God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 521

Chapter 521 – Fleeing From Might!

Translated by: Kun


Yun Zi Ge looked at the armored battalion and their equipment, his eyes filled with envy and passion: “Their equipment is really top-notch! If only my troops have the same equipment!”

Decent equipment could alleviate the strength of an entire troop. It was just like how a group of soldiers wielding knives and bats would never be able to best a troop with planes and cannons.

Xue Ning looked at the valiant armored battalion and could not help but sigh with praise: “So powerful! Is this your army? Boss Yue, you truly are awesome!”

The 1st Battalion of soldiers were Yue Zhong’s blade and trump card, many of them being Enhancers above Level 20. Any one such warrior could easily become the trump card of a small time faction in any of the surrounding areas, and any one of them could easily raze a faction to the ground.

Yue Zhong chuckled and eyed Hu Yi with a look of satisfaction: “Does your 1st Battalion have the energy to fight?”

Hu Yi immediately replied loudly: “Yes! The 1st Battalion will definitely carry out Leader’s orders, to wipe out the enemy!”

“Good!” Yue Zhong revealed a slight smile, before calling for Liu Xiao Cha and asked: “What’s the weather like for today and tomorrow?”

The weather was a critical factor in any operations now, if there was an unexpected snowstorm, the entire troop could be eradicated. Yue Zhong had just suffered one such blow recently, and since he had the means of predicting the weather, he wanted to be sure.

Liu Xiao Cha squinted her eyes towards the skies and activated her skill, before replying swiftly: “The skies will be clear for the next 24 hours.”

Yue Zhong then turned to Hu Yi and ordered: “Good! Convey my orders! The 1st Battalion is to launch an assault on the base of the Thousand Hero Alliance at Lao Chao Ji County!”

By now, the Thousand Hero Alliance had just been defeated and were at their weakest. Hu Yi’s armored battalion had also made its appearance and was absolutely capable of taking them down.

“Yes! We will fulfill your commands!” Hu Yi saluted Yue Zhong before turning around and heading off with excitement and burning emotions. He wanted to establish the might of the armored forces, and to show that he was not just Yue Zhong’s close brother, but was also a capable leader and commander! Only by earning enough merit, then people will stop talking behind his back.

Furthermore, it was the crumbling of the previous society norms and laws, and where new factions were coming to power. If he continued to amass military credit, Hu Yi would be able to help bring Yue Zhong’s faction up another notch.

Zhu Xiong Ba led his men all the way back to Lao Chao Ji County, before they heaved a sigh of relief.

When they returned to the county, Zhu Xiong Ba immediately returned to his villa, and grabbed a woman, as he began to pound her violently, venting his frustrations and dissatisfaction from his failure.

“Boss!! Not good!! Yue Zhong had sent his troops over!!” Just as Zhu Xiong Ba was in the middle of violating the woman, one of his trusted aides rushed into his house and shouted out in dismay.

Zhu Xiong Ba threw the woman one side, and he stood up, his face in disbelief: “What? Yue Zhong is on his way here? How is this possible? Even he would have to take a few days to gather his forces. How is he so fast?”

The face of the trusted aide was extremely pale, as he stammered: “It’s true!! Many tanks!! So many cannons!!”

“Useless trash!!” Zhu Xiong Ba roared out angrily and donned on some clothes before he charged out.

Zhu Xiong Ba quickly came to a high ground, where the various officials were gathered. Many of them were currently gazing out into the distance, their faces pale white with fright.

“Give it to me!” Zhu Xiong Ba felt a bad feeling and grabbed the binoculars from his subordinate, raising it to look at the distance.

He discovered many tanks rolling towards their location in a formation, and this armored division was something the Thousand Hero Alliance would not be able to fight even at its best conditions, not to mention when they had just suffered a terrible loss earlier. Their morale was low, and they even lost many soldiers.

Zhu Xiong Ba eyed the fleet of metal beats and gritted his teeth, spitting out with an ashen expression: “Fucking bastard! It’s Yue Zhong! It’s that tyrant!!”

Within this region, it was only possible for Yue Zhong to possess such might. Only he could deploy such an arsenal at short notice.

The rest of the smaller factions around would count themselves lucky if they even had an IFV. Even if they had tanks, many of them lacked the manpower to operate them.

One of the officials asked with a terrified expression: “What do we do, Boss?”

Zhu Xiong Ba’s expression was unsightly: “What else can we do? Hurry and escape! Bring the men and leave immediately! We have to forgo this place!! Let’s go get another location.”

Abandoning this location which he painstakingly built up himself, was a huge blow to Zhu Xiong Ba. However, he had no choice. His men were not a match for Hu Yi’s elite armored battalion, and the difference in strength between both sides was as clear as heaven and earth.

One of the higher officials hesitated before suggesting: “Boss! Why don’t we surrender to Yue Zhong? Based on our strength, he would definitely not mistreat us!”

