God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 513

Chapter 513 – Divine Envoy of Steel!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

Zhu Xiong Ba shouted as he tried to run: “Fucking kill her!! Open fire!! Open fire!! Use the rockets!! Blast this bitch!!”

By now, he had no more thoughts of trying to capture Shangguan Bing Xue alive, he just wanted to kill her.

2 squads of soldiers suddenly appeared, as they began firing wildly at her. Another few soldiers wielded some rocket launchers, aiming at her before firing.

“Wall of Ice!” Shangguan Bing Xue looked at the incoming projectiles and bullets, and her cold expression shook slightly. With a thought of her mind, a terrifying frosty aura congealed into a huge wall in front of her.

When the rockets landed on the wall of ice, they blasted it apart, and even impacted Shangguan Bing Xue behind the wall.

“Is she dead?” Zhu Xiong Ba’s subordinates looked towards the aftermath of the blast.

“Ice Bullets!” Following a high, cold voice, thousands of ice beads shot outwards in various directions.

These ice bullets were like rifle bullets, easily piercing the bodies of the Thousand Hero Alliance soldiers present, causing them to fall to the ground, dead.

Shangguan Bing Xue walked out from behind the debris and destruction, still holding on to her Book of Snow and Ice, looking like a fairy, as she swept her eyes around.

There was indeed a possibility of the rockets taking her life, however, they had to land on her face. She had employed a number of means to deal with those rockets, causing them to be ineffective at the end.

Shangguan Bing Xue looked around, noting the numerous soldiers lying on the ground, but the leader Zhu Xiong Ba was nowhere to be seen.

“Shit!” Her icy expression finally broke to reveal an expression of fury. She waved her hands, and countless ice bullets congealed to finish off the soldiers. If it wasn’t for their interruption, she could have killed that damned Zhu Xiong Ba already.

“They’re fighting internally! Now’s a good chance!” The various members of the Greater China Alliance within Yang County saw the crazy slaughter between the Snow Palace and Thousand Hero Alliance and became excited: “Attack! Attack! Now’s our only chance!”

The city gates opened, and elite soldiers of the Greater China Alliance rushed out towards the Thousand Hero Alliance. If the Snow Palace was eradicated by the Thousand Hero Alliance, with the support of the Kingdom of God, the Thousand Hero Alliance was bound to swallow the other 2 factions.

No matter how strong Shangguan Bing Xue was, she was only one person. Killing many would require the expenditure of Stamina and Spirit. At the end, against the mighty firepower of the Thousand Hero Alliance, she would have to escape as well.

The moment the Greater China Alliance joined the fray, it became an all-out clash between the Thousand Hero Alliance and the other 2 factions.

However, the Eurocopters in the skies were truly terrifying, unleashing their rain of bullets like a cleaving blade that tore through the body of many soldiers. Numerous experts fell as a result.

Even when working together, the soldiers of the Greater China Alliance and the female warriors of the Snow Palace could not withstand the might of the Thousand Hero Alliance. Technology had the upper hand in large-scale battles. In front of those assault helicopters, it didn’t matter if the soldiers were Level 30 or Level 40 Enhancers. As long as they were hit by the firepower, they would be torn to shreds or blasted to pieces.

The assault helicopters had cannons on them, and with each rocket fired, the blast would shake the ground. The projectiles would turn numerous experts into ashes and dust within a second.

The soldiers of the Greater China Alliance were trying to use their rifles to fire at the assault helicopters, and some of the experts with firearms proficiency-related skills managed to hit the assault helicopters, however, the bullets would just ricochet off the armor.

All of a sudden, with a bright flash, a bullet shot through the air, and punctured the armor of one assault helicopter, causing it to combust and explode.

Yue Zhong took a look at the fireball in the sky that was falling to the ground, and thought quietly: “Enhanced Bullets!! That was definitely an expert firing a powerful enhanced bullet.”

With one assault helicopter down, the rest of the helicopters went crazy. They increased their firing output, and blasted towards the direction where the shot came from. The entire area was bombarded in seconds, and swallowed up by countless blast impacts.

The expert that had fired that enhanced bullet was blasted to smithereens, together with the entire area.

“Come with me! Let’s go get rid of Jin Sheng Cheng now!” Yue Zhong ordered Tian Hao beside him.

Tian Hao’s eyes flashed with a fiery gaze.

Yue Zhong disappeared from his position, making his way towards the command centre in Yang County.

