God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 518

Chapter 518 – Ruined!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: Dedition

Tian Hao’s face flashed with a savage look, as he immediately slashed out, slicing Jin Sheng Cheng in two: “Jin Sheng Cheng! You beast, your whole family are beasts!! You toyed my sister to death, and still lied to me! Go to hell, scum!”

The 2 halves of Jin Sheng Cheng’s face revealed a look of shock and fear, as blood sprayed out from his body, while his organs came spilling out. This leader who had control over the underground city, and had oppressed countless men and women, was killed just like that by Tian Hao.

“Don’t kill us!! It was all done by Jin Sheng Cheng! It has nothing to do with us!”

“Tian Hao, you dared to kill him, are you crazy?”

Seeing Jin Sheng Cheng split in two, the faces of those leaders immediately turned ashen and began to either curse out at Tian Hao or plead for mercy.

Hu Han walked in, eyeing those leaders and laughed out coldly, “Tian Hao, these bunch of bastards are no good. Other than Zhang Cheng and Ma Xiao, the rest are all a bunch of garbage. Scums! Every one of them got together to toy with a single woman, torturing them to death.”

As the saying went, whatever the person at the top indulged in, his subordinates would be more indulgent in them. The King of Chu had loved slim waists, thus many women in the palace actually starved to death. Whatever the leader was like, the subordinates would be much worse. Jin Sheng Cheng was a pervert that loved to play and torture women, and thus, his subordinates were mostly like that as well. The tradition of the Chinese was always to serve the leader, and to be responsible for many things that he did. Other than the 2 singled out by Hu Han, the rest were always in on the activities that Jin Sheng Cheng engaged in.

“I’ll kill the whole lot of you assholes!” The moment he thought how his sister had been humiliated and raped by these bunch of fogeys, his eyes flashed with a savage glint, and he unleashed a few wild slashes onto the men.

The various leaders of the underground city were killed by Tian Hao, as blood and corpses littered the entire place.

The remaining Zhang Cheng and Ma Xiao retreated to a corner, and they trembled as they watched the enraged Tian Hao going on a rampage.

Yue Zhong eyed Tian Hao, whose eyes had gone bloodshot from his murderous rampage, and he barked coldly, “Enough! Stop! You’ve had your revenge, from now on, your life is mine!”

“Yes!” The moment he was barked at, Tian Hao regained his rationale and stood quietly behind Yue Zhong. His eyes regained a sort of dead look. He had not much to look forward to anymore. There was nothing left worth living for, and he was now fulfilling his promise.

“Go get the security feed up for me!” Yue Zhong eyed Hu Han and ordered.

“Yes! Boss Yue!” Hu Han replied respectfully, and turned to give an order to his men, “Go get the feed for Boss Yue.”

A few men immediately brought in the security monitors.

Only to see that outside of Yang County, the Thousand Hero Alliance had already vanquished the forces of the Snow Palace, and the Greater China Alliance. The female warriors of the Snow Palace, as well as the soldiers from the Greater China Alliance, were all running, and the death toll was still climbing.

In the skies, 7 of the 12 Eurocopters had been destroyed, leaving 5. Those 5 Eurocopters had terrifying might, but some of the higher level Enhancers had means to destroy them.

Yue Zhong could also transform his Devil Flame into a Devil Flame Spear to immediately destroy such a helicopter. Of course, it would require Stamina and Spirit. Without appropriate weapons, it was tough to deal with such airborne advanced weaponry.

Yue Zhong immediately ordered, “Get me  means to contact Gui Ning City.”

There were various radio communications within this underground city.

“Yes!” Hu Han immediately set off to relay the order.

The communication channel was quickly established, and Yue Zhong immediately gave on order, “This is Yue Zhong! My current position is in Yang County. My commands are to deploy the 1st Armored Battalion, the 2nd Battalion, and the 3rd Battalion to move out now! Provide assistance over at Yang County. Hu Yi is to take command of the operation!’

“Yes! Leader!” From the other side, Wei Ning Guo’s voice sounded.

Wei Ning Guo was extremely loyal to Yue Zhong, and while his strength was average, he had the experience and was loyal. Hence when Yue Zhong left, he had placed Wei Ning Guo in charge.

Yue Zhong then turned to Tian Hao and Hu Han, ordering, “Tian Hao! Work together with Hu Han to control this underground city. Hu Han, go transport the 12 helicopters outside back in. Capture the pilots as well.”

Hu Han had just defected to him, and Yue Zhong couldn’t afford to place his trust in him yet. He needed to assign Wei Ning Guo beside this Hu Han before he could rest his mind.

“Yes!” Hu Han and Tian Hao replied with respect.

