God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 520

Chapter 520 – The Situation Is Reversed!

Translated by: Kun


Both parties exchanged glances before Shangguan Bing Xue turned to leave for the distance. Her condition wasn’t good, having been through an intense bout of battles, and she had no confidence in dealing with Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong saw that Shangguan Bing Xue was retreating, and he did not chase after her, instead, turning to face the incoming troop of soldiers from the Thousand Hero Alliance.

“Kill him!!” One captain saw Yue Zhong and shouted loudly.

Countless bullets flew towards Yue Zhong and White Bones.

Yue Zhong exploded out with all his speed, turning into a flash. Ordinary people could not catch up with his movements. On the other side, White Bones was almost impervious to all sorts of attacks from the guns and bullets. Both of them charged into the midst of the elites of the Thousand Hero Alliance, and their blades flashed, as well as bone spikes piercing, causing large amount of blood to be splattered everywhere. Most of the soldiers were taken down almost instantly.

“Monster!! Monster!! Don’t kill me! I don’t want to die!!”

“Don’t kill me! Don’t kill me!”

Within 10 minutes, the half of the squad of elites were already killed, causing the rest to break down, and they tried to run with their lives.

Facing Yue Zhong and White Bones who were seemingly unkillable existences, even elite soldiers would crumble.

By this time, the bulk of the forces of the Thousand Hero Alliance were trying to chase down the Greater China Alliance and Snow Palace soldiers, hence, they could only afford to send one company after another towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong had embarked on a killing spree and his eyes were red, giving him a look of a bloodthirsty devil. Each time he swung his blade, a number of soldiers would fall. The carnage unleashed by him and White Bones was devastating. As each company came up only to be sent to heaven, the entire battlefield was soon littered with the corpses of the soldiers of the Thousand Hero Alliance.

“Strong!! How come there’s such a crazy person?” One of the elite captains of the Greater China Alliance, the one with only one ear left, Yun Zi Ge, looked at the scene and exclaimed in shock.

Yun Zi Ge saw how easily Yue Zhong was destroying the forces of the Thousand Hero Alliances and he hollered: “Charge!! Charge!! Follow me and charge!!”

The elite squad from the Greater China Alliance led by Yun Zi Ge immediately launched into an assault towards the Thousand Hero Alliance, causing some of the troops to immediately throw down their weapons and run.

The Thousand Hero Alliance was after all a small time force, and were just made up of civilians previously. There were indeed soldiers who could fight among the troops, but most of them were made up of an inexperienced bunch.

By now, the Thousand Hero Alliance found its external forces being exterminated one after the other, and those who could run had run off. Their morale was reaching an all-time low, and many of the backup troops were being slaughtered by Yue Zhong and White Bones, causing the outlook to be bleak.

Yun Zi Ge took the opportunity to begin battering on the soldiers.

As for the female warriors of the Snow Palace, there were only a few hundred left that had gathered together after a large number of their comrades had been killed and captured. They saw the chance as well and begin to unleash their retaliation fiercely.

There was also a mysterious sniper that was picking off the experts of the Thousand Hero Alliance from somewhere without stopping, blasting their heads.

With the counter-attack on so many fronts, the Thousand Hero Alliance was truly beginning to suffer, and most of the soldiers either ran or surrendered. Some chose to fight to the death, but couldn’t do much before they died. The huge faction was beginning to crumble.

“How did it become like this? How?!” Within a command center, Zhu Xiong Ba watched his troops collapsing, and his face turned pale, as he gritted his teeth and bellowed in anger.

He roared out: “Shit! Where’s the reinforcement from the Kingdom of God? Where are the troops they promised?! Why aren’t they here?! A bunch of bastards that can’t be trusted!!”

Zhu Xiong Ba did not know that the troops he was awaiting had already been destroyed by Yue Zhong, and the underground city had long since fallen into Yue Zhong’s hands.

“Boss! What do we do now?” One of his trusted aides came over to ask Zhu Xiong Ba carefully.

Zhu Xiong Ba looked at his crumbling troops and he knew that the situation had already spiraled out of control. He made his decision: “Retreat!! Now that it’s unfavorable, we have to retreat now!! Convey my orders. Everyone is to retreat!!”

Soon, Zhu Xiong Ba led 200 experts as they left the place, making their way towards their old location. As long as his core troops and experts were with him, he could establish another faction again.

It was incredibly tough to obtain an entire regiment of 10,000 experts. However, it was relatively easy to pull together a 10,000-strong force. It was a common tactic used by many to expand their might, however, such a method would usually result in a motley crew, and they could at most be used to intimidate The moment they lost, they would collapse.

