God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 541

Ji Qing Wu heavily injured!

Yue Zhong hardened his skin and continued to chat: “Plum Blossom Scar? An interesting novel.”

Truthfully, Yue Zhong had never even seen the book nor read romance novels. Compared to reading, he would rather kill zombies and Mutant Beasts.

Ji Qing Wu laughed coquettishly, as she moved her hand away from the cover, revealing the name: “I’m just kidding, it’s On War.”

Yue Zhong heaved a sigh of relief. He had seen the book a few times before. Like this, at least he could have some topics to talk about. If it were some romance novel, then he would be grasping at straws.

All of a sudden, the train shuddered, and the sharp sound of brakes being slammed sounded. The train came to a halt.

Yue Zhong’s eyes narrowed and he shot to the front of the train.

Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao had also moved at the first moment, following closely behind Yue Zhong.

“What happened?” Yue Zhong immediately asked when he came to the carriage.

“Leader, there’s a monster in front.” The driver pointed and told Yue Zhong.

In front, about 200 metres away from the tracks, there was a group of Type 2 Ferocious Apes charging over, each of them towering at 4m.

A herd of Mutant Wild Boars and Mutant Cows were being chased by the Type 2 Ferocious Apes.

As those beasts were running, the tracks beneath their feets were twisted. They could no longer support the train on its journey.

Yue Zhong watched on helplessly, and sighed: “As expected, if we want to make use of the tracks, we have to clear the entire region of beasts and zombies, otherwise it will be impossible.”

The tracks were truly convenient, but likewise, they were vulnerable and susceptible to damages. Yue Zhong would have to arrange for troops to protect the tracks to ensure the continued usage.

“Get down, and get rid of them.” Yue Zhong eyed those Type 2 Mutant Beasts and ordered.

Under his orders, the squad of elite soldiers immediately got off and began to launch an assault towards the Mutant Wild Boars, Mutant Cows, and Type 2 Ferocious Apes.

This squad of soldiers were already all Evolvers, and each of them were at least above Level 40. Their combat prowess was strong.

A bright flash appeared from the hands of one of the soldiers, and he waved. A huge blade made out of wind appeared and sliced through the Mutant Beast horde, before lunging for one of the Type 2 Ferocious Ape’s head, slicing it off in a huge shower of blade.

One of the soldier wielded a Bronze Bow, and with a radiating light from his hands, a number of bone arrows shot towards the horde of Mutant Beasts, piercing the beasts one by one.

Another soldier grabbed his huge mace with a savage expression and charged into the midst of the Mutant Beasts. He swung wildly and pummeling the heads of the Mutant Beasts in a cruel fashion.

Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao also shot forwards, their aim being the group of Type 2 Ferocious Apes.

This time, there were about 10 Type 2 Ferocious Apes, and to Ji Qing Wu and Yao Yao who were high level Enhancers, only these Type 2 Mutant Beasts could provide them with enough experience.

Yue Zhong stood one side and watched as his subordinates slaughtered the Mutant Beasts, without indication of lending a helping hand.

These Mutant Beasts were too low leveled, Yue Zhong would not gain anything from killing them, hence he left them for his subordinates, empowering them.

These soldiers under Yue Zhong were truly efficient killing machines, finishing off the Mutant Beasts in a matter of minutes.

At this time, a huge shadow loomed over in the sky, as a huge bird with a wingspan of over 80m suddenly soared down, making a grab for the little loli Yao Yao.

“Level 95 Mutant Beast: Type 4 Flame Bird. Tyrant of the skies, extremely ferocious and terrifying.”

“Careful!” Yue Zhong shouted out and activated his Shadow Steps and charged towards Yao Yao’s direction.

Yao Yao had just caught a glimpse of the massive claw of the Type 4 Flame Bird, when Ji Qing Wu beside her lashed out with a kick, sending Yao Yao flying back 7 to 8 metres away.

At the next moment, the sharp claws of the Flame Bird pierced the chest of Ji Qing Wu, even through the Type 2 Ferocious Ape she was fighting, before flying towards the sky.

Ji Qing Wu’s face instantly turned pale, as she coughed up a large amount of blood. There was a huge bloody wound in her chest as well.