Hu Han saw how easily Yue Zhong had ordered the deployment of a huge army, and the little strange hopes he had were dashed. He dared not entertain any nonsensical thoughts.

Yue Zhong was terrifyingly strong, and once his army was here, if Hu Han dared to mobilize his troops to rebel, they would only face death. From the various scenes that he witnessed today, he knew Yue Zhong was not some merciful leader. If he really dared to rebel, he would suffer terribly.

“Tian Hao, go send someone to get Xue Ning and the rest, and bring them over here.”

Since the Thousand Hero Alliance had done in the Greater China Alliance and the Snow Palace, they would definitely storm through Yang County, and it meant that the buildings at the surface weren’t safe anymore.

Tian Hao, “Yes!”

After making his preparations, Yue Zhong retrieved his Swift Shadow Bike, before he hopped on it and charged out. Since the situation was grim, he wanted to quickly take care of the Eurocopters in the sky.

The Eurocopters possessed a terrifying presence on the battlefield, exceeding even those experts above Level 60.

Yue Zhong had to destroy them, otherwise, his elite troops would suffer a huge loss.

Yue Zhong charged out the long tunnels of the underground city, only to discover that the whole Yang County was in chaos. A large number of rioters were engaging in arson, killing and raping. It was like a scene straight out of hell.

Regardless of the place or time, as long as there was unrest, there would be such happenings. It was because of this that governments before the apocalypse would emphasize on stability and security.

Yue Zhong had seen such chaos each time an establishment was facing a critical situation. At this time, Yue Zhong didn’t have his troops and it was hard to deal with such a situation on his own.

“Get to the underground city beneath the Green Garden!! Rioters will be put to death!!” Yue Zhong readied his .05 machine guns and killed some of the outlaws as he ran about shouting.

Hearing his voice, the survivors who were running around cluelessly began to make their way towards the Green Garden, forming a steady stream of humans.

There were 20,000 survivors in Yang County and 90,000 survivors in the underground city. In truth, as the underground city was vast, it could accommodate at least 200,000 people. However, in order to ensure the resources and living conditions, and with the requirement of Yang County still running to provide the support for the underground city, not every survivor had the qualifications to live in the underground city.

Yue Zhong had just reached the entrance of Yang County when he saw countless soldiers running towards him, their guns long abandoned.

Over a thousand scattered soldiers squeezed through the entrance, trampling over one another. In order to have a shot at survival, many even chose to open fire on their own comrades.

“Fuck off! Fuck off!! Don’t block your father’s way, otherwise, I’ll execute you!” A commander was leading 20 other soldiers to run towards Yue Zhong, and he bellowed loudly, raising his gun at the same time.

Yue Zhong immediately shot forward, slapping his gun away, and using his own Stinger to point at the commander’s head. He spoke coldly, “I’m Yue Zhong, you are my captive now, report your name, soldier. Otherwise, I’ll execute you directly.”

The commander broke out in cold sweat and replied, “I’m called Ou Chang Jiang, the captain of the 3rd Battalion, 2nd Company of the Greater China Alliance forces. I’m willing to surrender!!”

Ou Chang Jing wasn’t some stubborn mule and chose to surrender to preserve his life. He was a man who had experienced much, and he could tell Yue Zhong’s strength wasn’t something that he could handle.

Yue Zhong ordered solemnly, “Take your men and go collect all the scattered troops! Execute those who resist!”

“Yes!!” Under Yue Zhong’s orders, Ou Chang Jiang decided to toughen his skin and headed off in the directions of the soldiers.

At this moment, the soldiers were like a bunch of dragons without a leader. The moment Ou Chang Jiang came over to command them, they began to settle down.

“The helicopters are here!!” A sudden shout of fear resounded, and the people gathered at the entrance were plunged into chaos. For the sake of survival, many of the soldiers began to use all sorts of means to attack their former comrades.

“Go to hell you monkeys!!” An assault helicopter piloted by a Kingdom of God soldier eyed the soldiers at the entrance of the city, and a savage glint flashed in his eyes as he began to pull the trigger.

A line of fire sprayed out from the machine guns by the sides of the Eurocopter, killing many of the soldiers gathered at the entrance. They fell like dumplings into the moat.

“Hahahaha!!” The pilot watched the scattered soldiers being killed and laughed sadistically.

War could turn a person like that.

At this time, Yue Zhong leaped up the wall and formed a Devil Flame Spear before throwing with all his strength. It turned into a flash of light and pierced through the Eurocopter before exploding. The Eurocopter combusted in a ball of flames, killing the 2 pilots within.

The Eurocopter started to descend in a ball of flame, before crashing explosively on the ground.

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