God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 511

Chapter 511 – Thousand Hero Alliance! Snow Palace!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

When Tian Hao heard the words, he became still, his entire spirit seemingly crushed. Ever since he became an Evolver, he had been constantly fighting outside, gaining levels, becoming stronger. It was all to protect his one and only family left in the world – his sister. However, in a moment of folly, he had caused his sister to end up in Jin Da Li’s hands, which in turn left him no choice but to serve as Jin Da Li’s lapdog. Hearing the news of his sister’s passing, even his willpower to live suffered a huge blow.

Yue Zhong took one look at Tian Hao and knew that it was a huge blow to his mental state. It felt like he had aged at least 20 years all of a sudden. He frowned and barked: “Tian Hao! If you want to die, I won’t stop you. But if you were to die like that, you would only cause the ones you love more pain, and your enemies, pleasure! Jin Da Li was your enemy, but your real enemy is Jin Guang Xuan! If it wasn’t for his protection, would a trash like Jin Da Li have been able to lay his hands on your sister? If you just die like that without killing Jin Guang Xuan, your sister would definitely not rest in peace in the netherworld! I had thought that you were a man of fortitude, but I didn’t imagine that you would prove me wrong!”

“Since you’re a trash yourself, I should have killed you at the first moment we clashed, that way you could have been sent on your way to meet your sister, and save me the burden of having to watch you wallow in self-pity!”

When Tian hao heard those harsh words, his dull eyes regained some form of clarity, as they shone with a renewed hatred and vigor: “Yes! There’s still Jin Guang Xuan. I can’t die yet. I need to make sure to punish him, and kill the entire Jin family!!”

“Who are you?” He asked.

“Yue Zhong!” Yue Zhong replied.

Tian Hao was intelligent as well, and saw that Yue Zhong’s bitter words were meant to get him back on his feet. He gritted his teeth and swore: “Good! Yue Zhong, I know you’ve spent all this effort to help me, in the hopes of getting my help. I promise you, as long as you help me with my vengeance, my life will be yours to command! I, Tian Hao, might not be a big character, but I’ve never reneged on any promises I’ve made! I swear upon my name, that as long as you, Yue Zhong, help me to kill the Jin family, I will serve Yue Zhong with all my heart and life. If I should go back on my word, I will suffer a terrible death, and be treated as a dog for the rest of my life, and never to reincarnate after I die!”

Yue Zhong eyed Tian Hao with a look of satisfaction: “Good! Tian Hao, you can be assured, I will definitely help you with the Jin family. I am the leader of Gui Ning City, where there are over 900,000 survivors. Jin Guang Xuan had been a sore thumb to me for quite some time, once I’ve returned to Gui Ning City, I can deploy my troops to annihilate them easily!”

Tian Hao was a man of integrity and valued relationships. He would do what he set his mind to do. With a character like Jin Da Li, if Yue Zhong was in Tian Hao’s shoes, he would have long since killed Jin Da Li off, as well as his entire family. He wouldn’t have allowed himself to be blackmailed. This was because he knew that with such a character, Jin Da Li would never let naive folks like Tian Hao or his sister to have a good ending. Furthermore, Tian Hao had gone against his conscience to serve Jin Da Li, such a person was extremely useful to Yue Zhong. Furthermore, he was a dual-attribute Evolver, and his potential for growth was naturally high.

When Tian Hao heard Yue Zhong’s words, he nodded slowly and sunk in his thoughts.

Everyone’s gazes also fell on Yue Zhong, their eyes filled with shock. In this world, an establishment of over a few ten thousand people was already considered a huge faction. Yue Zhong was actually the leader of almost a million people, his strength was truly something else.

Yue Zhong was about to say something else, when a loud alarm resounded throughout Yang County.

Tian Hao’s face fell as he immediately voiced out: “Not good! It means that there’s an enemy launching an attack on Yang County!”

When Yue Zhong heard that, he launched into action, throwing his .05 guns to Xue Ning: “Ok! I’ll go take a look. Tian Hao, follow me. Xue Ning, Liu Xiao Cha, Zhao Ling, I’ll leave this place to you! Xue Ning will take the lead, don’t let anything untowards happen here. If those fellows try anything funny, just execute them!”

Xue Ning was not only hot, but vicious in her methods. When Yue Zhong was engaged with Tian Hao in battle, she had taken the initiative to attack Jin Da Li to distract Tian Hao. Yue Zhong could be rest assured leaving things to her.

Xue Ning flashed an alluring smile at Yue Zhong, while saying confidently: “Got it! Boss! Make it quick, let’s engage in some 6P tonight. I’m a virgin myself, and based on my judgement, there are a few beautiful ones here that are virgins as well!”