“Big Sis Qing Wu!!! No!!!!” Seeing this, Yao Yao who was kicked away immediately screamed out in a heart-wrenching manner. Her expressionless face was contorted in fear.

Yao Yao had grown close to only Ji Qing Wu, and because of this, she had joined the Special Forces. In times of peace, she and Ji Qing Wu were as close as actual sisters, and Ji Qing Wu herself watched over the growth of this little girl like an elder sister. She had also unhesitatingly sent Yao Yao out of harm’s way, sacrificing herself. Yao Yao was afraid that she would lose this one person that was the closest to her and the one she looked up to the most. Even Yue Zhong who saved her could only place number 2.

“AHH YOU BEAST! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE TO MY WOMAN?!!” Yue Zhong saw Ji Qing Wu pierced with the claw of the Type 4 Flame Bird and his eyes turned bloodshot as he screamed. He immediately conjured out 2 Devil Flame jets, expending 100 Spirit and 30 Stamina. The jets propelled him like a cannon towards the body of the Type 4 Flame Bird.

At almost the same instant, Yue Zhong knocked into the body of the Type 4 Flame Bird, and he grabbed onto the feathers.

The Flame Bird flapped its wings, and it soared upwards with a terrifying gust of wind. It then shot towards the distance with a Mach 2 speed, disappearing from its original spot in a flash.

“What do we do? Leader had been brought away by the Type 4 Flame Bird!” One of the elite soldiers eyed the distance and frowned.

The captain sighed: “Quickly report to headquarters.”

Yao Yao looked towards the distance and the pool of blood from Ji Qing Wu, and kneeled down. She began crying profusely, as the tears flowed down her cheeks: “Wait for me Big Sis, I’ll definitely come and find you! I’ll find you… Yue Zhong, please, please save my sister. Please save my sister. I’ll listen to you in the future!”

Yue Zhong was currently on the body of the Flame Bird, and he was blanketed by the roaring winds. Fortunately for his 10 times strength, he held on steadfastly, otherwise he would have been blown off.

“Please don’t die.. Please don’t die!! Heavens, as long as you’re listening, save Qing Wu’s life, I’ll build a totem for you!” Yue Zhong continued to brave the winds as he slowly climbed downwards, praying hard for the first time.

Yue Zhong never believed in gods, only in himself. Even after he heard the voice of the one claiming to be ‘God’ at the start of the apocalypse, he continued to only believe in himself. Regardless of the situation, he would always find a way. However, this time he was really out of options. He could only beg in his prayers, hoping for a miracle.

The Flame Bird continued to fly through the air at its Mach 2 speed, and the opposing winds were as sharp as knives. Even with Yue Zhong’s constitution, he came close to being blown off a few times. If he were to fall from such a height, only death awaits.

Yue Zhong continued to brave the winds as he climbed towards the claws. He looked at Ji Qing Wu and his eyes turned red.

In front of his eyes, Ji Qing Wu’s entire chest had been penetrated, and the claw had also went through her spine.

If it wasn’t for her constitution exceeding a normal person, she would have died long ago. Even so, she was on the brink of death. Her blood continued to flow from her grievous wound, and when she saw Yue Zhong, she managed to stay awake, although her consciousness was fading.

“You…shouldn’t be…here….cough…” Ji QIng Wu’s eyes flashed as she looked at Yue Zhong, barely managing a sentence before she coughed out more blood.

Tears flowed down involuntarily from Yue Zhong’s eyes as he shouted out with some madness: “Don’t speak! Don’t speak! I want you to live! You must live on, you hear me Ji Qing Wu?! You must not die! You cannot die! I like you, I love you!! Please, live on for me!! Please!!”

Yue Zhong had never spoken those words to any woman, and in truth, when he had first seen Ji Qing Wu, he was already enraptured by this beautiful woman who was full of confidence and grace, and her charming aura when she fought. He had always kept the feeling in his heart, and the constant flow of beautiful girls who had embraced him caused him to put the feeling aside. Until today, as he watched her about to die, he couldn’t hold back any more, and the usually fearless him began to feel afraid to the point that he was crying. Any other day, it would be extremely embarrassing.

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