God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 70

Chapter 70: Variant Beast

Chen Yao’s magic power is enormous, but the number of times she could use magic was limited. Because of this they had no other choice but to make her kill high level monsters to level up. It was a waste if they made her use magic to explode ordinary zombies.

Chen Yao started her skill. Her mouth started to chant a mysterious curse. Magic appeared out of thin air at her fingertips, and the magic gathered into a fiery circle.

In order for Chen Yao to use a spell, she needed a large amount of time. Taking advantage of this opportunity, two S1 types already rushed before Yue Zhong.

Just then, Ji Qingwu started her speed skill, becoming like a monster rushing in front of the S1. With a mysterious chopping arc she decapitated the upper part of the S1’s skull sending it flying.

The other S1 took the opportunity and flew towards Ji Qingwu, clawing at her.

Just before the S1 was on the verge of clawing Ji Qingwu, Yue Zhong stepped forward, blocking Ji Qingwu’s side. A sword chopped the S1 in two, scattering filthy blood.

After Yue Zhong equipped the 3rd Degree Protective Garment, his strength enormously improved. He didn’t even need to use any skills. His agility also could already match an S1.

In addition, Yue Zhong’s Special Skeleton White Bones was like a tank charging into the crowd of over 100 zombies, waiving his axe, and recklessly killing zombie after zombie. Those zombies that approached White Bone’s whirlwind axe were chopped into pieces, limbs scattered on the ground.

Chen Yao also finished up her spell, a small fireball flew from her fingertips onto the head of a L1 type in the crowd of zombies, booming. The L1’s head immediately exploded.

A large ball of light entered into Chen Yue’s Body. Her pale face immediately filled with a pleasantly surprising color. She unexpectedly increased three levels, advancing to level 5.

The more powerful the monster’s body, the more greater the experience. Ordinary zombies contain less experience. Hunting higher level zombies is the fastest leveling method.

Ji Qingwu also increased to level 9 after killing the S1 type zombie. Her figure flashed, dashing into the zombie crowd, taking advantage of White Bones attracting the majority of zombie attacks. She waved the tang sword, each cut beheading a zombie in the in the group, like a Valkyrie of slaughter. The two L1 types in the group of zombies were also beheaded by Ji Qingwu.

Before Z-age, Ji Qingwu was a fencing expert. After Z-age started, her skill grew even stronger. In the past when she faced an L1 she had trouble because she didn’t have a strong weapon. After getting the Imitation Tang Sword, the clumsy moving L1 was no match for her.

Yue Zhong also strolled at Ji Qingwu’s side, occasionally beheading ordinary zombies. At this point, killing ordinary zombies did almost nothing to Yue Zhong’s level. At his level, he needed to kill hundreds of ordinary zombies to level up once.

“Awesome! Extremely Awesome, they unexpectedly have this kind of skill. It’s really too extreme! No wonder tiger was impressed with them.” Da Gouzi looked at Yue Zhong, White Bones, and Ji Qingwu. They sliced zombies like people cutting into melons. His eyes couldn’t believe it.

Tiger’s group didn’t dare disturb the zombies at Moshan Village. Unexpectedly Yue Zhong’s three members took care of it. This made Da Gouzi have a new awareness of Yue Zhong and his group’s strength.

Seeing the zombies be slaughtered by the three people, suddenly, from inside a house, a figure just like a cheetah came towards Ji Qingwu.

At that time Ji Qingwu was caught up in killing zombies, inside the zombie crowd, with absolutely no way to avoid the figure that was faster than an S1.

Standing at Ji Qingwu’s side, Yue Zhong sent a zombie that was standing beside Ji Qingwu flying with a kick. Then he slashed at the zombie that went towards her.

Just as Yue Zhong was about to cut into that zombie, a claw got in the way of Yue Zhong’s sword, then used the strength of the blow to leap up high, jumping on the roof of a house.

Yue Zhong looked, occupying the top of the roof was a figure with the body length of a tiger. But the monster had a body appearance and mannerism of an ordinary house cat.

“Level 15 monster cat variant! After the cat was infected with the virus, the monster’s internal genetic variation took shape. It has a formidable evolution potential. It moves extremely agile!”

Ji Qingwu retreated several steps, escaping the center of the zombies. She coldly stared at the cat variant on the roof.

Ordinary zombies carried little threat to current Ji Qingwu. But it would be extremely unfavorable to do battle with the cat variant and pay attention to zombies. One careless mistake, her skin would be broken into, she could get infected becoming a zombie.

White bones waved his axe killing and injuring the remaining zombies, one by one they were all beheaded by him.

The cat variant on top of the house coldly looked upon Yue Zhong and Ji Qingwu, like prey that shouldn’t be trifled with. Jumping several times, it dissapeared from the top of the roof.

Yue Zhong and Ji Qingwu didn’t have time to relax their breath. Outside the village came a sudden vibrating sound of iron hooves stomping the ground.

Two bulls a size bigger than ordinary, with both long and sharp horns, and blood red eyes rushed towards Yue Zong.

“Level 17 monster bull variant. No special skills.”

“Chen Yao and Da Gouzi, quickly hide!” Yue Zhong’s voice exploded. Get the type 79 sub-machine guns and spread fire at those two level 17 bulls variants from far way.”

Although Yue Zhong’s shooting skills weren’t superb, those two bulls bodies were extremely enormous. Bullets fired upon the variants, making several bloody holes.

The bull variant’s pain nerves weren’t like zombies without pain. These two variants were enraged by Yue Zhong’s fire. They abandoned Chen Yao and Da Gouzi, the two weak targets, charging with madness towards Yue Zhong. Their speed could be compared to the fastest horses.

Yue Zhong looked towards those two rushing bull variants, a cold light flashed in his eyes. Before those two bulls appeared before his body, he activated the shadow step skill. His agility soared to a terrifying level.

The two extremely fast bull variant’s speed drastically slowed down in Yue Zhong’s eyes. He grabbed the Stinger 2 and stepped to the side of a bull variant. Pointing at their heads, he pulled the trigger.

Following two huge sounds, the two bull variant’s heads both exploded with fist sized bloody holes. The two bulls inertial strength ruthlessly crashed them into two brick houses breaking inside, finally dying.

The Stinger 2 bullets were special. After reaching their target, not only did they pierce into the target, but at the same time they explode out with extremely terrifying power.

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