After Zhu Xiong Ba gave the order, most of the soldiers of the Thousand Hero Alliance began to throw down their weapons and surrendered. A large number were unwilling to surrender to the Snow Palace, as no men wanted to become slaves to the Snow Palace. This was the disadvantage of having a widely-known discriminatory policy.

Ou Chang Jiang brought his men to assist Yue Zhong in capturing the surrendering troops, and pretty soon, there were 3 large factions outside of Yang County.

Yun Zi Ge and his forces managed to gather over 300 soldiers, and capturing 1,000 soldiers of the Thousand Hero Alliance. Yue Zhong gathered 700-over men, while his captives numbered the highest at 5,000-plus. Amongst his captives, there were Thousand Hero Alliance soldiers as well as Snow Palace male survivors. Some were even the female warriors of the Snow Palace. Shangguan Bing Xue had rescued over 500 female Snow Palace soldiers, and captured 200 male survivors.

Yue Zhong looked over at Yun Zi Ge and beckoned over: “Yun Zi Ge, become my subordinate, and work for me!”

Yun Zi Ge was a hardy general that could fight, and he had a troop of elites under him. If they were absorbed into Yue Zhong’s forces, Yue Zhong could gain another capable general.

Yun Zi Ge hesitated before asking: “Yue Zhong! If I follow you, what will become of my brothers?”

Yue Zhong chuckled and promised: “As long as you choose to follow me, your brothers are still considered your troops. You can immediately be drafted as a battalion of your own, and you’ll be the commander.”

Yun Zi Ge’s eyes flashed with a look of joy and he saluted: “Many thanks, Leader! I’m willing to serve!”

Gui Ning City’s Tyrant Yue Zhong, this name was widely known amongst the people of the Greater China Alliance. Some spoke well of him, others viewed him negatively, but almost everyone could agree that Yue Zhong was truly extremely capable and a charismatic leader.

Gui Ning City had already established some form of order, and the people within had resumed their lives similar to prior to the apocalypse. Compared to before the apocalypse, their quality of life might not be as good, but compared to Yang County, life in Gui Ning City was almost heaven.

Over at Yang County, the survivors were like dogs, and the ones on top lived at the expense of the ones below. For just one bread, women were willing to sell their bodies. For the sake of a packet of noodles, even friends could attack one another.

In the underground city, there were over a few ten thousands of tonnes of food, however, Jin Sheng Cheng and the rest hoarded them like they were their own possessions, and were not willing to share them with the other survivors. That was why there was a famine.

In this apocalypse, other than facing zombies, Mutant Beasts and the harsh weather conditions, a terrifying enemy was the shortage of food. As no food could be grown in the current conditions, it resulted in an anxiety in almost all the leaders of their own factions.

Yue Zhong could relax only because he obtained the treasure of the grain tree. If he didn’t have it, he would also be constantly worried about the food problem.

Shangguan Bing Xue looked at Yue Zhong and spoke coldly: “Hand over my Snow Palace people, I’ll leave immediately.”

Yue Zhong replied directly: “Not an issue, but I want all the men from your Snow Palace.”

There was no use for the female soldiers because they wouldn’t serve him wholeheartedly.

“Fine!” Shangguan Bing Xue replied coldly, in her eyes, a single woman was more important than 10 men.

“Release them!”

After they exchanged their captives, under the command of Shangguan Bing Xue, the Snow Palace forces quickly left. They had no more left in them to continue the assault on Yang County, and there would only be deaths if they insisted on continuing.

Yue Zhong quickly returned to Yang County to establish some form of order.

With the gathered troops, Yue Zhong managed to bring the chaos and confusion under control, at the same time, under his orders, Yang County regained its stability. This was his first step and assuming control over this place with 110,000 survivors.

“Leader! The 1st Armored Battalion reports!” 2 hours later, Hu Yi came up, his fierce aura mixed with some military bearing radiated out as he stepped forward to salute Yue Zhong.

After 2 months of tough training, this brother of Yue Zhong, Hu Yi, had finally undergone some change, the hoodlum in him being washed away. He was now an incredibly valiant and capable commander.

A number of tanks, IFVs and self-propelling rocket launchers, cannons and trucks rolled into Yang County. The fleet of advanced weaponry caused the survivors to stare in shock, their mouths agape.

When Ou Chang Jiang saw the fleet rolling into Yang County, his expression was one of shock: “What strength!! Such advanced equipment. Just this one battalion is enough to wipe out the Greater China Alliance! Fortunately, I submitted early!”

Hu Yi’s armored battalion had truly transformed. Counting just the tanks, there were 24 of them. Such an armored battalion was truly terrifying, almost invincible. If the forces of the Greater China Alliance were to clash with Yue Zhong, just this armored battalion alone was enough to cause them to crumble almost instantly.

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