Many of them were stirred when they heard that If they had to leave Old Chao Ji County, they would have to lead uncertain lives again. Every day would be a struggle to search for food, and they would also have to face zombies and Mutant Beasts as well. They wanted secure and comfortable lives.

“You want to betray me? You can go to hell!!” Zhu Xiong Ba’s eyes flashed with a vicious light and he slashed out with his blade, chopping the miserable official in two. Fresh blood splattered everywhere, including on Zhu Xiong Ba, giving him a devil-like appearance.

Zhu Xiong Ba stared coldly at the rest of his subordinates: “Yue Zhong is not Buddha. He’s well known to be a tyrant. For the sake of controlling this county, he would definitely wipe you guys out. Furthermore, none of you are innocent! All of you have the blood of countless lives on your hands. Even if you submit to him, he will banish you guys to the Scum Battalion! Come with me!! Leave this place, and we have the chance to start over somewhere else! In the future, we’ll fight back and reclaim what belongs to us!”

“Yes! Boss! We’ll come with you!”

“I’ll come with you!”

Under Zhu Xiong Ba’s threats, the rest of the officials cried out, although somewhat unwillingly.

“Let’s go!” Zhu Xiong Ba did not waste his breath and immediately brought his men out of the county.

“What? Zhu Xiong Ba fled? Damn bastard, what a coward!” Hu Yi wanted to engage in a hearty battle, and when he received this news, he felt a little depressed and disappointed.

One of the intelligence officers asked: “Commander, do we chase after them?”

Hu Yi shook his head: “No! A dog will jump over a wall when cornered. Their strength is not considered weak. They have a few high-level Evolvers, if we sent too little troops, they might retaliate. If we send more, they can’t chase up as well. Our current mission is to secure and control Ji County.”

Hu Yi wanted very much to chase after the remnants of Zhu Xiong Ba’s forces, but he knew clearly how hard it was to deal with high-level Evolvers. In comparison, Yue Zhong’s orders of controlling the town were more important.

Once they lost this Ji County, Zhu Xiong Ba and the rest would find it hard to rise again.

When Hu Yi’s armored battalion entered Ji County, they immediately suppressed the outlaws who had made use of the opportunity to engage in troublemaking. They also brought the situation under control.

They were followed by the 2nd and 3rd Battalion that were dispatched from Yang County as well, and like this, Yang County, and Ji County both came under Yue Zhong’s control.

After gaining these two counties, Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief and came to a jail cell.

“Leader!” One of the interrogators called Li Cong immediately saluted when he saw Yue Zhong.

“Have they said anything?” Yue Zhong asked Li Cong.

Li Cong handed a document to Yue Zhong: “They’ve revealed plenty! These are the details they’ve spat out.”

Yue Zhong opened the document and took a careful look.

The elite troops of the Kingdom of God were split into many layers. The soldiers in black uniforms were the lowest ranks. As for the ones in silver, they were called Adjudicators, every one of them was Enhancers of at least Level 20 and above. The next ranking was a force of Judges, and these were Enhancers of Level 30 and above. Beyond that, they had the Envoys-in-waiting. These Envoys-in-waiting, or Secondary Envoys, must be Evolvers. At the same time, they had to be at least Level 40. If either of these 2 conditions was not met, then there was no way to rise to that rank. Above the Secondary Envoys were the Divine Envoys. And the highest ranks were the 12 Apostles secondary only to God.

The 12 futuristics helicopters were called Thunder Fighters and were the latest helicopters manufactured by the Kingdom of God. They used technology only available after the onset of the apocalypse. Their endurance, combat strength, weight, and defenses were all three times that of a Eurocopter. After initial tests, they found out that even 14.5mm bullets could not penetrate the hull of these helicopters, and only 20mm cannons could possibly cause a dent in the armor. There was no way they could explode, though.

With these Thunder Fighters as their edge, they were swiftly replacing their Eurocopters. However, the current mode of transport and aerial combat was still the Eurocopter. This was because they were available from even before the apocalypse. As for the new Thunder Fighters, there was a huge requirement of manpower and resources.

The Thunder Fighters were only used by those Divine Envoys or Apostles. They were specialized for all sorts of combat, and could easily annihilate a small faction just to obtain their technology or blueprints.

When Yue Zhong read up to here, his heart became heavy. The apocalypse had only begun for a year, yet the Kingdom of God had already reached the point of developing their own advanced technology, causing a huge gap between others and themselves. If they continued to develop like this, their technologies would far surpass any other powers, and they could easily dominate the entire globe.


Kingdom of God forces

Level 20 – Adjudicators

Level 30 – Judges

Level 40 & Evolvers – Secondary Envoys

Level ??? – Divine Envoys (36 of them, now 35 cause too bad Yue Zhong killed one)

Level ??? – Apostles (12 of them)

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