God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 524

Chapter 524 – Promotion! Second Order Devil Flame!

Translated by: Kun


If Yue Zhong had encountered 200 Type 4 zombies or even those Level 70 Devourers, he did not have the confidence to deal with them.

Yue Zhong saw the Type 4 evolved zombies and Devourers jump out from the supermarket and waved his hands. A huge Devil Flame tornado blasted towards the 2nd level of the supermarket. He had to force the Z-Type out.

Under the pressure of Yue Zhong’s blazing tornadoes, the entire 2nd level was covered in flames, creating a burning hell.

“It didn’t appear! The Z-Type should be within those zombies that jumped out just now.” With a thought, his eyes swept over the fleeing group of Type 4 zombies. He concentrated his Spirit, and his pupils constricted, and the entire scene was taken in.

Those 200 zombies that had escaped from the supermarket were now gathered in a tight bunch, making their escape in a hurry.

A sudden shrill scream sounded from the group of 200 Type 4 zombies, and the surrounding horde immediately made way, creating a path for the group to run.

Yue Zhong waved his hands as he watched the escaping zombies, and his Swift Shadow Bike appeared beside him. He quickly adjusted the cannons on the bike and fired rapidly at the zombies.

All of a sudden, thousands of projectiles bombarded the horde of zombies.

Under the assault of the cannons, holes were blasted in the bodies of the S4s, and even some Devourers were injured as well. However, the rounds only bounced off the scaly defenses and exploded without hurting the zombies, not even shaking them in the slightest.

“These zombies are truly fearsome!” Yue Zhong sucked in a breath of cold air as he watched the bullets having no effect on the tank-like L4s.

The L4’s armor could not even be pierced by the bullets from a gattling cannon. The only weapons available to men that could possibly threaten it were heavy rockets, tanks, and missiles. Even the IFVs would be useless against them, only serving to be hammered.

The bullets seemed to have frightened the Z-Type and it suddenly screamed. Under that rallying call, a few hundred Type 3 zombies charged over and surrounded it.

“Got it!” Within that darkness, Yue Zhong’s eyes were unparalleled. He instantly located the source of the scream, with many of the zombies around shuddering at the time of the scream. Only 1 L4 was special, not moving even after that rallying cry.

After locking on to his target, Yue Zhong fired out a bone spike, supporting him towards the direction of the Z-Type. At the same time, he waved his hands and a fearsome fiery tornado was sent in the direction of the Z-Type.

As though it had sensed the danger, the Z-Type immediately screeched out. A number of S3s and S4s leaped up to take the blow. They were burnt black as a result.

A number of the L4s and S4s were also assembled around the Z-Type, acting as some form of meat shield. The terrifying Devil Flame tornado burnt for a while, incinerating the brains of the Type 4 zombies.

Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps atop the building and his speed exceeded a Type 2 Lightning. It was almost 22-times that of an ordinary person. In just 10 mere seconds, he had managed to catch up to the group of zombies. He jumped down from the building, aiming at the opposite roof. He shot out some silk from the Spider Silk Ring, and he swung towards the zombies like Spiderman.

There were 2 S4s remaining and they jumped high into the air. Their obscene leg muscles enabled them to reach a height of 15m, and they slashed out viciously at Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong immediately responded by firing 2 bone spikes with just a thought, slicing the 2 S4s in two, their blood spraying everywhere.

After Yue Zhong took down the 2 S4s, he waved his hand to send out another Devil Flame Tornado towards the L4s that surrounded the Z-Type.

Urged by fear, the Z-Type hiding in the body of the L4 continued to screech out sharply, as a powerful Spirit attack was launched towards Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong’s Spirit and Endurance had reached a powerful degree. He only frowned a little when the attack landed on him.

At the next moment, the fiery Devil Flame tornado enveloped the entire body of the L4, cooking it.

The L4’s body could even block cannons, so the Level 4 Devil Flame had no way of breaking down the body. Just as the Devil Flame was burning, a hole appeared in the body of the L4. The Z2 hiding within immediately jumped out in a bid to escape.

“Go to hell!” Yue Zhong immediately waved his hand to envelop the Z2 with his Devil Flame when he saw it jumped out.

The Z2 screamed out and was incinerated within seconds.

The moment the Z2 died, the entire horde began breaking apart. The remaining zombies started to escape in various directions.

As for the Type 3 and Type 4 evolved zombies, they began to pounce towards Yue Zhong. The scent of fresh meat and blood was the strongest attraction to them.

The spider silk in Yue Zhong’s hand allowed him to be pulled back up the roof, and escape from the clutches of the zombies. He had cast the Devil Flame many times in succession and the toll on his Spirit and Stamina was huge. It was not that he could not continue fighting against the zombies, but it was too dangerous. If he was not careful, he might be swallowed by the zombies.

Yue Zhong then made his way towards the supermarket entrance, where the flames were starting to die out. All around the entrance, there was ash and a few L4 corpses.

The Devil Flame had easily consumed the zombies other than the L4s. Since the L4 had incredibly tough defenses, it would take more time with the burning to turn the L4 into ash.

Yue Zhong made use of the spider silk to swing himself towards the entrance of the supermarket, where he picked up over 20 skill books, 10 green Treasure Boxes, 25 white Treasure Boxes, and 2,000 Survivor Coins. After keeping the loot, he disappeared into the night.

When he went back to the camp, he started to go through the loot thoroughly.

