God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 540

When the Type 3 Liger Beast decimated those 20 Enhancers, Ogawa’s eyes flashed with a chilly light. He waved his hands, and a number of translucent spider silk shot towards the Type 3 Liger Beast noiselessly.

The Type 3 Liger Beast had just slapped a high-level Enhancer in two, when the spider silk stuck themselves to its body.

However, the Type 3 Liger Beast didn’t seem to notice the spider silk hanging from its body.

As the Type 3 Liger Beast continued to rampage and tear 6 other Enhancers apart, Ogawa shouted: “Kawada-senpai!”

A burly man who was about 2m tall with rippling muscles shot forwards. His name was Kawada Kotaro. He activated his Second Order Explosive Strength, and his Strength index shot to a whopping 28 times. He grabbed onto the spider silk released by Ogawa and bellowed in rage, before activating his Level 3 Might, causing his Strength to further increase to 56 times. He then pulled savagely, and the 3m tall Type 3 Liger Beast with a body length of over 15m was instantly shackled down.

Kawada Kotaro was a Strength-based Evolver, and the Secord Order Explosive Strength could cause him to increase his Strength by 10 times that of a person.

The Level 3 Might would also double his strength as long as it go beyond 400 points. This allowed him to drag the body of the Type 3 Liger Beast down.

When the Type 3 Liger Beast was forcefully suppressed onto the ground, the Enhancers all around immediately launched all their skills on it, causing the entire body of the Liger Beast to be covered in wounds.

“Divine Spear Break!” Komauma Ichiro, an expert wielding a 2m-long Black Spear, roared out. His Spirit was pushed to its maximum, and his entire body seemed to become one with the Black Spear as they turned into a flash of light that shot towards the Type 3 Liger Beast viciously.

Divine Spear Break was a powerful Second Order skill, and when Komauma Ichiro transformed into a shooting star, he managed to pierce the scales of the Type 3 Liger Beast, and even tore a huge wound in its body.

“Seems like Japan has its experts too.”

Yue Zhong watched as Komauma Ichiro exhibited his powerful spear move, and he thought silently to himself. If it was him who was faced with that strike, even he would be severely injured.

The Type 3 Liger Beast released an earthshaking roar as its claw swung down like a clap of thunder. Komauma Ichiro’s head was instantly separated from his body, and blood splattered everywhere. This was a Level 58 Evolver, and he was just killed in an instant by the Type 3 Liger Beast.

The Type 3 Liger Beast then tugged on the spider silk, as a powerful strength traveled along the silk to reach Kawada Kotaro. He was immediately sent flying through the air towards the direction of the Type 3 Liger Beast, which seized the chance to lift itself up and bite Kawada Kotaro into two. The scene was gory.

Ogawa’s reaction was fast, the moment he saw Komauma Ichiro’s head being slapped away, he quickly cut off the connection between the silk and himself. That was how he avoided being sent into the mouth of the Type 3 Liger Beast as well.

The Type 3 Liger Beast’s muscles became taut as its eyes turned bloodshot. It drew a ragged breath, and leaped forwards while still under the effects of the Gravity Manipulation. In a flash, it appeared in front of a middle-aged man that looked like the leader of the troops and with a swipe of its paws, that man’s head was sent flying.

“Baka!!” Ogawa’s body’s turned cold, and he immediately activated his Level 4 life-saving ability: Flicker, causing his body to disappear from his spot, and appearing about 10m away.

His voice then resounded as he ordered the rest of the Enhancers: “Kill it! All of you, attack!”

Ice Picks, Fireballs, Ground Spikes, Lightning Orbs, all sorts of abilities were launched at the Type 3 Liger Beast. They served to injure it further, causing new wounds to open on top of the already serious old ones.

A battle that uses mass numbers was truly useful, as the Type 3 Liger Beast was slowly being whittled down by the constant barrage of attacks from the Enhancers. There were multiple fist-sized wounds all over its body, and there was an especially large one at its chest. The precious blood was flowing profusely.

The Type 3 Liger Beast was nearing the end of its line, yet it was still not dead. It continued to leap about in the battlefield, causing mayhem and deaths everywhere it went. Heads would pop out from their bodies and their headless corpses dropping to the ground.

As the death toll climbed, the attacks and skills being casted at it were beginning to drop, and it allowed the Type 3 Liger Beast to be more ruthless and savage in its attacks.

Under the slaughter, the remaining 100 Enhancers begin to lose their fighting spirit, and they started to escape in different directions. Humans were after all different from zombies, and they would fear death when facing an indomitable existence.

