God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 519

Chapter 519 – Chaotic Battle!

Translated by: Kun


“Strong!!” Seeing how easily Yue Zhong had destroyed the assault helicopter in the air, every single soldier from the Greater China Alliance on the site had this thought on their mind. Many of the scattered soldiers began to swarm towards his location. After all, during times of uncertainty, only by gathering around someone strong, would they have a sense of security.

All of a sudden, a huge ice pick shot from some location below, piercing another helicopter. The extreme freezing temperature caused the pilots to be frozen rock solid.

Without anyone to control, the helicopter began to descend and crash into the ground, turning into scrap metal.

A sniper bullet packed with the Enhanced Bullet skill suddenly pierced the hull of one more helicopter, and the resulting explosion immediately consumed the pilots, as the flaming ball also plunged quickly towards the ground.

In a matter of minutes, 3 helicopters were struck down. It was unclear as to the orders that the remaining helicopters received, but they quickly turned and fled the battlefield.

These 12 Eurocopters had devastated the Snow Palace and the Greater China Alliance, at the same time, they killed many Enhancers and experts. However, their own expenditure was high. The moment they received the orders to withdraw, the remaining 2 Eurocopters turned and left without delay.

Yue Zhong eyed the leaving helicopters and heaved a sigh of relief. He had expended a huge amount of Stamina and Spirit in the underground city, if he were to continue using his skills without restraint, he would likely fall on the battlefield.

Suddenly, a deadly sense of crisis welled up in his mind. He activated his Shadow Steps and leaped a huge distance away.

Hong! Hong!

Following 2 earthshaking sounds of explosions caused by rockets, the area Yue Zhong was in was blasted, dust covering the area.

“No!! Would he fall just like that?!”

“He can’t just die like that right?”

Ou Chang Jiang and the rest of the soldiers that had submitted to Yue Zhong looked towards the direction in nervousness, their gazes filled with despair and complicated looks. No one would be able to survive such a blast, even for high-level experts.

As the dust cleared, there was a dim white light that was slightly visible. Yue Zhong retracted it and jumped out from the blast zone.

“Leader is invincible!!”

“Long live Boss Yue!!”

Seeing him jump out from the debris unharmed, all the soldiers roared out in triumph. To them, someone who could escape unscathed from such an explosion was basically invincible. Such a person was their leader, and it boosted their morale a lot.

“That was close!! If I didn’t have the White Light Shield, I would have been heavily injured!” He leaped out and felt a sense of terror at the close shave he had. Without the protection, he would definitely not have escaped unscathed. Even though he had leaped to the side when he first felt the danger, the area of impact had been huge. Even he had been unable to get out of the impact zone in time with his speed.

With his single strike that destroyed the fearsome assault helicopter, as well as having escaped from the terrifying blast, Yue Zhong became like an invincible existence in the hearts of the soldiers. Many were attracted and moved by his charisma, and he began to collect the scattered soldiers easily.

However, the scattered soldiers were after all beaten before. Of the 300 soldiers, they had about a 100 rifles and 2,000 rounds of ammunition. At the same time, their morale was low.

“Ou Chang Jiang. Take your men and continue to gather the soldiers! I’ll go destroy the Thousand Hero Alliance’s artillery.” Yue Zhong barked out an order.

The heavy artillery of the Thousand Hero Alliance was too much of a threat to Yang County. With the bombardment, it would be like shattering the earth, and everything in the area of impact would be destroyed.

The soldiers of the Greater China Alliance were not elite soldiers comparable to those soldiers of the past during the founding eras. They were just a bunch of people that had guns. If he allowed the Thousand Hero Alliance to continue their onslaught, the low morale of the soldiers would most likely collapse.

Ou Chang Jiang looked at Yue Zhong and answered with a hot-blooded shout: “Yes Sir! Leader! I swear to defend this place, and I promise you as long as I’m alive, the city will stand!”

Ou Chang Jiang’s desire to become strong was reignited when he saw Yue Zhong’s performance. He used to be ambitious and had been an officer before the apocalypse. However, his superior had been frightened off by the Eurocopters and fled. He could only bring his men and brothers to escape as well. Following Yue Zhong, he seemed to have regained his courage and hot-bloodedness.

