God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 533

Chapter 533 – Biological Armor!

Translated by: Kun


Ji Qing Wu heard Yue Zhong’s confession and the corners of her mouth lifted slightly. This was what she wanted to hear the most, and it was all she needed. Her lips trembled, as though she wanted to speak.

“Don’t speak!! Please, don’t say anything!! Look at me! I’ll definitely save you!! I’ll save you!!” Yue Zhong became anxious when he saw that Ji Qing Wu was struggling to speak, and stopped her frantically while trying to climb towards her.

The Yue Zhong now did not have the bearing of a cold, ruthless tyrant, nor was he the same leader that viewed survivors like ants. He was just a pitiful person struggling to save his loved one, trying his best to snatch back the ball from the death god’s court.

Since Ji Qing Wu’s spine had been pierced through together with her chest, her injuries were critical. Yue Zhong was worried that she might expend her energy to speak and lose her strength to hang on.

She had a smile on her face as she watched Yue Zhong struggle to reach her. Her heart was filled with a warm feeling, and she could see that this was Yue Zhong’s true feelings for her. She coughed once more, and a mouthful of blood was expelled, before her eyes started to dim, no longer seeing Yue Zhong clearly.

“Yue Zhong!! I love you! Cough!” Just as Yue Zhong reached her, he heard her using her last breath to slowly speak those words, before coughing a mouthful of blood. Her body trembled slightly, then she went limp.

“Ah!!!! Don’t die!! Don’t die!! Don’t die!!! Please, I’m begging you!!! Open your eyes, please!! Open your eyes!!” He was about 7m away from her. He used all his strength to drag himself towards her, and fumbled with his treasures. He poured the Life-Saving Grass, Ou Ming Ver. 1, Ver. 2, Ver. 3, the 13 recently ripened Purple Jade Fruits into her mouth. Even the Type 3 Blood Essence he had been keeping was not spared.

The countless valuable treasures entered Ji Qing Wu’s mouth, causing her body to shudder slightly. Her body also became less cold.

“I need to calm down!! Be calm!! I will tear this beast apart. But Qing Wu cannot remain like this. What do I do?” He heaved a slight sigh of relief when he felt her body regaining some color. However, he was still at a loss on her situation.

The injuries to Ji Qing Wu’s chest and abdomen were serious, and if Yue Zhong were to suffer such injuries, it was also unknown if he would survive them or not. Ji Qing Wu’s Vitality and Endurance were all vastly below Yue Zhong, surviving would truly be hard to say.

“White Bones come out!” With a thought, White Bones stepped out of the nether hole in mid air, its huge hands grabbing on to the claw of the huge bird.

“Secure her body, don’t let it move about.” Yue Zhong pointed at Ji Qing Wu and ordered.

White Bones immediately shot out a few bone spikes, locking Ji Qing Wu’s body in place.

Yue Zhong eyed Ji Qing Wu and gritted his teeth before climbing towards the head of the Type 4 Flame Bird. If he did not kill this beast, Ji Qing Wu would definitely die. Killing it might mean only a 1 in 10 chance of survival, but at least there was a chance.

Yue Zhong climbed up along the body of the monstrous bird before he expended 100 points of Spirit to conjure a Devil Flame Spear that was 8m long.

After evolving the skill to its Second Order stage, Yue Zhong’s expenditure to form a spear shot up from 50 to 100 points. However, this new spear that required 100 points to prepare was at least 6 times mightier than the previous one.

The Type 4 Flame Bird seemed to have detected Yue Zhong’s strong killing intent. It twisted its body in a bid to peck at him. The blow almost caused him to lose his grip. Yue Zhong grabbed the back of the Flame Bird tightly, and the Devil Flame Spear in his hands became a shooting star as it shot towards the head of the Flame Bird.

The resulting explosion was extremely gruesome. With such a terrifying strength of the Devil Flame, the combustion blasted a huge hole in the head of the Flame Bird, incinerating at least half its brains.

The Flame Bird might be a Type 4 Mutant Beast, but its strength laid in its Mach 2 speed. With that alone, as long as it managed to launch an attack, even Yue Zhong would be heavily injured. However, its defense was not as tough, and it was at most capable of defending against 12.7mm rounds.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 77….”

“Congratulations on achieving Level 78, you’ve gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.”

The moment the Flame Bird’s head was blasted by Yue Zhong, a huge orb of experience flowed into his body, causing him to instantly shoot up 2 levels until he reached Level 78.

