God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 539

Edited by: ZNC

Kaori hesitated, before she looked towards Kyoko, imploring her to help with her intelligence and perspective.

Kyoko looked back and sighed: “Kaori! I’m not part of you guys already. You’ll have to make the decision yourselves.”

By now, the 3 Japanese boys had stood up and were wielding their kodachis. Their eyes flickered with an unwavering resolve, obviously not intending to pledge allegiance to Yue Zhong.

The 3 of them were only about 12 or 13, and under the education system, they were brought up to hate the Chinese. If it wasn’t for the strength of Yue Zhong that was so frightening, they would try to assassinate him in the night.

Kira looked at Kaori and spoke loudly: “Kaori onee-chan! The Chinese have a good saying, one must be guarded towards those not of one’s race. He would definitely not view us as equals and he might even use us as slaves or cannon fodder.”

Hearing Kira’s words, Kaori sunk into contemplation again.

“I’ll be going!” Kyoko saw the 3 boys filled with hostility towards her and left the room. She could tell that she was no longer welcomed.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong brought out the remaining 9 thugs from the locked storehouse.

Yue Zhong approached one of the shorter men who looked about 26 or 27, with ordinary features and asked: “What’s your name?”

The young man replied somewhat hesitatingly: “My name is Takeshi Honda! I’m 28 this year.”

These thugs did not refrain from committing evil acts in the apocalyptic world. They had seen their fair share of things and knew that this man in front of them was a truly strong expert. The Japanese revered the strong, and having witnessed Yue Zhong’s might, they were both in fright and in awe.

Yue Zhong stared at Honda and questioned: “Where’s the nearest radio broadcast station?”

“Radio station? Please let me think for a while!” His brain began to work before his eye lit up and he responded: “Yama County. Honoki Station. There’s a large survivor base in that vicinity. There should be a radio station there.”

Yue Zhong then shot out a flurry of questions: “What is the faction ruling over there now? Who’s the leader? How many survivors are there?….”

Honda thought hard before replying: “The ones governing Yama County should be the Shimazu clan. The current leader is Shimazu Yuji. There’s about 10,000 survivors there. They’re considered the strongest faction, and no one dares provoke them.”

When Yue Zhong heard that, his brows furrowed. If it were just a thousand-strong establishment, he could definitely charge by himself to suppress the faction and forcefully obtain the station.

However, a base of more than 10,000 survivors was bound to have a number of strong experts. Furthermore, Japan had plenty of thick forests, which would mean more diverse Mutant Beasts and Mutant Plants. There would definitely be plenty of experts.

Yue Zhong pondered before making a decision: “I just need the radio station anyway! Let’s just see how it goes!”

Yue Zhong gave Honda an order: “From now on, you are the captain of this small team. This is my maid Ida Kyoko, her position is higher than yours. Now move out!”

“Yes! I got it!!” When Honda heard those words, he was overjoyed. He was originally just a small-time thug among the group of bandits. Now he had become a captain. Furthermore, following someone as strong as Yue Zhong wasn’t too bad. With his strength, it was possible to trample over many obstacles.

In fact, any Enhancer above Level 30 could go around sourcing for survivors to form a small faction. Of course, expanding from there wasn’t as easy.

Yue Zhong had always been a man of action, coming and going like the wind. He brought Honda and Kyoko, leaving Kaori and the rest of the children as he walked towards the direction of Yama County. He was not a nanny and had no obligation to look after those that had nothing to do with him.

Seeing Yue Zhong turn around without so much of a care, Kaori’s gaze was complicated. She felt uncertain about the future of the village and was slightly at a loss.

About 67% of Japan were forest areas. Other than the major cities, the rest were forests. Yue Zhong escorted the captives while being led by Honda through one particular forest.

All of a sudden, there was a mighty roar that resounded throughout the forest. Countless birds were alarmed and scattered to the skies.

The moment Honda and the rest heard the roar, their bodies shuddered, their faces full of shock.

Honda immediately exclaimed with fear: “Not good!!! It’s a Liger Beast, a Type 3 Liger Beast! We should escape now! Otherwise, we’ll die.”

