God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 544

Waichi thought hard and long, before replying slowly: “Sir, the Shimazu clan is truly powerful.”

“Even if Sir, you are invincible and can fight against gods and devils, you can’t afford to just charge in like this. There are still other factions like the Saishima, Keiwa and Yoshida establishments around. If we can conquer them and assimilate them into our forces, we would possess enough capacity to contend with the Shimazu clan.”

There were various factions of different strengths, if one wanted to expand one’s strength, the only way was to swallow the other smaller factions. Waichi had intended to do just that, that was why he had launched an assault on the smaller factions nearby.

However, Yue Zhong wasn’t too interested in establishing a huge faction here in Japan. Although the Japanese revered the strong, there was a strong xenophobia. With his strength, it wasn’t a problem to form a decent-sized base. However, it would be much tougher to expand and contend against Takama-ga-hara. After all, it would be increasingly hard to find trustworthy subordinates.

Even if Waichi and Muto Shin were both at his command, the moment a strong enemy appeared, Yue Zhong would have to be on his guard against these 2 fellows while fighting off the enemy. After all, they were now listening to him purely because they had no choice. It wasn’t out of their own free will.

Right at this time, a middle-aged man of about 37 years old wearing an eye patch came storming into the villa. He had a suit, and there was a long blade at his waist. He even emitted a strong killing intent as he barked out coldly: “You pathetic trash dare to even dream about taking on the glorious Shimazu clan? What a bunch of fools!”

8 other men came storming behind him, each of them wearing male kimonos.

Waichi’s face turned ugly when he saw how brazen these 9 intruders were, pulling out his odachi at his waist as he barked: “Who are you people?”

This was a relatively unknown place, and ordinary people would not be able to just barge in. It was obvious that they did not come with good intentions.

The guy with the eye-patch looked at Waichi coldly and ordered: “I’m Kuwata Masashi from the Shimazu Clan. Kira Waichi! I had originally intended to let you live, and allow you to join our Shimazu Clan. However, you dare to collude with a Chinese! You’re a failure to our glorious race! Today, I shall wipe you off the face of the earth! Kill him!”

“Sir! Save me!” Waichi’s level was only at 38, and he was definitely not a match against 4 Enhancers above his level.

As the 4 Enhancers were about to slice Waichi, Yue Zhong whose left hand was still in between the huge breasts of Shiroyuki raised his Stinger with his right hand, and fired 4 consecutive shots.

Peng! Peng! Peng! Peng!

Just as the odachis of the 4 Enhancers were about to land on Waichi’s body, their heads were instantly blasted into smithereens, blood and brain matter splattering onto the floor.

Yue Zhong’s Agility was at 203 and he had a reaction speed 20 times of an ordinary person. This had already exceeded a Type 2 Lightning’s speed. Even a Level 40 Agility-based Evolver could not surpass him. The speed of those 4 Enhancers might seem lightning-quick to most, but to Yue Zhong, they were as slow as ants.

“So strong!!” Waichi saw the fate of those Enhancers and sucked in a ragged breath, turning behind to look at the indifferent Yue Zhong. His eyes flashed with delight. If it wasn’t for Yue Zhong, he would have already been halfway to heaven, his body dismembered.

Seeing how casually Yue Zhong had disposed of 4 Agility Enhancers, Masashi and the remaining 4 men had looks of disbelief on their faces, and they took a few steps back involuntarily.

Yue Zhong sat at his seat like a killing god and shot the intruders a cold glare: “Kneel down! Or die!”

Masashi immediately bowed down apologetically: “Esteemed one! I’m Kuwata Masashi from the Shimazu Clan, this time, we had unknowingly offended you, and incurred your wrath. We seek your mercy and magnanimity in allowing us to leave. Our Shimazu Clan will definitely offer you beautiful virgins and precious rations as a token of apology.”

Masashi had brought his men intending to wipe out Waichi’s faction, thinking that it would be a breeze. Only 8 of his subordinates were enough to overcome all of Waichi’s forces. The only problem was that they could not have possibly foreseen the arrival of Yue Zhong.

