God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 523

Chapter 523 – L4! Promotion to Level 70!

Translated by: Kun


One of the IFVs was destroyed just like that at the hands of the Devourer. When Yue Zhong saw that, he was furious and immediately leapt into the air, channeling his Devil Flame. A huge ball of fire blasted towards the head of the Devourer, causing it to explode.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 67, you’ve gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.”

Yue Zhong had disposed of 20 Devourers in a short span of time, and absorbed a large amount of experience, thus, stepping into Level 67.

The elites of the 2nd Battalion were also launching their skills towards the Devourers. Large ice picks, sharp wind blades, terrifying fireballs, and piercing air bubbles, there were even enhanced bullets that were all launched at the Devourers. Many of the Devourers were blasted into pieces or incinerated.

Under the combined efforts of the experts in the 2nd Battalion, those Devourers were annihilated quickly. Many of the experts also gained levels because of their slaughter of the Devourers.

Some of the brave soldiers managed to slaughter the other evolved zombies, causing large numbers of skill books and amounts of Survivor Coins to drop out.

With the armored battalion acting as a temporary base, Yue Zhong’s 2nd Battalion continued to advance in a frenzy. They crushed any evolved zombies that they came across, slicing the horde in two.

At this time, the 3rd Battalion, together with Yun Zi Ge’s command of Yang County’s 1st Battalion came engaging the other zombies in a violent clash.

Under that continuous onslaught, large numbers of the evolved zombies were slowly being worn down by Yue Zhong’s troops.

The intense battle carried on throughout the night. Yue Zhong finally eradicated all of the 50,000 evolved zombies with his 4 battalions, before directly setting up camp outside Bin Qi City.

“Today’s battle, we’ve destroyed 50,000 zombies. We lost a total of 117 soldiers. The expenditure of ammo….” Within the temporary camp, Xin Jia Rou was reporting the details of the day’s battle to Yue Zhong.

“Tough!! A horde with a commander is truly hard to deal with!” Yue Zhong frowned when he heard Xin Jia Rou’s report. He had only managed to kill 50,000 zombies after an intense day’s of battle. His side had suffered losses as well. It was hard to deal with the loss of 117 elite soldiers.

In the past, Yue Zhong could easily destroy a few dozen thousands of zombies, it was because they were ordinary zombies. Furthermore, they were usually squeezed together, making it easy for their heavy artillery to hit. That was how they achieved efficient results. As for the evolved zombies, while the heavy artillery was still useful, it was not as effective.

The more the numbers of the enemy, the stronger the effect of the heavy artillery. With lesser enemies, then the area of effect of the heavy cannons would be less effective.

Yue Zhong silently came to a decision: “This will not do! I need to deal with the Z-Type in Bin Qi City. Otherwise, even if we conquer it successfully, we will lack the strength to proceed to Yan Zhou City.”

The 50,000 zombies today had been sent out as an advance party by the Z-Type within Bin Qi City. Inside the city, there were sure to be many more evolved zombies protecting the Z-Type.

Yue Zhong had the confidence to conquer the city when the rest of the troops arrived. However, that would take up too much time, and the casualty rate might rise as well.

After making the decision, Yue Zhong made some preparations and left towards Bin Qi City by himself.

Yue Zhong had many experts under his command, that was true. However, to scout Bin Qi City, he felt that he was the best choice. If there was a need, he could activate his Bone Encompassing Armor, and make use of the bone spikes to dodge the zombie horde. If he brought men, he would be worried about their safety. Furthermore, his current objective was to assassinate the Z-Type in Bin Qi City, not engage in an all-out clash with the horde.

Yue Zhong blended into the night, and his passive ability Night Enhancement was engaged. It allowed him to move like a fish in water in the darkness. He activated his Bone Encompassing Armor and rushed out towards Bin Qi City.

Within Bin Qi City, there were huge, deserted areas. Many abandoned vehicles laid strewn out. There was no sign of life, nor any signs of zombies.

“Are all the zombies already gathered?” Yue Zhong entered Bin Qi City and surveyed his surrounding. He shot out a piece of bone spike, propelling him up on top of a roof.

Yue Zhong’s hands shot out bone spikes that supported him as he scaled the sides of the tall buildings, searching for signs of the zombie horde.

After searching for a long time, he finally discovered a huge sea of zombies gathered at the center of Bin Qi City.

“They’re there!” Yue Zhong stood atop a building and looked down at the vast sea of zombies, and determined the location of the Z-Type.

The Z-Types were like the top echelons of human hierarchy, they were fearful of death. They would stay within the protection of their strongest subordinates.

