God and Devil World / God and Devil World Chapter 546

“Oh! So there was something like that!” Yue Zhong’s eyebrows arched slightly, and he understood why the Shimazu Clan would suddenly recruit and absorb other factions.

A horde attack was a huge headache for any faction. Yue Zhong had fended off a number of hordes himself, and each time, the expenditure of ammo and casualties would cause him to be frustrated. Without enough manpower, he would have lost all of his troops. The Shimazu Clan obviously intended to gather the surrounding factions to fight off the horde together.

Yue Zhong then asked a few more questions before dismissing them: “You can go!”

“Hai!” Shohei and the rest left the room.

“Sir! The hot water in the bath is ready! Would you like to use it now?” After Shohei and the rest left, the voluptuous and beautiful Masako came in, asking respectfully.

Masako had been an instructor for females prior to the apocalypse, and she was well-versed in Japanese, Chinese, English, Russian, French, German and a few other languages. Conversing with Yue Zhong in Chinese was no problem for her.

“En! Take me there!” Yue Zhong had fought and killed a fair share of his enemies, and he needed a bath to wash off the blood.

Masako led Yue Zhong to the huge bathroom of the villa.

In the middle of the marble-paved flooring, there was a huge pool the size of 400sqm. There was even a small faux hill in the middle, where hot water would flow out from, filling the pool. The steam was very dense as it rose and filled up the room.

Within the pool, 8 beauties who were wrapped in towels were kneeling on the ground. When Yue Zhong entered the pool, they greeted him carefully: “Welcome Master!”

Shiroyuki and Asami also came in and kneeled down respectfully beside Yue Zhong.

Yue Zhong spoke indifferently: “Shiroyuki and Asami can stay, the rest of you may go!”

“Hai!” Masako translated her words, and the rest of the maidservants left.

Shiroyuki and Asami came closer to Yue Zhong and began to undress him.

He slid into the hot water and felt comfortable almost immediately. The accumulated exhaustion in his body began to disappear.

Shiroyuki entered the pool and brought water up all over her full breasts, before soaping herself up and pressing against Yue Zhong’s back to clean him with her body.

Asami on the other hand soaped Yue Zhong’s legs and cleaned them thoroughly, before lowering her head to take in his toes into her small mouth. She began to use her tongue in short and sharp motions to clean them.

Yue Zhong, who had been relaxing with his eyes closed felt his toes entering a warm and moist area, and he opened his eyes, only to discover Asami servicing him.

“Is this a little too much?: He looked at how shamelessly Asami was cleaning his foot and felt his heart tremble. He might have been a dictator back at home and had many slaves to do his bidding, but he had never forced the other party to do something like this. No one would obviously help him clean his toes willingly.

However, the exquisite Asami had the looks of a Japanese idol from prior to the apocalypse, and seeing such a beautiful girl lowering herself to service him, he couldn’t help but feel a sense of excitement.

Yue Zhong struggled internally for a while, before deciding to just give in to the pleasure and enjoy her service: “Forget it! This isn’t China anyway, and it might be their custom to do so. When in Rome, do as the Romans do.”

Asami had undergone strict training and instruction from Masako. She continued to treat Yue Zhong’s feet, while using coquettish eyes to shoot furtive glances at Yue Zhong. It was truly titillating, and it didn’t seem like she was a virgin at all.

After thoroughly cleaning Yue Zhong’s feet, she climbed up onto Yue Zhong, before grabbing onto his member, and taking the initiative to guide it into her.

Yue Zhong had not let himself go for a long time, and he naturally would not turn away someone who offered herself. He pushed her down beside the pool, and began to pound furiously.

Shiroyuki continued to use her voluptuous breasts to add to the excitement, while constantly rubbing his back.

Yue Zhong’s constitution was far beyond any normal person, after being done with Asami, and leaving her limp on the ground, he reached for Shiroyuki and proceeded to pound her as well.

2 puddles of blood formed at the poolside.

Early the next morning, Yue Zhong opened his eyes to find the 2 beauties lying on either of his sides. Seeing them lying docilely in his embrace while sleeping, the tension in his shoulders and stress weighing on his mind was somewhat lifted.

After coming to Japan, Yue Zhong had been on alert at all times, and the pressure wasn’t weak. Having released the pent up stress, he felt much better. After all, while his constitution was strong, stress was not something that could be recovered from if he kept at his activities all day long.