“Go to hell!” Yue Zhong eyed the 5 of them coldly and fired another 5 shots with the Stinger.

Peng! Peng!

After 5 consecutive shots rang out, the heads of Masashi and his men were instantly blasted. Not a single person could react in time.

“Strong! So terrifying!” Waichi, Shin looked at Yue Zhong, who had fired without talking, their hearts filled with mixed emotions.

They were excited because they had the backing of such a terrifying expert, any ordinary factions that dared to provoke them would be courting death. The fear, however, was that Yue Zhong was likely to kill more than he spoke, and they were truly terrified that Yue Zhong might just kill them without saying anything.

Shiroyuki and Asami who had been kneeling and watching saw the instantaneous deaths of those 9 intruders, had their bodies froze. They had just witnessed Yue Zhong’s cold-blooded killing of the people from the Shimazu Clan, and knew that if this person was provoked, even they would not be spared.

While most people thought of the modern Japanese man as gentle, in truth, many of them were still chauvinists. In this apocalypse, just like any other man who had given into their inner demons, many had become vile and perverse. There was no remorse in slaughter. Back then, during the Rape of Nanking, many female corpses were carted out of the cities in trucks to be buried.

A subordinate covered in blood ran into the hall in an extremely pitiful state and hollered: “Sir!! Sir!! There’re many intruders out there now! The Saishima, Keiwa and Yoshida factions have just brought their men over. The valley is already under attack, and they’re charging in!”

“What?!” When Waichi heard those words, his face fell. They were still in the midst of discussion on how to swallow those families, who would have thought they actually came to attack first.

“Sir! Please lend us a hand and eliminate those intruders!” Waichi got on his knees and begged Yue Zhong.

Every single one of those factions were individually more powerful than Waichi’s faction, and now all 3 were attacking them at the same time!

“En!” Yue Zhong removed his left hand from Shiroyuki’s kimono and stood up.

As he stood up, the floorboard suddenly split open, and a shadow appeared in a flash, striking at Yue Zhong’s heart.

This shadow was the top assassin of the Shimazu Clan, a ninja that was Level 53. He was extremely skilled in the art of assassination, and even Level 60 or 70 Enhancers would not necessarily survive an assassination attempt of his.

“Watch out!!” Kyoko screamed out. In the entire hall, she was the only one that truly cared for his wellbeing.

“Will he die?” Shin looked at the ninja with a worried look. The assassin had appeared too suddenly, and Shin did not dare to guarantee that a Kami-sama level expert from Takama-ga-hara would be able to survive that assassination.

“Too slow!” Just as the ninja reached Yue Zhong, Yue Zhong’s eyes flashed coldly and he sent an explosive fist towards the face of the ninja. A 10-times Strength came blasting into the ninja’s face, breaking his nose and denting his head inwards. The ninja’s body was sent flying through the hall and knocked into a wall, before sliding down and becoming motionless. He was dead.

Waichi could not help but shudder and thought to himself: “This guy’s insane! Even this was not enough to take him out!! He’s too scary!”

If it had been Waichi, his head would have already been separated from his body, before he even knew what was going on.

“Come with me!” Yue Zhong looked at Kyoko, before striding out the door.

“Yes!” Kyoko’s eyes lit up in joy as she scampered after him.

Shin looked at Kyoko’s back and his eyes had a strange look: “Seems like Kyoko does possess a position in his heart. Second only to that humanoid weapon on his back.”

Yue Zhong walked out the villa, only to see a messy scene out in the valley. Many survivors were currently running towards the villa.

Every single militant that had intruded were vicious and cruel, laughing savagely as they killed the survivors who were trying to escape. Many of them grabbed women and tore their clothes off before proceeding to violate them.

There were many families living within the numerous wooden huts. Some women were also malnourished and weak, but it didn’t matter to those militants. Those who weren’t good looking were instead tortured by their weapons, and there were all sorts of maniacal laughter and screams of misery resounding throughout the valley.

The perverse militants didn’t even spare any of the young girls or boys, taking off their clothes and raping them. There were a few militants who began setting fire to the wooden huts, causing them to burn up.

The entire valley looked like a scene right out of hell!

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