God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 514

Chapter 514 – Seize The Opportunity

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Ulamog, Dedition

“What is that place?” When Yue Zhong saw the tunnel, he was shocked. He had never expected for a tunnel to appear here. Such a secretive measure was beyond what he had experienced in his everyday ordinary life before the apocalypse.

The soldiers in black went down the tunnel orderly and swiftly, and soon the sounds of gunfire and explosions traveled from the tunnel.

“Seems like the Greater China Alliance is not simple.” Yue Zhong looked at the tunnel and thought to himself.

He had originally assumed that the Greater China Alliance was an ordinary faction in the apocalypse, but it seemed that they were hiding some secrets.

After all the soldiers in black went down the tunnel, the soldiers in silver followed suit, covering the imposing Halumanda, as they charged in.

In front of the 12 silver futuristic assault helicopters, there were only 24 soldiers in silver standing guard.

“Chance!” Yue Zhong looked at the 12 silver futuristic helicopters and made his way carefully there.

The assault helicopters had a terrifying impact on the battlefield, each and everyone like a tank in mid air. With the support of these, the Thousand Hero Alliance could easily crush the people from the Snow Palace or Greater China Alliance. It was testament to their might.

If he could obtain these 12 futuristic assault helicopters that were three times larger than even the Apaches, Yue Zhong would have obtained a powerful addition to his arsenal, and it would be almost effortless to suppress any smaller factions.

He sneaked carefully, before suddenly pouncing towards one of the soldiers in silver.

With his maximum speed that could exceed even a Type 2 Lightning, he took barely a second to cross the distance of over 15m. He appeared behind the soldier and slashed down, decapitating him.

On the other side, Tian Hao had also followed closely behind and charged out at another soldier, slaughtering him.

“Ambush!! Ambush!!” After Yue Zhong had killed the 4th soldier in silver, one of their comrades finally managed to react and shout out.

The remaining soldiers immediately got into formation, each of them with a speed that exceeded normal humans. In almost an instant, they were ready to respond to the situation.

“Strong! They’re definitely Enhancers above Level 30!” Yue Zhong eyed the quick response of the remaining soldiers, who were already pointing their weapons at him, and felt a chill in his heart.

Yue Zhong could easily deploy a troop of his own consisting of 20 Level 30 experts, but he had no confidence they would be able to deal with any situation anywhere else outside. At the very least, they could not be compared to the troops in front of Yue Zhong now.

The moment they got into their combat formation, they began using their weapons and grenades, launching a fierce assault on Yue Zhong and Tian Hao.

After killing 3 men, Tian Hao was totally suppressed by the fierce gunfire, and he could not risk sticking his neck out. If it were a one-on-one, with his dual-attributes and high level, it was enough to casually deal with any of these soldiers.

However, when up against an entire troop making use of modern weaponry, he was suppressed. If he wasn’t careful, he could be killed. While it was true that Evolvers had body constitutions far surpassing any ordinary people, they weren’t invincible.

At the same time, the rotors of the 12 assault helicopters began to whir, as the helicopters rose into the skies. The moment they were in the skies, they could exhibit their maximum power, and become an impregnable fortress.

“I can’t let them get in the air!” Yue Zhong eyed those assault helicopters and his eyes flashed with a chilly light. He activated his [Art of Fear], sending an immense Spirit wave outwards in all directions.

He darted about near the assault helicopters, and the intense Spirit fluctuations he was emitting out penetrated the hulls of the helicopters and overloaded the pilots, causing them to faint.

With the decommissioning of the pilots, the assault helicopters struggled a little more, before ultimately stopping their ascent.

Every elite soldier of this silver uniform unit was specialized, and had focused on strengthening their soldier skill sets. Their gun control were all raised to a Level 3 standard, and anything within a close distance would be an accurate hit. Even for Yue Zhong, who was insanely strong, he was hit by 2 bullets squarely while attacking the pilots of the assault helicopters.

After the dust settled, a white shield appeared in front of Yue Zhong, and he charged out from the dust, waving the 2m-long Black Tooth Blade in his hands about. With the flash of his blade, a number of the soldiers in silver were directly slashed in 2.

When Yue Zhong went all out, his attacks were truly ferocious and decisive. Within 7 seconds, the remaining elite soldiers were all taken care of, and their corpses littered the ground.

“So strong! Is this his true strength? He’s truly too terrifying.” Tian Hao watched in shock as Yue Zhong flashed about the battlefield like a death god. He himself was held in check by just 5 of those elite soldiers, if he had to face those 24 soldiers by himself, he could only rely on assassinating 2 from behind before falling back. Otherwise, he would definitely be surrounded and killed.

“These elite soldiers from the Kingdom of God are truly powerful!” After killing them, Yue Zhong looked at the corpses, frowning. They had proved to be more than just a nuisance.

With Yue Zhong’s current strength, taking down a squad of elite soldiers wouldn’t be an issue for him. He wouldn’t even be hit once. However, against this particular troop, he realised that he had suffered a few blows from them, and it could be seen how terrifying their strength was.

These elite soldiers had gone through specialization training, their equipment decent and well-rounded, and they were even trained rigorously in the military. They were definitely many times stronger than the special forces of the past. It wasn’t that their qualifications were better than those, it was purely due to their enhanced bodies, surpassing those normal soldiers of old.

Yue Zhong came to one of the corpses, and retrieved the .03 rifle from his corpse, before firing a shot at the body.

When the bullet round landed on the uniform, there was only a white scar, and the bullet was unable to penetrate the uniform. It was obvious that the material was extremely resilient.

Looking at the result of his test, Yue Zhong’s expression changed in shock: “What a powerful defensive suit!”

Yue Zhong had something similar, but he required the hide of those Type 2 Mutant Beasts, and it was hard to manufacture. Only the elites of his elites could wear them.

These silver uniforms of the Kingdom of God was obviously a result of technology, and the technology behind it was extremely refined and mature, being able to repel bullets, yet remain light at the same time.

From these battle uniforms, the disparity between Yue Zhong’s faction and the Kingdom of God in terms of technology and research could be seen.

“Come with me!” Yue Zhong shot a look at Tian Hao before dragging out all the pilots.

Tian Hao was of only one mind to kill Jin Sheng Cheng, Yue Zhong had no way of forcing him to remain here, hence he decided for them to enter the tunnel together.

Hearing his words, Tian Hao’s eyes flashed, and he followed closely behind.

Such tunnels were most likely built as a means to hide from any bombs during warfare. Every part of the country would have some sort of bunkers and tunnels like these, and the locations would usually be secretive, not known to many.

Even if a nuclear bomb were to went off on Yang County, it could desecrate everything above ground, but the underground would be safe from the impact.

The moment they entered the tunnel, they saw many bodies along the way, and the corpses belonged to the soldiers of the Greater China Alliance. Every one of those soldiers wore ordinary military uniform, and had been taken out by single shots. Many of the automatic defensives systems were disengaged or destroyed.

Although it was underground, their surroundings were well lit by lamps hanging on either side of the walls. It cause the entire tunnel to be bright. The expenditure just to maintain the lights must be costly.

The tunnels were numerous, like some ant hive. It could easily accommodate at least a few hundred thousands of people. If there was no guide, one would definitely get lost within the huge area.

Yue Zhong followed the trail of corpses and blood, close on the heels of the bloody footprints of the Kingdom of God.

The Kingdom of God would definitely not engage in something useless, hence they must have had a clear goal, and would not stop until they achieve what they entered the tunnels to do.

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