God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 68

Chapter 68: Granting Gruel

Li Xuan rushed forward and grabbed the two biscuits in Yue Zhong’s hands making her and her daughter be sold to Yue Zhong: “I’m willing! I’m willing!”

Li Xuan was an extremely capable, experienced rich successful business woman before Z-age. She saw that behind Yue Zhong there were several young and beautiful girls. They also didn’t have the appearance of bitterness. She knew Yue Zhong at least still maintained a shred of humanity during Z-age.

[TL: They keep referring to “末世” which translates to end of the world. But really it’s referring to present day after zombies came. I’m just going to start referencing it as Z-age for the age of zombies.]

Seeing the prized meat almost in his hand wanting to fly away, Xu Wei’s eyes flashed enmity. Seeing the eyes of White Bones standing at Yue Zhong’s side, he put down his fierce words. Then he gloomily walked away: “Yue Zhong your ruthlessness, I’ll remember!”

As soon as Xu Wei walked away, Zuo Shanshan ate her compressed bisuit in small bites. She knew at her young age how hard food was to attain. Although she was extremely hungry, she didn’t eat all of the compressed biscuit at once.

Zou Shanshan placed her hand underneath the compressed biscuit. She ate and carefully licked the crumbs that fell on her hand. It was cute and pitiful at the same time.

In the village, there were some people who didn’t leave. Several small children watched Zou Shanshan eat the compressed biscuit. Their eyes all exposed a sight of matchless envy.

Yue Zhong walked nearby to a room similar to a big storehouse. The sounds of women moaning and crying, men laughing and scolding all emitted from within the storehouse.

Hearing that sound, Guo Yu, and Wang Lan both exposed a dreadful appearance.

Da Gouzi took a look at the Henhouse and licked his lips. He said to Yue Zhong; “That’s the Henhouse! So long as you work for big brother Tiger, you can do as you please with the women there.”

Yue Zhong directly turned towards another place. His power had limits. Protecting his own people was already extremely strenuous. He didn’t know what took place in there. Otherwise, he worried he couldn’t stand it, and he would become impulsive.

Yue Zhong walked to the tail of the village. On that side he saw a small brook that was a tributary of the Lei River. He walked over: “Da Gouzi! Isn’t that a river? Why don’t you go over there and catch some fish to eat?”

The brook has fish and shrimp, the villagers only need to use their brains. Catching some food to eat shouldn’t be a problem. Why does everyone look famished, are they not hungry?

Da Gouzi laughed: “Big brother Yue, people have thought of this. But the river spawned dozens of pythons after the zombies appear. If anyone goes near that river, the pythons will jump on the shore and eat them. Already dozens of people have died in the mouths of pythons. Up until now, unless they don’t want to live, who dares go near that river? Big brother Tiger also wanted to kill those pythons in the past. After four people died, they gave up on siegeing the dozens of pythons.

Yue Zhong asked: “When you collect water how do you do it?”

Da Gouzi explained: “The sides of the river also have several places where water appears. We get water to use from those shallow areas. Those shallow areas also have some small fish and shrimp, but no one dares fish. Every time they quickly grab some water and flee, not daring to linger.”

Yue Zhong looked over at the river and thought a moment, then he turned and went into the village. His current goal was to get his hands on the weapons and ammunition in the armory, then take Zhang Li and these women to the Long Hai City group. Then return home to find his family. He didn’t want additional problems.

“Zhang Li, you take some people and boil a large pot of gruel. Remember to add a little extra water.” Yue Zhong said to Zhang Li after returning to the side of the Dong Feng truck.

Finished speaking, Yue Zhong said over to Da Gouzi: “Da Gouzi, go tell the children under sixteen years old they can come over here to eat one bowl of watered down gruel each meal. You and your wife can also come eat a bowl. Remember to remind them to bring their own bowls.”

Da Gouzi heard the words, looking stupefied, then his became covered with a happy expression towards Yue Zhong. Unceasingly expressing thanks: “Thank you! Big brother Yue!! Thank you! I’ll bring the people of the village to thank you. You really are a good man.”

Finished speaking, Da Gouzi rushed into the village.

The majority of the team members didn’t have an opinion about Yue Zhong’s decision. Along the way they saw the children of the village were extremely poor. They were like war refugees that fled to another country.

Like a gust of wind, quickly the children of the village all caught the news and came, and they crowded the area.

Chi Yang looked at those children coldly: “Line up! If you don’t line up, or If you jump the line then you can’t receive gruel! Everyone can only have one bowl, no seconds. If you are discovered getting seconds, then you can’t come next time.”

Hearing Chi Yang’s words, the children quickly lined up neat and orderly. No one dared jump the line. Everyone carefully drank after receiving a bowl of gruel. The cruel world made them start to treasure every grain of food.

“Mama, drink!” A boy around 13 years old ran over to his famished mother after having two drinks. He gave her his leftovers.

“Xiao Lei also drink!” her eyes became red, and she hugged her thoughtful son. She carefully drank with tears pouring forth.

This rich sight plucked at the onlookers heartstrings.

Chen Si lead several gunmen eating steamed buns. Looking at this sight he sneered: “How foolish! That much rice is enough to spend on several good looking women. He actually used it for those little demons. How foolish!”

The gunmen at Chen Si’s side immediately buttered him up: “It really is! Yue Zhong has a lot of skill, but his mental ability is severely lacking compared to big brother Chen.”

Chen Si let out a big laugh: “HA HA!”

A gunman by Chen Si’s side looked Chen Si in the eyes with a flash of disdain. The he gave Yue Zhong a complicated look.

Chen Si saw that gunman’s expression. His face sunk, and he coldy said: “Xiao Ming, do you dislike my words?”

Xiao Ming was young, and he had not lost his blood. He still had traces of a conscious, and he couldn’t help but say: “Big brother Si, Yue Zhong is doing a good thing. This type of thing, although you wouldn’t do it, don’t ridicule the people who do.”

Chen Si’s face grew dark. He cynically said: “Xiao Ming, I never thought you were such a noble man! Since you’re so noble, how about you give them your food? You’re so noble. Why do you hang around us and play with women?”

A gunman said: “He’s a hypocrite!”

“Exactly! Exactly, he is a hypocrite. He’s pretending to have a big wolf tail!”

The rest of the gunmen caused a commotion one by one, isolating Xiao Ming. They already had a displeasing eye towards this unsuited partner.

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