God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 543

Kyoko immediately kneeled in front of Yue Zhong and begged: “Master, please command them to stop, otherwise those innocent survivors will be killed by them!”

Yue Zhong looked at Muto Shin and his men slaughtering the other Japanese with glee, thinking silently for a while before giving an order indifferently: “Alright, enough!”

Indeed, Yue Zhong had intended for Shin and his group to eradicate all the Japanese survivors. After all, it would be the Japanese against each other, and he didn’t really feel any emotions. However, he caught sight of 2 little girls amongst the survivors and suddenly felt unwilling to go through with the massacre.

Muto Shin immediately barked loudly: “Yue Zhong-sama has orders! Stop!”

“Hai! Wakarimashita (Understood)!” Hearing Shin’s orders, the 6 Enhancers immediately kept their weapons, looking at the survivors as though they were livestock.

The nature of reverence for the strong was etched deep in the Japanese’ bones. Yue Zhong’s strength was comparable to the Kami-s of the Takama-ga-hara. After submitting to him, they really complied with his orders.

Japan was a country that focused on hierarchy, regardless of context, work, school, gatherings, even the yakuza. The strong and upper-class would always be treated with respect. Otherwise it would be hard to survive.

Honda and the rest of thugs were still youths of the society, and had no intention of truly submitting to Yue Zhong. Hence, they had wanted to rebel and escape from him. That was why they disobeyed his orders.

With the threat of death looming over their heads, the 100-plus Japanese survivors trembled. They were unsure of how Yue Zhong was going to deal with them, given that he was Chinese. After all, Yue Zhong had been conversing in Chinese with Shin, and the survivors instantly guessed his background.

Yue Zhong came up to the leader and spoke: “What’s your name?”

Muto Shin stepped forwards and acted as a translator, posing the question once more in Japanese.

Yue Zhong would usually want the other party to accommodate him, and not the other way round. Muto Shin was not the strongest among the 7 Divine Servants of Takama-ga-hara. However, he became the leader purely because he knew Chinese.

The Japanese leader quickly got on his knees in front of Yue Zhong and spoke in Japanese: “Sir, I’m called Kira Waichi. I’m willing to swear fealty. Please accept me!”

One young Japanese roared out furiously: “Leader Waichi! He’s a Chinese dog, how can you kneel?!”

Yue Zhong looked at the youth with the outburst and spoke coldly: “Kill him!”

“Hai! ” Shin shot forwards and his blade swung down on the head of the Japanese youth. With a spray of blood, the corpse of the youth slumped to the ground.

Witnessing this cruel scene, shock was written all over the faces of the survivors. They felt their bodies shiver more, and their hearts filled with fear.

Yue Zhong was not a good-tempered person. Upon reaching here, he had been dealing with xenophobia every step of the way. This only served to fuel his foul mood and he wanted to kill some people to make an example.

Kira Waichi kneeled silently, afraid that he would be next. He could tell that even if all 100 of them charged at this Chinese man, he would be able to wipe them out easily.

Yue Zhong eyed Waichi coldly: “I’m Yue Zhong, I’ll accept you. Bring me to your base.”

It was nearing evening, and Yue Zhong needed a place to rest. The forests were too dangerous, and was not suitable for resting.

Waichi stood up and bowed in respect: “Hai!”

Led by Waichi, Yue Zhong and his group came to a valley surrounded by mountains on 3 different sides. There was only one access point.

This valley used to be the private property of an influential businessman, and there were many luxurious villas within. Around the main mansion, there were a few small wooden houses that were erected recently.

The main villa was the living quarters of Waichi and his trusted aides, as well as women. The rest of the wooden houses belonged to the ordinary members and the slaves that they have caught.

Slavery seemed like a thing of the past, but in fact, it was still persistent in modern society. Even prior to the apocalypse, slavery was rampant in Africa.

When the apocalypse happened, society crumbled. Before societal and cultural norms regained their footing, all sorts of weird characters had appeared. It was no surprise that slavery was popular again.

Even Yue Zhong’s establishments had slaves. The vast majority of them were the spoils of war between him and Wuyan Hong, and they were branded as slaves to make up for the atrocities against the Chinese. He was likewise merciless to the families of his enemies.

There were about 400 survivors in the valley. The moment Yue Zhong’s group walked in, everyone stepped out to look at them curiously.

