God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 527

Chapter 527 – Unstoppable!

Translated by: Kun


The black light spun furiously, all the way till it penetrated the skull of the L4, and proceeded to grind the contents to mash.

After killing that L4, Yao Yao’s face was slightly pale. She grabbed the treasure that dropped from her kill, before disappearing from the midst of zombies.

On the other side, after Ji Qing Wu had disposed of the L4, she also retreated quickly. The 2 of them had used their strong skills to instantly take out 2 L4s, and the consumption of Stamina and Spirit was naturally high.

As they were retreating, huge blades of wind and blazing spears of flame bombarded the zombies. They were also supported by enhanced bullets and manipulated vines, clearing the way for Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao through the crowd of L3s.

It was obvious that the teamwork of this elite team was extremely coordinated and flawless. They were formed with Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao as the core fighting members, and the rest as support.

As the experts were helping Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao to retreat, Yue Zhong waved his hand. A Devil Flame Spear of blazing temperatures surpassing its previous form was sent towards the head of one L4 in a flash of light.

With a loud explosion, the Devil Flame Spear combusted, incinerating the head of the L4 instantly, leaving a headless corpse.

The huge bulky zombie slumped to the ground.

“Strong!!” The elite soldiers saw Yue Zhong taking the L4 like nothing and their hearts ran cold. Not one of them had the ability to do what Yue Zhong did.

After destroying the L4 in one second, Yue Zhong waved his hand, and a number of Devil Flame balls conjured out of thin air, exploding on the heads of the L3s.

The sounds of explosions rang out constantly, and the remaining L3s were all taken out easily by Yue Zhong. After his Devil Flame evolved, it had become even more terrifying. Killing the L3s no longer needed the Devil Flame Spear, any one fireball would do the job.

When the L4s and L3s were all taken care of by Yue Zhong, the remaining zombies were impeded by the various traps, and could not display their might. Yue Zhong’s forces just continued unleashing heavy fire, slaughtering as many as they could.

Yue Zhong had brought all the ammunition and weapons he amassed to this battle at Yan Zhou, hence his troops did not spare any expense and just fired at will.

Even if the evolved zombies were at least 10 times stronger than the ordinary zombies, or even a 100 times, under that fearsome fire by Yue Zhong’s troops, they were blasted to bits.

Soon after, the Tian Xin County’s 1st Battalion, Long Teng County’s 1st Battalion were brought into the fray.

The intense battle went on for an entire day, and Yue Zhong’s army expended a huge amount of their ammunition before finally eliminating all 60,000 evolved zombies.

After eradicating the zombies, Yue Zhong’s forces continued into Yan Zhou.

“Congratulations, you have conquered Yan Zhou and obtained the title ‘Yan Zhou Conqueror’! This title grants you 2 points increase in all attributes. The title can’t be earned again! Effects of titles can be stacked!”

“You have brought troops and conquered Yan Zhou, gaining 3 levels, and obtaining 6 attribute points to be allocated.”

“You have brought troops and conquered Yan Zhou, earning 10,000 Survivor Coins!”

“You have brought troops and conquered Yan Zhou, earning a Level 4 Defence Vest!”

“You have brought troops and conquered Yan Zhou, earning 1 additional skill point!”

The moment Yue Zhong set foot in Yan Zhou, a flurry of notifications rang out in his mind.

When Yue Zhong heard it, he was alarmed: “Shit! Did the Z-type in Yan Zhou escape?”

One officer came up to him and quickly reported: “Leader!! The Z-type in Yan Zhou had escaped! They’re currently fleeing towards the direction of Heshan District.”

The unmanned tactical drones had been monitoring the movements of the zombies and discovered about 100,000 evolved zombies escaping.

Yue Zhong’s face fell and quickly ordered out ruthlessly: “Shit! We cannot let them converge with the horde at that side, otherwise the consequences will be dire! Relay my order, get Cheng Sheng Yong to hold out. They had better protect Heshan, if the 2 hordes join forces, I’ll see that his head rolls!”

There was a total of 400,000 zombies moving towards Heshan District, and the moment the Z-type was allowed to gather those ordinary zombies, it would pose a huge threat to Yan Zhou.

In Heshan, when Cheng Sheng Yong received the order from Yue Zhong, he laughed bitterly and grumbled: “We have only 2,000 men here, how can we withstand 100,000 evolved zombies?”

One sentry officer stepped up to suggest: “Captain! Why don’t we take our men and escape! We’ll die if we stay here, I suspect that Yue Zhong is purposely sending us to our deaths, and to whittle our Vietnamese strength down.”