“Alright! I made a killing this time.” As he counted, his eyes were filled with joy.

In taking the risk to kill the Z-Type, his spoils were truly abundant. He had gotten a total of 25 skill books, of which, there were 8 Level 2 skills, 13 Level 3 skills, and 4 Level 4 skills.

Among the Level 3 skill books, there were the Werewolf Transformation, Were-Leopard Transformation, Werecat Transformation, Forest Ranger Transformation, Flame Storm, Ice Spear, Summon Grizzly Bear, Gravity Manipulation, Steel Body, Clone Technique, Stealth, Bide, Element Shield.

Of the Level 4 skill books, there were the Second Order Stamina Solidification, Second Order Devil Flame, Second Order High-Speed Movement, Second Order Steel Body.

“Level 3 Skill Book. Ice Spear. Congeals a powerful spear of ice to attack enemies. Consumes 30 Spirit. Non-specialized users can only use the skill once per day.”

“Level 3 Skill Book. Summon Grizzly Bear. Summons a powerful grizzly bear to attack enemies. Consumes 20 Spirit.”

“Level 3 Skill Book, Steel Body. Passive skill. Upon learning it, user’s body will become stronger and tougher. Requires Endurance to be at least 120 to learn.”

“Level 3 Skill Book, Clone Technique. Consumes 40 Spirit to produce a clone. The user can see what clone sees, at the same time, the clone has 10% of the attributes of the original. The clone is not able to utilize skills.”

“Level 3 Skill Book, Bide. Expends 30 Stamina, to attack out with 3 times the penetrative power.”

“Level 3 Skill Book, Element Shield. Consumes 30 Spirit to produce an elemental magic shield to protect the user. It can defend against all elemental attacks.”

“Level 4 Skill Book: Second Order Stamina Solidification. Upon learning, Stamina increased by 55 points permanently. Requires the skill Stamina Solidification of Level 3 and above. Expends 2 skill points.”

“Level 4 Skill Book: Second Order High-Speed Movement. Active Skill. Increases Agility by 80 points when active. Duration of 5 minutes. Requires the skill High-Speed Movement of Level 3 and above. Expends 2 skill points.”

“Level 4 Skill Book: Second Order Steel Body. Allows the user to have a body as tough as metal. Requires the skill Steel Body of Level 3 and above. Expends 2 skill points.”

Yue Zhong held the skill books in his hands and pondered for a while, before deciding to learn the Steel Body and Clone Technique. 2 bright lights flashed, and 2 additional bronze runes of information appeared in his mind.

After learning the Steel Body skill, Yue Zhong’s body coupled with his 181 points of Endurance became incredibly tough. He was now impervious to even heavy caliber bullets. He had become even more powerful.

Of course, even if the heavy caliber bullets could not penetrate his body, the recoil and impact were not negligible. It would still be able to cause some degree of harm.

Of the 10 Green Treasure Boxes, 6 had ordinary Level 3 Treasures, while the remaining 4 produced Level 4 Treasures. One of them was the Falcon Sniper.

“Level 4 Treasure: Black Wind Hook. Extremely sharp hook.”

“Level 4 Treasure: Black Steel Mace! A huge mace weighing over a ton. There’s no defense it cannot break, and no item it cannot smash.”

“Level 4 Treasure: Gauntlet of Strength. Upon equipping, +15 Strength.”

Yue Zhong equipped the Gauntlet of Strength and his Strength raised by 5 (exchanging with the Glove of Strength). His Strength now reached 100 points and was just perfectly at 10 times a normal person’s Strength.

The night passed peacefully, as the zombies hid within the city after losing their Z-Type commander. None dared come out to attack Yue Zhong.

Early the next morning, Hu Yi led the armored battalion to launch an assault on Bin Qi City.

Inside Bin Qi City, there were numerous zombies, but they lacked all form of order. Instead, they had become easy fodder, taken out by the armored battalion and the experts under Yue Zhong.

At the same time, the reinforcements arrived quickly, charging into the fray. The pressure mounted against the zombies in Bin Qi City, as the elite troops and army of Yue Zhong, continued to slaughter their way within.

With the constant reinforcements, the entire cleanup took about a week. Only then, Bin Qi City became free of zombies.

“Congratulations, you have conquered Bin Qi City and obtained the title ‘Bin Qi City Conqueror’! This title grants you 2 points increase in all attributes. The title can’t be earned again! Effects of titles can be stacked!”

“You have brought troops and conquered Bin Qi City, gaining 3 levels, and obtaining 6 attribute points to be allocated.”

“You have brought troops and conquered Bin Qi City, earning 10,000 Survivor Coins!”

“You have brought troops and conquered Bin Qi City, earning a Level 4 Defence Vest!”

“You have brought troops and conquered Bin Qi City, earning 1 additional skill point!”

When Yue Zhong’s forces cleared Bin Qi City of the zombies, a number of notifications rang out in his mind.

“Great! Evolve Second Order Devil Flame!” The moment Yue Zhong heard the notifications, he exclaimed out in surprise and chose to evolve his Devil Flame.

The Skill Book Second Order Devil Flame in his hands disappeared into his mind. At the same time, 2 skill points were deducted and transformed into light, merging with the skill book. The merged light flashed and turned green, inscribing more characters on the bronze rune of the Devil Flame.

The moment the mysterious characters were finished inscribing, another notification resounded in Yue Zhong’s mind: “Congratulations, your Devil Flame has evolved to its Second Order stage!”

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