God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 545

Yue Zhong looked at the cruel hell-like scene in front of him, as he pulled out his 2m-long Black Tooth Blade to slice a militant in front of him in two.

Yue Zhong ordered Shin beside him: “Go! Kill all the intruders!”

“Hai!” Shin and Waichi replied respectfully, and roared out loudly: “Kill all intruders!!”

Under Yue Zhong’s orders, the combined forces of Shin and Waichi charged towards the militants who were currently raping women. The militants of the 3 factions were so engrossed in their vile acts that they lost all bearings of discipline.

Yue Zhong brought Kyoko as he continued outwards, not caring about the slaughter amongst the Japanese people. Any Enhancer or militant that took action against him would be instantly killed, their bodies sliced in two.

Yue Zhong’s appearance was like an undefeatable general that stormed the battlefield, giving Shin, Waichi and their troops a boosted morale, while at the same time, pressurizing the enemies who tried to retreat when they could.

However, after a bout of shouts, 3 teams consisting of about 20 to 30 people suddenly appeared. Their moves were not ordinary, and they began to launch a counter attack on Shin and Waichi’s forces.

“Enhancers!!” Yue Zhong saw those soldiers and his pupils constricted, recognizing that they were all Enhancers.

These 30 men were the joint elites of the Saishima, Keiwa and Yoshida factions. Everyone of them were above Level 20, and were the precious soldiers of the alliance. They were considered the trump cards as well.

Without hesitating, Yue Zhong activated his Shadow Steps and flew into the midst of one of the teams. His Black Tooth Blade began to swing around like a meat grinder, slicing all the Enhancers in a 5m-radius into two.

Within 10 seconds, 20 Enhancers were slaughtered, and the troops were basically annihilated by Yue Zhong, with the remaining soldiers trying to escape.

“Go to hell!!”

Among the Japanese, there were a few that were unafraid of death. They surrounded Yue Zhong, roaring in fury to disperse the fear in their hearts, as they charged at him.

Facing the kamikaze attacks of those 8 militants, Yue Zhong scoffed and unleashed 8 blade beams, instantly slicing the 8 militants apart. Fresh blood sprayed everywhere in a gory manner.


“He’s a demon!!”


Seeing how easily Yue Zhong killed 8 Agility-based Enhancers, the rest of the 3 teams got frightened out of their wits. They began to escape in various directions.

“Get on the ground!! Or you can die!!” Yue Zhong shot forwards and killed one escaping Enhancer, before barking loudly.

“Kneel! We’ll kill those who disobey!!” Shin heard Yue Zhong’s orders and immediately shouted out in Japanese.

“Kneel! We’ll kill those who disobey!!”

On the battlefield, the Japanese troops under Yue Zhong began to shout across the battlefield.

The elites had been wiped out pitifully by Yue Zhong, causing the morale and spirit of the other soldiers to crumble. They hurriedly abandoned their weapon and got on the ground.

The Enhancers of the 3 factions also kneeled to surrender to Yue Zhong. They were after all ordinary people prior to the apocalypse, and lost their courage the moment death seemed inevitable.

There were both male and female Enhancers among the intruding troops of the Saishima, Keiwa and Yoshida factions. When the oppressed saw that their enemies had been subdued, they instantly surrounded the female Enhancers, and began to tear their clothes off to rape them on the spot.

Some of them were even perverse enough to grab an odachi to pierce some of the female Enhancers, cutting new wounds and causing moans of agony.

The tortured had become the torturers. In fact, they were even more vicious and cruel. Those female Enhancers were like top existences, which gave rise to a desire in the soldiers to torture them.

“Hahaha!!” One soldier was currently raping a woman while excitedly carving the woman’s skin with his odachi. The woman was covered in bloody wounds, yet he continued to laugh with glee.

Yue Zhong frowned and immediately shot forward to behead the soldier, as a shower of blood splattered all over the Japanese woman.

The naked Japanese woman just laid there numbly, her eyes devoid of any emotions. She had already suffered plenty of humiliation at the hands of other men even before becoming an Enhancer. It was just a repeat of events to her.

However, the rest of the soldiers were all stunned when they saw Yue Zhong slaughtering his own subordinate, and stopped whatever they were doing, eyeing him helplessly.

