God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 534

Chapter 534 – Type 5 Mutant Beast!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: ZNC

Seeing that line of information, Yue Zhong finally heaved a sigh of relief. He then began to survey his surroundings carefully.

“The island is moving!” As he looked around, he could feel it in his bones. Countless ripples were radiating outwards from the reef-like island beneath him.

“Could this island be an actual behemoth-type Sea Mutant Beast?” Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold as he looked at his feet.

“The Eyes of Perception must be targeted at a body part. To know for sure, I can only head to the edges of the island.”

He pondered for a while, before heading over to the corpse of the Type 4 Mutant Flame Bird and began to cut up its body.

It was by pure luck that Yue Zhong had been able to kill such a tyrannical Type 4 Mutant Beast. If it had been a frontal clash, he would have been instantly decimated by its speed. Even the Shield of Light and the Bronze Spiritual Bell would not have been of much use.

Unfortunately for the Type 4 Mutant Flame Bird, it belonged to the low-defence category of Mutant Beasts, that was how it was finished in one blow by Yue Zhong who had been grabbing onto its body.

Yue Zhong began to let the blood out of the corpse of the Flame Bird, pouring them into large containers before keeping them inside his storage ring. He separated the blood, brain pulp, brain matter, bone marrows and anything that he could squeeze out inside his storage ring. After that, he used his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade to saw off those large talons.

The talons of the Flame Bird had easily pierced the Type 3 Mutant Beast Hide on Ji Qing Wu’s body. That was actually incredible, considering that not even cannons can damage the hides of Type 3 Mutant Beasts.

The Flame Bird had an 80m-long wingspan, and its talons were at least a metre. Even the Black Tooth Blade and Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade that were among Yue Zhong’s best weapons could not match the sharpness of the talon.

Yue Zhong intended to forge a sharp machete from the talons. Using it might not gain any enhancements from killing his enemies, but it would be a powerful weapon to utilize.

After harvesting all that he could from the corpse, he hesitated a little while, before carefully proceeding towards one direction to the edge of the island.

“Level 118 Mutant Beast: Type 5 Dragon Whale Beast. It is of the Overlord-Level of the Seas, and it is an incredibly terrifying Mutant Beast.”

Yue Zhong had just taken a look and began to edge back carefully. He was afraid of being noticed by that Type 5 Mutant Beast.

In such a vast ocean where there was no end in sight, the moment this Type 5 Dragon Whale Beast entered the waters, Yue Zhong would be in trouble.

The water bodies of the Earth were larger than the land mass, and the marine biology in the waters would definitely be more diverse and larger. Under such circumstances, the threat of these marine creatures was at least a hundred times more dangerous than on land. If Yue Zhong were to enter the waters, he would immediately be in danger. This was because his trump card Devil Flame was of no use in the water.

Yue Zhong returned to the biological armor containing Ji Qing Wu to stand guard.

The Type 5 Dragon Whale Beast was an overlord within the seas, and only other Type 5 Mutant Beasts would dare provoke it. No lower-rank Beasts would be silly to get too close.

Yue Zhong stood like this on the ‘island’, not able to utilize any of his skills. He could only wait obediently on the behemoth’s back with the biological armor on it while reading a book out of boredom.

Within Yue Zhong’s ring, there was a large supply of water and food, more than enough to last him for a year.

After an indeterminate number of days, a huge wave suddenly swept towards the back of the Type 5 Dragon Whale Beast.

“What’s going on?”

Before Yue Zhong had the chance to react, he was swept off the back of the Type 5 Dragon Whale Beast and plunged into the deep blue sea.

The biological armor Ji Qing Wu had always been bound to Yue Zhong’s back with some spider silk.

The moment he entered the water, the biological armor followed suit.

Since Ji Qing Wu was inside the pod, Yue Zhong could not afford to put the pod into his storage ring so he kept her outside.

Upon submerging into the waters, he saw the beast which was at least a thousand meters long, with a jaw full of sharp teeth, currently engaged in a clash with a huge shark at least 800m long. Both titans were currently snapping at and biting each other viciously. With them at the center, the resulting waves of their clash were constantly rippling out, churning the waters.

“Level 113 Mutant Beast: Type 5 Mutant Tiger Shark. One of the kings in the waters, its nature is extremely aggressive.”