Chen Sheng Yong chuckled bitterly and replied slowly: “Escape? Where can we escape to? The moment we run, our comrades will be slaughtered by him anyway. Our families would become slaves. Furthermore, we’re not at all familiar with this Guang Xi region. Our language is a barrier as well. The moment we lose the resources from Yue Zhong, we won’t even last more than a month.”

Cheng Sheng Yong’s eyes shone with a strange light as he spoke each line deliberately: “Now, we can only follow his orders. We have to stay here and protect this place. Even if we all die, Yue Zhong will not let our efforts go to vain, and he would protect our families and comrades. Therefore, this battle, we HAVE to guard here. Not because of Yue Zhong, but because of the future of our fellow countrymen.”

Chen Sheng Yong had plenty of bad habits of his own, and wasn’t some perfect human being. However, he valued his fellow comrades very much, and when he had submitted to Yue Zhong, it was partly to protect his own life, as well as the possibility of survival for his Vietnamese comrades.

If Yue Zhong was merciless, then not a single Vietnamese would live to see another day. Especially those in Hanoi. Chen Sheng Yong had joined Yue Zhong’s forces to be the voice for them should the need arises.

Chen Sheng Yong sighed and said: “Go get started on the fortifications! This time, our survival will depend heavily on our preparations!”

Hearing those words, the intelligence officer sunk in deep thought, before saluting Cheng Sheng Yong, his own eyes flashing with resolution and acceptance. He then stepped out.

Under Chen Sheng Yong’s orders, the Lang Son 3rd Battalion began their works on the main road towards Heshan.

With the ample resources that were deployed, all sorts of wire meshes, steel beams, barricades, etc were set up by the soldiers. While they were simple, they proved to be very effective against the zombies.

If there were no L3s or L4s that were basically like tanks to clear the road, the obstructions and traps were enough to impede many of the zombies.

Just as the forces of Chen Sheng Yong had finished the fortifications, a group of over 4,000 S-Types consisting of S2s, S3s and S4s appeared on the horizon. These speedy zombies were sent as a vanguard by the Z-Type, also to scout.

With the passage of time, the intelligence of the Z-Types were growing. Initially, they would just command huge group of zombies to charge recklessly. However, they had already begun to grasp tactics and strategy, even knowing to retreat when things turned bad.

Chen Sheng Yong saw the S-types approaching and begun to holler to raise the morale of his troops: “They’re here!! Brothers!! Fire at will!! We must block them from crossing here! We cannot even allow one to pass us! Once we win this, everyone can raise ranks and get some wives!!”

With his words, the morale of the soldiers was bolstered.

Soon the group of S-Types reached the areas of fortifications and were met with huge obstructions. The obstacles and traps showed their effectiveness.

Usually, the S4’s speed could exceed a Type 2 Lightning. In an ordinary battle, an S4 could easily wipe out a company of soldiers. However, in a charge, with a dozen S4s acting as the vanguard, the moment they slammed into the multiple fortifications, their legs were either sliced off, or they would fall on the ground. Even if they weren’t finished off, they would lose their speed.

The S-Types would be impeded by the various traps as they charged over, some falling, some falling into the pits with steel beams. Many were either killed or heavily injured.

A number of the S-Types were smarter as they tried to jump over the obstacles, but they were stopped by the steel wires.

Chen Sheng Yong got his troops to begin firing at the S-Types, turning many of them into sieves.

Amidst the dense gunfire, a huge number of the S-Types were directly annihilated. Just the traps took out over a thousand of the dumb S-Types.

Chen Sheng Yong surveyed the field, noting the 4,000 evolved zombies that they had killed, and couldn’t help but feel a sense of pride: “Not bad! We managed to survive the 1st wave.”

4,000 evolved zombies and 4,000 ordinary zombies were very different scenarios. A single S2 was more than 10 times deadlier than an ordinary zombie. Killing 4,000 of these evolved types was much more difficult than taking down 4,000 ordinary zombies.

“Not good!” Chen Sheng Yong’s face suddenly turned pale.

Everyone looked up, only to see the terrifying figures of the L4 towering in the distance, running over.

The L4s possess a speed that was 4 times that of an ordinary person, but because their bodies were so much more bulkier, each step was easily 3 times that of a person. If the L4s were to charge with full speed, they could easily exceed a person by 12 times. This was a terrifying speed. It was equivalent to having 10 tanks charging over.

Chen Sheng Yong immediately screamed: “Fire the cannons!! Fire!! Blast those fuckers with all we’ve got!!”
The Lang Son 3rd Battalion immediately began firing like crazy, as their heavy artillery was focused on that 10 L4s. They only had about 40 cannons, and all of them, couple with their IFVs, were focusing their fire on the 10 L4s.

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