The command centre at Yang County was within a villa. There were many Greater China Alliance soldiers stationed everywhere, numbering at least 200, every one of them possessing a firearm and decent equipment. At the same time, the villa had quite a number of security cameras.

“What a thick defence!” Yue Zhong approached the villa and he frowned. The defences were tight, and the soldiers were numerous. With his might, other than charging in headlong, there were no better options.

Just as he was pondering, 12 technologically advanced-looking helicopters that were coated with a silvery lustre, and loaded with weapons thrice that of an Apache, as well as a body that was also more than three times the size of an Apache flew over.

Yue Zhong looked at those 12 armed helicopters that looked technologically advanced and his heart was filled with shock: “What are those? I’ve never seen them before!”

Yue Zhong had seen a number of designs for the various modern weapons before the apocalypse in school, but he had never seen anything like those in front of him now.

The 12 futuristic assault helicopters began to launch a volley of rapid fire, consisting of bullets and projectiles of different sizes and calibres. The hail of metal rained down on the entire villa and its region, blasting various parts and killing many of the soldiers.

In one of the helicopters, there was a blond man with blue eyes, wearing a suit. He had incredibly good looks, and was holding a wine glass in his hands. At his feet, there were 2 beautiful Chinese girls helping to massage his feet. He was staring out the window in boredom, and as he watched the carnage and devastation happening below, he sighed in wonder: “So beautiful! It truly is an experience, watching these wild monkeys being bombed to pieces. However, some of these Chinese women are not too bad, they can be our toys.”

Another man who was dressed in a silver military uniform, raised his own glass of wine towards the handsome man and chuckled: “Esteemed Envoy, this time, having completed such a task delegated by the Elders, you should definitely be promoted to an Apostle. At that time, please do look out for me.”

The handsome young man was called Halumanda! He was the 13th seat of the 36 Divine Envoys of the Kingdom of God, known as the Divine Envoy of Steel. He was a dual-attribute Evolver of the Spirit and Agility attributes, and was also a Paladin, having grasped the skill Knight’s Heart, possessing a terrifying combat ability.

There were 12 Apostles in the Kingdom of God, each of them were the closest to God in terms of power. Since they had monstrous power as well as absolute command of their soldiers, they were geniuses amongst geniuses and most of them were Heretical Christians

Under the 12 Apostles, were the 36 Divine Envoys. Each of these Divine Envoys were also genuses, while even the weakest was a dual-attribute Evolver, and the lowest level was at least 56.

Other than that, the Kingdom of God actually controlled a newbie village, allowing their experts to enter it to get job changes, becoming much stronger than normal Enhancers. Yue Zhong was stronger than most Enhancers was because he had went through a job change into his Dark Knight profession in one such village. At the same time, there were various other wondrous items in the village, when Yue Zhong had entered at that time, due to his lack of level, he couldn’t fully appreciate what was possible.*

Halumanda chuckled lightly: “It doesn’t work like that! The 12 Apostles are all powerful entities, and are far beyond my capabilities. However, after completing this task, I should be able to increase in my ranking amongst the Divine Envoys list. At that time, I will definitely put in a good word for you, Dus.”

Dus became excited when he heard that. As long as Halumanda helped to say some complimentary words, he would likely be transferred back to the European quarters. He loathed being here in the Asia-Pacific region, where there were countless zombies and Mutant Beasts. “Many thanks, Esteemed Envoy!”

Halumanda then replied indifferently: “Alright! Take action!”

Dus’ face turned serious as he ordered: “Yes! All stations standby, Operation Silver Fox activated.”

With Dus’ order, a number of soldiers dressed in black military uniforms and armed to the teeth leapt from the assault helicopters, employing their parachutes as they landed.

Every single one of these soldiers were quick and agile in their actions, and they were experienced. They were special forces that had went through body enhancements, and the moment they landed, they went into formation. They began taking down any soldiers that were still alive.

The assault helicopters that hovered in the air also began to descent, as a number of soldiers in silver military uniforms and cold looks came out to set up a perimeter, while Halumanda strode out like a lord.

The soldiers in the black military uniform swiftly took down all the remaining Greater China Alliance soldiers and came to a pile of rubble.

2 soldiers in the silver military uniform walked towards the rubble and waved their hands, causing the debris to fly away, revealing a tunnel that went deep underground.

The possible re-emergence of the Newbie Villages and Job Classes?

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