Yue Zhong saw the beasts engaged in mutual slaughter and hurriedly allowed the waves to carry him away from the vicinity. If it was on land, then it was a different matter. However, since they were helpless in the waters, he didn’t dare stay to play the fisherman. If he was not careful, he might end up being finished off by the 2 behemoths.

Right after he had floated about a hundred meters away, his position was locked on by a huge Mutant Shark, and it immediately swam towards him.

“Level 46 Mutant Beast: Mutant Shark. A water-type mutant beast.”

Although Yue Zhong possessed a body that was 10 times more powerful than a person, he was unable to utilize his maximum potential in water. Even if his speed now exceeded the world champion prior to the apocalypse, he could not possibly out-swim the Mutant Shark.

In barely a few breaths, the Mutant Shark had reached Yue Zhong and was opening its jaws to chomp down on him.

Before he was about to be bitten, Yue Zhong hurriedly activated his Clone Technique, and an identical clone appeared in the waters.

Seeing the appearance of one more prey, the Mutant Shark was momentarily confused, before it went for the one closer to it, and snapped its jaws.

On that clone, there was some spider silk that Yue Zhong had laid beforehand. With a thought, he retracted the silk, pulling himself towards the jaws of the Mutant Shark.

The Mutant Shark saw another prey appear by its jaws and opened them to bite again.

Yue Zhong immediately cast his Gravity Manipulation, causing a 2-fold gravitational force to weigh down on the Mutant Shark. The beast instantly sunk slightly, and its jaws snapped on nothing.

Yue Zhong took the chance to get on the head of the Mutant Shark, wrapping his spider silk around its body. He then unleashed a single punch with all of his strength towards the head of the beast. The hammer-like blow caused the body of the Mutant Shark to shudder.

Because of that blow, the Mutant Shark writhed in pain, trying to shake Yue Zhong off its back.

His fingers dug into the head of the Mutant Shark like claws, while he wrapped his legs around the body. He then proceeded to pummel the Mutant Shark’s head viciously.

Although it was difficult to unleash one’s strength due to the resistance in water, Yue Zhong’s constitution already exceeded a normal person by 10 times. His Strength had already exceeded even some Mutant Beasts, and his blows were a considerable threat.

After close to 100 blows, the Mutant Shark was punched silly and the spider silk was constantly wearing down the Stamina of the beast.

After struggling for a while, its body went limp helplessly, and it spat out some blood.

Yue Zhong quickly made use of the opportunity to add a point to his Tamer Technique, before casting it on the Mutant Shark.

Under the forceful suppression from the Level 4 Tamer Technique, the Mutant Shark which was not even at its Type 2 stage was brought under Yue Zhong’s control smoothly.

He heaved a sigh of relief and patted its body. With a thought, it directly shot through the water towards the surface like a jet.

When they broke through the surface, Yue Zhong exhaled deeply. The fight with the Mutant Shark had taken 15 minutes. If it wasn’t for his high Vitality, he would definitely not have been able to hang on.

Yue Zhong rode on the Mutant Shark before handing a Type 2 Nuclei to the shark and said: “From today, you’re called Little Sharkie then.”

The Mutant Shark gobbled up the nuclei and expressed its joy through their telepathic connection.

To Little Sharkie, a Type 2 Nuclei was the best form of nutrition. It was already a high-level Mutant Beast within the waters, once it digested the nuclei, it could possibly evolve to a Type 2 Mutant Beast at any time.

Yue Zhong gave an order to Little Sharkie: “Take me to the nearest land!”

Receiving his orders, Little Sharkie shot towards the north-east direction with its maximum speed. Although it had suffered when it was pummeled by Yue Zhong earlier, the Type 2 Nuclei was a sort of nourishment and it was already recovering.

Normal sharks could only swim at a speed of about 40km/hour, and it was only for a short time. Little Sharkie was a Mutant Beast and it was able to hit 60km/hour or maintain a speed of 40km/hour for at least 12 hours.

Little Sharkie swam for 12 hours straight before it finally brought Yue Zhong to land. It then leaped out of the water onto land, curling its body as if it was dead.

Only Yue Zhong knew that Little Sharkie was currently evolving towards its Type 2 stage.

Yue Zhong glanced at Little Sharkie, ordering White Bones to stand guard over it, while he carried Ji Qing Wu and the biological armor she was in towards the inner parts of the land.

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