God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 528

Chapter 528 – Pursuit!

Translated by: Kun


Under that dense barrage of heavy artillery, the 10 L4s were hit by rounds constantly. Any point of impact would result in a gaping hole, but they were insufficient to blast the L4s into pieces. As for the resulting shrapnel or shockwave, they could not affect them at all.

The IFV was firing the 25mm gatling gun, but all the bullets did was to leaving white marks on the terrifying defense of the L4s, not penetrating their bodies at all.

The 10 L4s and 100 L3s charged through the volley of fire and only 30-plus L3s were blasted to pieces. The rest continued on their charge towards Chen Sheng Yong.

Especially the L4s, a few had numerous wounds from the various heavy fire, yet they were charging like it was nothing. With each kick of their feet, the steel wires and meshes would be dragged up. They then used their hands to tear holes in the steel fences. With each blow of their fists, the huge road barriers would be destroyed into dust. Every single fortification was obliterated in their path.

“Rockets!! Fire the anti-tank rockets at them!!” Chen Sheng Yong shouted loudly. Facing this freaks that seem invulnerable to so many things, the only measure left to them were the anti-tanks rockets.

Originally, the Lang Son 3rd Battalion was not a stable force, and would not have been given any cannons. However, Yue Zhong had taken into consideration the importance of the mission at hand and had decided to arrange for them to possess 40 anti-tank cannons.

With Chen Sheng Yong’s orders, the soldiers in charge of the anti-tank rockets began to deploy towards the frontlines, aiming at the L4s and firing.

A number of the rockets exploded at a few of the L4s, causing them to be blasted, as dust and debris were scattered everywhere.

As the dust settled, a number of the L4s appeared, with various huge holes in their bodies, but only 3 had their heads blown off.

The remaining 7 L4s immediately charged through the troops and unleashed carnage.

One L4 came in front of a soldier and slapped out with its hand. It was like slapping a fly, as the human soldier was flattened to a paste. It then grabbed another soldier, before throwing him into its mouth. It then chomped down and caused blood to flow out its jaws, looking extremely terrifying.

The speed of the 7 L4s was extremely fast, and the normal soldiers had no means of escaping their clutches. They could only be swatted like ants or grabbed and eaten.

Seeing the L4s which were demon-like existences, a chill came over the hearts of the soldiers. These freaks were indestructible and had monstrous strength. Nothing in their arsenal could kill them. How could they fight such monsters?

At almost an instant, their morale dipped, almost collapsing.

“Beasts! Fucking beasts!!” Chen Sheng Yong looked at those L4s and his eyes turned red, showing a hint of despair. If it were just 1 L4, he could activate the Enhancers and Evolvers of the Lang Son 3rd Battalion to join forces against it. However, since there were 7, he was at a loss.

“If only we were the main force!!” Chen Sheng Yong looked across the battlefield and watched helplessly as the L4s ravaged their way throughout the battlefield.

Yue Zhong had biases towards and against his various troops. As his most trusted force, he would naturally not be stingy with the resources. Just Hu Yi and his 1st Armored Battalion had 40 tanks and 110 IFVs. They had over 100 artillery of various kinds. The 1st Armored Battalion was almost certainly going to expand and become Yue Zhong’s strongest regiment.

As for the unreliable forces of the Lang Son 3rd Battalion, they were only given ordinary rifles and had limited ammunition. In times where no battles were imminent, their troops only had refilled bullets. Only in times of war like the current situation would they be given proper ammunition and other logistics. As for heavy artillery, they truly had only a sparse number. If they had enough heavy artillery fire, they would be able to take on the L4s.

With the L4s leading the charge of the zombies, the soldiers at the frontlines were thoroughly crushed. The soldiers were retreating frantically. The rest of the troops were also feeling nervous and fearful.

“We’re finished! We’re finished!” Chen Sheng Yong looked at his broken troops and thought silently to himself in despair.

The fearsome L4s had torn the defenses of the Lang Son 3rd Battalion apart like it was nothing. The rest of the zombies were following behind. The moment they breached the base, the troops would have no means to resist at all. Without any fortifications or defenses, a single S2 or L2 could dispatch 10 ordinary soldiers with ease.