Yue Zhong laid on top of the skyscraper and kept his gaze fixed on the centre. When he concentrated, his eyes became powerful enough to absorb all the information even from a distance. The image of the city centre became like a feed to him as it entered his eyes, and he scanned all the information for the targets he required.

While the Night Enhancement ability did not do much to help Yue Zhong in his constitution, it gifted him with strange skills in the dark of the night. One of them was to enhance his vision in the night to an overpower level.

“Level 70 Type IV Strength – Evolved Infected L4. It possesses immense strength and powerful defenses. It has the ability to infect, affecting any lifeforms.”

“Level 65 Type IV Agility – Evolved Infected S4. A monster with terrifying speed. It has the ability to infect, affecting any lifeforms.”

Yue Zhong saw the 2 species of Type 4 zombies. The L4-type was huge, towering at 4m, looking like a building. Its entire body was covered with a layer of black scales, and it had huge blocks for hands. The S4 was a green freak, that had huge powerful thighs, and sharp claws. It was about 1.5m or 1.6m tall.

The 2 types of zombies surrounded a huge supermarket, and there were about 10 of the L4s, but almost 200 of the smaller S4s.

Other than those L4s and S4s, the large supermarket contained over 20 Level 70 Devourers. 200 L3s and 500 other S3s filled the place as well.

Such an evolved troop of zombies were all surrounding the supermarket, protecting the center. The defenses were extremely tight, and no one would be able to just charge in like this.

Yue Zhong observed the surroundings and discovered nothing that he could use. He sank into deep thought for a moment, before using both his hands to aim at the entrance of the supermarket and activated his Devil Flame.

In an instant, 2 balls of blazing flames shot towards the ground like wrath from heavens and enveloped the L4s, S4s, and Devourers.

Yue Zhong’s Devil Flame was the bane of the zombies after all, and while the exterior of the L3s and L4s could withstand the heat, their brains would definitely be turned to mush.

Hence, when the 2 balls of flames landed on the horde, it instantly caused chaos among the evolved zombies.

The L3s and L4s began to charge outwards, while many S4s and S3s were turned into ash by the Devil Flame.

Right at this time, a shrill and sharp howl sounded from the large supermarket. Countless zombies began to charge towards the location, intending to answer to the calls of help. However, many of the L3s, L4s, S3s and S4s were still burning from the Devil Flame, and were stuck together. Nothing could move.

The zombies were in a state of confusion and fear, and many swarmed to jump into the burning flames, intending to use their corpses to vanquish the flames.

Yue Zhong continued to release 2 huge tornadoes of flames downwards, while the evolved zombies continued to rush into the flames, sending themselves into oblivion.

The strong L3s, L4s, S3s and S4s were all squeezed tightly by the rest of the horde, unable to move. They could only struggle helplessly as the Devil Flames consumed them. At the same time, under the shrill call of help from the Z-Type in the supermarket, the terrifying Devourers also leapt into the burning flames, meeting their end.

Numerous highly evolved zombies were turned into ash just like that, and huge amounts of experience orbs rushed into Yue Zhong, causing him to charge through levels.

Ordinarily, Yue Zhong would find it extremely tough to deal with either an L4 or S4. However, because they were squeezed and had no way of escaping, they could only stay there helplessly as they burnt.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 68, you’ve gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.”

“Congratulations on achieving Level 69, you’ve gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.”

“Congratulations on achieving Level 70, you’ve gained 1 attribute point to be allocated, as well as an additional active skill.”

Under those conditions where the evolved zombies rushed to their own deaths, Yue Zhong actually gained 3 levels in one shot, breaking the Level 70 limit.

He immediately allocated 6 points into Agility, and kept the additional skill point. He wanted to collect them, in order to evolve the Devil Flame into its Second Order stage.

The zombies were still continuing to charge into Yue Zhong’s fiery pit of death. Yue Zhong’s pupils constricted as he sent 2 more hurricanes of flames towards the supermarket.

Immediately, a shrill scream sounded out from the supermarket, as it began to combust and burn.

Yue Zhong slapped his hands together, and the 2 raging tornadoes of fire enveloped the entire 3-storey building, causing the whole supermarket to burn.

With a crash, the windows of the 2nd-storey broke, and an L4 charged out from the shattered glass.

A number of L4s and S4s, as well as Level 70 Devourers, leapt out from the supermarket, their total numbers reaching 200. There were even 30-over heads of the tank-like L4s.

“Powerful! Fortunately, I didn’t go in.” Yue Zhong eyed those 200 Type-4 Evolved zombies and celebrated in his heart.


I’m at a loss for words. The plot armor is strong in this chapter.

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