Yue Zhong looked towards the survivors, noticing that most of them looked sallow and lacked nutrition. It felt like they could fall with just a blow of a wind.

Yue Zhong eyed them and a strange glint flashed in his eyes. He was somewhat pleased: “This place can’t compare to my Gui Ning City!”

Yue Zhong had established some form of society in Gui Ning City and Long Hai City, as long as he didn’t die, and his resources didn’t run out, the stability of his cities would not crumble. An established city was definitely a lot stronger than this small faction of Waichi.

“Welcome back, Master!!” The moment Waichi and Yue Zhong stepped into the villa, 6 beauties between the ages of 18 to 25 immediately came up to greet them in a bow.

One particular 25 year old had a voluptuous body, and there was a beauty mark at the corner of her lips. She came in to lead Waichi and Yue Zhong’s group further within the villa into a large hall.

Waichi gave an order to the beauty: “Masako, from today onwards, this Yue Zhong-sama is our leader. You must be obedient and attend to his needs. Go get Shiroyuki and Asami to come and serve Yue Zhong-sama.”

“Yes!” Masako replied respectfully, before retreating.

Waichi then turned to Yue Zhong with a smile: “Sir, Masako is the butler of this villa. She specializes in training other women. Regardless of the type of women, under her training, they would become obedient and docile.”

“Oh!” Yue Zhong replied absentmindedly.

Not long after, Masako led 2 beautiful Japanese women in kimonos into the hall. One had doll-like features, long slender legs and fair skin. Her bountiful chest threatened to push out of her clothes, and she wore an extremely sweet smile on her face. The other had an oval-shaped face, her skin as fair as snow, and her frame slender. Her chest wasn’t as impressive as the other, but her exquisite features looked as though she was a beautiful painting that had come to life.

Masako immediately introduced them to Yue Zhong: “Yue Zhong-sama! This here is Sakura Shiroyuki and this is Amano Asami. Both of them have never been touched by any men and are still virgins. Shiroyuki, Asami, come over here to greet the Master!”

The 2 beauties were reserved by Waichi to tend to experts, or to be given as gifts as a form of a bargaining chip. He had a number of beauties with him, but they were the only 2 remaining virgins.

The busty doll-like beauty was Shiroyuki, while the other exquisite beauty was Asami.

“We greet Master!” The 2 beauties stepped up and executed a Japanese-style greeting.

Yue Zhong replied mildly: “Get up!”

He had seen his fair share of beauties and would naturally not lose himself over the sight of 2 more.

The 2 beauties continued to smile sweetly as they sat down on either side of Yue Zhong and began to massage him.

“Damn it!” Kyoko thought unhappily to herself as she watched the 2 women.

Waichi looked on before asking carefully: “Sir, what is your next step?”

“Yama County. I’m making my way there.” Yue Zhong replied indifferently while on the sofa.

Shiroyuki, who was kneeling by Yue Zhong’s left side, carefully placed his hands into her clothes, in between her deep cleavage.

Yue Zhong twisted forcefully, as a bouncy yet smooth and alluring feeling travelled up his fingertips.

Shiroyuki’s face flushed red, however she continued to help Yue Zhong massage his leg.

When Waichi heard what Yue Zhong said, his eyes lit up in joy: “Yama County! Sir, you truly are an ambitious man. Shimazu Yuji is the current leader over the 10,000-strong establishment. You actually want to kill him and take it over. Truly admirable!”

Currently, Japan had returned to its feudal periods, and there were various factions vying for power. Many warlords sought to become the leader of Japan. Waichi thought that Yue Zhong wanted to be one of the contenders.

In the apocalyptic world, whoever had the strongest fist would be the leader. With Yue Zhong’s strength, it was truly enough to vie for the position of leader. If Yue Zhong were successful, Waichi would become a renowned figure as well.

Yue Zhong saw how excited Waichi was, and did not dampen his spirits. His only intention was to use the broadcast station there. He laughed mildly and assumed a superior look as he asked: “If I want to bring Yama County down, what good ideas might you have?”

Hearing this question, Waichi sunk into silence. Yama County’s Shimazu clan was truly a powerful foe, and he was like an ant to them. He had no means of even launching an attack against them. Therefore, it was a difficult question that Yue Zhong was posing to him.

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