God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 542

“Go to hell!” The thugs knew that this was a critical moment, and they charged towards Kyoko in rage, intending to subdue her.

One of the thugs was an Agility-based Enhancer and his speed was faster than the rest. He was the first to reach Kyoko and made grab for her viciously.

As the thug was about to grab her, Kyoko’s eyes flashed with a chilly light, and she pulled out the incredibly sharp odachi by her waist, slicing the thug in two. Fresh blood splattered onto her, covering her beautiful looks with a huge bloody stench. It was as though she was a blood-coloured rose with thorns.

As they saw their comrade sliced in two, the lack of Kyoko’s hesitation caused them to feel a chill in their hearts. They were momentarily stunned and stopped in their tracks. A person who could use guns and swords to kill was not easy to deal with.

Honda tried to shout: “Everybody! Attack! She’s but one woman, after we conquer her, you guys can fuck her first! I’ll be last!! We don’t have a choice anymore, the moment that Chinese dog discovers that we want to escape, we will all be killed without fail!! Now’s the best chance to do what we need to do!!”

With his words, the rest were pushed to step forwards, having lost their rationality.

Kyoko’s eyes gleamed, and she employed a strange footwork, charging into the midst of the thugs like a female leopard. The odachi in her hand danced, and she began to slaughter the thugs.

Soon, the field was littered with corpses, while Kyoko stood alone. She was covered in blood, and was panting slightly as she looked at the corpses.

As she looked around, her face turned pale and she began to double over near a tree and threw up whatever she ate the day before. It was the first time that she had actually slaughtered real humans, and seeing the result of her actions, she could not help but become nauseous.

There were 2 experts from the small Japanese village, one was Kyoko, the other was Kaori. They were both Enhancers. It was just that their levels were low. Kaori had been a kendo practitioner before the apocalypse, while Kyoko was a successor of the Tenshin-style sword arts. After becoming an Enhancer, she was even stronger than common Enhancers her level with her elite swordsmanship.

“Killing, is truly unbearable!” Kyoko thought to herself. She had killed a number of zombies, but when it came to killing a live human, it was hard for her to accept.

Yue Zhong brought Muto Shin and the rest at that time, and he looked at Kyoko with a little surprise: “You didn’t go?”

He had assumed that Kyoko would have left stealthily. After all, most modern people weren’t willing to be another’s slave. Just one look at a beauty like Kyoko would cause one to believe she had been brought up under the most care, and would definitely not be willing to submit to others.

“Your orders were to stay here.” Kyoko looked straight at Yue Zhong and explained, before pointing to the corpses of the thugs and continuing: “These men not only tried to escape, they also wanted to make a move on me so I killed them. If I didn’t handle it well, please punish me accordingly.”

Yue Zhong chuckled mildly and threw a set of equipment to her: “Well done. This is your reward.”

When Muto Shin saw the set of equipment, their eyes turned red. That was one of the equipment that Yue Zhong had obtained from one of the Deity-level experts of the Takama-ga-hara, it was sufficient to give a person a heaven-shaking transformation.

Upon receiving the equipment, a look of excitement passed in Kyoko’s eyes and she could not help but express her gratitude: “Thank you Master for your gift!”

The set of equipment was enough to bolster her combat strength to at least 4 times her current power, so she was naturally excited.

“Let’s go!” Yue Zhong did not even spare a glance for Honda’s corpse as he continued forward.

The group continued their journey through the forest, and it wasn’t long before over 100 Mutant Japanese Monkeys appeared.

This group of Mutant Japanese Monkeys were easily taken out by Kyoko who had worn the equipment. She also swiftly rose another 2 levels.

Due to the large areas that the forests covered in Japan, there were many Mutant Beasts and a wide diversity of life. Soon after they cleared the Mutant Japanese Monkeys, a whole group of lower level Mutant Lizards and Mutant Yellow Snakes appeared.

They were also quickly taken care of by Kyoko and the other Enhancers. Yue Zhong only struck out thrice to save Kyoko when she was in peril. After all, each and every single type and variant of the Mutant Beasts were not simple to deal with, without Yue Zhong’s protection, Kyoko would have died thrice over.


