God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 510

Chapter 510 – Truth

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Yue Zhong was a Level 66 expert, and his power was at a terrifying degree. If he really went all out, he could take down Tian Hao with 80% confidence. However, if he could get him to submit, then he would have gained a powerful subordinate.

Tian Hao replied with a downcast face: “My sister Tian Jing was captured by Jin Da Li. Only he knows where my sister is. I had to continue to work for him to ensure her safety. With his death, my sister is sure to die as well.

At this time, one of the woman who was sprawled on the ground naked, of about 31 or 32, had a strange glint in her eyes as she laughed coldly: “Tian Jing? Your sister Tian Jing has already died long ago.”

“What?! No!! Impossible!! Impossible! She can’t be dead!! You’re lying!!” Tian Hao’s face turned extremely savage, and charged at the beauty, as though he wanted to tear her apart.

Yue Zhong frowned and kicked out, causing Tian Hao to crash into the snow. If Tian Hao really lost his rationale, then he would have torn the beauty in two.

With his strength, Yue Zhong would have found it hard to bring him down without abilities. However, he was not thinking properly now, and had lost his combat edge. Even with a powerful constitution, such a person was basically vulnerable.

Yue Zhong waved his hands and threw some clothes to the 8 ladies, and commented: “Wear them! Come with me.”

“Thank you!”

The 8 of them received the clothes, and their eyes immediately turned red. A few of them thanked him in low voices. Having been treated like this and having lost all sense of dignity at the hands of Jin Da Li, Yue Zhong’s icy demeanor still provided them with a little respect.

“Since you want to know about your sister, come with me.” He eyed Tian Hao and spoke coldly.

After which, he directly went towards an alley.

Xue Ning, Liu Xiao Cha and the other 8 women followed closely behind.

Tian Hao’s body shuddered, and he stood up to hurry after them.

Yue Zhong’s killing of Jin Da Li was witnessed by many people on the streets. At this time, many of the survivors that had soulless eyes began to stir. Some pounced on the dead bodyguards, hoping to get some items, while some made their way towards the headquarters of the town to relay what was happening. Very soon, the corpses of those bodyguards were stripped clean and transported away, leaving nothing behind.

Xue Ning followed Yue Zhong closely and asked curiously: “Where are we heading to now?”

Jin Da Li had been killed, and the Greater China Alliance would definitely not let things rest. They would flip the entire town over just to find the culprit. Xue Ning wanted to know what Yue Zhong’s next move was.

Yue Zhong glanced at the lady that had opened her mouth earlier to say that Tian Jing was already dead, and ordered: “Take me to Jin Da Li’s living quarters.”

This beauty was the most mature and charming of the lot, exuding an attractive aura from head to toe. She also exhibited a hint of intelligence, and was obviously a person of position in the past.

In truth, this woman was called Zhao Ling. She had been the head of a successful group, and her net worth was in the millions. She was intelligent, strong and independent.

After the apocalypse happened, she had landed in the hands of Jin Da Li, and her independent nature had infuriated Jin Da Li, that was why he treated her like a bitch. Before that, she was the subject of his adoration and love, and knew many of his secrets.

Zhao Ling looked at Yue Zhong with immense respect and replied: Yes!”

After being punished to live like a slave, Zhao Ling found that her independence and strength as a person of position in the past didn’t count for nuts in the present world. Those who were not as capable or good looking as her would be treated nicely just because they obeyed Jin Da Li. Although she was beautiful and sexy, because she wasn’t willing to submit, she had been banished to the lowest rungs of Jin Da Li’s slaves. It caused her to suffer a huge blow, and her pride had been thoroughly destroyed.

She brought Yue Zhong and the rest to a villa, pointing to it and said: “This is the villa that Jin Da Li resided in. However, there are many experts in there. There’s also some form of alarm installed. The moment it rings, the entire Yang County would know of any strange movements here.

He followed the direction which Zhao Ling pointed, noting that there the villa covered over a hundred acres. Surrounding the villa, there were ponds, lush green trees, swimming pools, there was a basketball court even. It was built quite beautifully. It was also likely that the cost of the place must have been a few million.

Around the villa, 10 bodyguards were patrolling, and within the villa, god knows how many other experts there were.

“You guys wait here.” After that, Yue Zhong disappeared in a flash.

