God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 69

Chapter 69: Xiao Ming

His face turning red, tightly squeezing his fists, and gritting his teeth, Xiao Ming silently endured his comrade’s isolation and abuse. He entered Tiger’s influence without any goals other than to eat and not die. His conscious wasn’t destroyed. As far as the Henhouse, he also went with the other men to be with the women. One aspect was his physical needs, and the other aspect was he didn’t want to be excluded by his comrades.

Li Si saw the group. He went forward and clapped Xiao Ming on the shoulder: “Everyone need not gather together and cause a commotion! We’re all brothers. Little Xiao merely had a head fever. Little Xiao, come apologize to everyone. This matter will be solved. After apologizing, everyone is still good brothers.”

Everyone else shut up when Li Si spoke.

Xiao Ming fought the humiliation with great difficulty. With a red face he said “Sorry, big brother Si! I was wrong!”

Xiao Yue wanted to get along with this small group. He couldn’t oppose Li Si, otherwise he feared he wouldn’t live long.

“Ha ha! No problem! Everyone is still good brothers!” Li Si clapped Xiao Mings shoulder laughing loudly. In his head, he executed Xiao Ming’s death sentence, preparing to find an opportunity to secretly kill Xiao Ming. Going out on missions to find supplies is extremely dangerous. People die every time while on supply runs. Acting as team lead, if Li Si wanted to kill a person, it wasn’t complicated.

Guo Yu walked to Yue Zhong’s side. She hesitated asking in a low whisper: “Boss, just now you made Chi Yang drive away the children. And why are you giving them gruel?”

Everyone around Yue Zhong raised their ears. They already experienced the importance of food. They never thought the seemingly grim Yue Zhong would unexpectedly give these small children food.

Yue Zhong dully said.; “I drove them away because I don’t like to be threatened. As for why I gave them gruel? I wanted to feed them, that simple.”

Understanding Yue Zhong’s words, Guo Yu seemed to have a pensive appearance.

Ji Qingwu walked to Yue Zhong’s side. She said to Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong, our food isn’t abundant. Let me go search for supplies!”

Looking at Ji Qingwu’s pair of big clear eyes, Yue Zhong was silent for a moment: “You, Lu, Wen, Chen Yue, and I will go together. Chi Yang, You and Wang Shuang guard here.”

Yue Zhong originally wanted to go with Chi Yang to fight. The more they fought, the more they could evolve and become strong. But Ji Qingwu is already level 8, only short 2 levels from becoming level 10. Her strength could change by leaps and bounds.

A person’s strength before and after reaching lvl 10 is completely different. After reaching level 10, you can use a skill point on previously learned skills. After Yue Zhong strengthened Whine bones, the original white bones who couldn’t stop rifle bullets now could. At the same time a huge change occurred in the battle strength of White Bones. If he didn’t reach level ten, the bones of Whine Bones would shatter from a rifle bullet.

Ji Qingwu didn’t have any objections after hearing Yue Zhong’s plan. She had an urgent feeling to increase strength. When she and Yue zhong just met, Yue Zhong’s combat ability was below her if you didn’t include White Bones. However, Yue Zhong fought with his life on the line several times, and his strength greatly exceeded hers. Her heart had slightly mixed feelings.

Chi Yang also nodded his head.

Yue Zhong looked to Da Gouzi and said: “Da Gouzi, You’re familiar with this area. Come with us! You will get a share of the supplies.”

Da Gouzi excitedly said: “Okay! Big brother Yue!”

Yue Zhong carried the type 79 sub-machine gun on his back with the stinger II on his waist and three imitation Tang swords. White Bones followed at his side. He looked like a person with tyrannical power. Although there was layer upon layer of danger outside, Da Gouzi was extremely willing to give it a shot by going with a strong person like this.

Arrangements set, he made people inform Tiger. Yue Zhong lead his people to drive outside.

With the big truck under Da Gouzi’s guidance, they entered a remote path. The vehicle didn’t go far before a beautiful house appeared.

Da Gouzi introduced the surrounding area to Yue Zhong: “This is Mashan Village. The area surrounding it has already been cleared out by Tiger and his men. The only place remaining is this Mashan Village. It is said Mashan Village has mutated zombies. Their speed is several times faster than ordinary zombies. Tiger sent several of his men here, but they met trouble. They haven’t brought anyone back to this place.”

Yue Zhong looked at the lonely quiet environment and said: “I know! Stop the truck!”

Chen Yao immediately stopped the truck.

Yue Zhong jumped down from the truck and took a look around.

Da Gouzi also climbed down from the truck, confused he said: “Big brother Yue, we aren’t entering the village?”

Yue Zhong said: “Entering the village is trouble!”

On this small road, the Dong Feng truck’s movement is limited. If we come across Hunter type zombies and other strong monsters, staying on the truck with restricted movement is looking for death.

Ji Qingwu also jumped down from the truck holding her Tang sword, and searched the surrounding area with extreme alertness.

Chen Yao jumped down from the truck and joined Ji Qingwu’s side.

Yue Zhong took the lead and walked towards Mashan Village.

Yue Zhong’s party just approached the entrance of Mashan Village. From the corner, an S1 variant rushed like lightning towards Yue Zhong.

“Carefull! Big brother Yue!!” Seeing the S1 zombie suddenly jump out, Da Gouzi’s heart filled with terror, and he loudly shouted. The S1 zombie’s speed was faster than he could perceive. If he changed places with Yue, he absolutely could not escape the S1’s claws.

As soon as the S1 reached Yue Zhong’s side, he casually slashed. A clear sword slashed through the S1’s body. Soon after the S1’s head split into two halves from the slash while it was still in mid-air. Dirty blood splashed everywhere, and the rotting intestines splashed on the ground.

“AWESOME!!!” Seeing Yue Zhong casually beheading the S1, Da Gouzi’s eyes quickly straightened. It was the first time he saw someone so talented.

The fighting alerted the zombies in the village. A trail of zombies swayed forth from the village, becoming a small scale zombie group, advancing towards Yue Zhong’s group.

In that group of zombies nearing almost 100, there were also two S1 types and three L1 types.

“Big brother Yue, brother Yue! We should flee!!” That group of 100 zombies was already extremely spectacular in the eyes of a normal person. Da Gouzi saw the zombie group reached more than a hundred. His legs became weak with fear, and he implored to Yue Zhong.

In Da Gouzi’s opinion, Yue Zhong skill wasn’t enough to handle more than 100 zombies.

Yue Zhong didn’t pay attention to Da Gouzi and looked at the zombie group. He said to Chen Yao: “Chen Yao! Get rid of that L1!”

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