God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 537

Chapter 537 – Blade Beam!

Translated by: Kun

Edited by: ZNC

“Kill!!” Kuwata Yutaro revealed a savage smile and waved his hands, leading his subordinates into the village.

The dozens of armed men charged into the village in a frenzy.

“Quick! Escape!!” Fujisaki Kaori immediately screamed when she saw those men.

After which, she led the kids towards the village.

The 2 housewives ran over towards the men, hoping to use their bodies to buy some time for the kids.

The subordinates of Kuwata Yutaro began to surround the 2 housewives, as they took off their pants and began to rape the 2 women while laughing in glee.

While the 2 women were surrounded by 10 men, the rest of the armed men charged towards the village while roaring with laughter.

“Kaori onee-chan!! Save me!!” All of a sudden, a 12-year-old boy tripped and fell, his face wearing a frightened expression as he shouted for Kaori.

“Hahahaha!! Die!” One of the thugs swung his blade down with a perverse look of madness, separating the kid’s head in a shower of blood.

While it was true that the Japanese had a powerful will and fighting spirit, likewise, some had an intense side to them. Many had their own mental demons, which when unleashed, would cause them to be worse than beasts.

Those subordinates of Kuwata Yutaro were capable of all evils, and every one of them had no qualms committing acts of evil.

“Kenta!!” Fujisaki Kaori screamed out in misery when she witnessed the cruel and inhumane scene.

A 10-year-old girl fell as well, and she sobbed uncontrollably with snot and tears flowing out of her eyes and nose. She pleaded as she looked towards Ida Kyoko: “Onee-chan!! Save me!! Kyoko onee-chan, save me please!!”

3 of the burly thugs instantly surrounded that little girl and took off their pants before proceeding to press the girl underneath them. They basically allowed their primal but perverse nature to go wild.

Soon, the screams of pain mixed with the pants of excitement from the thugs filled the air. There was a disgusting tension in the air.

“Masako!! Masako-chan!! Animals!!” Ida Kyoko screamed out as she watched on helplessly. Her beautiful face was an expression of fury, her eyes bloodshot, and her hands were pale white from clenching too tight. However, she was extremely clear that even if she went back, she would just become a sacrifice, not doing any good.

“Yue Zhong!! There’s only him left! Only he can save us!!” Ida Kyoko came to a swift decision and thought of the only person in the village that could save them.

On the other side, Fujisaki Kaori was not stupid as well and brought the kids towards Yue Zhong’s location.

Ida Kyoko came to where Yue Zhong was staying and saw that he was leaning against the window, watching the events unfold quietly. He showed no intentions of lending a helping hand at all.

Yue Zhong watched the Japanese thugs killing and raping their own countrymen and there was a mix of emotions in him. There was fury, numbness, and a slight sense of gratification. He was furious because these brutes actually had no qualms killing their own people. Numb because he had seen so much of these types of scenarios since the apocalypse began. Each time a faction took over another, there would be such unrest and chaos. He had truly seen too much. And the slight gratification was because he silently thought that, even the Japanese were not saints, seems like there were enough perverts among them as well.

Ida Kyoko immediately knelt down in front of Yue Zhong and pleaded: “Yue-kun! Please lend a hand and save us!!”

If Yue Zhong did not do anything, the survivors would likely be wiped out, leaving at most the women to serve as sex slaves.

Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed with a look of ridicule: “I’m a hated Chinese of your Japanese people. Why should I save you guys? You should look for your own people to help.”

When the Japanese survivors had first seen Yue Zhong, they were immediately xenophobic. Yue Zhong was still fuming over their ungrateful attitude towards his goodwill.

He was the sort that was clear about his feelings, he would be nice to those who treat him well, and he would be ruthless to those who were his enemies.

Ida Kyoko raised her head to implore Yue Zhong with those mesmerizing eyes of hers. There was a resolute look in them: “Yue-kun, I would like to propose a deal. Please save these kids, after all, they’re innocent. In exchange, I’ll be willing to serve you as a maid from now on. From today onwards, whatever you ask of Kyoko, I’ll do it.”