“Type 3 Mutant Beasts?” When Yue Zhong heard it, his eyes lit up in excitement. He was now at a high level and he had already promoted his Devil Flame into its Second Order stage. Against a Type 3 Mutant Beast, he possessed some means to go against one. It was unlikely that he would be killed quickly. Hence he had the intention to hunt it.

Yue Zhong immediately gave a gun to Kyoko and ordered: “You guys stay here. Kyoko, this is for you, if anyone dares make a move on you, execute him immediately.”

Seeing the gun in Kyoko’s hands, Honda and the rest of his team all showed signs of greed and envy. The might of a gun was powerful, and some Evolvers could not withstand them still. The bunch of thugs was ordinary, with only 2 low-level Enhancers among them. They were definitely incapable of handling Kyoko.

After passing his instructions, Yue Zhong shot towards the direction of the roar, disappearing in a flash.

In his heart, only Kyoko had some value. The rest could die for all he cared. If the thugs were to run, it would at most be a bit of trouble.

Yue Zhong ran with his maximum speed, arriving near the source of the noise.



When Yue Zhong was approaching the area, sounds of huge explosions rang out.

“There are people there!!” Yue Zhong’s heart turned cold and he immediately became cautious. He hesitated before retrieving the Stealth skill book and immediately learned it.

He was in a foreign land, Japan’s advanced technology coupled with their xenophobia towards China meant that he was in a more dangerous situation compared to Vietnam.

After all, as long as Yue Zhong had continued to move in the direction of Guang Xi, he would be like a fish in waters. However, in Japan, he had no kin no friends, he didn’t even know which direction he could move towards. It was infinitely more prudent to be careful and turned everything at his disposal to something he could utilize.

Yue Zhong proceeded towards the sounds of explosions, before activating the skill. His entire body blended with the surroundings, without a sign of his aura nor killing intent.

The moment he activated Stealth, even if he were to meet an existence stronger than him by a few times, it would be hard for him to be discovered.

About a few hundred meters in front of him, there was a forest, and he could see a 3-m tall beast of over 15m in length. It had the head of a tiger and body of a lion. A layer of scales covered its body. Its tail was lengthy at 3m, and its eyes were as large as plates. The fearsome beast was currently engaged in a fierce battle with a bunch of people.

“Level 88 Mutant Beast: Type 3 Liger Beast. It has a terrifying body, and is an overlord within the jungles.”

There were over 300 people, each of them wielding different firearms and weapons.

The group of people was all high-level Enhancers, each of them possessing powerful offensive abilities, like the Ice Pick, Flame Arrows, Earth Spikes, Air Cannons, Gravity Lock, Plant Manipulation, Summon Beast, etc. All sorts of abilities were cast towards the Type 3 Liger Beast.

The 300 Enhancers were all working in tandem without any flaw in their teamwork. With their smooth cooperation, even Yue Zhong would be dead if he engaged them.

The Type 3 Liger Beast leaped with all its might, using its pure strength and power to break away from all the shackles. Even with the power of the various Gravity and Vacuum users, it still possessed a speed that exceeded a Type 2 Lightning.

However, because it was still slowed down considerably, with the numerous abilities being cast on it, parts of its scales were chipped away. There was no considerable damage dealt to it however, but the attacks served to enrage it further.

The Type 3 Liger Beast pounced into the midst of some of the humans and caused one Enhancer to be trapped under its paws. With a bite, the Enhancer had his throat ripped out. The Type 3 Liger Beast then swept its powerful tail, smashing into the head of one other Enhancer, separating it from his body.

The Type 3 Liger Beast was like a tiger among sheep as it smacked a number of Enhancers to the ground, before biting into their throats, killing them in showers of blood.

As the Type 3 Liger Beast was massacring the elite Enhancers, 4 men stood a distance away observing the situation.

A young man with a 2.5m huge sword on his back looked at the Type 3 Liger Beast with a hint of greed in his eyes: “Powerful! It truly is a Type 3 Mutant Beast. I wonder what will drop out once I kill it?”

A middle-aged man frowned slightly: “Ogawa-kun! That beast is not something you can handle alone! Only by working together, we can take it down. Plus, whatever that drops don’t belong to you alone, it belongs to Emperor Amaterasu, the whole of Takama-ga-hara!”

Ogawa stared at the Type 3 Liger Beast and licked his lips: “Yes! Yes! Goto-senpai! Let us join hands and deal with this beast then!”

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