God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 67

Chapter 67: Entangled

In the City, ordinary families have several days or even ten days worth of food storage. Always Bright Village is a rural village. They should have stockpiled even more. Yue Zhong had heard the villages around them, the families normally saved a full year of supplies .

Da Gouzi bitterly laughed: “Our village does agricultural tourism, specializing in hosting outside travelers. In the village there are some privately raised pigs, chicken, and fish. However every family had a little saved. The day the whole world suddenly spawned zombies, they bit several people. Everyone either fled or went into hiding.”

“Later on Big Brother Tiger and the rest came. They cleared out village zombies, but the provisions, pigs, and chickens of the village were all snatched away by them. When we ran no one carried much food. There was no method to do so. We are only able to dig up some vegetables and grass to live a meager existence.”

Yue Zhong pointed at the surrounding farmland: “Why not seed there? You only need to plant a few seeds, after a couple months you can collect a some food.”

There were only women and children searching for vegetables on the fields outside the village. There weren’t any poeple cultivating the land. Continuing on like this was out of the question. Only relying on reserves, even if they have a mountain stored up, eventually they will starve.

If there wasn’t anyone assigned to plowing, just the food problem was enough to make people have an endless headache.

Da Gouzi bitterly laughed: “Big brother Tiger bought seeds from the nearby supplier, but those seeds were planted a while ago. They’ve yet to germinate.”

Yue Zhong’s heart sank. If there was no way to resolve the issue of planting seeds, then mankind’s future plight will become more and more difficult. There are many food and supplies scattered all around, but every time they are use there’s less. Furthermore after a while the food will start to mold, and the amount of edible food will become even less.

Yue Zhong threw out the doubting thoughts in his mind, going towards the other places in the village.

In that village, except for the gunmen, everyone looked famished without light in their eyes, the same as a walking corpse. Their eyes couldn’t see a thread of hope.

Several men and women both young and old searched for vegetables and grass they could use.

The group of children that bothered Zhang Xin were all running around the field searching for edible food. The end of the world already took those originally innocent, lively, carefree, and anxiety free children and tempered them into early maturity. They all started to struggle for survival.

The zombies surrounding Always Bright village had already all been cleared out by Big Brother Tiger. Because of this the villagers were able to seek food outside the village.

“Here are two steamed buns. You and your wife accompany me for one day. These two steamed buns are yours.”

Passing a corner, there came a wretched voice.

Yue Zhong’s eyebrows wrinkled.

Looking inside a brick building, a short and small gunman with an 81 rifle held two large white steamed buns and smiled lewdly at two women.

The older woman’s age was over 30. She had a full figure, beautiful appearance, and was wearing a white blouse with jeans looking extremely classy. The younger girl looked only 11 or 12. Her large eyes looks at the gunman brimming with dread. At the same time her eyes frequently glanced at the two large steamed buns. She was already hungry for several days, really wanting to eat one. In the past her she didn’t even look at steamed buns.

That well mannered beautiful young woman, with silver teeth hiding fangs implored: “Older brother Xu! I’ll accompany you! I beg you release Shanshan! She’s still young!”

[TL: They used a phrase “銀牙暗咬” here, and I can’t find what it means. It literally means silver teeth hide bite. I think it might mean that the young woman although appearing innocent could hide sly actions. Any help would be much appreciated.]

Gunman Xu’s face sank, his face voice cold without compare: “Li Xuan, You don’t need to give me face. I’m shameless! This guy fancies your mother and daughter pair. It’s your good fortune. Don’t refuse a toast only to be forced to drink. Piss off daddy, and daddy will give you two shots. He’ll throw you in the ditch. In this world, if you two die, no one will stick out their neck to save you.

[TL: Laozi “老子” means father/dad, but he is using it to mean “I’m the man”. He is not actually their father]

Seeing Gunman Xu’s ugly evil face, Li Xuan’s heart became hopeless. After her man left the village to find food, he never returned. Without a man’s protection, this Xu Wei who always peeped at her body took advantage.

A crafty light flashed in Xu Wei’s eyes, the tone changed: “Li Xuan, if your mother and daughter pair follow me, I guarantee you two won’t go hungry so long as I have a bite to eat.”

Xue Wei used the carrot and the stick. Li Xuan didn’t have a plan. If it was before the end of the world, she could put this man in his place with just a phone call never to recieve a second glance from him. But now, she was without a man and had no choice.

A strange light flashed in Li Xuan’s eyes. She hugged her daughter with her thoughts in a whirl. There were no laws in Always Bright Village. Xu Wei could kill them as he pleased, and no one would stick out their neck to help. For she herself to follow Xu Wei wasn’t a problem, but Li Xuan didn’t want to throw her own daughter into the fire pit.

Xu Wei looked at Li Xuan and her cherished daughter Zou Shanshan with greedy eyes. He continued to threaten: “My patience has limits!”

Between words, Xu Wei loosened up the 81 type rifle on his back, and placed it beside is food. It both relaxed and threatened Li Xuan.

Seeing Xu Wei like this, Li Xuan was even more afraid. Her silver teeth with fangs delicate body shuddered, not knowing what to do.

“Wait a moment!” At this time there was a voice outside the door. Yue Zhong strode inside.

Xu Wei’s face changed seeing Yue Zhong walk in the door. He grabbed his 81 type rifle and nervously stared at Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong, what do you want?”

Li Xuan’s gaze fell upon Yue Zhong while holding onto Zou Shanshan.

Yue Zhong’s manner was cold. Staring at Xu Wei, he asked in verbatim: “What do YOU want?”

Xu Wei became afraid due to Yue Zhong’s manner, and he retreated two steps. Steeling his nerves he spoke bold and confident with justice on his side: “I’m just doing a business transaction with them. Two steamed buns to prostitute them out for one day. This is free trade with them. Go tell big brother Tiger, I’m not afraid.”

[TN: Hmm… looks like someone no longer has the cojones to call himself daddy.]

Standing by Yue Zhong’s side, Lu Wen couldn’t help but curse: “Shameless!!”

The other girls all couldn’t believe that Xu Wei dared openly say these words.

Chi Yang looked at Yue Zhong’s eyes at this time. A murderous look flashed by.

Yue Zhong shook his head towards Chi yang. Now is not the time to turn on Tiger. If something happens, both sides will be in a life or death situation.

Yue Zhong pulled out two compressed biscuits from his pockets. He indifferently said to Li Xuan: “Here are two compressed biscuits. I’m using this to buy you two! After following me, you all only need to do the work given to you, and you won’t starve. If you wish take it. If you don’t it’s cool.”

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