Ida Kyoko wasn’t an idiot. She knew those thugs outside were beyond control. They had no way of talking sense or logic with them. In comparison, although Yue Zhong was a foreigner, he was at least reasonable. In her eyes, there was a chance to negotiate with him.

“Kyoko!” Fujisaki Kaori heard those words and turned to look at her, her face pale and her mind blank. Although her abilities were the strongest among the villagers, her adaptability and reaction to situations were not Ida Kyoko’s equal.

Yue Zhong stared at Ida Kyoko who was looking straight at him with a resolute gaze and replied coolly: “Remember all that you’ve said today. If you dare go back on your word, I have my means to make you regret it for life.”

Ida Kyoko kneeled in front of Yue Zhong and bowed deeply: “Yes!”

She had received an upbringing from the higher rungs of society and wore those thick old-fashioned glasses to hide her beauty.

“Haha! So many women!”

At this time, 13 men barged in. When they saw the 2 women in the room and those kids, the eyes of the men all lit up in excitement.

Fujisaki Kaori looked at one member of the group that had barged in, a look of disbelief flashing in her eyes and she exclaimed shrilly: “Koji!! It was you!! You betrayed us?! Why? Why did you betray us?”

Of the 13 men, one was precisely Ueda Koji.

Ueda Koji looked at Fujisaki Kaori and Ida Kyoko, his face contorted in madness: “Kaori onee-chan! Kyoko onee-chan!! I like you guys!! I want you to be my women!! What is that Chinese dog worth? Why is it that you 2 were smitten by him the moment he came? This Chinese dog are our Japan’s enemies!! Why, why must you treat him so well, to the point of offering your bodies to him? Since it’s like this, why can’t I be your man?! Yutaro-oyabun has already promised me. As long as I lead them here, the 2 of you will be women from now on!”

Ida Kyoko looked at Ueda Koji, her eyes flashing with pity: “Koji! You have been deceived! They will not give us to you!”

The few subordinates of Kuwata Yutaro laughed at Ueda Koji with scorn and ridicule in their eyes.

With these 2 beauties, Kuwata Yutaro would definitely not leave them just for Ueda Koji to enjoy alone.

However, Ueda Koji didn’t seem to discover anything amiss, looking at Kuwata Yutaro with an expectant look: “Kuwata-oyabun will not lie to me. Kuwata-oyabun, you can deal with the rest how you like. Kaori onee-chan and Kyoko onee-chan are mine. Please capture them for me.”

Kuwata Yutaro’s eyes flashed coldly, and he suddenly pulled out a sharp katana and sliced towards Ueda Koji, causing his body to be separated.

“Ah!!!” With blood splattering everywhere, and his legs separated from his body, Ueda Koji didn’t die instantly, instead, he fell to the ground, screaming out. His face was hideous, his eyes filled with fear and disbelief.

Kuwata Yutaro looked at Ueda Koji and there were contempt and ridicule in his eyes: “I’m not lying to you. I will hand them to you. But since you’re dead, then your women will be shared by the rest of us!”

He then turned to Yue Zhong and waved his hands, ordering out coldly: “Chop up that Chinese. I want him alive, and I will cook him and torture. Whoever can remove his limbs, after I’m done with these 2 women, that person will get to be 2nd.”


The other 11 men that were surrounding the room instantly charged towards Yue Zhong with savage looks. 2 of them were Agility Enhancers of Level 7, their abilities stronger than the rest of the thugs.

Seeing the assault of the 11 thugs, the remaining kids immediately darted behind Yue Zhong, their faces filled with fright.

Each of the thugs wielded sharp katanas, and they looked positively terrifying.

Ida Kyoko couldn’t help but scream out in warning: “Watch out!!”

These were 11 thugs encircling one man, she was afraid that once Yue Zhong was killed, they would all be at the mercy of Kuwata Yutaro, and their fates would be worse than death.


With that mild snort, a blade beam slashed out across the room. The 11 thugs were instantly sliced into pieces, blood splattering everywhere.

Witnessing such a horrifying scene, Kuwata Yutaro was shocked, his heart instantly plummeting.

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