God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 536

Chapter 536 – Xenophobia!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: ZNC

Yue Zhong pulled out his huge Black Tooth Blade and pointed it at those Japanese survivors. He barked out coldly: “All of you shall kneel! Those who don’t, I’ll slice your head off!”

“You dare hit me!! I’ll kill you!!” The freckled fatty instantly charged over with a face contorted by fury.

“No!!” Fujisaki Kaori immediately screamed out.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly, and the Black Tooth Blade sliced through the air like a beam of light.

The head of the freckled fatty soared through the air as fresh blood splattered. Her headless corpse struggled a little before slumping to the ground.

After killing the freckled fatty, Yue Zhong’s eyes turned even colder as he pointed at all the Japanese survivors and shouted out with a menacing and oppressive tone: “Get the fuck on the ground! Otherwise, you’ll die!”

When they saw Yue Zhong killing the girl without hesitating, everyone stared in shock and fear, as though they had just seen a demon.


“Sorry!! Forgive our offense!!”

“Sorry!! Please forgive us!!”

The pretty bespectacled girl was the first to get on the ground. The rest also hurriedly got on their knees in terror, as they begun to plead for mercy.

“Please, Yue-kun! Please have mercy on us, don’t kill anyone else! They didn’t mean it!” Fujisaki Kaori also knelt and begged Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong had kicked the Japanese kids and took the life of the freckled fatty without batting an eyelid. This was proof of his cold nature and not someone to be pushed around. They had been totally suppressed by his terrifying aura.

“Please use as you wish, but spare the kids!! They’re innocent!” The 2 middle-aged women crawled over and pulled their clothes off, revealing their fair breasts. They hoped to use their bodies to appease Yue Zhong.

“I’m not interested in you!! Since you guys don’t welcome, then you won’t like the food that I had kindly provided. Let me burn them all!” He eyed the Japanese survivors coolly and pointed at the trolley. His Devil Flame immediately ignited the trolley, turning the trolley and its contents into cinders.

All the survivors looked at the burning items and their eyes flashed with an intense regret. A few of them began to wail. They were running out of supplies, otherwise, the weak Fujisaki Kaori would not have risked her life to search for food.

The small town might not pose a problem to Yue Zhong, but to those ordinary survivors, it was as terrifying as hell. A single S2 was enough to kill the entire village of survivors.

After turning the trolley into ash, his gaze landed on the haversack on Fujisaki Kaori’s back.

She felt a chill down her spine and grabbed the bag tightly. She kneeled on the ground and began begging: “Yue-kun! Please! Let us have at least this bag. It’s our only hope! As long as you leave this for us, I’m willing to spend the night with you! I’m a virgin, and I should be able to satisfy you…”

The pretty, bespectacled girl who had been kneeling rigidly also spoke up: “Yue-kun! I’m Ida Kyoko, 17 this year, I’m also a virgin. This time, it was our fault! Please be magnanimous and let us have this bag! I’m willing to join Kaori and let you have your way with us for a night!”

Without food, the entire town could not survive beyond a few more days. Ida Kyoko was also extremely clear and decided to use her body to exchange for the food.

Yue Zhong spoke coldly: “I need a map of this area. I also need someone to lead the way, to the nearest establishment. As long as you can provide this, I’ll leave tomorrow, and the bag is yours.”

He had no goodwill towards the Japanese, but he would not go on a massacre for no reason. Unless both sides were enemies, where he would not hesitate to rain hell and carnage upon his foes.

Ida Kyoko kneeled in front of Yue Zhong and spoke respectfully: “Yes! I have a map here. I also know where the location of the nearest survivor base is. Let me be your guide tomorrow Yue-kun. Please rest for the night here.”

If he had not displayed his strength, they would have already chased him out. However, since he showed that he was willing to punish children, and killed the freckled fatty who had dared to assault him, they were filled with fear towards him. Naturally, they would not chase him out, for fear of him going crazy and killing them all.

“En!” He replied indifferently and began to walk into town.

After he left, the survivors stood up.

“Damn Chinese dog!! Lowlife Chinese scum. You dare kick the future elites of my Great Japan!! I’ll not let you off! I’ll make life a living hell for you!!”