At the same time, a Blue Treasure Box dropped out and fell downward.

Before it could plunge any further, White Bones fired out a small bone net to retrieve the Blue Treasure Box.

With the death of the Flame Bird, its massive body began to plunge towards the earth as well.

“Remove her from the claw! Bring her to me!” Yue Zhong ordered White Bones.

White Bones quickly removed Ji Qing Wu’s body from the claw, and at that moment a large amount of blood and some fleshy parts flowed out.

White Bones didn’t seem to notice and directly extended out its bone spike to deliver her to Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong had already worn a parachute, and he grabbed Ji Qing Wu, waving his right hand and a transparent silk shot out, sticking to the body of Type 4 Flame Bird.

Yue Zhong hugged Ji Qing Wu tightly, as he gazed downwards with a calm look. When there was a distance of about 1.5km from the ground, he opened the parachute. At the same time, he activated the Gravity Manipulation, lowering the weight of himself and Ji Qing Wu by half.

The body of the Flame Bird plummet straight down, exploding in bits and pieces upon impact.

“This is an island?” Yue Zhong hugged Ji Qing Wu as he surveyed the surroundings, only to discover that the land he was about to land on was only about 1km wide, and there didn’t seem to be any greenery. It was as though it was like a coral reef in the middle of a sea.

Yue Zhong carried Ji Qing Wu as they landed gently on the island. He retrieved a blanket and placed Ji Qing Wu on it. Seeing the huge wound in her chest, he felt slightly helpless.

Although she had already taken in all those precious medicines and enhancements, her eyes were shut tight, and she was still in her coma.

“What should I do? Oh right! There’s still that!!” As he was about to wring his hands in exasperation, he remembered the corpse of the Type 4 Flame Bird. He went over and retrieved the nuclei that looked like a ball of flame condensed into a physical form, as well as the blood essence, that was fiery to the touch as well.

He came to Ji Qing Wu’s side, and with the extremely priceless Type 4 Flame Bird Blood Essence in his mouth, he bit it and broke it apart, before bringing his lips to hers. He then guided the flow of the energy towards her chest.

The blood essence from a Type 4 Mutant Beast was not ordinary, the moment it entered abdomen, it transformed into a warm energy source that began to nourish her body.

Nourished by the blood essence, Ji Qing Wu’s wounds stopped bleeding. However, the gaping hole and shredded organs were not something that could just repair instantly. These were wounds beyond the help of the blood essence.

A blood essence could enhance a person’s constitution and Vitality, but it could not regenerate body parts.

“What can I do!? Oh right! There’s still that!! Who knows, there might be something useful!” Yue Zhong eyed Ji Qing Wu’s pained expression and began to panic again, before he opened up the Blue Treasure Box dropped by the Flame Bird. With a bright flash, a strange humanoid equipment about 2m appeared in front of it. There were strange blue lines running around the machine like veins. There was also a huge gem right in the middle.

“Level 7 Treasure: Biological Armor Type 1. A cosmic warfare battle armor, providing high defense and allows the user to fight under extreme conditions. Provides enough oxygen. Also, possesses the ability to automatically heal the user. Requires Mutant Beast Nuclei to operate.”

“Level 7 Treasure! This is actually a Level 7 Treasure.” Yue Zhong was momentarily stunned when he saw the Biological Armor Type 1. It was the first time he came across a Level 7 Treasure. After all, he had fought so hard and the highest grade of equipment he ever got was his trusty and useful storage ring, which was a Level 6 Treasure. This Biological Armor was actually higher by a grade, it must truly be exceptional.

Yue Zhong reached out to touch the Biological Armor, and with a thought, the front gem opened up to reveal a slot, which was meant for the nuclei of Mutant Beasts.

Yue Zhong placed the Type 4 Flame Bird Nuclei into the compartment and closed the gem cover. The entire equipment shuddered, before coming to life.

“Open up!” Yue Zhong ordered the Biological Armor.

The Biological Armor opened up and Yue Zhong carefully placed Ji Qing Wu within it.

After the lid closed, it immediately began reparation works on her body.

“Restoration in progress! Calculating… The user is currently on the brink of death, in order to fully restore the user, it would take approximately 90 Earth days. During the restoration, the armor cannot be used in combat, and it would be in a sealed state.”  A line of text appeared on the lid of the Biological Armor.

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