China had never lacked strong-willed and ambitious soldiers, but what was lacking was the presence of a strong and capable leader. At the start of each era or dynasty, when the leaders were not greedy, nor did they fear death, the soldiers were the toughest and elite of their generation. Even during times of war where they were lacking in weapons or advanced equipment, the soldiers of China relied on their willpower and spirit to overcome all sorts of obstacles, carving a position for themselves.

Ou Chang Jiang proceeded to gather the soldiers, directing them to various strategic locations, reclaiming their defenses and transport channels.

Yue Zhong leaped off the city wall, charging towards the artillery of the Thousand Hero Alliance with White Bones.

By now, most of the Greater China Alliance troops were scattered, and a battalion of the Thousand Hero Alliance soldiers were charging at them, capturing them or executing them.

“Ah! There’re still people like that!” What Yue Zhong was looking at was a company of soldiers fighting it out with the Thousand Hero Alliance soldiers, impeding their advance.

The company was down to half their original numbers, but they were extremely valiant, not fearing death. Even the Thousand Hero Alliance soldiers seemed to be suffering more than them.

It was precisely because of this group of elites, that the soldiers of the Greater China Alliance dared go out to fight. However, most of the remaining soldiers were too weak, and the assault helicopters had been too fearsome, causing their collapse.

“This is an elite squad! They could be compared to those under me as well. If I can convince them, I would gain a powerful team.” Yue Zhong eyed them with interest and decided to make his way over.

Although this company had been battered, their backbones and willpower were still strong, as long as new recruits were injected into their team, and after some time of training, coupled with a few more battles, Yue Zhong would then obtain another elite company of soldiers, or maybe even an entire battalion.

One of the burly soldiers who had one of his ears blown off saw Yue Zhong and hollered in alarm: “Fuck! Another one! Brothers, time to kill those bastards that collude with the foreigners!!”

A dense barrage of bullets rained towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong evaded the bullets and called out: “Stop shooting! I’m your ally, Yue Zhong. I’m on my way to destroy the artillery of the Thousand Hero Alliance. You guys can go and confirm with Ou Chang Jiang. I hope that we can continue to fight side by side after today.”

After that, Yue Zhong turned towards the direction of the Thousand Hero Alliance and charged over. The elite troops were too wary, and he had no way of convincing them in a short time. He would rather deal with the Thousand Hero Alliance first before continuing their discussion.

One of the commanders looked at Yue Zhong’s back and frowned, an uneasy feeling in his heart: “Yue Zhong? The leader of Gui Ning City, Yue Zhong? What is he doing here?”

When Yue Zhong was on his way, a number of Thousand Hero Alliance soldiers made their way to attack him.

Shooting forwards like an arrow, Yue Zhong suddenly appeared among the soldiers and slashed out coolly with his sword, and the soldiers were all dismembered.

Yue Zhong and White Bones charged into the territory of the Thousand Hero Alliance, slaughtering like death gods. Everywhere they went, there would be blood and carnage, and no one could withstand an attack from them.

Within 10 minutes, over a 100 Thousand Hero Alliance soldiers had died at their hands, and the remaining soldiers decided to run for their lives.

When the other soldiers saw them from afar, their hearts were filled with dread and didn’t dare launch an assault for fear of Yue Zhong retaliating and killing them.

Yue Zhong and White Bones quickly slaughtered their way through the forces of the Thousand Hero Alliance and made their way to the artillery.

When Yue Zhong came to the grounds, he noticed that the entire area was deathly quiet, and the temperature had plunged. He noticed an incredibly beautiful and attractive woman with a sexy figure standing by herself. This was, of course, Shangguan Bing Xue.

“Who’s that? What a beautiful woman!” When Yue Zhong saw her, his eyes lit up. Just based on her demeanor and figure, she was definitely the most beautiful woman he had come across.

Chen Yao, Ji Qing Wu, Guo Yu, Zhuo Ya Tong, Xin Jia Rou, Ning Yu Xin and the rest had their own charms and exquisite looks that could topple countries, but even then, they could not be compared with this icy beauty in front of him. Of course, it was just a slight disparity in comparison, they were still beautiful. However, this lady in front of him was truly exceptional.

Amidst the area, all the artillery soldiers had been frozen rock solid, and the 2 self-propelled rocket launchers had become 2 huge ice lumps. Only Shangguan Bing Xue stood by herself among the icy area and ice sculptures like a fairy.

She had also seen Yue Zhong and White Bones coming over, and her eyes flashed with an icy killing intent, as her gaze landed on Yue Zhong.

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