God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 526

Chapter 526 – Attacking Yan Zhou!

Translated by: Kun


When Greenie saw those nuclei, it also immediately swallowed them in joy.

It gobbled up the 20-over Type 2 Nuclei and 3 Type 3 Nuclei before its body shuddered. It then laid on the ground and fell asleep, undergoing evolution.

When most Mutant Beasts go through evolution, they would do so in their own nests or amongst their own kind to be protected. Greenie had been tamed by Yue Zhong and had always stayed beside him to evolve. It trusted Yue Zhong very much.

At the same time, 2 beautiful women walked out from the aircraft carrier. They were Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao. Other than them, there were 20 soldiers that followed behind, each of them carrying a huge bloody aura.

Yue Zhong saw Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao and his eyes lit up in joy: “Qing Wu, Yao Yao. You guys are here too!”

Ji Qing Wu glanced at Yue Zhong and asked: “Lu Wen and Ya Tong are asking, when are you going back?”

Although her tone was mild, Yue Zhong could detect the slightest dissatisfaction. It was obvious that even Ji Qing Wu was begrudging him for staying so long at Guang Xi.

Currently, Yue Zhong had 3 huge territories, Guang Xi, Vietnam and Long Hai. Of them, Guang Xi had the most number of survivors and had the highest potential to expand and develop. Yue Zhong had been staying over here for so long, the people in Long Hai City were getting restless. After all, Yue Zhong had established his place at Long Hai first. If Yue Zhong stayed at Guang Xi for too long, then there was a potential for Guang Xi to become the major base for Yue Zhong’s government.

Yue Zhong chuckled: “Yan Zhou! After we conquer Yan Zhou, I’ll go back.”

Yan Zhou was of the utmost priority to Yue Zhong now. The moment he conquered it, his establishments would get a constant supply of arms and ammunition. At the same time, with Yan Zhou, he would finally have a proper military base.

Ji Qing Wu grunted mildly in reply, before pointing towards the 20 soldiers and introduced them: “These 20 are the elites of the Special Forces. Every single one of them is above Level 50 and they’re here to do your bidding.”

“Great!” Yue Zhong eyed them and exclaimed his appreciation.

Enhancers that could reach Level 50 and above were truly the elite amongst elites. They must have killed countless zombies and Mutant Beasts. Each of them could easily kill 200 or 300 zombies. The stronger ones could even take on a thousand on their own with no problems. Such a force was truly equivalent to an infantry battalion.

Ji Qing Wu asked: “I read the report on the way here! There’s a huge horde moving towards Yan Zhou, and the numbers seem to exceed a million. What are your plans?”

Yue Zhong replied seriously: “Deploy every force we have to launch a full assault on Yan Zhou! We must conquer it before the zombie horde gathers fully. We’ll have to eliminate the Z-Type in there.”

“Do you have the confidence?” She challenged.

Yue Zhong chuckled assuredly: “I have 70% confidence that we can take it down.”

This time, Yue Zhong had brought out all his trump cards. There were 40 tanks, the self-propelling rocket launchers, 155mm cannons, Red Arrows, IFVs and all sorts of modern weaponry. Each of them had ammunition that stacked like mountains. He had also deployed his force of over 10,000 elite soldiers. These soldiers could definitely hold their own against the ordinary zombies Although there were over tens of thousands of evolved zombies within Yan Zhou, Yue Zhong wasn’t worried.

Hu Yi led the 1st Armored Battalion, the 4th Battalion, 8th Battalion and 9th Battalion into the entrance of Yan Zhou. 200,000 evolved zombies immediately charged towards them like huge waves on the sea.

Yue Zhong’s troops had already done their preparations and dug up numerous trenches. They had also constructed some simple traps and obstructions, including steel beams, wire meshes, and even road cones.

The sea of zombies had just rushed out and was instantly met with an intense volley of fire. Rocket rounds and heavy artillery bombarded the zombies, obliterating huge numbers of them at one go.

The entire battlefield shook consistently, as though it was struck by an earthquake. The intense firing did not cease. Under that volley of bullets and heavy rounds, many zombies were blasted to pieces.

An L3 was invulnerable to guns and bullets. Even heavy machine guns would not be able to take it down easily. If such a terrifying zombie was given enough space to wreck havoc, it could easily take down an entire squad of soldiers. Yet, such existences found it hard to hold up against that endless rain of heavy artillery, many bombed to bits and pieces.