Xue Ning’s brazen words caused Yue Zhong’s figure to slightly tremble. He had never seen such an outspoken woman before. He had a number of women at his beck and call, but most of them were filled with respect and fear towards him. They all spoke extremely courteously. At most, they would tease him once in a while, but he had never seen someone who declared herself to be a virgin, and yet suggested a 6P in the same sentence before.

“Seems like it wasn’t a bad decision to get her!” He swept an eye across her charming features and sexy figure, taking in that bright purple hair of hers that occurred due to evolving, and felt a tinge of excitement in his heart.

Yue Zhong only took a quick glance, and threw his thoughts to the back of his mind, before charging out with Tian Hao.

Outside of Yang County, there were 2 clear separate troops, one was all male, and the other, a mix of men and women. Of those troops, the men numbered in the 6,000s, while the women counted above 10,000.

With such manpower in this day and age, they can only be powerful factions, and they were precisely the Snow Palace and the Thousand Hero Alliance.

The Thousand Hero Alliance had a battalion of soldiers currently marching on Yang County, with a large number of its soldiers firing wildly.

As for Yang County, the defence mechanisms were engaged, as the heavy machine guns on the city walls began spewing fire, suppressing the Thousand Hero Alliance soldiers. From time to time, there would be a Thousand Hero Alliance soldier that fell.

Behind those soldiers, there were 2 self-propelling rocket launchers firing projectiles towards the city wall as well.

Every projectile packed a powerful punch, as one round from the rocket launcher caused a huge hole in the city wall.

City walls were a form of defence that was used in ancient times, but had been relegated due to modern warfare. It was because the firepower from modern weapons were too powerful, and a city wall would not be able to withstand the blast impact from those weapons of destruction.

In between the 2 troops at the back, there was a joint forces command post, in charge of commanding the assault by the Thousand Hero Alliance and the Snow Palace.

A man stood in the command post, his height towering at 1.9m, his entire frame bulky and muscly. He had a full beard, his hair grizzly, his eyebrows thick. He wore a clean white shirt and black trousers, and while his attire didn’t match his aura, it could not be denied that he was imposing and powerful. He was looking at a stunningly beautiful woman beside him, whose hair was a silvery-white and her body curvaceous. She had an otherworldly aura, and incredible features, which shone with an intense coldness and aloof nature. The man’s eyes were filled with an undisguised lust as he spoke: “Snow Palace Master! It’s your turn to send your people!”

The middle-aged man was precisely the leader of the Thousand Hero Alliance, Zhu Xiong Ba! He had single-handedly brought up this faction of 50,000 people and had over 7,000 direct subordinates. As for the cold and proud beauty, she was naturally the Palace Master of the Snow Palace faction, Shangguan Bing Xue.

“Attack!” Shangguan Bing Xue did not return Zhu Xiong Ba’s gaze, instead turning to a pretty, short-haired soldier decked in military uniform. This person was Yun Chu Chu.

Yun Chu Chu replied in a respectful manner and stepped out to relay the orders: “Yes, Palace Master!”

Being disregarded by Shangguan Bing Xue, Zhu Xiong Ba’s heart was filled with fury, and he entertained an extremely vile thought: “Little bitch, why the fuck are you acting so cool for? Once we’re done with the Greater China Alliance, I’ll capture you, and fuck you over and over in front of your subordinates. Since you hate men so much, your father, I, will get over a thousand men to play with you, and break you down! I’ll see if you can still pretend to be so proud!”

Even though he was thinking such nasty thoughts, his face wore an awkward smile as he looked towards the distance.

Under Shangguan Bing Xue’s orders, 6,000 men in tattered clothes walked out from their original contingent, each of them looking bedraggled. They carried long pontoons on their backs as they were forced to charge onwards by the female warriors behind, making their way towards Yang County.

In Yang County, the machine guns continued to fire out at the incoming male survivors, felling them like sowing wheat.

In just one volley of fire, the male survivors lost their composure and tried to turn and escape. These male survivors were the slaves of Snow Palace, having been made to eat the worst, do the worst kind of labour, and they naturally had low morale.

When women became vicious, they were even more terrifying than men. The entire Snow Palace basically propagated the poor treatment of the males.

One of the female enforcers brandished her sword and hacked away at the men, shouting: “Get the fuck out there!! Bunch of useless trash!!”

Numerous men were being killed left, right, centre, and behind as gouts of fresh blood dyed the scene.

Amidst the carnage, one of the male survivors could not hold back anymore and threw himself on a female soldier, shouting: “Everybody! Let’s kill these crazy women! Only then will we get a chance to survive!!”

6 or 7 men immediately jumped forwards and began to bite and scratch the woman to death.

The shout from the first man had ignited the desire to survive, and the men instantly went crazy and turned on the female soldiers, drowning them beneath their bodies.

Like this, the male slaves of the Snow Palace turned around to bite their masters.

Yun Chu Chu ran urgently in front of Shangguan Bing Xue and said: “Palace Master! The men have rebelled!”

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