In just a breath’s time, he suddenly appeared in front of the 10 bodyguards, and activated his [Art of Fear], causing a powerful Spirit Attack to envelop the minds of those around him. The 10 bodyguards were caught unprepared and were immediately subjected to a terrifying hallucination, and fainted on the spot. With just a thought from Yue Zhong, it had broken their minds and caused them to be frightened to death.

After taking them down in a jiffy, Yue Zhong charged into the villa like a tornado with his speed that easily exceeded a Type 2 Lightning. As he ran, he continued to emit Spirit fluctuations through his [Art of Fear], causing anyone that came in contact to immediately convulse on the spot.

In 5 seconds, he had rushed all the way into the surveillance room, sending out a wave of Art of Fear. The 5 soldiers within the room instantly fainted and crumpled to the ground.

Yue Zhong stood for a moment in front of the monitors, taking in the images, and shot out of the room.


Following a huge resounding boom, the doors in one of the halls were kicked down by Yue Zhong, and he discovered over 20 men currently entangled with some other women.

Of the 20 over men, some were on the floor, some were roaring with laughter, riding some of the women. Some were using whips and candles to torture the women as well. The women were all naked, drenched in sweat and all sorts of substances, lying down weakly. There was a strong sexual odor in the room.

Jin Da Li would usually gift his subordinates some of the women that he was bored with, and it wasn’t just to win his subordinates over, it was also a form of entertainment.

“Who is it?!” Seeing the huge doors slammed open, a few of the men were jolted awake, and shouted out in shock. Some even wanted to prepare their equipments.

“The person who will rid the world of you bunch of trash!” A cold glint flashed in Yue Zhong’s eyes, and he shot forwards like an arrow, while the Black Tooth Blade in his hands slashed out 20 times.

Yue Zhong’s speed was terrifying. Even some Type 3 Beasts might not be able to match Yue Zhong. Each time he pushed himself, he would appear and disappear like a bolt of lightning. The 20-over men in the room that were engaged in their own romps were Enhancers of at least Level 20, but not a single one of them could defend against Yue Zhong’s strike. Every single one of them were chopped in two, causing a large amount of blood to splatter, bathing the hall in a bright blood red.

“Ahhh!!!” When one of the beauties saw the man currently atop her sliced in two, and blood splattering all over her, she couldn’t help herself and screamed out.

Yue Zhong eyed the women and barked out coldly: “Shut the hell up! Otherwise, you can die!”

As he stared at them, they felt an instinctive fear rising, and forced down their screams. This man was obviously a terrifying expert that had no qualms killing others, he would definitely not go easy on women either.

After taking care of all the experts in the hall, Yue Zhong walked towards a window and beckoned in.

Xue Ning and the rest entered the villa.

Soon, every other live personnel member was brought to the hall.

The men who were still alive were tied up and left one side, and on the other, 200 beauties of various looks, body proportions and age.

After Jin Da Li became the local tyrant, he liked to bully the men and lord over the women. Many of the women were captured into his harem, and any women he got sick of would be thrown aside or given to his subordinates.

Within the hall, Yue Zhong sat on a sofa, and Xue Ning and Liu Xiao Cha sat at his sides. By now, Liu Xiao Cha had cleaned her face of her disguise, revealing her clean and pretty face. She had a look of veneration and awe as she looked at Yue Zhong.

Zhao Ling stood quietly by one side, glancing at Yue Zhong from time to time, her heart still in shock: “So powerful!! This guy could actually take down the entire villa without a sound or alerting anybody. Incredible!”

Yue Zhong sat at the sofa and eyed Zhao Ling, asking mildly: “So what’s the deal with Tian Jing’s death?”

Tian Hao had been standing one side silently like a soulless man twitched a little, as his eyes shone with a complicated gaze when he stared at Zhao Ling.

Zhao Ling replied with respect: “This lowly one replies! After Tian Jing had been captured by Jin Da Li, she was toyed with for a while before being thrown to the subordinates. One of the perverts under him had caused her to die in one of his games.”

Tian Hao was pale white with shock as he hollered in disbelief: “You’re lying!! I saw the video of her as well as her voice in his phone! You’re lying, you’re lying to me!!”

“All the sisters here knew about this. Liu Fang, Cheng Fei, Zhang Man, we all knew.” Zhao Ling pointed to a few of the beauties in the room, before saying: “Those videos were pre-recorded. Tian Hao, have you even seen her in person?”

When Tian Hao heard this, his entire being was jolted, and it turned incredibly cold. He had never seen her once, and he knew in his heart, that what Zhao Ling said was true.

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