God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 522

Chapter 522 – Opportunity!

Translated by: Kun


“The capitals!! If only I can get them under my control.” Yue Zhong sighed in his heart with some bitterness.

There were 2 blueprints in Yue Zhong’s hands, one was the Nucleus Energy Converter Diagram, the other the Laser Gun Design. If he could start manufacturing the items from these 2 blueprints, the might of his factions would grow by leaps and bounds.

However, the technology over at Guang Xi region was seriously lacking. It could not match with the capitals, and even if he wanted to get started on the manufacturing of the items, he could not.

Based on the current rate of advance of technology, it would take at least another 15 years for there to be the slightest hope of developing the laser guns.

However, after destroying the Greater China Alliance and Thousand Hero Alliance, Yue Zhong had gained some decent rewards. Outside of the 170,000 survivors, he had gained a powerful underground city with its own defense systems both under and above ground.

The underground city was spacious, with various tunnels, and it could easily accommodate 300,000 survivors. There were even small factories inside and given enough manpower and materials, they could produce 80,000 rounds of ammunition each month. Inside these factories, there was 8 months’ worth of materials. That was to say that they could produce about 800,000 rounds of ammunition.*

“Leader! There are signs of strange movements from the zombie hordes over at Bin Qi City and Yan Zhou region. The majority had been blown and scattered by the snowstorm. Please relay your instructions on our next move.” Right as Yue Zhong was preparing to consolidate and reallocate the forces of the Greater China Alliance and Thousand Hero Alliance, Wei Ning Guo suddenly came up to Yue Zhong and reported excitedly.

“What! Bring me the pictures.” Yue Zhong’s eyes brightened up.


Soon a number of pictures were transmitted over at the underground city. The photographs showed Bin Qi City And Yan Zhou, both that were crowded with zombies previously, were now largely free by more than half.

When Yue Zhong took over Gui Ning City, he had a few unmanned drones that could be used, and they were precisely sent to investigate the situations over at Bin Qi City and Yan Zhou City.

Yue Zhong swiftly passed his next order: “Good! Good!! Relay my next orders! Deploy Lang Son City 2nd and 3rd Battalion. Gui Ning City’s 6th, 7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th and the Scum Battalion to gather at Yang County.”

Initially, the number of zombies over at the 2 cities had numbered over 5 million, and a horde of this size deterred Yue Zhong from making a frontal assault, as it would spell casualties of unknown proportions.

However, the sudden snowstorm that blew over had caused a large number of them to be scattered, and this was a huge opportunity for Yue Zhong. He could easily take control of 2 cities at one go.

If it hadn’t been for that snowstorm, then Yue Zhong would have to take slow and painstaking steps to nibble at the hordes.

“Yes!” Wei Ning Guo replied excitedly.

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, his troops began to move, in the direction of Yang County.

Countless firearms, ammunitions, rations were all being transported towards Yang County. Other than the large trucks, there were survivors also pushing their handmade carts, helping to transport rations and uniforms as well as other equipment and logistics.

Among Yue Zhong’s establishments, he had plenty of vehicles, but fuel was too precious In comparison, manpower was cheaper and much more abundant. Hence, the support and logistics divisions were made up of survivors.

If he had the resources, Yue Zhong would make use of vehicles and trucks to transport them over. However, it was a matter of being prudent now.

This upcoming battle was vital to the future of the entire Guang Xi region. If Yue Zhong could not take down Yan Zhou City, then the lack of ammunition would spell the demise of Gui Ning City should there be a large scale horde attack. The moment Gui Ning City falls, it would be incredibly difficult for Yue Zhong to take on the Kingdom of God. Therefore, this was a battle he could not afford to lose.

When the 6th Battalion of Gui Ning City arrived, Yue Zhong handed the defenses to them, while he brought the 2nd and 3rd Battalion, as well as the 1st Battalion of Yang County that he had just reorganized 2 days prior towards the direction of Ji County.

He had to make use of this window when the numbers of zombies were still manageable at Bin Qi City and Yan Zhou City to quickly control them. The zombies might be blown away, but not necessarily dead. As long as they were still ‘alive’, they could gather again.

The moment he gained control over these 2 cities, his strength would not only go through an earth-shattering change, but his factions would also increase in might. After today, with enough resources, he would be able to churn out ammunition as well, and it would be one less problem on his mind.

Furthermore, once he gained the factories in Yan Zhou City, his establishments would truly be considered to have some decent military support. The small factories in the Yang County’s underground city or Lang Son City could not compare with the large scale industries over at Yan Zhou City. With a decent military power enterprise, he could produce better weapons. Otherwise, the designs he had were just scrap paper.

