God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 535

Chapter 535 – Japan!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: ZNC

Yue Zhong came to a small town, only to discover that it was overrun with tall, wild grass. There were all sorts of abandoned vehicles, and not a single soul was in sight. There were only zombies in groups shambling about. On both sides of the streets, there were various stores with hiragana and katakana characters.

Yue Zhong realized where he was.

“This is Japan. Did we actually come this far?”

He looked around and strode towards the town. With his enhancement level and combat strength, killing 1000 zombies wasn’t a problem anymore, it would just expend a huge amount of Stamina.

When Yue Zhong stepped into town, the huge group of zombies were attracted by his sounds and scent and began to shamble over.

He waved his huge Black Tooth Blade, slicing the zombies in front of him into 2. As they come forward, they would be casually dealt with.

Just as he was about to reach the center, there was the sound of glass breaking. 2 speedy shadows leaped out suddenly and rushed towards him.

The huge Black Tooth Blade slashed out twice in quick succession, as 2 cold blade beams caused the 2 S2s to be sliced apart, blood splattering everywhere. A Level 3 Skill Book: Agility Solidification appeared in Yue Zhong’s hands.

Strength Solidification, Agility Solidification, such strengthening skill books appeared more commonly. In comparison, Devil Flame, Plant Manipulation, Ice Manipulation, etc, such skills that were powerful offensively were only dropped from hunting high-level Mutant Beasts or zombies. Even then, the chances were slim.

“Tasukete! Tasukete! (Help!)”

As Yue Zhong was waving his Black Tooth Blade about to slice the zombies, an anxious cry or help sounded from a supermarket.

“Human? Japanese?” Yue Zhong frowned and looked towards the direction. He saw a huge supermarket and up on the 2nd level, there was a young high school female student. Her hair was long and black, tied in a ponytail. Her eyes were bright and large, her bountiful chest threatening to burst out from her sailor-like uniform. She was currently screaming to get Yue Zhong’s attention.

“Should I save her? Ah, what the heck, having a local is better.”

Yue Zhong hesitated before walking over.

There were 5 S2s and 2 L2s as well as over a dozen other ordinary zombies gathered in front of the gate. They immediately pounced towards Yue Zhong when they saw him.

He waved his weapon about, easily taking care of them in a matter of seconds.

Within the supermarket, there were a dozen ordinary zombies that were once the employees roaming about. He took care of them and directly headed to the 2nd level, kicking the door wide open.

When the Japanese student saw him, her face revealed a pleasant look of surprise, as she bowed 90 degrees, and greeted him with respect: “Arigatou! Thank you!”

Yue Zhong eyed the student and asked directly: “Do you speak Chinese?”

Hearing his words, the female student immediately became flustered. It was obvious that she couldn’t.

He sighed lightly in his heart. Chinese was after all not English, which was the world’s most common language. If he hadn’t learned the Language Proficiency skill, it would have been a nightmare to communicate with the student.

Yue Zhong continued: “I’m Yue Zhong! I’m from China, what’s your name?”

The Japanese student replied: “I’m called Fujisaki Kaori! 2nd-year student at Sakura High. I’m 16 this year. Thank you very much for saving me, Yue-kun!”

“Why are you here?” He assessed her carefully, noting the Japanese katana beside her, and felt that it must be a system equipment.

Fujisaki Kaori looked at Yue Zhong with her huge eyes filled with reverence and idolization. “I was here to source for food. However, I wasn’t careful and allowed those S-types and L-types to surround me. Thankfully, Yue-kun appeared to save me, otherwise, I would have starved to death here. Yue-kun, you’re really strong! You can kill so many zombies so easily! It’s too amazing!”

The Japanese were respectful people, and their humble attitude and reverence for the strong were deep set in their bones. As long as there was strength, it didn’t matter what the other party was. Only the strong would earn the respect and veneration from the Japanese.

Fujisaki Kaori watched how fearlessly Yue Zhong had strolled into the crowd of zombies. He had crushed them like ants, and her heart had fluttered. She felt slightly attracted to him, after all, he had just saved her.

Heroes rescuing damsels in distress was a tradition that was almost a sure-fire way to win the heart of the fairer sex. It was so popular because it was extremely effective.

Fujisaki Kaori was silent for a while before she extended an invitation to Yue Zhong: “Yue-kun! Will you please come with me to our establishment?”