“Wipe them out!!”

As Yue Zhong’s group continued through the forest, they suddenly chanced upon enraged cries. He swiftly led them towards the source of commotion.

Out in a field, there were 2 groups of Japanese survivors currently facing off against each other. There were over 100 people in one group, each of them wielding odachis and their movements were nimble. They were obviously Enhancers, just that their levels were not too high. The other group only had 60 of them, and they were on the losing end. There were only about 13 guns shared among them, and they were relying on these guns to hold their ground. Otherwise they would have long been killed. In their midst, there were 20 women and children, which greatly affected their combat strength.

“So it was just dogs biting dogs!” Yue Zhong eyed the 2 groups without a look of concern.

Yue Zhong could see that there were only 2 Enhancers above Level 30 among the 2 groups, and facing such a group, he wouldn’t even need to employ any skills. He could single handedly take them all out.

Just as Yue Zhong’s group arrived to watch the events unfold, one of Enhancers of above Level 35 had just chopped off the head of one gun-wielding Enhancer, breaking the stalemate.

Another gun-wielding survivor was suddenly stabbed in the back by a Level 36 Enhancer that had stealthily appeared behind him, striking his heart.

With the 2 defence points crumbling, the odachi-wielding survivors immediately surged forth like tigers, making their way towards the gun-wielding survivors.

Many of the survivors immediately abandoned their guns and kneeled to surrender. However, the odachi-wielding survivors just roared out with laughter and carried out their slaughter.

The female survivors within the losing group were dragged and thrown to the ground before being raped on the spot. Since the apocalypse began, many people had already succumbed to their inner demons, and these thugs were no exception.

“Grab them!!” Just then, the leader of the odachi-wielding group caught sight of Yue Zhong and his people, and he roared out.

Hearing that order, 60 of the assailants immediately made for Yue Zhong’s direction.

“Kill them all!” Yue Zhong watched as they came closer, and gave a cold order to Muto Shin and his men.

“Hai!” Muto Shin immediately saluted and shouted to the rest in Japanese: “Yue Zhong-sama has ordered us to kill those trash. Charge with me!”

After that, he led the 6 Enhancers who were Divine Servants-level that had submitted to Yue Zhong and charged towards the assailants.

While these 7 Divine Servants might not be much to Yue Zhong, they were truly invincible existences when compared to ordinary survivors. As they charged into the midst of the enemy that were 10 times their number, their blades flashed about and the assailants were slaughtered mercilessly.

After all, Divine Servants were an elite group that were nurtured by the Takama-ga-hara faction through their resources. Their combat prowess was comparable to Yue Zhong’s elite soldiers.

Muto Shin and the rest killed over 23 of the assailants before the rest started to feel the regret and tried escaping backwards.

The Japanese leader saw this and a look of shock flashed past his face, as he muttered: “Why is it like this? Who are these people? How come they’re so strong?!”

All of a sudden, a shadow shot down from a tree with lightning speed towards Yue Zhong. His speed had reached over 10 times that of a normal person. This was the Level 36 Enhancer that had assassinated the gun-wielding survivor earlier. Even an ordinary Level 40 Enhancer would not have a nice ending if caught unprepared.

Just as the shadow was about to reach Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong pulled out his Crocodile Tooth Saw Blade and slashed down.

The 2 parts of the body fell onto the ground in a gory manner.

“Surrender!! I surrender!! Don’t kill me!! I surrender!!” The Japanese leader watched in horror as his comrade of similar level was taken out in one move, and his heart chilled. He immediately knelt down and began to beg for mercy.

The moment the leader surrendered, the rest of the assailants began to abandon their weapons and cry out for mercy as well.

“Go to hell!! Go to hell!! Go to hell!!” The 7 Takama-ga-hara Divine Servants continued to slaughter the assailants who had surrendered.

This Takama-ga-hara people were ruthless, and killing gave them a morbid sense of excitement and pleasure.

Kyoko watched on in horror and screamed out: “Stop it!! Stop killing!! They already surrendered!!”

Shin replied coldly: “Kyoko-san!! Yue Zhong-sama has given the order to wipe them all out. Without completing his order, we will not stop!!”

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