Yue Zhong quickly brought his troops and made for Bin Qi City like a sharp sword, with Hu Yi leading the 1st Armored Battalion.

When they arrived there, the 1st 500,000 zombies they saw were mostly made up of L1s, S1s, L2s and S2s. These evolved zombies made their way towards the armored battalion.

The majority of those zombies blown away were mostly the low-level ordinary zombies, and some other evolved ones, however, the bulk that remained were the evolved types.

“Fire the cannons!! Fire the cannons!” Facing the 500,000-strong horde, Hu Yi called out his commands in excitement.

A number of the tanks unleashed their powerful projectiles, blasting patches of evolved zombies into pieces.

As for the machine gun-mounted vehicles surrounding the tanks, they began firing rapidly as well.

A terrifying hail of bullet covered a large number of zombies, causing them to fall on the ground.

Yue Zhong personally led the soldiers of the 2nd Battalion to guard the armored battalion. The command of the operation had been handed to Zhang Xue Wang, Zheng Ming He and other intelligence officers.

Zhang Xue Wang had been trained in the military before the apocalypse, and being by Du Ming Shan’s side they had gone through a few large-scale battles as well. He had a better understanding of commanding troops than compared to Yue Zhong, who was half-baked and not as experienced.

When Yue Zhong was at Gui Ning City, he didn’t abuse his authority to bully the weak or to indulge in vices. Instead, he had wholeheartedly sought to reclaim the stability and peace before the apocalypse. At the same time, he focused on expanding his power, conquering Nan Ning, and this caused Zhang Xue Wang to have a stronger sense of trust and respect for this young leader.

In the command post, many of the intelligence officers and subordinates were handpicked trusted aides of Yue Zhong, and Zhang Xue Wang and his men would not have an opportunity to backstab Yue Zhong anyway.

Yue Zhong stood on the battlefield, wielding his Black Tooth Blade, and chopped up the fallen evolved zombies.

Beside Yue Zhong, there were Ning Yu Xin, Xin Jia Rou, Mu Xiang Ling, Xue Ning, Nangong Bing Yun, all dressed in military uniforms. They were similarly launching attacks on the zombies. In order to evolve, they had to kill more zombies. These women were not willing to stay at home and become vases, leading comfortable lives. They hoped to better themselves.

In this apocalypse, to live better, one had to be strong or to rely on the strong. Although Ning Yu Xin and the few ladies had decided to rely on Yue Zhong, they wanted to gain strength and control their own destiny as well. Otherwise, if Yue Zhong were to die, their future would be bleak.

A large number of the evolved zombies were eliminated by the armored battalion, when all of a sudden, the horde parted, and 80 Devourers of different levels pounced out, making their way towards the tanks, machine gun-mounted vehicles, and IFVs.

On top of that, there were 400 L3s and S3s shooting forward towards the 2nd Battalion led by Yue Zhong.

“Not good!” Yue Zhong eyed those galloping L3s, S3s and Devourers, and his face fell. These were the elites of the evolved zombies, and a single L3 could destroy an elite force of soldiers without any heavy weapons. Machine guns were useless against them, and such horrifying existences could definitely decimate the 2nd Battalion of elites.

“Kill them all! Lightning, White Bones!” Yue Zhong pointed towards the horde of L3s and S3s and roared out his order.

With that, Lightning turned into a flash of light and charged towards the L3. With its extreme speed, it could break the sound barrier, and as it charged through the battlefield, numerous L3s would be decapitated, their headless corpses slumping to the ground.

White Bones charged amongst the S3s, and as they tried to pounce on it to bite it, it released its bone blades from various parts of its body and spun viciously, slashing many of them into pieces.

“Tian Hao! Protect the ladies!” Yue Zhong left an order, and he charged towards the Devourers.

Tian Hao, being a Strength and Agility-type Dual-attribute Evolver, stepped out silently to protect Ning Yu Xin and the rest. He was a strong expert, and after Yue Zhong had given him a set of equipment as well as a Type 3 Mutant Beast hide, his combat prowess rose by 3 times. As long as he was not surrounded by any high-level zombies, he was definitely capable of protecting the women.

Facing the Devourers, the armored battalions unleashed all their projectiles, including the IFVs, which turned their firing targets towards the Devourers.

Many of them were instantly torn apart by the various firepower. However, due to their insane speed, many of them managed to leap onto the IFVs, and they tore apart the hulls, spitting out a poisonous fog that turned the soldiers within into zombies in a manner of seconds.


Seriously, I have no idea how 80,000 a month could translate to 800,000 with 8 months. But ah well, stick to the author’s point!

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