Within the horde, a 4m-tall L4 was charging towards the soldiers like a tank. A round from the self-propelled rocket launchers exploded on the body of the L4. As the blast roared out, the huge L4 was immediately blasted apart, its head rolling to one side. It was taken out.

The might of the modern weaponry were truly effective against the zombies that were packed tightly together, and countless zombies were incinerated as the firing went on.

“What a pity! If only I had enough cannons and ammunition. The zombies would be nothing.” Yue Zhong stood at the front lines and watched the countless evolved zombies being turned to dust, and shook his head.

If only they had an unlimited ammunition supply, they could just support a modern army to eradicate even millions and tens of millions of zombies.

After the heavy artillery bombarded the entire area once and blanketed the entire area, the huge sea of zombie was almost reduced to nothing.

By the time it ended, there were only about 60,000 evolved zombies left on the battlefield. A total of 140,000 zombies had been wiped out in the volley of fire.

Among the 60,000 zombies, there were still about 4 L4s and 50 L3s. These L4 zombies were huge and garnered the attention of everyone present due to their freakish size.

The remaining 60,000 continued their charge towards the humans. There were no Z-Types among them, and even if they were eradicated, they would still not feel despair or fear. This was the terrifying point of zombies.

The faster S-Types managed to reach the humans first. In their charge, they would be entangled in the countless wire meshes and fell to the ground, before they were grounded to paste by the zombies behind them. After the various ground traps had served their purpose in stopping many S-Types, the L3s easily tore through them, pulling them up from the ground.

At various areas around the battlefield, the steel wires, bars and traps would hamper the S-Types. The moment they were caught in the traps, they would be fired upon by the human soldiers.

However, the situation did not last long, as with the charge of the L3s, which pulled with their might, all the traps were either ripped from the ground or torn apart. The evolved zombies then continued to charge towards the humans.

Another round of heavy artillery blasted towards the L3 and L4s. Other than those rounds, all other ammunition was basically ineffective.

Countless bullets and heavy machine gun fire would just ricochet off the bodies of the L3s and L4s, not hurting them in the slightest. Even the impact from the 12.7mm bullets from could not shake the L3s at all. As for the L4s, they basically did not feel anything from such rounds.

“Powerful!” Yue Zhong looked at those L3s and L4s and thought to himself.

The L3s and L4s demonstrated their usefulness that outstripped the S4s on the battlefield. They were like indestructible tanks and could tear apart anything that blocked their way. Especially the L4s, which could flip tanks easily.

“Come with me!” Ji Qing Wu watched the L3s and L4s and immediately charged towards them like a gust of wind.

Yao Yao and the 20 Enhancers over Level 50 immediately followed behind, their strike as sharp as a sword.

“Tell the 1st Battalion 2nd Company to stop.” Yue Zhong saw Ji Qing Wu and the rest charging and immediately gave the order to an officer beside him.

After that, his own figure flashed towards their direction. Against the terrifying L4s, Yue Zhong was still concerned about the safety of Ji Qing Wu and the rest.

With the tremendous strength of the L4s, if even a fist were to land on Yue Zhong, he would be heavily injured. As for others whose Endurance was not high, even an Evolver would die the moment a fist from the L4 landed.

However, Ji Qing Wu’s performance led Yue Zhong’s expression to brighten. Her body flashed about gracefully, as she leaped into the midst of the zombie horde like a fairy, a green coloured divine sword in her hand streaking with a long blade light. Countless shadows were emitted from her blade as she danced apart and each time the blade shadows touched the L3s, their heads would be sliced off, with blood spraying everywhere.

She continued to weave in and out of the zombie horde, and many L3 heads flew. She quickly arrived in front of an L4 and dodged the incoming blow with ease. Her feet lit up with some faint green light, and she leaped all the way to the head of the L4 before she slashed down viciously, and the blade actually penetrated the skull of the L4.

“Strong!” Yue Zhong saw how Ji Qing Wu actually slaughtered an L4 with a single move, and could not help but praise in his heart.

Ji Qing Wu’s abilities were obviously close-combat focused, but the fact that they could complement her swordplay and movement, that was truly terrifying. As long as she got close, Yue Zhong knew that no one under his command was a match for her.

On the other side, Yao Yao’s body transformed into a streak of light that surpassed the speed of Lightning when it was Type 2, charging straight through the zombies. She somehow appeared on top of an L4 as well, and her hand carried a black shadow about 1 meter long that pierced the L4’s head.

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