Yue Zhong swept a gaze across the field as his cold voice rang out: “If you want women, sure. However, it must be through proper protocol. Before I assign any to you, they are all MY spoils of war. Whoever dares to use them, I will kill him!”

These militants weren’t Chinese anyway, and Yue Zhong had no qualms killing them. Furthermore, even if they all decide to revolt, he was more than enough to wipe them out.

Hearing his words, the militants began dressing again, looking at the women somewhat unwillingly. Compared to the women, they valued their lives more. Furthermore, they knew that Yue Zhong himself had caused the defeat of the 3-clan alliance. He was practically a demon on the battlefield, and no one dared challenge his authority.

3 of the captives came in front of him and kneeled down as they spoke: “Sir!! I’m the head of Saishima/Keiwa/Yoshida Clan, Saishima Shohei/Keiwa Masataka/Shinji Yoshida! Today, we had unknowingly offended sir, and we seek your forgiveness. We’re willing to pledge the allegiance of the Saishima/Keiwa/Yoshida factions and join your power!”

Waichi quickly came up to Yue Zhong and spoke urgently: “Sir!! They’re not joining with good intentions! This is the time to kill them and assimilate their troops!”

The 3 clans were all larger than Waichi’s factions, and he was afraid that once the 3 clans joined, they would become a faction larger than him, that was why he wanted to prevent that.

Of course, Waichi’s suggestion was not wrong. If Yue Zhong really wanted to establish a faction that truly belonged to him in Japan, he had to wipe out the previous leaders and take in their subordinates.

When the 3 clan leaders heard Waichi’s words, they were filled with hatred and killing intent towards him. However, they did not dare step out of line as they watched Yue Zhong carefully, unsure how he would deal with them.

Yue Zhong eyed Waichi coldly: “Waichi, when has it been your turn to make decisions for me?”

Waichi’s heart turned cold and he immediately kneeled and kowtowed: “I apologize! Sir! Please forgive my mistake!!”

Yue Zhong glanced at the 3 leaders and spoke: “From today on, you 3 are my subordinates. Work hard for me, or you’ll face death.”

“Hai!” The 3 leaders responded in a resounding yes.

Yue Zhong asked: “Among you guys, who knows Chinese?”

“I do!” Saishima Shohei spoke up in slightly broken Chinese: “I was interested in the rich culture and history of China and its 5,000 years of heritage. When I was young, I had wanted to study in China, but unfortunately, I did not get the chance to.”

Yue Zhong immediately gave an order: “Good! From today on, Saishima Shohei, Kira Waichi, Muto Shin and Ida Kyoko. You 4 will be the Elders of this establishment. Kyoko is the 1st Elder, Shin is the 2nd Elder, Waichi is the 3rd Elder and Shohei will be the 4th Elder. Keiwa Masataka and Shinji Yoshida will follow Kyoko.”

“Many thanks Sir!” Shohei immediately bowed in gratitude. He was jubilant that his past decision to learn Chinese had paid off today, earning him a position in this faction.

The other 2 clan leaders were filled with envy.

Waichi felt sour in his heart as well: “Damn it! If only I knew Chinese as well. If I hadn’t given Shiroyuki and Asami to Sir, I might not have even gotten this Elder position. I must work harder to learn Chinese and become a trusted aide of Yue Zhong-sama!”

Upon returning to the villa, Yue Zhong asked Shohei: “Was this operation instigated by the Shimazu Clan, Saishima-Head?”

Shohei looked at Yue Zhong and replied: “Yes! Sir! This time, it was the Shimazu Clan who ordered us to come. They had promised, that if we can conquer Waichi’s faction, he would allow us to join the Shimazu clan, plus there would be no change to the our current control.”

In this apocalypse, it was hard for the smaller factions to survive. If they could join a larger faction, and still retain their own troops and control, it was an attractive offer.

Of course, in doing so, there would be potential problems in the long run as well. The various factions within the larger faction could potentially overthrow the main power should they all ally together.

Yue Zhong thought for a while before asking: “What was the most recent activity on the Shimazu’s side?”

Saishima Shohei gave an important intel to Yue Zhong: “Yama County is currently facing a strange movement from the zombie horde nearby. In 4 days, the horde will reach the base of the Shimazu Clan.”

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