Yue Zhong looked at her expectant expression and guessed that she might be from a small establishment. Those small-time factions had no way of containing someone like him, if he were to rage, he could easily decimate one or two of such bases.

“Sure.” He agreed, even though he was not of a favorable impression of the Japanese. However, he had no choice because of the foreign land, and he needed someone to guide.

“Come with me! I’ll gift you something from the supermarket!” Yue Zhong turned and headed down.

Fujisaki Kaori followed him down.

He pointed to the entire supermarket and said: “Help yourself!”

“Thanks!” After expressing her thanks, Fujisaki Kaori ran and grabbed a huge haversack. Before stuffing it with all sorts of things. After filling it up, she then found a trolley, filling it up before pushing it out.

“This Fujisaki Kaori is pretty intelligent!” Yue Zhong eyed her actions and praised her silently.

Most people would not think of using the trolleys to collect and transport items. After all, one’s mobility would be affected when using it. However, Fujisaki Kaori had done precisely so because she knew she had Yue Zhong around.

Soon, she carried her haversack and pushed the trolley in front of him.

“Let’s go!” Yue Zhong eyed Fujisaki Kaori and turned around, not minding the trolley at all.

She was slightly disappointed and proceeded to push it herself, following behind Yue Zhong.

Along the way, many zombies tried to attack Yue Zhong, all he had to do was to slash out casually. The zombies didn’t stand a chance, each and every one of them being sliced in two. None could get close enough.

“Strong!! He’s even stronger than demons!” Fujisaki Kaori watched on as Yue Zhong continued to slaughter the zombies, and her heart trembled.

With her leading, Yue Zhong soon came to a small village in between 2 mountains.

“Kaori Onee-chan!!”

“Kaori Onee-chan, you’re back!”

When Fujisaki Kaori returned to the village, a number of small kids from the ages of 9 to 13 came running out. Other than them, there were 2 other women that seemed above 30, as well as 3 other younger women of about 16 to 18.

There was a total of 15 kids that came running out. Every one of them was scrawny, and had visible signs of the conditions of the apocalypse. However, they had no signs of being mistreated and were still as innocent and boisterous as kids should be.

At this time, one 17 or 18-year-old young woman with freckles and an obese figure shot Fujisaki Kaori a look and barked: “Kaori! Who is this person? How can you bring a man back? Have you forgotten that all men are animals?”

Another one, who was shorter and had an ordinary face, looked at the Black Tooth Blade on Yue Zhong’s back with apprehension in her eyes and asked: “Kaori! Who is this?”

There was also a bespectacled and pretty but strict-looking Japanese lady who was assessing Yue Zhong through narrowed eyes. She kept silent.

The kids in the village were also curiously looking at Yue Zhong.

Fujisaki Kaori started to explain to the rest: “He is Yue Zhong, from China. He saved me from being trapped at the supermarket! Because of him, I was able to get all these!”

The freckled fatty immediately shout out in agitation when she heard Yue Zhong was from China: “What?! He’s Chinese?! Shit!! Fujisaki Kaori! How can you bring a Chinese here? This is Japan, we’re Japanese, this is not a place you can come to. Get the hell out!”

“Get out!! We don’t welcome you here!!”

“This is Japan, we don’t welcome the Chinese here! Get out!! Uotsuri Jima is ours!”

When they heard the shouts of the freckled fatty, the rest of the Japanese kids also began to jump up and down as they hollered at Yue Zhong.

Various Japanese right-wing forces had been rearing their heads in recent years and influenced much of the public opinion on a general hatred towards the Chinese.

As the kids began to shout, some even bent down to pick up stones and pebbles to pelt Yue Zhong.

“Bunch of unconscientious people!”

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly and shot forwards. He lashed out with his leg, kicking 5 of the kids, sending them flying about 7 to 8 metres backward. They all spat blood. He then lunged towards the freckled fatty and slapped her harshly across the face, causing her to tumble, and a few of her teeth to be knocked out. She also coughed up blood as a result.


“Kaori Onee-chan!!”

Onee-chan: A term of address for older sisters in Japan

“This is Japan, we don’t welcome the Chinese here! Get out!! Uotsuri Jima is ours!”

Senkaku Islands – a source of conflict between China and Japan


Various Japanese right-wing forces had been rearing their heads in recent years, and influenced much of the public opinion on a general hatred towards the Chinese.

TN: Not sure how true this is, but I’m pretty sure both sides have their own stories to tell.

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