Right as Chen Sheng Yong felt that there was no more hope, an assault helicopter appeared in the distance, roaring over. A Devil Flame Spear shot down like judgment from heaven, piercing the head of one L4, combusting immediately, turning the L4 into a headless corpse.

The headless corpse of the L4 fell back slowly like a toppled giant.

Yue Zhong eyed the rest of the tank-like L4s and immediately conjured a few Devil Flame Spears in succession, throwing them quickly. The Devil Flame Spears shot towards the L4s, combusting upon impact.

“That’s Yue Zhong?!” Chen Sheng Yong eyed the assault helicopter and his heart was filled with shock. Having crossed arms with the L4s, he knew of their terrifying nature. Seeing how easy it had been for Yue Zhong to take them down, the shock and respect for Yue Zhong increased another notch.


“Fuck yea!!”

When they saw Yue Zhong take down the 7 L4s, all the soldiers immediately roared out in joy. The invincible demon-like existences had met their ends at Yue Zhong’s hands, and their morale instantly shot up.

Cheng Sheng Yong immediately gave an order the moment the L4s were taken down: “Relay my orders, 9th Company to launch counter-attack!”

The 9th Company consisted of the Vietnamese experts under Chen Sheng Yong and had been his trump card. Now that Yue Zhong had personally entered the fray, he had to risk his all as well.

Under Chen Sheng Yong’s orders, a Vietnamese Evolver roared out in battlelust, leading his team of over 50 Enhancers towards the evolved zombies. Their aim was to clean up those terrifying L2s and L3s, not allowing them to wreck any more havoc to the fortifications.

Having expended a total of 140 Spirit and 50 Stamina to kill those L4s, Yue Zhong had truly exceeded himself as compared to when he killed the Z2 on Bin Qi City. The effect was less as well, since he burned the L4s to death back then, whereas he had opted to decimate the L4s in one shot. The level of difficulty between both was truly incomparable.

However, in doing so, it had propelled his undefeatable image in the hearts of the Lang Son 3rd Battalion, as well raised their morale again. The soldiers were once again filled with fighting spirit and would not break down.

“Where the hell is the Z-type?” Yue Zhong surveyed the scene from the skies, trying to locate the Z-type.

If it managed to escape, and gather the huge horde from a distance, it would become a nightmare for Yue Zhong. Although this battle was a victory for Yue Zhong, his forces had expended plenty of ammunition. In the short term, it would be hard for him to contend against another major horde.

After observing the scene below for a while, he quickly found 5 L4s and a 100 L3s huddled together. Especially in the midst of such a horde, the bulky L4s that were the size of houses were extremely obvious.

“Attack that side!!” When Yue Zhong discovered that group, he immediately ordered the pilot.

The assault helicopter immediately fired numerous rockets towards the 5 L4s. At the same time, the heavy machine began firing wildly towards the group of zombies.

Hong! Hong!

Wherever the rockets blasted on the L4s, they would result in huge bloody wounds. However, even with that bombardment, only 1 L4 had suffered a headshot. The rest were injured, but not dead.

However, the attack served to frighten the Z-type, as the remaining L4s immediately separated and ran in 4 different directions.

Yue Zhong saw this and his eyes flashing with a strong killing intent: “Splitting up! This Z-type has already evolved to such a level of intelligence? I cannot let it escape! We must kill it!!”

There were over 40 million zombies in Guang Xi. Even with Yue Zhong and Du Shan Xiong’s past efforts, the total number of zombies killed were about 3 million. If such an intelligent Z-type were to escape, it would become a disaster for humanity.

Yue Zhong unleashed a piercing howl towards the skies and Type 3 Lightning appeared in the distance. It brought 300 of its little kin, engaging the evolved zombies. To those Mutant Beasts, evolved zombies were a special treat. Although they couldn’t compare with gobbling nuclei, swallowing evolved zombies would allow them to evolve as well.

Yue Zhong eyed the horde below and waved his hands. 2 huge flaming tornadoes appeared and shot towards 2 of the L4s. The moment they landed, the 2 L4s evaded to one side, knocking into the other zombies before they escaped towards the distance.

“That’s not it!” Yue Zhong waved his hands again, sending another 2 flaming tornadoes towards the remaining 2 L4s.

One of them immediately tried to run, while the other continued in its path, but several S-Types leaped up to take the blow. All of them were instantly incinerated.

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