Ogawa eyed the Type 3 Liger Beast hatefully and gritted his teeth: “Shit!! This time, it’s a failure!”

All of a sudden, there was a sniper gunshot, and Ogawa’s head exploded in a shower of blood like a watermelon.

From the grass, Yue Zhong’s cold eyes looked on as he kept the Falcon Sniper in his hands.

Although he did not know the background of Ogawa and the rest, their strength was not a joke. To him, they were a threat. Therefore, he resolved to take the strongest one out in an assassination the moment he could.

Even after hearing the sniper shot, the rest of the Enhancers did not turn back. They just continued to run for their lives. There was a terrifying beast behind them, and the moment they slowed down, death would fall upon their heads.

After Yue Zhong took out Ogawa, his right hand blazed with flames and a Devil Flame Spear appeared. His eyes flashed with a cold look, and he locked on the Type 3 Liger Beast’s position. Taking a few breaths, he then threw it towards the Type 3 Liger Beast as the spear turned into a flash of light and exploded on the body of the Type 3 Liger Beast.

With a large explosion, the Devil Flame Spear penetrated the front leg of the Type 3 Liger Beast, causing the leg to be blasted into bits and pieces. The Type 3 Liger Beast immediately came to a halt as it kneeled down.

Yue Zhong shot forwards with both his hands blazing with Devil Flame, and he fired 2 more Devil Flame Spears without wasting a beat.

At this time, the Type 3 Liger Beast recognized Yue Zhong as its greatest threat. It forced itself to evade one of the Devil Flame Spears, but was unfortunately besieged by the other. The Devil Flame Spear combusted on its body, causing a large wound with blood flowing out.

Waving his hands, Yue Zhong brought out his Stinger and fired 6 consecutive shots at the Liger Beast. All 6 bullets found their target, causing the wounds on the beast to worsen.

Even after suffering such extensive damage, the Type 3 Liger Beast still did not die. Its eyes flashed fiercely, and it tensed its body, leaping towards Yue Zhong with a speed that was just slightly slower than a Type 3 Lightning. It slashed out with its claw, intending to take Yue Zhong’s head off.

Yue Zhong was expecting that move and before the Liger Beast had appeared in front of it, he had already activated his Shadow Steps and pulled out his Black Tooth Blade to block in front of him.

The remaining front paw slapped onto Yue Zhong’s Black Tooth Blade, and a tank-like force traveled through the blade, causing Yue Zhong to be sent flying backwards.

As the Type 3 Liger Beast launched its assault, Yue Zhong’s left hand also conjured out a Devil Flame Spear that expended 80 Spirit and 20 Stamina to strike at the face of the Type 3 Liger Beast.

With a loud blast, a huge bloody hole appeared in the head of the Type 3 Liger Beast, as flames still burned around the wound, causing the brain to be fried.

On the other side, as Yue Zhong was about to smash into a huge rock, a white shield appeared behind him. He crashed into the boulder, but the resulting force caused the shield to disintegrate, before he slid to the ground, his face pale.

“Congratulations on achieving Level 79, you’ve gained 2 attribute points to be allocated.”

A large experience orb flew into Yue Zhong’s body, causing him to level up.

A blue treasure box also dropped beside the corpse of the Type 3 Liger Beast.

Seeing the dead Type 3 Liger Beast, a few of the escaping Enhancers immediately turned back, their eyes red as they charged towards the blue treasure box.

A blue treasure box definitely meant something valuable. Even if it was a blueprint, it would be a technologically advanced blueprint. If they could bring it back to Takama-ga-hara, they would instantly leap up the ranks to become important personnel.

A rope suddenly shot down from a nearby large tree, as it coiled towards the blue box, seemingly alive.

“You’re seeking death!!” Yue Zhong roared out with anger as he fired a Devil Flame ball towards the tree, causing it to combust and burn. The Japanese Enhancer fell out of the tree, wailing in agony as he was burned alive.

Yue Zhong didn’t spare a glance for the burning Japanese Enhancer and in a flash, he appeared beside the blue treasure box and grabbed it.

“Damn Chinese dog! Put that down! That’s ours!!” One Enhancer who was Agility-based and Level 46 wielded an odachi as he charged towards Yue Zhong with bloodshot eyes.

“Go to hell!” Yue Zhong shot forwards, and the Black Tooth Blade in his hand swung down, slashing the Level 46 Enhancer in two.

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