God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 530

Chapter 530 – Evolving Liquid!

Translated by: Kun


Without any large transport carriers, Yue Zhong would lack the means to deploy his troops throughout the country.

The speed of advance of the Kingdom of God was extremely fast, chasing up to before the apocalypse. It was mainly due to them possessing a large number of aerial transport and assault helicopters. With those, they could launch devastating attacks in all corners of the earth to obtain even more designs.

This time, if it wasn’t for Yue Zhong’s interference, the laser gun designs would have landed in the hands of the Kingdom of God, and they would be able to quickly manufacture laser guns, raising the overall might of their troops.

Yue Zhong also hoped to quickly produce huge transport aircrafts so that he could deploy his forces. After all, it was hard to send aid anywhere he wanted when there were zombies everywhere.

Yue Zhong kept his gaze fixed on Lei Wang and asked: “If we had to manufacture those large transport aircrafts, how many years would it take?”

Lei Wang hesitated a while before gritting his teeth and replied: “Leader, constructing an aircraft would require the support of a few key industrial sectors. It’s not a simple matter with Yan Zhou’s current state and technology. It would take at least 15 years.

When Yue Zhong heard that, he immediately dropped his hopes of constructing large aircrafts in Yan Zhou. 15 years of time, even the daylily would be cold, and his troops might already reach the coastal area.

Yue Zhong continued to ask: “What about unmanned drones?”

In the operation to conquer Bin Qi City and Yan Zhou, the UAVs had played a vital role and were also very important with its non-combat functions.

Lei Wang pondered a while before replying carefully: “Gui Xi City has better facilities and equipment to build aerial technology compared to our Yan Zhou’s facilities. We would need their equipment to begin work, otherwise, it would incredibly hard for us here at Yan Zhou.”

It was Yue Zhong’s turn to sink into his thoughts before he pulled out his laser gun design and handed it to Lei Wang: “What about this?”

The moment Lei Wang received the designs, the information entered his brain, giving him the knowledge on its construction.

“Good stuff! If I had this before the apocalypse, I would have been rich!” Lei Wang gripped the design tightly in his hands, his eyes flashing with a look of excitement then pity. He was in the defense research sector and knew of the value of this laser gun design. It was something that could easily cause all current technology to be obsolete.

Yue Zhong looked at Lei Wang and frowned slightly before asking: “Is it possible?”

Lei Wang shook his head dejectedly: “No Leader, many of the components are not what Yan Zhou is capable of producing. Only the eastern or southern cities along the sea are capable of it. Only the main capitals possess the necessary tools, know-hows, and manufacturing lines. However, with this design, it’s not impossible to use some replacement parts so we should be able to produce one or 2.”

Yue Zhong then took out the Nucleus Energy Converter diagram and handed it to Lei Wang: “Ok, this one here, see if it’s doable?”

“This!” When Lei Wang received the blueprint of the Nucleus Energy Converter, his face instantly changed. Every normal person knew how important energy was to a country, or even to an entire race. The USA had waged wars in the Middle East purely because of oil as an energy resource.

If this Nucleus Energy Converter could be produced, then Yue Zhong’s establishment would possess a clean and renewable energy source. When coupled with the laser gun, it would raise the lethality of the laser guns and extend combat duration.

Lei Wang scrutinized the design carefully, obtaining some important information before saying: “Leader, if I can run some tests, I have confidence that I will be able to produce a prototype within a year. If you need large-scale production, I’m afraid that it would take 3 years. After all, we’re lacking talents and are sort of starting from scratch here. Even if we had more details, it would still be hard.”

Yue Zhong looked at Lei Wang indifferently and spoke: “This matter will be handled by you. Organize a team to begin your research, if you need people, I’ll provide them. The same goes for resources. However, this must be kept confidential. You guys will go to the underground city and set up a lab there, understand?”

“Yes!” Lei Wang replied with respect, he knew the importance of the 2 designs, and that once they became a reality, Yue Zhong’s faction would leap in strength.

With a single order from Yue Zhong, a highly secretive lab was constructed in the underground city. They began to gather specific talents. Although the lab could not compare with the Kingdom of God’s, it was still highly advanced, and with the production of the 2 designs, the lab would gain an increase in research and development as well.