A 13-year-old Japanese boy by the name of Ueda Koji with dyed blond hair stared hatefully at Yue Zhong’s back, his eyes flashing viciously.

Ueda Koji looked at Ida Kyoko and Fujisaki Kaori and his face contorted in rage: “Kaori onee-chan is mine!! Kyoko onee-chan is also mine!! I’ll not let you take them away, Chinese dog!!”

With these vile thoughts, Ueda Koji thought to find a chance to slip out of town.

Soon, it came to dinner time. The 2 Japanese housewives prepared a large wok of porridge, before separating in many bowls.

The Japanese children lined up to get their bowls, before slurping the porridge, wiping the bowls clean.

Yue Zhong watched this sullenly. In his country, his fellow countrymen had a lack of manners and the habit of queueing. Even the little rascals would frequently jump the line, and made use of their bodies to squeeze through or bully the weaker kids for food. These were all bad habits instilled in them by their parents. Only after Yue Zhong punished this behavior did it start to disappear. Seeing the orderly manner of the Japanese kids, he was slightly unhappy. After all, he was slightly nationalistic, and seeing the Japanese being better than the Chinese in any aspect caused him to feel sour.

“Yue-kun, this is yours.” Ida Kyoko served a plate to Yue Zhong.

It was a simple meal. There was soup, rice, as well as canned fish and vegetables. In this apocalypse, it was considered a sumptuous meal.

Many of the Japanese looked over, their mouths salivating. However, they sat still, not daring to move about. The Chinese in front of them had shown them how ruthless he could be, and they dared not provoke this man who killed without blinking.

“No need! You guys have it.” Yue Zhong declined their goodwill and pulled out his own canned Type 2 Beast meat, and began to devour it down.

The Type 3 Mutant Beast meat would boost his energy and replenish what he expended, so he would only save it for situations, where he might need to recover or save weaker survivors.

Ida Kyoko had also done so as a perfunctory gesture, she wasn’t really willing to let Yue Zhong have such precious food. When he declined, she brought the food back, and separated into 14 equal portions, giving the little kids to eat. Although it was just a little bit, the kids all had expressions of bliss on their faces.

Yue Zhong watched the actions of Ida Kyoko as well as the kids, and he thought silently: “What a scary race of people.”

Japan had been able to pick itself up and soar to economic greatness after World War 2. On one hand, it was because there was the assistance from America, on the other hand, which was more important, was that the Japanese were very united, and had an undying resolve no matter the obstacle.

The more he watched, the more depressed he got, and he decided to hoist the biological armor and walked into another room to rest.

When he left, all the Japanese survivors heaved a sigh of relief. His very presence exuded an overpowering pressure on them, making it hard for them to breathe. When he left, they could finally relax.

One of the housewives asked: “Kyoko, are you really going to lead him tomorrow?”

Ida Kyoko nodded “En! This Yue Zhong seems to be a man of his word, if I help him, he will keep his promise.”

The other housewife spoke: “I wonder what he wants with a larger survivor base? Why don’t we all follow him? Maybe joining a larger survivor base would be easier for us all.”

Right at this time, the sounds of motorbikes and cars came roaring from outside the village.

Hearing the commotion, the survivors all stepped out to take a look out of curiosity.

Only to see a whole bunch of men in tattered and mismatched clothes, each of them wielding weapons like baseball bats, knives, and blades. Ueda Koji was behind the leader, a burly man with a shaven head. He had a huge scar running down his face, and he had plenty of tattoos on his body.

Ueda Koji spoke respectfully to the scarred man: “Kuwata-oyabun, it’s here.”

The bald scarred man was called Kuwata Taro. He was the boss of this area, and had 60 soldiers under him, and was the king of about 300 survivors.

A 13-year-old Japanese boy by the name of Ueda Koji* with dyed blond hair stared hatefully at Yue Zhong’s back, his eyes flashing viciously.

*Raws seem to suggest his name to be either Ryuki Koji or Ueda Koji.

Ueda Koji spoke respectfully to the scarred man: “Kuwata-oyabun*, it’s here.”

*Oyabun : a mafia/gang term for boss.

TN: The scene of Chapter 536 seems familiar (again) lol

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