Yue Zhong wanted to return to China, and he required a broadcast station, an airplane, a pilot and fuel. Even with all these things, it was not a guaranteed journey. This was a stressful situation for him. Those resources were not easy to obtain, as small factions would not have them, and larger factions would definitely not give them up easily. After all, which faction would just lend such important resources out?

Yue Zhong had a few helicopters and every single one of them was precious to him. He wouldn’t lend it to anyone. He was clear on how difficult it would be to obtain them.

Yue Zhong shifted slightly, and Shiroyuki was stirred awake: “Master! You’re awake!”

“Master, you’re truly energetic! Let me deal with that for you!” Her naked body felt the stir of a hot and stiff rod, and her eyes twinkled mischievously, before she dove under the covers. Lowering her head, she took Yue Zhong’s member into her cherry-like lips.

Yue Zhong was also aroused by this exotic and alluring beauty, and immediately dover under the covers to enjoy her taste as well. Not long after, Asami also woke up and joined in the fray.

After having breakfast, Yue Zhong went out with Shohei towards the camps of the 3-clan alliance.

By that time, the alliance had already gathered all of their people into a small town, with a total of 1,200 people.

After gathering all these people, Shohei spoke: “Sir, these are all of our people.”

Yue Zhong looked at at the 1,200 survivors and asked: “Any of you Chinese?”

Every single one of them kept silent.

Yue Zhong sighed lightly. He had intended to find some Chinese people he could trust. It seemed that the plan had to be scraped.

Shohei spoke up daringly: “Sir, if you want to find some Chinese people, the Shimazu Clan will most likely have them. I remember that there are over 200 Chinese survivors there.”

“En! Go back!” Yue Zhong turned around and replied.

Shohei thus led the 1,200 survivors towards the valley.

Waichi’s valley was spacious enough to accommodate over a thousand people. Even the villa itself could fit a few hundred people with no problems.

The moment they returned to the valley, Waichi came over and reported: “Sir! The Shimazu Clan had sent someone to negotiate with you. Would you like to see him?”

A tinge of excitement arose in Yue Zhong’s heart: “Oh! The Shimazu Clan? Bring them in.”


An average-looking man in a suit came walking in, before kneeling respectfully in front of Yue Zhong. He spoke in Chinese: “I’m Tanaka Shiro from the Shimazu Clan, it is an honour to meet you, Yue Zhong-sama. Please forgive us for the offence last night.”

The matter of Yue Zhong killing 9 Shimazu Clan members in a matter of seconds had spread throughout the entire clan within a night. Dealing with such an expert was a headache, hence they decided to send a diplomat over.

“This is a gift from us, we hope to appease your anger.” Tanaka Shiro clapped his hands as 2 beauties entered from outside.

The older girl was about 17 or 18, and she had an alluring figure, with slight make-up on that accentuated her features. The younger girl was about 13 or 14, and her long hair was in a ponytail. She had long slender limbs, and surprisingly, a well-developed C-cup chest. Her face had large eyes and was pretty, it truly fit the description of a loli.

Tanaka Shiro spoke respectfully: “This is Yoshino Megumi, an idol before the apocalypse. She’s 17 this year. This is her sister Yoshino Sayaka, 14 this year. They’re both virgins, and we hope that they’re to your liking.”

The sisters were one of the top beauties in the Shimazu clan. They were saved to pull strong experts over to the Shimazu Clan. Few people could withstand such a tempting pair of sisters, especially when one of them used to be an idol.

Yue Zhong eyed Tanaka Shiro and spoke mildly: “I’ll accept the gifts then. Yesterday’s matters has come to a close. What else do you have for me?”

Tanaka Shiro quickly ordered the sisters: “Megumi, Sayaka, go over to your master!”

The pair of sisters kneeled in front of Yue Zhong and greeted: “Yoshino Megumi (Yoshino Sayaka), greets Master!”

Yue Zhong called out: “Masako, take them away!”

Masako came out and led the Yoshino sisters away.

Tanaka Shiro saw that Yue Zhong had accepted the 2 sisters and dived straight to the point: “Yue Zhong-sama, our Shimazu Clan hopes to form an alliance with you!”

When Yue Zhong heard his words, he replied without batting an eyelid: “Alliance? It’s not impossible. What conditions do you guys have? If they are acceptable, I’ll form an alliance with you!”

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