As the manager in charge of the lab, Lei Wang was naturally excited, and he could guess Yue Zhong’s objectives and decided to give a suggestion: “Leader, although we can’t produce the aircraft carriers yet, we still have the railroads. Should you decide to travel far, we can definitely station troops throughout Guang Xi with the help of the railroads.”

When Yue Zhong heard it, his eyes lit up: “Right! The railroads!”

Yue Zhong had always been following the major highways and roads to travel towards cities. With Lei Wang’s reminder, he remembered that the whole country was accessible by railroad.

If they gained control of the railroads, Yue Zhong could reach any corner of the country. He could then station his troops and advance from there.

Because of the existence of these railroads, China had not been as excited about the development of air travel. In times of peace, it was more than enough to use their rails for troops and resources to be transported anywhere that has a railroad and station.

As for the trains, since Gui Ning City, Bin Qi City and Yan Zhou were all in Yue Zhong’s hands, he could utilize them anytime.

“But, there’s still the possibility that the railroads were destroyed. That would be troublesome.” Yue Zhong noticed the issue almost instantly.

Prior to the apocalypse, the railroads were indeed useful and could reach all parts of the country. However, because of the apocalypse, there might be some major tunnels or roads that were damaged, and it would pose a problem.

The rails break down easily, but building them was difficult.

Using the rails to get to the nearby cities would be easy, but to reach the coastal areas, if they were not careful, the troops would be lost to the tracks.

However, with Lei Wang’s reminder, Yue Zhong could pour some attention to deploying some troops with the trains to protect the tracks around Gui Ning City, Bin Qi City and Yan Zhou.

If they could protect these vital channels, then his troops would be able to relocate easily between the 3 cities, using them as a centre point for branching outwards and attacking.

“Leader, the Snow Palace escaped.” Right as Yue Zhong was prepping his troops to swallow the Snow Palace, he received the sudden news.

Yue Zhong frowned: “When was this? Which direction did they escape to?”

The officer immediately replied: “3 days ago, they made their way towards He Xi City.”

“They’re smart, escaping so early.” Yue Zhong chuckled.

His next target would have He Xi City anyway, so he decided to allow them the head start for now.

There was also a huge horde over at He Xi City, and if the Snow Palace ran there, they would have to clear those zombies. Their existence would help Yue Zhong attract the attention of the zombies first, thus Yue Zhong decided not to make things difficult for them for now.

Otherwise, it would just take an elite infantry brigade to eliminate the Snow Palace entirely. However, due to the Palace Master Shangguan Bing Xue being a powerful expert herself, he might lose a number of his troops.

“I’ve produced Ou Ming Ver. 2 Evolving Liquid. Come and get it.”

When Yue Zhong was busy with settling the affairs of Yan Zhou, Bin Qi City and Gui Ning City, he received news from Ou Ming in Long An County.

Yue Zhong did not say another word and immediately got on his Swift Shadow Bike and rode straight for Long An County, all the way to Ou Ming’s research lab.

The moment Yue Zhong entered the lab, he saw numerous scientists scurrying around conducting various experiments. Compared to the last time he was here, the whole placed looked bigger, more spacious, and it was bustling with more people and equipment.

Yue Zhong was very clear on how talented Ou Ming was, and hence he had provided a huge amount of resources for him.

The moment he saw Yue Zhong, Ou Ming held up a vial: “You’re here. This is Ou Ming Ver 2. Evolving Liquid. Upon consuming it, Enhancers with a total attribute points of less than 120 would gain +5 in all 6 attributes. Enhancers with more than 120 points would gain +1 in all attributes. It is only effective once. Further consumption would have no reaction. The main ingredient is the Snake Birth Fruit and the sap from the Green Spirit Vine plant. The research is complete, and with the ingredients, we can begin mass production.”

“Truly a good item!” Yue Zhong eyed the vial and his eyes lit up. With this liquid, he could forcefully increase the strength of his soldiers. Of course, the effect of the Ver 1. Evolving Liquid was better, but with the core ingredient being the brain of a Type 3 Mutant Beast, it was a problem to manufacture.

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