again, a perverse expression flashed past his face as he waved his hands and ordered: “I’ve decided. The 2 of you will be my bitches. Come, men, kill the man.”

In this Young Master Jin’s eyes, a person’s life was not even comparable to a dog. As long as he wished it, killing a few people would not be an issue.

The bodyguard immediately replied in a fawning manner: “Yes, Young Master Jin! Men, capture the 2 women, and kill the man!”

The remaining 9 bodyguards made their move towards Yue Zhong’s group simultaneously. They had unusual methods and movements, and from their body constitution, it was obvious that they were all Enhancers.

“Truly seeking death.” Yue Zhong did not expect that just a single glance at this wretched playboy was enough to set off trouble. This Young Master Jin was even more tyrannical than Yue Zhong by goodness knows how many times.

“A bunch of trash. You should simply go and die!” Yue Zhong waved his hand, and his Crocodile Saw Tooth Blade appeared, and in an instant, he sent out over a dozen blade beams outwards, chopping up the bodyguards like meat. Blood, organs and body parts splattered all over the ground.

When the Young Master Jin saw his bunch of lackeys instantly mutilated, he fell down in shock and wet his pants out of fear. He began crying out: “Ah!! Help!! Help!!! You can’t kill me, I’m Jin Sheng Cheng’s son Jin Da Li! If you kill me, my father will not let you off!!”

Yue Zhong shot Jin Da Li an extremely cold look as he slashed down viciously: “Trash, you don’t have to worry, I’ll go find your dad and send him to meet you in Hell!”

At this time, an ordinary-looking bodyguard that had been standing quietly by Jin Da Li’s side shot forwards explosively, his hands wielding a Dark Magic Blade as he parried Yue Zhong’s slash.

At the same time, there was a huge force that travelled from the point of impact, causing Yue Zhong to take 2 steps back.

His pupils narrowed as he stared at the bodyguard, asking slowly: “You’re a Strength and Agility dual-attribute Evolver?”

The bodyguard raised his blade to point at Yue Zhong, his gaze similarly filled with a seriousness and chill. It was his first time encountering such a fearsome opponent, that caused even a dual-attribute Evolver like him to almost lose in the earlier clash. He was filled with shock towards Yue Zhong: “Please leave me some face. Let him go. Today’s matters, I’ll take as if nothing happened.”

Jin Da Li was now hiding behind the bodyguard as he yelled at Yue Zhong with hatred: “Tian Hao, well done! Go kill him! After a few days, I’ll gift these bitches to you. Kill him now! Kill him now!!”

Yue Zhong stared fixedly at Tian Hao and spoke slowly: “Is this piece of garbage worth your protection?”

Yue Zhong could feel that Tian Hao really didn’t want himself as an enemy.

Tian Hao’s eyes flashed with a hint of helplessness: “I need to ensure his safety.”

Yue Zhong’s gaze turned strict, as his eyes flashed with an icy resolution: “Then I guess I’ll send you on your way as well. I’ll definitely not leave that piece of shit alive.”

Yue Zhong could guess that Tian Hao had his difficulties. However, there was a sea of people like that, and he couldn’t allow his sentiments to get the better of him, as well as his path.

“Then, sorry.” Tian Hao’s eyes flashed with a strange light, and he activated his own Second Order Shadow Steps, and his speed increased explosively, exceeding even the speed of a Type 2 Lightning. In a blink, he crossed the 8m distance between him and Yue Zhong, as a flash of a dagger soared through the air, threatening to slice off Yue Zhong’s left arm.

“Fast.” Yue Zhong’s eyes glinted, as he activated his Shadow Steps, and Gravity Manipulation. A huge force weighed down on Tian Hao’s body, causing his movements to turn sluggish.

Right as he was impeded, Yue Zhong immediately sent a blade towards Tian Hao’s own arm.

“Open!” Tian Hao bellowed in rage, his body muscles turning taut, as a ferocious strength exploded out from him, bringing his blade up to parry Yue Zhong’s attack. Once again, Yue Zhong was forced back.

Yue Zhong could easily take down a Level 30 Evolver that specialized in close combat within a few seconds. However, he was matched blow for blow by this Tian Hao, it could be seen that this guy was not simple.

At that moment, just as Tian Hao was about to charge towards Yue Zhong again, Xue Ning’s voice came from behind, filled with thick killing intent: “Tian Hao, don’t move, or I’ll kill this garbage.”

“No!” Tian Hao turned around, only to see Xue Ning with her dagger at Jin Da Li’s chest, causing him to be alarmed.

“Hehe. Byebye!” Xue Ning turned around and flashed a provocative smile at Tian Hao, before thrusting the dagger deep into Jin Da Li’s chest, and twisting it ruthlessly, then pulling it out. A huge spray of blood splattered upwards, and she lashed out violently, sending Jin Da Li’s body towards Tian Hao.

Tian Hao’s face drained of all its colour, as he rushed towards Jin Da Li’s corpse, and reached his hand out. When he had just touched the body, Yue Zhong had already stepped forward and kicked at Tian Hao viciously as well. He was sent flying about 6 to 7 metres away, spitting a mouthful of blood, suffering greatly.

After Tian Hao was sent flying by a single kick, he immediately stepped out and reached to see if Jin Da Li was breathing. His face then turned ashen and he spat out a mouthful of blood: “Shit shit shit.”

Yue Zhong observed Tian Hao who had seemed to lose all will to live and coldly barked: “What’s the deal with him? Speak, I’ll see if I can help.”

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